tagLoving WivesHis Fiancee with Another Guy

His Fiancee with Another Guy


Mike lit the pipe and passed it to Jen. Jen took a long drag, and then fell back into the sofa and closed her eyes, letting the pot wash over her. In between puffs the pretty blonde sipped her wine, and soon she was in a relaxed haze.

Mike caressed his fiancée's knee, running his fingers over her silky nylons. Jen's shapely legs never failed to arouse him. His fingers traced up her legs until he reached the bottom of her mini-skirt. Aglow from the pot, Jen didn't seem to notice. Mike edged her skirt up, exposing more of her long legs.

Mike looked over at Billy, and grinned. Jen and Billy were childhood friends. Well, not exactly. Jen at 25 was six years older than Billy. Jen used to babysit Billy, but now Billy was a freshman in the local college, and the engaged coupled had invited him to their apartment for dinner.

Billy's eyes were on Jen's exposed legs. Mike loved showing off his fiancée, and the wine and pot were heightening his passions. He edged Jen's skirt higher. Jen realized what was happening and covered Mike's hands with hers. She tried to push her skirt down but Mike playfully tossed her hands aside. Then he kissed her, pulling her towards him. Jen tried to pulled back but Mike put an arm around her and covered her mouth with his.

The tussling caused Jen's skirt to inch up higher. Billy's eyes bulged when he saw the lace of Jen's stocking tops. He had seen pictures of girls wearing garter belts and stockings in Penthouse and Playboy, but had never seen a girl wearing them in real-life, and couldn't believe Jen -- his old babysitter -- wore them.

Mike pushed Jen against the seat of the sofa. As he continued to kiss her, he reached between them and cupped her breasts. Jen glanced nervously over at Billy and tried to pushed Mike's hand away. "No, Mike" she protested.

"I can't resist, baby," Mike said as he kissed her neck. "You're so hot." He pulled her arms above her head, and held them there with one hand. With his other he began unbuttoning her blouse. Jen struggled, trying to wiggle free. "No, Mike, not here." Mike covered her mouth with his, cutting off further protests. He worked on the buttons until her blouse was completely unbuttoned. He then opened her blouse, exposing her lacy bra and flat tummy.

Mike grinned at Billy, who was breathing hard and had a huge tent in his pants. Mike pressed his cheek against Jen's, turning her head to look at Billy. "I think you've given Billy a woodie," Mike said chuckling.

"Mike, stop!" Jen said, trying again to break away from his grasp. But Mike was too strong, and the wine and pot were sapping her strength. Mike continued to hold her hands above her head. With his other hand he traced the edge of her bra, his finger tips straddling her bare skin and bra. Then he began tracing the lacy patterns in the bra cups. He found her nipple and drew circles around it. "Nooooo," Jen whined, trying to wiggle from his touch. Despite herself, she was becoming aroused.

Mike grinned as Jen's nipples got hard and poked through her bra. He lowered his head and sucked her nipples through the soft material, causing his fiancée to moan.

Mike was so hot. He often fantasized about another man touching Jen. With his lust fueled by the grass and wine, he found himself beaconing to Billy. "Come over here."

Billy walked over -- a hard-on apparent in his pants -- and sat next to Jen.

Mike grinned at Billy. "Doesn't she have great tits? Don't you want to touch them?" Billy had always had a crush on Jen. He wanted to touch her more than anything. But he hesitated as he looked in her pretty face. She shook her head, her eyes misting with tears. "Don't," she pleaded.

Mike reached over and took Billy's hand, and guided him to Jen's bra-covered tits. Jen shook her head as Billy cupped her. "No, no," she whined. Mike ignored her protests. He held his hand over Billy's as he showed him how Jen liked to be touched. "That's it," Mike said encouraging. "Like that. Cup and caress her. Rub her nipples between your fingers."

Mike watched as Billy rubbed his fiancee's hard nipple between his thumb and finger. "Ahhhh," Jen moaned, her back arching.

Mike smiled approvingly. "Yeah, like that. See how she likes it?"

"Ahh, ahh," Jen moaned as Billy continued to grope her.

"Unsnap her bra," Mike said.

Billy avoided looking into Jen's pleading eyes. His hands were shaking as he tentatively reached under her and found the bra clasp. It took longer because he was inexperienced, but he eventually unsnapped her bra.

Mike continued to hold Jen's hands over her head. "Push her bra out of the way," he commanded.

Billy's heart was pounding. For so long he had dreamed of looking at Jen's bare tits, and now he was about to get his chance. With shaking hands he felt the lacy material of Jen's bra, and then slowly pushed it away.

He felt lightheaded as he gazed at Jen's breasts. They were small, but perfectly shaped. Her nipples were rock hard.

Billy looked at Jen's face. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She felt powerless and humiliated to be so exposed to Billy's eyes. "Stop," she begged. "Let me go."

Mike ignored his fiancee's pleading. "Suck her nipples, go ahead, suck them," he urged Billy.

Billy saw the distress in Jen's face, but this was his big chance and it might never come again. He cupped her bare breasts. They felt so soft, yet so firm. He lowered his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He cupped and kneaded her breast as he nibbled and rolled his tongue around her nipple. It tasted so good!

Jen squirmed trying to get away from Billy's lips. "Hold her," Mike said. Billy placed his hands on Jen's slim hips to hold her still, his mouth never leaving her nipples. "Aah aah aah," Jen moaned as pleasure coursed through her body.

Jen felt Mike release her hands. She felt his hands slide down her body. She knew what he was going to do, but didn't have the will to stop him. Mike grabbed her skirt, and slowly raise it until it was bunched around her waist. She felt Mike pull her panties to the side. She flushed, knowing her trimmed landing strip and pussy were exposed to Billy's eager eyes.

Jen heard her fiancée say, "Go ahead. Lick her."

"No, no" Jen weakly said, but her growing passion prevented her from mounting any real protest.

Billy gazed at Jen, and took in the blonde beauty before him. The way her skirt was bunched around her waist. Her shapely legs. Her firm thighs above her stockings. The way her garter belt attached to her stocking tops.

"Come on, go ahead, lick her," Mike said impatiently.

Shaking with excitement, Billy slid off the sofa and got on his knees. Jen's pussy lips were puffy with excitement, and he extended his tongue. Mike felt his fiancée shudder as Billy began to lick her. Mike was able to watch Billy eat Jen's pussy by looking in the wall mirror. "That's right," he said. "Over her pussy lips. That's right, like that. Now twirl your tongue around her clit."

"Oh god," Jen groaned, as Billy worked on her. Jen knew it was wrong -- she had babysat Billy, for goodness sake! -- but she couldn't deny the pleasure he was giving her as his tongue relentlessly attacked her clit. She squirmed, no longer trying to get away, but in response to Billy's ministrations.

Mike could tell Jen was close to an orgasm. "Now stick your finger into her. That's right, in and out, finger fuck her. Yeah, like that. Keep licking her. Now rub your thumb over her clit."

"God, god, oh god," Jen groaned, her moans coming continuously.

"Harder! Lick her clit harder!" Jen felt herself going over the edge. She clamped her hands around Billy's head and smashed her pussy into his face. "God, oh god, I'm cumming!"

Mike's heart pounded in his chest. He couldn't believe he had just seen another guy fondle and eat out his fiancee. He got on the floor and pushed Billy away. "Move over," he said to Billy as he unbuckled his pants and took out his hard cock. Mike ripped off Jen's flimsy panties and then thrust his hard cock inside her. He felt raw and dark, his passions out of control. "Fucking slut, tramp, bitch," he growled as he fucked her, the recent images of Billy making Jen cum so fresh in his mind. After just a few seconds Mike came inside his fiancée.

Mike collapsed to the floor, his orgasm so intense to drain him of strength. His throat was parched, so he staggered to his feet and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Billy was so turned on his body was shaking. Mike screwing Jen before his very eyes was the most exciting thing he had ever seen in his life. Jen lay on the sofa, panting. Their eyes met, and Jen's cheeks flushed red. With one hand she modestly pulled her blouse closed, and with her other she tried to pull her skirt down.

Jen's nipples were still hard, and Billy could clearly see them through her thin blouse. Her lacy stocking tops were also exposed despite her efforts to push down her skirt. Seeing Jen in this half-dressed state, trying to cover herself, increased Billy's passions. Billy wasn't a virgin, but he wasn't gigolo either. He wasn't entirely confident around girls. But he wanted to fuck Jen like he had never wanted anything before.

With courage that he didn't know he possessed, Billy knelt in front of Jen and placed his hands on her knees. Then he slowly slid his hands up her legs, feeling her silky nylons. He didn't stop when he reached her skirt. Instead, his hands continued their upward journey, pushing her skirt back up around her waist.

"No, no," Jen protested, shaking her head. But she didn't have the will to stop him. Billy reached her stocking tops and then firmly grasped her thighs, pressuring them apart. "No Billy, no," Jen said as she tried to press her legs together. But her protests were halfhearted, and her legs parted under Billy's firm grip.

Billy unbuckled and unzipped, and pulled his cock out. Jen's eyes grew wide when she saw how big he was.

Billy turned when Mike came back into the room. Mike was shocked when he saw Billy between Jen's legs, with his cock out. He hadn't meant for this to go so far. But seeing Billy's huge cock pointed at his fiancee's bare pussy re-ignited his passions. Mike's eyes locked with Billy's. Slowly Mike nodded, wordlessly giving Billy permission to fuck his fiancee.

Billy turned back to Jen and guided his hard cock to Jen's pussy. There was no turning back now. He put both hands on Jen's hips, and pushed in. "Oh god!" Jen cried as she felt the thick cock head penetrate her. "Oh god!"

Billy inched more of his cock into Jen, causing her to grimace with pain. "Stop, stop!" Jen begged. It hurt!

But Billy was out of control, his lust controlling him. Ignoring Jen's pleas, he pushed more of his cock in. After working about half his cock into her, Billy began pumping in and out. With each inward thrust he pushed more of his cock inside. It took time, but eventually he was in to the hilt.

Jen gritted her teeth. It felt like she was being torn apart! She had never had someone so big. But as Billy fucked her, the pain turned to pleasure. It started feeling good. Really good. With his big cock, Billy was hitting all her pleasure spots, seeming to stimulate both her clit and g-spot at the same time. "Yeah, aah, aah, good, good," Jen began moaning.

Jen was close to cumming. "Oh god, god, fuck me, fuck me, oh god," she moaned as she arched her back to meet Billy's thrusts, and wrapped her stocking-clad legs around his waist.

Mike stroked his cock as he watched Billy fuck his fiancée. He had never seen anything so hot, and his heart pounded with lustful excitement. "Fuck her, fuck her," he chanted under his breath. With a start he realized Billy was fucking Jen bareback, and she wasn't on the pill. For a moment he considered stopping them. But things had gone too far. His lusts were dominating him, and the risk of Billy impregnating Jen made the scene before him even more thrilling.

Billy couldn't last much longer. Fucking Jen had long been a dream, and her pussy felt so good around his cock. "I'm cumming," he cried and he lunged once more, his hot cum shooting inside Jen's unprotected womb. Instinctively Jen raised her hips to get Billy even deeper inside her, and the sensation of his cum shooting inside her pushed her over the edge. She wrapped her arms around Billy and tightly hugged him as she came on his big cock. Seeing Billy pile drive his cock into Jen and shoot his fertile sperm into her unprotected womb drove Mike over the edge, and he came all over his hand.

Billy and Jen lay wrapped in each other's arms for long moments. Finally, Billy lifted himself up, an audible "pop" sounding as he pulled out of her pussy. Billy felt awkward being around Mike and Jen, and he quickly dressed and left.

With their passions sated, Mike and Jen awkwardly avoided each other's eyes as they thought about what had just happened. Jen felt self-conscious, so she pulled her blouse closed and pushed her skirt down. As she did she felt Billy's cum run down her thigh. "Oh my god," she said in alarm as she realized what she had let Billy do. She rushed into the bathroom and douched, getting as much of Billy out of her that she could.

As he heard Jen washing in the bathroom, Mike reflected on what had just happened. He had just seen another guy fuck his fiancée. More than that, he had been the one to make it happen. Where would they go from here? No matter what, he knew his relationship with Jen would never be the same again.

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