tagIncest/TabooHis Daughter's Dream is His Dream

His Daughter's Dream is His Dream


He wasn't home more than a minute before his cell phone rang, and being the good doctor that he was, David naturally took the call from the hospital. "Yeah, the surgery went well and . . ."

Amanda had been waiting for him in a sexy outfit, but he hardly noticed, so involved was he with his colleague. She sat patiently, having eagerly looked forward to this evening when they could jump each other's bones . . . which in reality was more about her jumping his bones. Everything seemed to take a back seat to his medical practice—including her. But she had known that from the beginning and she loved him very much. They were to be married in a few days.

When he glanced at her, Amanda rubbed her breasts, which were nearly falling out of her top. Of course, she had arranged them to be revealing. He smiled and held up a finger, and when he turned away, she rolled her eyes. On his next glimpse at her, she held up her arms in a "hurry up!" gesture, but he again held up his finger.

Deciding to play dirty, Amanda lifted her top off—she'd already removed her bra—rendering her topless. She shook her fair-sized tits at him. He did a double-take, raised his eyebrows, but continued discussing the case with his partner. She cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples with thumb and forefinger; as if she wasn't already worked up. Next she stood, faced away from him and pulled down her skirt and panties in one motion, bending to push them all the way to the floor. With her butt in the air, she shook it at him.

That seemed to get more of his attention. At least, he kept watching her and finally wrapped up the call. She quickly grabbed the phone from him, switched the ringer to silent and tossed it in a chair out of the way. Before he could protest, she pushed him onto the sofa and then sat on top of the back of it. She spread her legs wide and teased him by playing with her shaved pussy.

David watched her, reached up and rubbed his palm along her calf. As added inducement, Amanda stuck two fingers into her pussy, pumped a couple of times, raised her hand to her mouth and licked her juices off. She saw movement in his pants. He sat up moving his hand higher on her leg, eventually pawing her boob. He kissed her nipple and licked it a few times, but was no more imaginative than that.

David was not very aggressive sexually, and it was usually up to her. Most of the time, she didn't mind being the aggressor, but every now and then it would be nice if he could take some initiative. She undid and removed his shirt and tie, pushed him on his back and let her breasts hang in his face. He latched onto a nipple, but did nothing more than lick and kiss it.

Letting out a silent sigh, Amanda pressed her lips to his. She didn't think he was the best kisser, but then, she had little to compare him to. They'd been together all through her college years and his intern and residency years, so he was really all she knew as far as kissing a guy—and having sex—was concerned. But she loved him very much.

She undid his pants, and then pulled them and his underwear off. Thankfully, he was hard. She dropped her tits so that his cock was between them and dragged her boobs along his shaft because she knew he liked that. Easing further down, Amanda tongued the head of his penis causing him to moan. She went back to rubbing her breasts against his dick. Again, he merely laid there and moaned his enjoyment—or what she took to be that.

Next, she tried rotating into a sixty-nine position and went to giving him a full-on blowjob. However, all she felt between her legs was his tongue making intermittent jabs at her pussy; hardly stimulating. She wiggled her snatch against his mouth and that spurred him to eat her a little better, but she was sure his mind was still on the surgery he had been discussing on the phone. Finally, he started fucking her with his tongue.

Amanda actually enjoyed sucking his cock, and even though he had a rock solid erection, she couldn't be sure how much he really enjoyed her doing that. He'd never stopped her, but neither had his vocalizations suggested he liked it. Maybe she wasn't really as good at it as she thought.

Moments later, David pushed her off and stood up. He pulled her to a kneeling position on the sofa where he could fuck her tits. For some reason she couldn't understand, he like sliding his dick between her boobs. So, she held her breasts together to allow him to do that. He placed his hands around her neck as a means of holding on. She dribbled some saliva down for lubrication. He moaned when that allowed him to pump easier.

Amanda moaned also, more for his benefit than because it was doing anything for her. On some of his upward jabs she attempted to lick the top of his cock, but he rarely slid up high enough. Many times, he had come from fucking her tits, which had generally resulted in her having to get herself off. But she decided not to allow that to happen this time. She wanted his dick inside of her, so she pulled back and turned onto hands and knees and he had no choice but to slide his rod into her pussy.

As he drove it in, Amanda let out a genuine roar of excitement. Okay, maybe it was a little over-exaggerated to make the point that this was what she wanted. But it must have done the trick because he placed his hands on her hips and really started thrusting. Now, her moans were very real. She reached one hand between her legs to flick her clit, loving the sensation of his penis sliding against her vaginal walls.

On one thrust, David pulled back too far and came out, so Amanda used the opportunity to get up and lay on her back on top of the sofa back. She spread her legs and he shoved his cock back in. Once more, she assisted by rubbing her clit, and as she looked up at him, his eyes closed in concentration—she hoped—the ripple of his abdominal muscles appearing and disappearing on each thrust, she came in a satisfying orgasm. It wasn't as explosive as others she'd had, but it would suffice—for now.

Before she could even come down, David pulled her up to a sitting position, which conveniently put her breasts at just the right height for him to fuck her tits again. She didn't mind as much this time since she had been able to come first. Again, she drooled spit on his pole. Looking up at him, she coaxed him. "Come on, baby. Hose by tits." She broke into a big smile for emphasis. "Give it to me, baby."

And he did. When she felt his cock expand followed by a growl, she pressed her tits together tightly around his shaft so that when he spurted, his jizz remained between her breasts and she didn't get hit in the face with beads of cum. She didn't really like that, but didn't mind as it rolled down her abdomen.

"Wow! That was great!" Amanda said trying to make it sound much better than it was.

"Yes, it was," her fiancé agreed. He went into the kitchen to get them some paper towels to clean themselves off. After handing her some, he went in search of his phone.

"And in just a few days, we'll be married, and we can do it all the time."

"Mmmm, yes," David agreed with little enthusiasm. "Are you excited?"

"I can hardly wait," Amanda said, again attempting to muster sufficient enthusiasm.

David turned to face her. "You sure? You sound like . . . are you getting cold feet?"

She leaned over, kissed him, and then smiled. "Maybe just one cold foot."

"You're not backing out are you?" he worriedly asked.

"Of course, not," Amanda reassured. "I love you." She didn't have to force that. That much was true.

"I'm glad," David said, reading a text message. He then started dressing.

"What are you doing?"

"I have to go back to the hospital." He held up his phone. "They need me to come check on a patient."


"After tomorrow, I'll be away for over a week. I need to make sure she's stable so I can be away that long, which is why I need to check on her tonight. And then while I'm gone, Dr. Green can take over."

"Oh," Amanda said, disappointingly. "I guess I'll just go home then." Technically, Amanda still lived with her parents even though she spent many night's at David's apartment.

"You could wait. I shouldn't be long."

"Yeah, I've heard that before." She got up also and started dressing. "I need to start packing anyway. My family and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon."

"And I'll see you the following morning at the resort."

"With your mom."

"Yes." He was going to pick her up tomorrow.

"I can hardly wait," Amanda commented facetiously. She knew his mother didn't care for her. The woman was snooty, and thought Amanda was too ordinary to marry her son.

"Oh, she's not that bad," David said, shrugging it off. "Besides, she lives far enough away that she won't meddle in our lives."

"That's a comfort." But she was sure he didn't pick up on her sarcasm.

* * *

When Amanda arrived home, only her mother, Liz Hayes, was there. She was probably more excited about the wedding than her daughter, and had spent endless hours planning it, so Amanda put on her best happy face.

But Liz saw through her. "What's the matter, honey?"

"Nothing's the matter, mom. What are you talking about?"

"Amanda, I can see it in your face." Liz walked around the counter placing her hands on her daughter's arms. "Are you getting cold feet?

Amanda smirked because she gave the same answer she had given to David. "Maybe one cold foot."

"That's normal," her mother reassured. "Unless there are issues."

"No, no. I just . . . you know, I haven't really dated that many guys—"

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know," Amanda said, shrugging it off. "Just pre-wedding jitters, I guess."

"Amanda, honey, if you're not absolutely sure, don't go through with this," her mother counseled, "because it's much harder to get out of later."

"Get out of what later?" Amanda's dad, Jack Hayes, asked as he and Robin, her best friend since elementary school, who now lived with them, entered.

"Amanda's having pre-wedding jitters," Liz informed them.

"That's normal," Jack said, without knowing his wife had. He came to his spouse, gave her an intense kiss and let his hands roam to her breasts and butt. It made Amanda jealous.

"David never kisses me like that."

The others were surprised to hear Amanda reveal that.

Amanda's parents had a very active sex life. It had always been good, but shortly after Amanda became engaged a year ago, it was rejuvenated and stepped up. The cause of that was Robin. Her best friend had had a falling out with her own family and sought refuge from the Hayes'. Amanda had been away at school and Liz had been out of town for a girls' weekend away. Jack had allowed Robin to come stay at their house, and in the course of that weekend, Robin had used her massage skills to seduce Amanda's father—claiming she'd wanted to fuck him for quite some time—and he had succumbed. Liz came home early and caught them, and Robin managed to seduce her also. It came to light that Robin also did girls, and Liz was surprised that she liked it also. When Amanda learned of this, she wondered why Robin had never tried anything with her; they were, after all, roommates. At the time, Robin said she hadn't wanted to risk ruining their friendship. However, Amanda wanted to give it a try, she liked doing it with her best friend, and the two had been doing it ever since. Robin and Amanda graduated college a month or so later, Robin moved in with the family, and she continued having sex with Amanda's parents. Robin had attempted to bring Amanda into the threesome with her parents, but Jack refused to have incest with his daughter. She could be there when the three had sex and even participate with Robin, but not her parents.

"And David certainly doesn't fuck like the three of you do."

"Does he at least satisfy you?" her mother asked.

"Yes, he does that."

"And you do love him, don't you?"


"And as long as he loves you, that's all that matters. The rest will come in time."

"I guess you're right," Amanda agreed.

"Come on, I'll give you a massage," Robin offered. "It'll make you feel better."

"And the orgasm I'll get from it won't hurt," Amanda teased.

"That'll be the best part."

Robin led Amanda into her bedroom. Once there, Robin assisted Amanda to strip and, after setting out a face pillow, lay face down on the bed. Using a moderate amount of oil, Robin started on her best friend's back and shoulders. It wasn't long before the masseuse was kneading Amanda's ass cheeks and hips. Her friend had a very nice and well-rounded butt that Robin always enjoyed touching. She also concentrated on the girl's thighs, and this of course, led to her fingers brushing against Amanda's pussy, causing the latter to shiver.

Turning her friend onto her back, Robin added some oil to her hands before rubbing it into Amanda's also well-rounded breasts. Even though slightly flattened in her supine position, they still sat up nicely on her chest. Amanda sighed heavily at her friend's delightfully gentle touch. That was what Amanda always liked about sex with Robin—the only girl she'd ever done it with—was that it was always so soft and sensual, unlike David's slightly rougher approach. Both were enjoyable and each had its time and place. She moaned her enjoyment of the treatment of her breasts.

But after tweaking her friend's nipples, Robin gradually moved downward to Amanda's abdomen and the mound that formed the upper region of her pussy. As much as Robin loved to give massages, she particularly liked someone like her best friend because it meant she would also be touching a vagina with her oily hands. The masseuse also really liked cock, but there was just something about the delicate folds of a pussy that she delighted in. It was always difficult with Amanda because Robin knew it would always end up more than just a massage and she was always anxious to get to the breasts and pussy, so it required great restraint to do the massage properly before getting to those parts.

But they both knew that tonight's session was more about the sexual release than the comfort of the massage, so at this point, Robin concentrated more on tits and crotch. She rubbed labia and around the clitoral area including that button, and then wasted no time in sliding her finger in the girl's hole.

"Mmmmm," Amanda moaned.

Robin finger-fucked and rubbed Amanda's clit simultaneously, gradually going faster until she felt her friend's pussy tighten around her fingers signifying her orgasm. Amanda's growl confirmed her release, and Robin was amused to see her friend's toes curl. All of Amanda's muscles tensed and then she completely relaxed. She remembered thinking that the orgasm she'd had with David earlier was satisfying. But if it was that, then this was absolutely incredible.

"Why are the orgasms I have with you better than David's?" Amanda mused.

"Because I know what I'm doing," Robin replied as though there could be no doubt.

"Will we still be able to do this after I'm married?"

"As far as I'm concerned, we can do it whenever you want. I was kind of wondering how you might feel about that. I guess now I know." Robin debated asking the next question, but she was never one to mince words. "Is he really that bad?"

Looking up at her friend and reaching for and fondling her breast, Amanda clarified, "He's not bad. He's just not real imaginative or aggressive. But I pretty much always come with him. It's just usually better with you."

"Maybe you're really a lesbian at heart," Robin suggested playfully.

"I don't want to be. I've never done it with any other woman, nor do I have a real desire to. But I do like doing it with you. So, I guess if you and I can still get together after I'm married, it will be fine."

"Does he know about us?"

"Of course, not."

"Ever plan on telling him?"

"Should I?"

"That's up to you, sweetie."

"Then I probably won't. At least not for a while. Or until I get a sense of how he might react."

"That's probably wise. Now turn over." Robin arranged Amanda flat on her chest but with her knees bent and her ass up in the air. Reaching under her abdomen around to again rub her clit, she also once more finger-fucked her friend. The difference this time was that Robin also leaned in to use her tongue, sucking Amanda's clit. Amid Amanda's moaning and whimpering, Robin used her oily finger to massage Amanda's anus, though she did not penetrate. No more than a couple of minutes passed before Amanda was writhing in a much more explosive orgasm than the first.

Rolling quickly on to her back, legs still spread, Amanda pulled Robin to her and kissed more passionately than she could ever remember locking lips with David.

A moment later, "Now, there's a beautiful sight."

The girls pulled apart to see Amanda's parents standing at the foot of the bed mostly undressed, obviously having been playing with each other while watching their daughter and surrogate daughter. Amanda could see her dad staring at her pussy.

"It's yours if you want it," she offered.

"Not gonna do it," Jack said with a shake of his head.

"I'd really love to be fucked by a real man," his daughter pleaded. "That's my dream."

"It would be my dream come true," her father responded. "Maybe David will one day become that man."

It was a conversation they had often and she mostly understood his reasoning, and yet he was always too eager to fuck Robin.

"Guess you're stuck with me," Robin said, bending down to swap spit with her friend as Jack came around and cupped Robin's tits through her scrubs shirt (Robin was actually a physical therapist by trade). She allowed him to remove her top and bra, but when her large boobs swung free, Amanda was first to latch lips onto her nipple.

"Dinner will be delayed," Liz informed the girls. "Your dad and I are all worked up." And with that, she grabbed her husband's cock and pulled him by it in the direction of their bedroom.

"Sounds yummy," Robin commented, licking her lips. "Save me some." She loved their sloppy seconds: sucking Liz's juices off of Jack's dick and/or him fucking her with his wife's secretions coating his cock; she even liked occasionally sucking his cum out of Liz's pussy. Robin never wanted to come between Jack and Liz, but she knew they both loved having sex with her.

Even though she wasn't allowed to participate, Amanda enjoyed watching her parents fuck, particularly when Robin was involved. Strangely, it was a scene she never tired of, frequently imagining it was she her father was having sex with. He really was good. Those thoughts had her aroused again, so she pulled her friend onto the bed and aggressively undressed her. Amanda kissed Robin with a passion she wished she could elicit from David, but he just never seemed to reach that point. She then slid down to tongue her friend's gaping wet pussy. Robin came almost instantly, as she frequently did, and then took over, maneuvering them into a tribbing position where they rubbed pussies until they both orgasmed again.

As they lay there catching their breath, they heard: "Girls."

It was Liz calling them.

They slowly arose from the warmth and comfort of Amanda's bed and trudged down the hall to the parents' room. Liz was also breathing heavily. She gestured to Jack's still hard rod standing straight up and glistening with clear liquid obviously from his wife's pussy.

"Help," Liz beckoned. "I came too quickly and he hasn't."

Amanda grinned and whispered to her friend, "Looks like they saved you some."

"Yes, it does," Robin agreed as she approached the bed.

Liz loved the addition of Robin to their sex life, and wasn't surprised that Robin immediately grabbed hold and sucked Jack's cock.

And this was one of Robin's perverted thrills in having sex with Jack and Liz: sucking his rod covered with her juices. There was just something so delicious about it; like having her cake and eating it, too. She loved bobbing her head on his luscious dick. Once she had lapped up all of Liz's remnants, the older woman joined her. They side-shafted him—which he loved—and then Liz held it upright while Robin devoured it.

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