His Daughter's Friend


Bill pushed forward and the heat of Alice’s pussy enveloped his cock. She was hot, wet and tight. He pushed gently further until he felt her maidenhead waiting to be broken. Once again he looked into Alice’s eyes and saw nothing to stop him. He pushed forward again and Alice winced as she lost her virginity. Her nails clawed at his back and her legs squeezed Bill’s hips. A soft cry came from her lips which Bill covered with his own lips.

Bill was all the way in Alice and was waiting for a sign that she was OK. The sign came when Alice returned Bill’s kiss passionately. With that Bill started sliding his thick cock in and out of Alice’s pussy. He continued kissing her neck and ears while his hands groped her breasts. Every once and a while, Bill would pinch or tweak Alice’s nipples which were hard as pebbles.

Alice had wrapped her legs around Bill’s hips and was pulling him in with every thrust he made. She positioned her hips so they were slightly elevated and Bill’s cock slid up against her clit. She gripped him tightly as Bill brought her to a second orgasm. Her body shook as it took her and her pussy, virginal an hour ago, was sore.

“No more, Mr. Walters, please,” Alice whispered in his ear.

Bill didn’t want to hurt Alice, but he had a raging hard on and needed relief. “Turn over,” he said as he pulled his cock out of her.

Alice turned over and lay on her stomach and Bill got behind her.

“Get up on your hands and knees” he said to her.

Alice pulled herself up and Bill positioned himself between her legs, spreading them wide. He liked what he saw. Alice’s ass, although not fat, was wide and round and he liked running his hands over her smooth skin. His hands slid up to her back and sides where small love handles waited for him. With one hand he positioned his cock at her pussy and let the cockhead gently slide in. There was no protest from Alice so he continued and pushed until his pubic hair was up against her butt cheeks.

Bill started to take Alice from behind slowly building up a rhythm sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. He grabbed her hips and was pulling her back as he thrust hard into her. The force of his thrusts kept pushing Alice forward and away from him and he was not penetrating her as much as he wanted so he reached down, grabbed her hair and used it to pull her back against him.

Alice was making soft moaning and grunting noises as Bill took her, and her large round breasts swung loosely below her body. Bill loved taking fucking women this way. He loved the feel of his cock buried deep in them and seeing their body in front of him. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tighten and his cock exploded inside Alice. Pulse after pulse sent hot cum into her as Bill pushed hard against her as if he were trying to skewer her with his cock. When he was done, he collapsed on Alice and they both sank into the bed.

They had lay in bed not moving or speaking for a while. Candles flickered around the room making shadows dance on the walls. Bills cock, once hard and deep in Alice, had slipped out and a pink fluid, a mixture of Bill’s sperm and her broken virginity, dripped from her vagina.

Bill felt guilty. He had taken advantage of this 18-year old girl. She was depressed, alone, drunk and stoned and probably needed a friend more than a sex partner. Bill was sorry he couldn’t control himself, but he had not had sex in quite some time. Since his divorce, he had a couple of girlfriends but nothing steady and certainly no steady sexual release. Had he not been drinking, his thinking might have been clearer and he wouldn’t be lying next to this girl in her bed.

“Are you OK,” he whispered to her, not sure if she was asleep. Alice nodded her head without saying a word. He leaned toward her again.

“Any pain?” She shook her head again answering without speaking.

Bill assumed that Alice was regretting her actions. She probably felt that she had led her friend’s father into having sex with her and was now sorry about it.

“Maybe I should go now,” he said to Alice and he started to move away from her.

“No, please don’t Mr. Walters,” Alice replied grabbing Bill’s arm.

Bill lay back down on the bed behind Alice and wrapped his arm around her. It felt good to hold Alice. There was always something to be said for the “perfect” girl with a thin waist, tight ass and big tits. But there was a certain something about Alice. When you held her, you felt like you were holding on to something other than a bag of bones. Bill liked that.

“I didn’t hurt you when I pulled your hair, did I?” Bill asked.

“Not really. Well, a little maybe,” Alice said quietly. “Actually, I thought it was kind of kinky when you did that.”

“Kinky? Why?”

“I don’t know,” Alice replied. “I started tingling when you did it, even though it hurt a little. And when you first pushed your cock into me, even that pain excited me.”

Bill thought for a minute. Alice was not experienced in sex, but she seemed to be stimulated in strange ways.

“Tell me about the porn movies that you watched with your friends.”

Alice thought about the movies she had seen. They were the typical porn movies where a couple of guys use a woman, she explained to Bill, sometimes using them roughly including severe oral and anal sex. She recalled movies where the woman may have been spanked or whipped and where it was portrayed to be non-consensual sex. Alice didn’t know why, but these types of movies turned her on.

“My boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend, would never have gone that far with me,” she explained. “He wouldn’t even go down on me. But when you were inside me and pulled my hair I liked it.”

Bill’s cock was starting to stretch and was sliding between Alice’s thighs. He could feel Alice’s wetness indicating that the discussion was having an affect on her.

“So you think you would enjoy a rougher kind of sex?” Bill asked her.

“Yeah, maybe,” Alice replied. Bill grabbed Alice’s hair and yanked her head back.

“I asked you if you would enjoy rougher sex.”

Alice didn’t answer verbally, but her body answered for her. She squeezed her thighs together, grabbed Bill’s cock and started rubbing her pussy with it. Bill pulled harder and Alice groaned with pleasure. He moved his other hand to Alice’s breast, felt for her nipple and pinched and twisted it. Alice groaned again and dropped her hand to her pussy and started rubbing herself gently.

“Does that feel good?” Bill asked. Alice tried to nod her head but Bill was still pulling it back.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Good,” Bill replied and he slid his hand down to hers and pushed it hard into her pussy. “Rub harder,” he told her.

Alice started massaging her pussy hard, letting her middle finger slide up and down her slit and on her clit. She would suck in her breath between her teeth each time she made contact with the sensitive nub.

Bill brought his hand up to her mouth and let her suck on his fingers until they were soaked with saliva. He then brought then back down and around to her ass. Fumbling between her ass cheeks. Bill found her hole and slipped a finger in causing her to gasp and stop masturbating herself. Bill pulled at her hair again.

“Why are you stopping?” he asked. She immediately started stroking herself again.

Bill inserted a second finger into Alice’s ass and her hand movement sped up telling him that she was enjoying this type of foreplay. His cock was hard and oozing pre-cum so he took his fingers out of Alice and positioned his cock up against her asshole and started to push.

“No, don’t…” Alice groaned, but her body betrayed her. She was rubbing herself furiously and pushing her butt back against Bill’s cockhead which slipped into her ass. He pushed further and buried the entire cock inside Alice, who gave up her second virginity that evening.

Alice was caught up in the whirlwind sexual feelings that she was experiencing. Her head was still pulled back harshly by the hair and Bill was pumping in and out of her ass and she was rubbing directly on her clit. She had never experienced these feelings before and she was enjoying the passion with abandonment.

Bill was also enjoying himself and was close to cumming. He could feel Alice tighten her muscles indicating that she was about to have an orgasm and he started slamming harder into her ass. Alice started with a soft cry followed by a long moan and jolted as she reached the peak of her orgasm and Bill exploded into her pussy. He could feel her muscles contracting and massaging his cock, and she could feel him pulsing and shooting his load into her ass. Their mutual explosions continued until there was nothing but silence between them.

They had both found something that satisfied them.

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