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His Dirty Girl


A familiar theme and structure for me with I hope ample stroke and the ultimate romance. I tend to get on a theme, in this case two people not realizing that they were meant to be together and almost letting it slip away only to find each other again down the road. It's the old story of a couple of folks who spend time together, have fun, laugh and enjoy each other but aren't looking for anything beyond fun and good sex. Life and work get in the way and they part. It takes them each some time to realize how good they had it together.

In my case, it's a "been there, done that" theme. It took me five years to find her again, convince her I was the real deal and then an arduous phase during which we explored the possibilities and came to the mutual realization that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. We've known each other for twenty-six years---been married for twenty-one.

Caution! Anal sex!

Nice guy...fun date...superb dancer...great in the sack.

Jillian knew the score and had no problems with it. The first time she had met him she had shown more than a passing interest. He had flirted with her. On subsequent visits to her employer he'd made it a point to stop by her department even though they both knew his time could have been spent more profitably somewhere else. They had coffee together in the cafeteria.

She'd made the first move, asking him if he wanted to join her for a drink after work. She knew he had a two hour drive home and was prepared to invite him to stay over at her place. She couldn't recall ever actually making the offer; they'd had a couple of drinks and talked about dinner. She'd indicated that she wanted to go home and change and suggested he follow her. They had never made it to dinner that first time. They'd been naked within a matter of minutes of arriving at her small rented cottage.

He had a really nice cock. That first time had been all about lust and nothing more. Come to think about it, lust was really all it was ever about but their couplings had become more patient...interesting...exciting. He was a hot looking guy a few years her senior and she was hot in her own right. He had a nice car, good clothes and all the signs that said he had ample coin in his pocket.

She wasn't looking for a husband; she'd had one of those for four years and doubted that she'd make that mistake again. She was looking for a decent looking, fun loving guy who knew how to show a girl a good time and didn't have a bunch of hang-ups. She was sure that he was looking for nothing more than a pretty girl with a nice body who liked to have fun and fuck and wasn't hinting at more.

They seldom if ever talked on the phone. For several months during his weekly visit to her place of employment, he had ended up spending the night with her. They'd long since dispensed with the drinks before fucking. Typically, they'd go back to her place, fuck for a couple of hours, shower together and fuck some more, dress and go out. They'd have dinner and go dancing, returning to her humble abode by midnight and fuck until daybreak.

Their relationship was low key, short on expectations and free of the head games so typical between most couples their age. It was good that he lived a couple of hours away and only spent one night a week with her. It kept things from getting complicated or even stale. Neither had ever suggested a weekend together. He'd never invited her to his home and she was just fine with that. She knew he wasn't married but he had been. Maybe he had a regular girl friend at home but it was not an issue as far as she was concerned.

He loved her posed like this with her long, smooth legs pressed against her modest breasts and her fingers exploring her own bare little cunt. She was presenting for him...showing him her hairless little pucker...occasionally letting a slim finger stray there...venture inside the already well lubricated opening. She always wanted him there. Before him she had endured anal sex on a couple of occasions. With him she adored it...craved it.

He was standing over her at the foot of the bed grinning, his muscled body glistening in the soft light, stroking his rock hard organ. The damn guy was always hard but her current pose seemed to make him even more so.

They always had sex before they went to dinner and the third part of the trifecta was about to commence. It had become like a game between them; he loved to watch her...expected her to make herself cum with her talented fingers before the main event...her favorite event...the always amazing ass fuck. She'd already cum several times; he had done so twice, once in her young pussy and once in her mouth, not necessarily in that order. He was fully recovered now. Their game...she got to decide when...when she was ready...when she was sure he could not get any harder...bigger...now.

"You know what I want, don't you?" she whispered.

"Uh, huh."

"Tell me what I want."

"You want your sweet little ass fucked...deep...hard...long...feel me cum in your ass...your hot, tight, beautiful little ass."

"Show me how much you love my ass."

He would grasp her well turned legs and push them up in order to gain perfect access to her tight little hole and then he'd lick her there...fuck her there with his tongue. The intense stimulation following the long prelude always had the desired effect: she'd cum in a matter of seconds. And then, wordlessly, sill holding her legs up, pressing them back against her hard little titties he'd move forward and she'd feel it...his fat cock head...looking for it's entrance...another game...sometimes it would slip inside her slippery little slot. She'd giggle...he'd laugh...choosing to continue the game rather than using a hand to find the target.

His arrow would slide along her perineum...testing...centering...pausing...repositioning slightly...and then the pressure as he sought access...the game...resisting...making him work for her forbidden treasure...one of his arms wrapped around her legs holding them back...a strong hand grabbing her wrist...then both wrists...trapping her so that she could not escape---not that she had any desire to do so.

She would feel the muscle unwind...relent...accept the inevitable...and he was inside her. She loved the initial invasion...the exquisite feeling as his fat cock head slipped inside her canal...it was as if she could feel every millimeter of his organ...slowly advancing on her bowels...so dirty...so nasty...so forbidden...owning her in a way few women truly enjoyed or appreciated...impaling her...so damn full of cock!

If she'd ever had any thought that they had any future---that there was any desire for or expectation of romance or more---she doubted that she would have acted as completely whorish as she did with him. It was, for her, the first time in her life she had ever engaged in a relationship that was just about fun and sex...great sex...delightfully nasty sex. Good girls didn't act like this...she was such a slut with this man! No emotional entanglements...no tedious head games...no hidden agendas. He got her off as no man ever had. He had clearly indicated that she was the best he had ever had...the hottest, nastiest, dirtiest little fuck toy he had ever enjoyed. Everything was just as it should be.

He was stroking her deeply now...penetrating her hot little rectum to the hilt...his beautiful body...dripping now as a result of his physical efforts...his breathing was hoarse...rapid...his voice almost cracking as he whispered to her...told her how good her ass felt...what a hot little ass slut she was...how much he loved being inside her rear...his mouth and lips roaming over her...tender and then more forceful...little nips...love bites...nothing about love here...just damn good, hard, unbridled anal sex. Slamming into her now...she might cum again, might not. It didn't matter...he'd made her cum several times. It was all about the taking...the possession of her strong young form by a magnificent man...a magnificent fucker...a magnificent ass fucker. He was close...she was ready.

"Fuck that ass, baby...cum for me now...fill me up...let me feel you cum, baby...you know I need your load deep in my ass."

She was ready for him to cum now...releasing a hand she wormed it down between them...found his rock hard nuts...she loved his balls! So damn hard...smooth. She also knew he would not be able to resist once her soft fingers did their magic...it would only take a few seconds. The wordless game...sometimes he didn't want to cum yet...would grab her hand and deny her its target. Not this time...he was ready...a soft stroke on those big nuts and...and...yes! His hot juice bathing her walls...splashing inside her and then, sometimes, it was just enough...this time...she came with a scream---came with such intensity that she almost blacked out as he roared...roared like a lion informing the rest of the jungle that he had planted his seed deep inside his mate.

Well, they weren't mates and in terms of seed planting, where he had planted his seed would do little to perpetuate the species. He would collapse on top of her, then roll her with him on his side well before his weight became unpleasant. Actually she loved the feeling of his body on top of her...confining her...asserting his maleness over her...safe...protected under his strong body.

And there would be tenderness...always tenderness. He would hold her...nuzzle her...stroke her lithe body. They might doze off for a few minutes, then awaken, shower and depending on their mood go out or not. Sometimes the shower would reignite the passion---the animal lust---and they would fuck again.

She had her own favorite position, on her front with her tight young ass slightly elevated with a pillow and her firm globes spread ever so slightly...exposing her bare little cunt...her tight little brown hole peaking out.

He would straddle her with his knees on either side of her pert rump...finger her anus...slide his fat cock along between her legs...teasing her...the tip would touch her female lips...rub up and down her labia...testing...massaging her turgid little button...almost lulling her into a trance, and then...ever so slowly, find the entrance...work its way inside her...penetrate her...impale her...and then he would ride her like the hot little bitch in heat she had become with this man.

His body would surround her, entrap her...protect her as his words of lust whispered in her ear excited her. She would begin to move with him, pulling him deeper inside...attempting to hold his beautiful cock at the depths of her lean body. His lips and tongue would explore her back and neck sending a chill through every fiber of her being. Sometimes his hands would reach under and find her small, hard breasts. The man knew how to excite a woman's breasts...never too rough...always just right. Sometimes he would cum so deep inside her; other times he would pull out and jerk his hot essence on her back and ass...she would giggle...she loved the way it felt.

Other times he would leave her pussy and finish his deed in her other opening....that was okay too...more than okay. She loved to feel him cum in her rump...unlike anything else she had ever experienced...so nasty...so wonderfully dirty and nasty. His dirty girl...that's what she was...his dirty girl. No man had ever made her feel so delightfully craven and slutty...so much like a woman...a woman who loved cock...needed constant fucking...his special little private whore...only his.

It had to end sometime...all good things do. He had told her matter-of-factly that he was to be promoted and would be moving up north...a thousand miles away...Boston. Not much chance that he'd be flying south once a week for a little ass fucking. He was a good looking man...confident, even cocky without being arrogant...fun to be with...made her laugh. He would certainly make some other little bitch laugh in Boston. She couldn't be the only girl in the world who, jaundiced after a string of bad relationships or even a bad marriage just wanted to have fun...dance...laugh...feel special...get laid. Who knows? Maybe he'd meet his "soul mate" in Boston and live happily ever after...have babies...move to the burbs.

Maybe he'd come back someday for a visit, just for old times sake. Maybe he'd be married by then and his sweet little white bread wife wouldn't take it up the ass. She would...she'd fuck him...any time...any place...any way he wanted. Their last night together had been their most intense, most adventurous and completely uninhibited. No dinner or dancing was involved. They fucked continuously or at least every time he could get it up which with this particular man was more often than seemed humanly possible. She wondered if he'd taken something prior to their last night of debauchery together. Sleeping had not been involved, of that she was certain.

They had parted the next morning as lovers...tenderly...as if there was something more than what it had been. He'd call her...drop her a note once he got settled in. She was missing him within seconds of watching him drive away in his fine automobile. She realized she had never had as much fun with any man---any person---as she had had with him.

She had fleeting thoughts---visions---of what a life together with him might have looked like...a future. There was no future and she was not some naïve, simpering adolescent. There never could have been---never was supposed to be. She laughed to herself during the short drive to work when she accepted the fact that the lack of a future---or any semblance of longevity---was exactly why it had worked for them. Well, certainly it had worked perfectly for her and she'd never heard him complain.


Mike, for his part was missing Jillian before he got to the Interstate. Thinking back over the past few months, he would miss her...she had made him laugh...she was a beautiful girl...trophy date...amazing fuck...excited him as no other woman ever had...loved to watch her dance. Somehow their first time together the rules had been wordlessly delineated. Both had former spouses and neither was looking for another.

She was more fun than anyone he had ever dated---if their relationship could even be called dating. She was smart, witty, charming...hot...so damn hot...long, tight body...amazing in the sack...delightfully nasty and completely uninhibited. He had planned to break it off quickly---as soon as he saw the signs that she wanted more. He'd been down that road a couple of times since his divorce. But it didn't happen that way and they had kept seeing each other until life got in the way.

With Jillian, the signs had just never come; she'd never intruded, suggested a weekend together...proposed she drive the two hours to see him. Not that he had anything to hide at home. His ex-wife was long gone. They both had careers so the financial split had been equitable. She wanted to move to take a promotion and really didn't want the house so he had bought out her "share".

He didn't have a serious girl friend. There were a couple of women he occasionally went out with and fucked but after Jillian, they seemed so completely inadequate and both of them had begun dropping hints about a future. Hell, after a couple of weeks with Jillian he had stopped going out with or fucking other women. In comparison to Jillian none of the other women were as much fun or...so hot...so fucking amazing in the sack.

He wondered if the thought of "taking the relationship to the next level" had ever crossed her mind. She'd never given any indication. Nor had he, even though the thought had crossed his mind occasionally...well, even frequently after he knew he was moving.

What had he been thinking? It was for the best. How long could they have gone on spending the night together one night a week in a relationship---if you could even call it one---that was based almost exclusively on sex. Great sex...mind blowing sex...but some day there has to be more...women expect more. Hell, he would have expected more! It was for the best---better that it ended the way it did than to have dragged on too long and gotten ugly.

He had waited over two weeks to call her. "The number you have called is no longer in service." He had written her a short letter. "Return to sender---left no forwarding address." He had called her employer, or at least spoken to someone there whom he had known well enough to ask about her. She had given her two week notice; no one seemed to know where she had gone. She was sorely missed; she had been very good at her job and certainly had gotten a better offer somewhere else.

So that was it, he had mused. Gone...gone from his life. She had a common name. He remembered generally where she had been from---within a three state area---but nothing beyond that. He didn't recall that she had any close friends. So be it. That's life. He was getting laid occasionally in Boston. Nothing to compare to Jillian, of course. He was bouncing back and forth between two young women, one who was fun to go out with but not remotely fun in the bedroom, another who was a totally nasty little slut but bored him to tears in all other ways. Both were getting tedious and he'd soon have to move on. No matter. Boston had lots of good looking women.


Jillian had been in her second job out of college when she had met Mike. It had been her desire to pursue a career and better herself that had ended her first marriage to a high school sweetheart. He was a sweet guy who would probably spend the rest of his life working at a small town Sears™. Hell, if he stayed there long enough he might even eventually get to the second to the top level---but never any farther. He loved the small town in which he had been born and raised, loved his high school buddies, loved his softball and bowling leagues and was willing to work just hard enough to hold down a decent job. They had sex but not often enough and it was never satisfying for her. He got off, rolled over, went to sleep and that was that.

Jillian had wanted more; she finished up community college while holding down a meaningless blue collar job. She'd applied to and been accepted at the state university, receiving a modest scholarship which at least paid tuition and fees. Her ex had taken a transfer to the Sears™ in the state capital so that they could move there. She had tried to convince him to take some courses but he, a community college dropout, had not been interested.

She had graduated with honors. Her husband was happy---because it meant that they could move back home to the dying little town dominated by a feed mill and a lumber mill where most of their high school classmates worked. She had received a couple of lucrative job offers but none in her field back home. He wanted to go back---she wanted to go forward.

The divorce has been surprisingly civil. They hadn't had much in the way of assets and had quickly come to an agreement without animosity. He wanted to be with his high school buddies more than he wanted to be with her and that was that. No hard feelings and no anger. It was the best thing for both of them.

Her first job out of college had been in the same town where she had attended the university. Her employer had allowed and even encouraged her to continue her education in her field. The next level in her career would involve being in charge of a department. Since she didn't yet have the tenure and experience to do so with her current employer, she accepted a position several states away with a smaller concern as a department head.

She stayed in her second job for two years almost to the day. She had been noticed as a result of attending regional and national conferences in her field. She had written several very well received journal articles. There had been inquiries from several headhunters. Finally, a top company in her world came courting and put on a full court press. Combined with the fact that the only attachment she had to where she was living had been her weekly tryst with Mike which was now over, she accepted a much better position as far from her small town, mid-Atlantic roots as was possible---Ontario, California.

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