tagIncest/TabooHis friend Annie Ch. 03

His friend Annie Ch. 03


"I've gotta go," I said in a state of shock. What was I thinking; I better go.

"No, no. He said you'd give me a tease. Said you'd understand." Jason explained.

"Huh? He said that?" I was blown away that he did this, yet he did say to tease, didn't he.

Jason looked me up and down. His hand moved under the sheet, and I couldn't help myself. I looked at where this young guy was obviously holding himself. The sheet bunched at where his fist was moving.

"Go ahead. Show me." Jason was taunting me.

"What are you talking about?" I was shocked at what was happening, but still feeling the sexuality of everything, especially now that this guy was looking at me and doing this.

"Just show me something to tease me. Make it easier for me."

It was something I would've walked away from most any other time. Just too weird. Just too much. But I had stayed over last night. I had had sex for the first time in a long time. And, if I had to admit it... . Good sex. Intense sex. Sex with a man who had taken me. He had put me with my back on the bed, stripped my panties, lifted my legs, and stuffed himself into me. Sex with someone I never should have let do that in a million years. Yet, here I was, feeling a good kind of soreness down there, and here I was starting to moisten again with a young black guy slowly pulling at his cock while looking up at me. Give him a tease, Bobby had chided.

I let my left hand slowly lift my blouse from the bottom, and Jason's eyes shot to my crotch and watched my panties come into view. I stood looking at him, holding my blouse to my stomach and showing him my panty-clad crotch.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't stop there baby."

I paused and he urged me on.

"Yeah, you are gorgeous, baby. Did he like fucking you? I bet he did. I bet he loved giving it to you. Did he? Did he, baby?"

My right hand moved to my panties, the thumb pulling on the waistband. Down, down.

"Yeah, Jason. He did." A little further down. Down. I felt cool air at my lips. I moved them down my hips.

"Oh, shit," Jason was raising his voice now.

The panties were spread halfway down my legs and staying there on their own, so my hand pressed to my mound. I let fingers dangle in my pubes.

"Huh, Jason? Huh?"

"You like me watching you. You're wet. Tell me you're not."

I tilted my head back and looked down my nose some as if I was leaning, and then I was leaning. A little forward. My shoulders back and my hips forward. He watched my lips come into view. He panted.

My middle finger on my right hand traced to my lips there and I grunted a little. This was alot for him as he jerked off the sheet and his fist kept pumping at his cock now open to my view.

"Yeah," I teased him. "Yeah." And we were both stroking ourselves and watching each other.

A familiar voice sounded to my right, by the bathroom door.

"Keep going." It was Bobby. And he was holding himself in his hand, too. My knees buckled some, knowing I was here with these two guys and this was all happening. I felt myself seem to flood down there.

"Ung, ung, ung," Jason sounded like he was close. I was, too.

Jason grunted and I suddenly acted on an idea that hit me, not even thinking twice. I bent at my waist, braced the bedside with my left arm, and kept my right hand working my pussy feverishly. I lowered my head, moving my face to Jason's crotch. Jason saw what I was doing and it pushed him over the edge.

My face was there, but my mouth had not reached him when he erupted. A stream hit my cheek and lips as I brought my lips closer and finally around him. He was loud with his grunts as I worked up and down in time with his fist on his cock, sucking as best I could at him.

I started rocking on my hand as my orgasm shook me noticeably. To my right, Bobby was groaning and pumping himself. Another spurt brought me back to Jason who trembled under my mouth.

"Uh, uh, uh," he huffed and quickly he motioned me off him, as if he was suddenly too sensitive.

My mouth was hovering over his cock, and I could hear Bobby now cumming to my right. Even as I licked to try to clean my lips and cheek, I turned to Bobby. Sure enough, he was watching my lewd display and cumming--- hard.

I could barely stand myself up. I was dazed and in disbelief at myself. How could I ever make sense of this? Should I describe it to someone? Or, somewhere? Should I tell more?

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