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She waited. She could hear Him breathing. Her body, her mind, her soul ached for His touch. Gooseflesh rose on her bare skin and she shivered as He walked past her creating a cool breeze. She wished she could move the blindfold, just for a moment, to see Him. She wanted Him to see the longing in her eyes, to know how badly she needed His touch, His control.

She could hear Him rustling through His duffel bag. The thought of His toys made her heart race. She was familiar with the tools of His affection. Her hands trembled on her thighs as she waited before Him on her knees; a soft whimper escaping her lips as she thought of what He would do to her. Oh how she longed for the exquisite kiss of His hand, the sharp sting of His strap.

He gently ran His fingers over her lips, along her jaw. She gasped as He suddenly snatched a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. "Such an eager slut", He growled into her ear. Oh how she wanted to move her fingers across her wet slit as she felt His hot breath against her neck. He nudged her knees with His boot, she spread her thighs achingly wide, a deep blush colouring her cheeks as she exposed her need.

His footsteps moved around her, she shivered as something smooth passed over her collarbones and over her left shoulder. Yelping she clutched at the floor as He grabbed her head and shoved her face to the floor in front of her. A quick snap of the strap over her hot pussy lips urged her to raise her ass high. Subsequent kisses from the strap on the inside of each thigh forced her to spread her knees. She trembled with anticipation, her arms stretched out in front of her, the cool tile beneath her cheek a stark contrast to the heat spreading between her legs.

Two quick strikes with the strap; one on each ass cheek. Then two more; this time one on the back of each thigh. Biting back on the moan that threatened to escape her lips she swayed her back, raising her ass higher. He started paddling her ass with the strap in a steady rhythm, left right, left right; the heat growing almost unbearable. She whimpered as he strapped her pussy lips. She couldn't help but moan as He slid the edge of the strap between the wet lips, teasing her swollen clit. Oh how she wanted to rock her hips back, stroking the strap against the sensitive bud. She was breathing hard, wetness trickling down the inside of her thighs.

He used His fist in her hair to guide her back to a kneeling position. She licked the strap as it was pressed to her lips, her tongue collecting her juices from the salty leather. Her heart quickened and her clit throbbed as the smooth head of His cock replaced the strap against her lips. Using the tip of her tongue she circled the head then placed her closed lips on the side of His shaft, sliding them up one side of His hard rod and back down again sucking gently.

He took her by the hands and placed them on His cock. She moved her fervent mouth over the head of His member suckling the soft skin, teasing the small opening with the tip of her tongue. She used her hands to softly squeeze and pull His balls. Tenderly pulling them down as she lowered her mouth over His thick cock. Her lips tight against the shaft, her tongue swirling over the head as she moved back to the tip of His cock. Her hips rocking back and forth as she hungrily stroked His cock up and down with her warm, wet mouth.

He roughly ripped the blindfold from her eyes as He clutched the back of her head, fucking her mouth. He slammed His cock deep into her throat; her eyes watering as she struggled for breath. She looked up at Him, her pussy dripping onto the floor as she stared into His intense gaze. He drove His cock into her mouth over and over; tears ran down her face as she snatched a breath whenever possible. She put her hands on His hips trying to ease the force of His strokes. The feeling of His cock swelling in her mouth made her reach down to rub her distended clit; her hips bucking her cunt against her hand.

"NO!" He barked pulling His cock from her mouth and seizing her by the hair. He yanked her to her feet and dragged her towards the bed. He shoved her back onto the duvet quickly climbing onto her and straddling her face. Looking down at her He pinned her arms beneath His knees as he began to thrust His cock into her throat once again. Her legs spread wide, her pussy engorged as she moved her hips with each stroke of His cock into her tight throat.

"OVER" He instructed as He flipped her onto her stomach. "ASS UP!" He smacked her ass as He gave His command. Striking the inside of her thighs with His knees he forced her legs open wide, exposing her soaked pussy. Using His hands He spread her ass cheeks wide and then drove His cock hard into her tense ass; the soft flesh yielding to His massive cock. She cried out as His anal assault began but was soon rocking her hips back and forth with the momentum of His thrusts; whimpering and moaning she begged Him to let her cum.

"NO!" He yelled as He pounded her ass faster and harder. Yanking her head back with her hair He bent over and bit down hard on the thick muscle in the side of her neck. She clutched at the blankets, seeing stars as her need to cum intensified. He rode her hard, twisting her nipples between His fingers.

"ON YOUR BACK!" He demanded as He pulled His cock from her ravaged ass. She rolled over onto her back as He took His cock into His hand. Just a few quick strokes and He shot his hot, sticky load all over her face. She held out her tongue greedily catching and eating His hot seed. Her cunt throbbed and quivered with its need to finish.

"Good girl" He said as He moved off the bed and into the washroom.

She waited for what seemed like an eternity, her pussy still aching for attention. He emerged from the bathroom fully groomed and began to collect His belongings. She watched as He cleaned and packed the strap away in His bag, collected His coat and walked out the door shutting and locking it behind Him.

She whimpered as she closed her eyes knowing that her starved cunt would have to continue waiting. She closed her eyes and delighted in the feeling of her tender, well-used ass. She sighed as she tasted Him on her tongue. Eventually she succumbed to sleep with a smile on her lips.

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