tagLetters & TranscriptsHis Depraved Pet

His Depraved Pet



I will not be around this week, but that doesn't mean you're off free.

Follow every instruction or you know your pussy will pay the price of your disobedience.

Get a permanent marker, five clothespins, toothpaste, petroleum jelly/Vaseline, masking tape, a wooden spoon, two carrots and a camera.

Place all the items in front of your full-length mirror.

Go put on your tiniest thong and your highest heels. Put on bright red lipstick, heavy blusher and dark eyeshadow. Look like the slut you are, my little pussy whore. Why pretend otherwise.

I want you to crawl over to the mirror. Stick that lumpy ass of yours high in the air and wiggle it with every step. Face down, keep your eyes on your hanging tits. I want your udders to flop around, you fat cow.

That's what you are -- my fucktoy cow with udders.

Keep your ass in the air. Take the marker pen and write ASS on one ass cheek and HOLE on the other.

Draw arrows towards that tight puckered hole of yours.

Now sit down facing the mirror and spread your legs wide. I bet your pussy lips are obscenely split by your thong. Empty fuckhole. We'll get to that soon enough.

Draw an X on the underside of each tit, below your nipple.

On the top of your ugly udders, write MASTER'S TITS.

Cover the rest of your body with BITCH, WHORE, and SLUT. On your pussy, write OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Take a photo, slut.

Watch yourself play with your tits in the mirror.

Try to lick your nipple, suck it. If you can't reach, at least you'll look stupid trying my little slut.

Dry your nipples and coat them with toothpaste.

Make sure your nipples aren't hard, I want you to really feel the tingling burn.

Sit back and keep your legs spread wide open.

Move your fingers up and down your pussy slit through your thong. Is it wet, my fucktoy? One minute of touching your pussy, then stop. Put on a clothespin on each nipple. Make sure it bites hard into your toothpaste-covered bud.

Now take the wooden spoon. You know what I want you to do, don't you, slut.

Smack each tit ten times, exactly on the X you marked. Hit the X each time, or start from the beginning again. I want you to watch your tits bounce and jiggle with each smack. Bet your nipples hurt from the clothespins.

Now get back on all fours, ass facing the mirror.

Look over your shoulder as you try to take of your thong in that position. No moving out of position, slut.

Fingerfuck your pussy from that position. Watch in the mirror as you masturbate yourself. I want you soaking wet, but don't you dare cum.

Keep a finger in your pussy. Take the spoon with the other hand, and spank yourself ten times on each ass cheek, right on the words ASS and HOLE.

Sit back down in front of the mirror, with your legs spread wide open. Your ass should feel as if it's on fire.

Put a clothespin on each pussy lip. Make sure its grip is firm. If it comes out halfway you little whore I bite your flapping pussy lips when I get back.

Now pull the clothespin, and thus your pussy lip, towards your inner thigh. Use the masking tape to tape the clothespin on your thigh -- this should open your cunt lips nice and wide. Do the same for the other side.

You're such a slut, my little pet, your legs spread wide with your pussy lips taped open for everyone to see your exposed slit and clit. Look in the mirror, look at your toothpaste-coated nipples with clothespins on them. I want a picture, pet.

Take the wooden spoon. You don't like this part, do you pet, but too bad. I'm ordering you to spank your pussy ten times... five times on the words OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Slide the spoon down your slit, let it soak your pussy juices. Now spank that clit of yours five times. Wait a second between each spank, I want you to fully feel and appreciate this.

Right on the clit.

Suck on a carrot, slut. Both the thin and wide ends. Take it fully into your mouth and vacuum it with your mouth. You better be able to hear yourself sucking it, I want full saliva and suction.

Now slide it into your pussy, thin end first.

Push it in, then pull it back out. Push it in a little bit further, and pull it back out. Keep doing this until the entire carrot is in your fuckhole, and you're masturbating yourself on the vegetable. In the meantime, use your other hand to pull at the clothespins on your nipples.

Pull the carrot out of your pussy.

Suck your pungent juices, whore. Enjoy its repulsive taste.

Coat the carrot with Vaseline. Lift your ass into the air, keeping your legs spread wide open, and place the tip of the carrot at the your brown hole. Now lower yourself onto the carrot. I want your ass to swallow the damned thing. No going in slowly like you did with your pussy. This is a one-time penetration.

Make sure the entire carrot is in your asshole before you sit down again.

Feeling full?

It's about to get better.

Rub the other carrot on your slit, till it's wet enough for you to fuck yourself with again. Make sure you're sitting right down on your asshole -- I don't want any chance of the other carrot coming out.

Now start fucking yourself with the carrot in your hand. Moan my little bitch while you watch yourself perform such a depraved act in front of a mirror. Build up your orgasm -- it's the only one you're going to get today.

When you're about to come, pull the carrot out of your pussy completely. Pull off the clothespins on your tits and shove the carrot into your pussy. Your mind will struggle to accept the pain from your tits and the pleasure in your pussy.

Fuck yourself till you cum, I want your pussy juices all over the floor.

Rub your hands in them, till your hands are covered in your cum, and rub it all over your face. Suck the remaining juices off your fingers.

When you're done slut, take a photo. I want that cum-covered face.

Get down on all fours in front of the mirror again, with your ass facing the mirror. Watch over your shoulder. I want you to use your fingers to pull the carrots out of your ass and pussy.

Suck them both off.

Before you go, take a clothespin and force it into your pussy, teeth or grip side down first. Pull your thong on.

The peg should keep your pussy slightly open.

Keep it in there the rest of the day, whore, don't you dare take it out.

What does a worthless pet like you need a tight pussy for anyway.

Till my next list of instructions.


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