His First Prom Ch. 01


"Oh my god," she cried out.

I knew I was on the right track and I continued licking around the clitoris. It had enlarged a bit and I felt her jerk as my tongue flicked across, so I concentrated on the areas around it. I let my tongue turn in circles around it and gently licked across it when I sensed she was ready. I felt her grab my hair in her fist and she cried out. I kept going and reached out and pushed a finger into her hole, moving it in and out as I licked. She was breathing heavy and I could feel her tensing up as I continued. I flicked my tongue back and forth on the sides of her labia and then softly licked tracing a line back and forth from the vagina to her clit. I gently sucked, wrapping my lips around her clit and the folds of her pussy and I heard her breathing change to short gasps and my tongue flicked across her clit. I kept it up feeling her building up and building more. She threw her hips in the air and really cried out. I pulled back as she lay panting on the couch.

"I think you did okay with that," she told me, "You still have some tricks to work on but you didn't do badly."

I thought she was done, but she sat up and then pulled me to the floor and wrapping her legs around my waist. She leaned down and kissed me and her breasts pressed into my chest. As she kissed me she reached down and massaged my balls. I could feel my cock getting firm again and she switched to gently stroking it, using my pre-cum like lube. Her hair fell out from its pin and draped across my face, tickling me. She pushed it back and it fell down again. She ignored it and teased my nipple with her free hand. I was instantly completely hard, and she knew it. She positioned her hips above me and holding my cock she guided me in.

I felt every inch of her hot moist pussy as she let herself down onto my cock. She moaned as I went in her, enjoying it herself. She slid her hips back and forth while she pushed herself up and sliding back down on my cock. I reached up and gripped her breasts, massaging them, feeling them as they yielded to my firm grip. I flicked her nipples with my index fingers as I continued to kneed them softly, massaging them. She leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest, changing the angle she came down at. I started thrusting in rhythm with her hips so as she was coming up I was coming down, and then slamming into her as we went the other way. As we both neared our second climaxes of the night we thrust harder and faster, both eager for the orgasms sure to come. Each thrust I buried my cock into her pussy, and I felt it tighten around my cock as she got closer. A few more thrusts later I grabbed her hips and pushed them down onto my cock as I lifted my hips. I could feel my cock spasm shooting my cum deep inside her in bursts, while her pussy clenched around it. She cried out, more guttural than a normal moan. She cooed as she loosened up and she leaned forward and kissed me hard. She stayed there, my cock still in her, though it was slowly softening into its normal size, and we kissed. We kissed for many minutes, and I could feel her still dripping past my cock onto my balls and legs. I hardly cared as we held our embrace with her breasts pressing into mine.

"That was amazing," I managed to say after a time.

She nodded and started to climb off me. I reached over to grab my shirt she had already used to wipe herself but when she saw she smiled and shook her head. For the second time that night she went down, carefully licking my cock, legs, balls until every drop of cum and her lube was gone. I started to get hard again, but it never committed. I was drained, and she softly kissed the head of my cock and let it rest between my legs. We slept together in my room that night, as she cuddled against my side with her breasts on my chests and her legs intertwined with mine. We both quickly fell asleep, and when my alarm went off in the morning I carefully untangled from her and took my shower. When I got out and came back to my room to get dressed she was gone, back in her own room to sleep a little longer before getting ready for work. I grabbed my bag, threw my books and binder into it and closed it up. I thought about going and giving her a kiss goodbye, not a peck, but a real kiss, but I was running late, so I went to my car, threw my bag into the passenger seat, and left for school. I knew I couldn't tell anyone, but I also knew I had definitely had a better night than anyone else on campus.

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