His Daughter's Best Friend is His Best Friend's Daughter


However, instead of grabbing the brew, he merely stood there motionless attempting to convince himself that their embrace had been innocent and only his dirty mind was turning it into something more. It was obvious the poor girl was not appreciated in her own home—and knowing Bill Reynolds as he did, the man could be a cold-hearted bastard when he wanted to be. Undoubtedly, Robin had just needed some fatherly affection.

Several minutes passed and Robin did not emerge from the bedroom as Jack had expected, so he decided to check on her. Glancing down the hallway toward the bedroom, he saw that the door was wide open. He cleared his throat normally, not overly loud, to announce his presence, but it took him several seconds to realize that she had dozed off. The time delay was because she was sprawled out on the bed in one of Amanda's light, thigh-length kimono-type robes, which was opened to reveal that she had stripped down to her lacy, sexy bra with low cups that barely was able to contain her gorgeous sizeable breasts and bikini panties that showed a fair amount of shapely cheek.

Jack had to force himself not to just stand there and gawk. Instead, he made his body move closer and gently tugged on the upper flap of the robe to pull it over her exposed body. Succeeding only partially, but not wanting to risk awakening her and making the situation even more awkward, he stepped back and pulled the door almost all the way closed.

Now, he really needed that beer, something stronger really, particularly since the only notions his mind would entertain were the feel of her big breasts against him, the vision of her on the bed that was now burned into his brain and her general aroma that permeated his being. He decided that a good jog would probably be more beneficial since alcohol could have the effect of making him succumb to her allure, so he went to his bedroom to change into his jogging shorts and shirt.

In just his shorts, with no shoes or shirt, he tried to loosen up before his run. That was as far as he made it.

"You trying to run away from me too?"

Jack whipped his head around sharply. Robin was standing in the door way, robe parted, the flaps covering only the sides of her breasts as far in as her nipples, the inside curves of those beautiful tits touching to form the most perfect cleavage imaginable, one that his rapidly rising cock would die to seek refuge in, the dramatic inward slope of her abdomen down from her rib cage hinting at the mysteries of life barely concealed by the scant bikini panties, and the solid, smooth, delicious thighs, struck a pose that would remain etched his mind for all eternity.

Okay, Jack told himself, this is intentional. The question was what to do about it; the problem was, he couldn't take his eyes off of the wondrous sight and as such couldn't think straight. Involuntarily, he rolled his neck around in response to the ongoing tightness in his shoulders. It further gave him the presence of mind to say, "Uh, you're a little exposed."

Robin didn't even glance down. "We're practically family. You always said you were my surrogate parent."

"My daughter doesn't even walk around like that."

"The benefit of surrogacy." Her tone was one of surety, not the scared, helpless little girl he had picked up a few hours ago. "You have a neck problem?"

"Just stiffness," Jack answered, but thought, that's not the only thing stiff.

"Let me give you a massage."

"It'll be okay."

"I'm a trained professional," Robin said authoritatively, still making no move to cover herself.

"I thought you said physical therapy?"

"I also studied massage therapy," she explained. "Sometimes people don't really need physical therapy, just a good massage, and they just don't think of it as a medical treatment. After all, massage parlors don't all have the best reputations. So, in my studies, I covered all the bases. Come on, lay down on the bed. I need the practice."

Jack mindlessly complied, not certain which of his heads, if either, was doing the thinking. He was also fearful that there was no telling this girl no. He lay down on his stomach with is head facing the foot of the bed.

"I don't have any massage oil. I could use vegetable oil or some such, but I don't want to stain the sheets. Does Mrs. H have any lotion?"

"You can check in the bathroom."

Robin darted in and quickly returned with a container with a pump dispenser and a hand towel. "Not ideal, but for our purposes, this will do."

She moved his arms up above his head, and then climbed on the bed, squatting beside him.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" Jack nervously asked.

"Massaging you," Robin responded as though she didn't understand the question.

"From on the bed?"

"Well, normally, we would have a massage table. But since we don't, we have to improvise." She patted his back gently. "Just relax, Mr. H, I know what I'm doing."

That's exactly what frightens me, he thought wryly. "How many times have I told you to call me Jack?"

"I'm sorry. Okay, Jack, here we go." Robin squirted lotion into her hands and rubbed them together. She then, started rubbing it into his shoulders.

After a couple of minutes, he realized she really did know what she was doing. It was actually starting to feel pretty good and somewhat relaxing. Next she moved down to his upper back.

"Wow, you really are tense," she noted. "How does that feel?"

"Good," he surprised himself by saying.

"Okay, I'm going to go deeper."

Now he could feel her thumbs and fingers really digging in. She stopped to add more lotion, and then resumed using her forearms, but she wasn't able to apply the pressure she wanted to. Jack's head was turned in the direction of the side of him she was on. When he felt no activity on his back for several seconds, he opened one eye and caught her squirming to remove the robe.

"Hold on. Why are you removing—"

"It's too confining. I can't put pressure like I need to."

"Oh." Well, he couldn't really see her, so he guessed it didn't matter, except that if Liz or Amanda were to walk in at this moment . . . but then, when she threw her leg over his thighs and straddled him just below his ass, he—

"Just relax, Jack," Robin urged, anticipating his objection. "This is not going to work if you don't calm down and let me do my job."

Jack took as deep a breath as he could, given his position, and did his best to heed her advice. She was now able to really grind her forearms and elbows into his aching muscles. It was again starting to feel good, although he felt as though his cock had burrowed through to the other side of the mattress, so hard was it. Next, she concentrated on his lower back as far as the waistband of his shorts. That felt really good, and she kept it up for a few minutes. However, once again, just as he was getting into the relaxation of it, she tugged the waistband of his shorts down until he could feel air on the top of his ass crack.

"That's far enough," he ordered.

"Ja-ack," Robin intoned in that sing-song voice she had perfected, making his name two syllables. "You wouldn't say that to any other medical professional."

"Any other medical professional wouldn't be my daughter's best friend playing with my ass."

"I'm not playing with your ass," she responded, feigning being insulted. "If that's what you want me to do, it'll cost extra!"

"Oh, gawd," Jack lamented, giving in, as he feared he would.

Robin worked his upper behind, and then instructed, "Don't say a word," as she pulled his shorts and underpants down to just below his cheeks, completely exposing his buttocks. He clenched his butt when she squirted the cold lotion on it, but then felt a gush of pre-cum when her hands—tenderly at first—rubbed it in. Jack had never had anyone touch his rear quite like that before, and not only was it soothing, it was also quite arousing. He knew he should stop her, but with each knead of her palms he became more powerless to do so.

To put him at ease, Robin returned to working on his back for a while, although when she stretched to reach his upper back he could feel her abdomen graze his ass. The next time she spurted lotion either her aim wasn't very good or she intentionally shot some on his crack.

"Oops," she uttered in a tone that sounded anything but accidental.

Therefore, he wasn't surprised when she tugged his shorts down further to better spread the lotion.

"Hell, that's not going to work," Robin said, almost to herself. With no further thought or warning, she slid his shorts all the way down and pulled them off.

The warning klaxon sounded deafeningly inside his head as he was now totally nude with his daughter's best friend and his best friend's daughter. Yet, while it was going off, Robin was spreading his legs and cheeks and smoothing out the lotion deep in his crack and his puckered anus. He knew that she could now probably see his balls as they were not entirely tucked under his abdomen as was his cock. But then he thought that with her hands all over his ass, did it really matter anymore? Before he could have objected anyway, her hands had traveled back up to his lumbar area using elbows and forearms. A couple of minutes later, she worked on his thighs and calves.

Suddenly, Robin stopped and asked, "You ready to turn over?"

"Turn over? For what?"

"Uh, to do your front. You have muscles there also."

"No, no, this is fine. I feel much better, more relaxed."

"Then let's complete the process. I've seen a penis before."

"Not mine."

"Are you ashamed of it?"

"No, of course, not."

"Then what are you afraid of?" Robin questioned.

"This is not proper." Jack protested.

"I know. I'm your daughter's best friend," she mimicked. "But, Jack, if I can't get someone like you to take me seriously, how can I get anyone else to?"

She had him there; either that or she was wearing him down. Whichever it was, Jack slowly, embarrassingly, turned over, his rock hard cock standing straight up like a flag pole.

"Oh, my," Robin exclaimed, in genuine awe, "that's definitely nothing to be ashamed of."

"Come on, Robin," Jack pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Jack, I'll try to be more professional. Wow. Did I give you that?"

"I'm lying here naked and I've got a beautiful young, half-naked woman touching me all over—what do you think?"

"You really think I'm beautiful?"

"Well, of course, you are." His cock pulsed at that causing her eyes to widen.

"Thanks," Robin mused, kneeling on his side near his hips and kneading his pectoral muscles. When she could see in his face that he was relaxed, she slowly rubbed her hands down somewhat on the side of his rib cage, his abdomen, his hips and onto his thighs. She gently kneaded his upper leg because it was nowhere near as tense as his back had been. She was careful not to do his inner thighs so he wouldn't freak out, but with his gorgeous prick standing straight and tall, a drop of clear liquid peeking out of its eye, it was difficult not to.

Tenderly pushing his thighs apart just a couple of inches caused his scrotum to drop between his legs. Robin couldn't help but cup his balls for the briefest second and curling her fingers around the base of his dick for no longer as his eyebrows lifted. Then she quickly let go and sat back, reaching for the lotion. Applying it to his thighs, he did not resist when she spread them further apart. For good measure, she lifted and massaged his calves one at a time for a minute, but only as a pretense. When she returned his calf back to the bed she had eased over so that she was now between his legs.

Robin was not a loose girl in any sense, but she had seen a fair number of cocks, not nearly as many in person as in pictures or the Internet. But there was something about the one standing before her that prevented her eyes from looking at anything else. It was rigid and true as an arrow, a good seven or eight inches, not too big around, nor too thin either; or maybe it was to whom it belonged.

Whatever it was, there was no restraining herself from bending over and dragging her tongue from the top of his scrotum up to just below his frenulum. Removing her tongue, she quickly returned to massaging his thighs to gauge his reaction.

Jack had detected a sexuality about Robin. With it came a belief that she was no stranger to sex, and even very willing to have it. It was obvious to him that everything she had done since he picked her up had been a calculated seductive maneuver. So, he was not surprised to feel her tongue slide up his shaft. He had gone through the motions of putting up roadblocks with each step she had taken, but her determination had forcefully plowed through them all, and he had weakly submitted. Would this be any different? Had he too long ago crossed the line to turn back? Certainly he did not want to. But what was he reducing himself to by allowing it to continue? Indecision became his decision, but to her it was approval.

Robin watched his face as best she could from her position as she swooped in for another taste. This time, she sucked one spongy ball into her mouth and savored it with her tongue, coating it with saliva before doing the same to the other.

His drawn out moan told her there would be no resistance, and as clarification, she grabbed his cock, aimed it at her parted lips and let it slide in about halfway. No combination of letters could spell out the sounds of pure pleasure that oozed from his lips. She continued her slow, methodical sucking of his dick. As perfect a specimen of manhood as it was, so too was the shape of his testicles nestled in his taut sack. Another taste of those was required.

When Robin returned to his shaft, it stood at such an angle that she did not need hands to hold it so she could suck. Her mouth glided up and down the smooth skin as though it was meant to.

Torn between wanting to continue what she was doing, but aware of his objections, although they had diminished somewhat, she returned to massaging, this time his inner thighs.

Jack was watching Robin. Though her hands were working his legs, her eyes seemed to be mesmerized by his cock. It was as though she just wanted to gobble it up but was afraid to. Was it because of his protestation? "Robin, why is an attractive twenty-one-year-old woman so infatuated with an older, married man?" he asked softly.

"Jack, I've had a crush on you since Amanda and I started high school, probably longer. But it wasn't until after my hormones kicked in that I understood what it meant."

"Aren't you attracted to any boys your own age?"

"Even at twenty-one, that's all they are: boys. Immature boys. It's rare to find one who really knows how to treat a woman. They just want you to blow them so they can get their rocks off. Most aren't even considerate enough to make sure the woman is satisfied."

With a chuckle, Jack remarked, "Hell, I know men my age who are no better."

"But I'll bet you're not like that?" Robin said dreamily.

"I'd like to think I'm not."

"I'm sure you're not."

They found themselves gazing into each other's eyes for a seemingly long while. Just that was enough to force another drop of pre-cum to bubble up out of the slit in his penis. Somehow, it drew her attention and the hint of a smile on her lips. This further caused her to casually ease the straps of her bra off her shoulders and push the cups down enough to bend over and let the orbs fall on either side of his cock. She then rubbed the crevice up and down his shaft, effectively massaging the clear liquid into her skin.

Casting any concerns aside, Robin gently grasped his stiff pole in her hand and fed it hungrily into her mouth. She took him in as far as she could without deep-throating, her tongue all the while dancing around his skin. It wasn't the best fellatio he'd ever had, but neither was it by far the worst. However, the fact that it was Robin made it better than it really was. He wouldn't have told her this, but like her, he'd had his eye on her ever since her body began developing. By the time she was eighteen, she was a knockout, and he'd shot more loads of cum fantasizing about her than he could remember.

All Jack could do now was close his eyes as she worked her magic on him.

Removing him from her mouth, Robin moved her fist up and down his shaft while cupping and massaging his balls with the other. She worked one extended finger into the crack of his ass, before returning her mouth to his knob. But that was not to last before she turned her mouth sideways sliding her lips up and down his rod, gradually going lower until her tongue began bathing his scrotum. Soon she was sucking his balls, one at a time, into her mouth. He'd never had a woman spend so much time with her mouth on his sack, and it was almost as though she was better at sucking balls than dick. In fact, she was so good at it, he could probably come just from that.

Finally, she stopped, sat up and teasingly removed her bra completely, exposing those beautifully round breasts. They were even more impressive and attractive unencumbered. Jack's hands naturally reached out for them, but she sat back to slip off her panties to display an exquisitely shaved pussy whose dainty curled lips resembled the soft petals of an exotic flower. Beyond that, he could see that she was very wet.

So, it wasn't much of a surprise when she rolled backwards, and then spread her legs. It had the effect of opening her vagina, revealing even more liquid. When she extended her arms in invitation, the scene before him was too much for even Jack to resist. He rose up to kneel before her, and then positioned himself. His cock was operating on radar, and no hands were necessary for it to home in on that sweet target. The moment it made contact, her warm, wet pussy sucked him in like a vacuum. She had stretched out her arms, and as soon as she could reach his upper thighs, she grabbed him and pulled him, effectively ramming his rod in to the hilt.

Robin did not suppress the moan of pure pleasure that escaped her lips. But she did hold him stationary for a minute enjoying the fulfillment she felt as his cock completely filled out her vagina. It naturally pulsed inside of her causing her eyes to widen in delight.

"Make love to me, Jack," Robin pleaded. "I need to be loved."

He knew that she meant it more than just physically, so he began with slow, even strokes, pulling almost all the way out before sliding in to the root. As he continued this motion, he couldn't tell if the mewling sounds she was making were just her joyful response or suppressed crying. He suspected both as confirmed by a couple of stray tears rolling down each side of her face. Robin then grabbed his face in her hands and pulled his lips to hers.

Oddly, the passionate kiss that ensued seemed more awkward to Jack than the fact that he was fucking this young woman. Still, he gave his all to both.

A moment later, Robin wrapped her legs around his back, clasping her ankles, and using her heels to meet his thrusts and control the pace, which she stepped up. Though harder, he still kept his lunges steady. Her breathing picked up and he knew instantly it was not due to increased exertion, but rather impending orgasm.

She came hard and he felt the gush of liquid from her pussy coat his cock and balls. He broke off the kiss allowing her to cry out her ecstasy, but she held his face against hers, actually hugging him to her. A couple of minutes later, he could feel her climax subsiding, so he gradually slowed his pumping, and finally, stopped. But she held him inside her, sliding her legs down his as far as they would go, locking her heels on his lower thighs.

"Oh, god, I love you, Jack," Robin panted. "Thank you. I needed that."

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