tagMind ControlHis Girlfriend's Massage

His Girlfriend's Massage


Based loosely on an actual event...but without the mind control.

Any feedback would be appreciated...


Kara looked at the small building as the car pulled in to the parking lot. The plain sign over the front said, 'Sunshine's Spa'. The windows were blacked out, as was the door. Only a glowing 'open' sign indicated that they were open for business. As the car pulled to a stop, next to the front door, she glanced over to her boyfriend, Carl.

"We're here." he said, looking over at her. "Are you sure you want to try."

"Yes...I do. It'll be fun." she replied.

Shortly after Carl and she had started dating, he'd told her about coming to this massage parlor. He'd been very open about the showers, massages, and the special rubs the girls here would give him. She was a little shocked when he told her that he was still making a weekly trip for their services. She was hurt at first, but found herself wondering about going. She'd found herself aroused by the idea of having a woman shower her, massage her, then stand over her pleasuring her to climax. After four months of thinking about it, she'd decided it was time. Carl had talked to his usual girl and arranged for her to go and get the full treatment.

The two walked in the front door and in to a small waiting room. Carl rung a small door bell, and another door opened up reveling a petite Asian woman. Kara judged that she was about 20. The Asian beauty stood about 5'4", and wore a tight red dress that showed off every curve of her frame, including her perfectly round breasts. Kara was taken by her deep green eyes. They were beautiful. She felt like she could be lost in them

"Hi, Suzi. We're here for our special." Carl said.

"Come in, come in, please."

Suzi smiled and extended her hand to Kara. She took the asian girl's hand and was led in to a long hallway. There were several closed doors down its length. Suzi looked around to Kara, still smiling.

"I have other girl in room for Mr. Carl."

The group entered one of the rooms. There were two massage tables set up, with another beautiful Asian Girl sitting on one waiting. She immediately jumped down, her large breast bouncing as she did so. Kara looked over at Carl and saw his eyes were transfixed on this new girl.

"Hi, my name Sunni." the new girl chimed out. " Come in, both get undressed and we'll go to shower."

Kara and Carl began to undress as the two girl slipped out of the room to prepare the shower.

"So, is this a stand-up shower or something?"

"No. They have large tables that we lay on and they bath us then rinse us off." Carl replied.

"I feel a little uncomfortable about being naked." Kara said. Her hands doing their best conceal her breasts and bare pussy. "I know this was my idea, but now that we're here, I'm not sure I can deal with a girl washing and massage me, while you and another girl are here watching. Besides, they both going to be....well you know, touching us down there."

Carl laughed, "Don't worry, You'll like it."

The two girls entered. "Shower is ready." Both looked Carl and Kara, up and down. "Mr. Carl, you always look happy to be here." Suzi said.

Kara looked around at him. He stood there, naked with his hands at his sides. His cock was hard and pointing straight at Suzi. She was a little bothered by this. Why was he so comfortable about this?

"So do you have other clients here, now?" Kara asked sheepishly as Suzi took her hand and leading her to the door.

"We have a couple of others here." Suzi replied as they stepped out in to the hallway.

Kara looked back to see that Sunni had Carl's hands and was leading him along. When she looked at Carl, she realized that his eyes were fixed in Sunni's round little butt. She turned forwards and noticed an old man at the end of the hallway looking out of one of the doorways. She did her best to hide herself from his eyes.

They stepped in to the shower room. The smell of soaps filled the air and Kara felt a little more relaxed. The girls got both Kara and Carl on to their tables and the washing began. They were gently washed with warm water, then soaped up. Suzi's hands rubbed the soap on to Kara's trembling body. The scent of the soap was so relaxing, and Suzi's hands felt so good. Soon Kara's body was trembling for a different reason. Suzi worked to soap and oils in to her skin, gently kneading her breast. She felt so good and relaxed. The smell of the soap was so strong but so delicious. She just lay there as Suzi toyed with her erect nipples. Part of her brain wanted to say, NO, but it just felt too good.

Suzi leaned down and whispered to Kara. "Repeat this ' good, he likes that'"

Suzi gently rolled her on to her stomach, and went to work rubbing the oils and soap on to her back. Her hands worked their way down until she was kneading Kara's butt. Kara was in heaven. Nothing had ever felt this good before. She turned her head to look at Carl. He was on his back, his cock sticking straight up. Sunni was busy cleaning it for him. Kara smiled. 'Good, he likes that' she thought. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Suzi pickup a small metal rod.

"Me clean in here too." Suzi said as the metal probe slid in to Kara's ass. Kara jerked as a surge of electricity poured in to her body from the probe. Her arms and legs went straight and her back arched. Her head was reared back. Her mind went black for a moment, until she felt the probe sliding out of her.

"That felt strange." Kara said weakly.

Kara looked over to see Carl on his stomach; Sunni was removing a probe from him as well. "Good he likes that." She whispered.

"Ok time to stand and rinse." Suzi ordered.

Both stood up and the girls used handheld showers to rinse them off. Once clean of the soaps, the girls grabbed towels and began to clean their clients. Kara was a little dizzy, but felt wonderful. She just stood still and let her body be dried and then inspected by Suzi, just as Carl was dried and inspected by Sunni.

"Ok time to go to room." Suzi took her hand and walked her out in to the hallway. "Wait, I gotta turn water of good. Stay here and don't move." Suzi turned and walked back in to the room leaving Kara standing there naked in the hall.

Kara's eyes saw the old man looking out of the doorway again. She could see that he was naked and stroking his wrinkled cock. His eyes were locked on her shaved pussy as his hand moved faster.

"Good, he likes that." she whispered to herself.

Her hands made no attempt to cover herself. She just stood there and allowed him to watch and stroke. Some part of her screamed that this was wrong, but Suzi had told her wait and not to move. She had this overwhelming desire to obey. The old man grunted and she saw his cum dripping off of his hand as he came. "Good, he liked that."

Suzi returned and moment later with Carl and Sunni behind her. They were led back to their room and put on to the massage tables. Kara was lying on her back as Suzi began rubbing the scented oils on to her breast and stomach. After a little bit, Sunni turned on a small lamp. Its rotating shade made some wonder spiraling shadows on the ceiling. Kara found herself being lost in the pleasure of Suzi's touch and spiraling shadows.

"You drifting deeper and deeper, Kara. You just want to open you mind to me." Suzi said softly. "Your so open to me, so open and deep in this state." Suzi watched her eyes. She new that Kara was completely under now. "Kara, have you slept with many men?"


"Do you like to make men feel good?"


"From now on, Kara, you will not have to worry about anything else. No more work, no more bills, no more problems. You'll live here and make men feel good."

Kara's mind absorbed the words.

"Look at Carl." Suzi said.

Kara tilted her head and looked at him. Sunni was leaned over him sucking his cock. She heard him moan as he unloaded his cum into Sunni's mouth.

"This is what you will be. You'll make Carl and everyone else happy. Feel your mouth...it needs a cock in it. Feel your pussy, it needs a cock in it."

Kara smiled as she realized that she needed cock.

"Take her to another room, I need to work on him now." Suzi said to Sunni.


6 Months Later

Carl rang the bell at the massage parlor. Suzi opened the door.

"It always a pleasure to see you Mr. Carl."

She took him by the hand and led him to a back room. He started to undress as Suzi prepared the bed. He stopped when a new girl walked by the room.

"Who's that?" he asked.

Suzi smiled and shouted something in Chinese. A beautiful young lady walked in to the room. Carl looked her up and down, but did not recognize her. Kara had had surgery to make her eyes look oriental, plus a breast enhancement. Her once brown hair was now jet black and straight.

"Her name is Kara." Suzi said, then waved her hand and shooed the girl away.

"I'd like to try her sometime. I once dated a girl named Kara, but she left town a while back and didn't even say goodbye."

"Oh really." Suzi replied. "So are you dating anyone now?"

"Yes, Her name is Debbie." Carl pulled out his wallet and showed her a photograph.

"Oh she very pretty." Suzi laughed to herself. He'd shown her a picture of Kara 6 months ago and now she belonged to Suzi. She'd have to start programming him again, to bring her a new working girl.

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