tagIncest/TabooHis Heart Belongs to Daddy

His Heart Belongs to Daddy


Being a single parent is hard. What's even harder is being the single gay father to a distractingly gorgeous 19 year old son.

I have my own landscaping business and Paul, my son, was home for the summer after his first year of college. Paul had been a high school rugby player so he was well built but that summer after a few weeks of helping out with my landscaping; he was developing a body that turned heads. Even the straight guys on my crew would follow him with their eyes while he worked. And it only made things more difficult that he was drop dead handsome and so sweet natured that you wanted to eat him whole.

Things were really feeling weird that summer. Paul was distant and detached, not at all like the boy he'd been before spending time away at college. I was wrestling with the dilemma of whether I should come out as gay to him, now that he was an adult. We both seemed to walk on eggshells around each other and avoid spending time together.

Like any good parent, I immediately assumed he'd gotten into drugs while he was on his own. So, like any good parent, I searched his room while he wasn't home, raiding all of his secret hiding places that I'd discovered years ago.

I didn't turn up any drugs, thankfully, but I did make some discoveries that troubled me almost as much. In one place under his mattress he had a cache of hardcore gay porn magazines. In another secret hiding spot was a dildo and a cock ring. My little boy was a grown up suddenly and I found myself wondering if I had somehow influenced his orientation without even knowing it. Things got even more strained around the house after that.

A couple of days later while we were working I mentioned to my employee Phil what I had discovered about Paul. Phil was another middle aged gay guy who was a well known cock sucker in our company. Hell, I'd even let him suck me off a few times in the past. It wasn't until after the conversation that I started kicking myself mentally......I had just set my son up as prey to a notorious cock hound.

I kept a close eye on Paul and Phil that afternoon. At one point, I asked Paul to try to make some order in our supply shed which was a mess. Before I knew it, I looked up and Phil had disappeared.

I swiftly went to the supply shed and opened the door a crack so that I could peep in.

Paul, his hairless body glistening with sweat, was sitting on a hay bale with his legs spread wide while Phil knelt between them. I've got a pretty big dick but the piece of meat in Phil's mouth made me wonder if I might be smaller than my son. As I watched, Phil's lips slid up and down my son's thick shaft while he leant back with a look of ecstasy on his face.

I threw the door open as if I didn't know what was going on while saying, "Paul, do you want to knock off early......"

Phil sprang to his feet and I got another look at the ass buster he'd just been sucking before Paul raised his legs and wrapped his arms around them. His cock was at least the size of mine and probably a bit thicker.

"Phil," I said. "I don't pay you to suck cock. Get back to work."

He hurriedly scurried out the door and Paul sat there, hugging his legs and looking down.

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to quit early and go home and order pizza." I said.

Paul sat there stone still, and then finally looked up at me . "I guess you're ashamed of me." he said.

"Because you took advantage of an opportunity to get your dick sucked? I'd probably be more disturbed if you didn't." I said.

Paul sat there, looking miserable and breaking my heart.

I spread my arms and said, "Come here, son."

Paul hesitated, then jumped up and rushed to me. We wrapped our arms around each other in a warm hug. Unfortunately, I was all too conscious of the big half hard cock that was rubbing against my own.

"I could never be ashamed of you, no matter what." I said. "I might get pissed off on a regular basis but I could never get ashamed. You got that?"

Without even thinking, my hands had drifted down and I found myself cupping the cheeks of his luscious ass and my cock started to grow in my khakis.

"Get your clothes on and let's go home, we've worked enough for one day." I said, breaking our embrace.

Paul's cock was back at full stand and I couldn't help stealing glances at it.

"I'll be waiting in the truck." I said, anxious to leave.

I told my crew that I was knocking off and that they were free to go as soon as they cleaned up. Phil was looking at me with a wary eye so I just mimed punching him and then gave him an okay sign and he smiled in return.

During the drive home, Paul and I didn't talk, the wall that had been between us all summer seemingly back in place.

When we reached home Paul flopped down on the sofa, still wearing a sour expression.

"I'm going to go take a shower." I said. "Don't go beating off while I'm in there."

"Ewww! Don't be gross, asshole!" Paul said with the beginning of a smile. That was more like the kid I'd known.

I went in and showered. The whole time, I kept thinking about how Paul's cock had looked in Phil's mouth, how it had felt when his hard cock had been against me and how his lush buns had felt in my hands. I almost wound up beating off myself.

When I was finished, I wrapped a towel around my waist and hollered down the hallway, "Shower's free if you want it." and then went in and laid down on my bed to rest. A minute or so later I saw Paul pass the door on his way to the shower.

I listened to the water in the pipes and then the slight noises of Paul toweling off. I heard the bathroom door open and then saw him walking past my room, a towel wrapped around his waist like mine.

"Paul, come in here for a minute." I called.

He came in and stood in the doorway looking dejected. I found it hard to believe that such a beautiful young man was my son. As I said, he's drop dead handsome with blue eyes and curly honey colored hair. He was always well built but the physical labor he'd been doing every day had sculpted the muscles in his arms and chest. He looked like a gay porn star and I could feel my cock starting to stir, looking at him.

"Why don't you come over here and lay down and tell me what's been bothering you so much?" I asked.

The whole time Paul had been growing up, it had been our special time just before bed when he'd come in and lie on my bed and tell me all of his troubles.

Paul looked exasperated for a moment, and then he came over and jumped on the bed so that he was laying face down, his face buried in the pillow.

"I'm just so fucked up." he said. "I think I'm going crazy."

I turned over so that I was facing him and said, "We all feel that way sometime. You know you can tell me anything, what's going on?"

Paul laid there a moment, his whole body tense, and then looked over at me almost defiantly.

"Oh, yeah?" he said. "What if I told you that I think you have a gay son?"

I didn't reply, my mind racing, trying to think what to say.

"See, I knew you'd be grossed out." Paul said.

"Paul," I said, "what if I told you that you've got a gay dad?"

Paul looked at me, emotions playing over his face and finally he said, "No way. I would have known. You don't even look gay. My friend Becky in high school used to call you 'Hot Daddy' and tell me how she was going to rape you to piss me off."

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I have to wear spandex and collect Barbra Streisand records." I said. "And I purposely made sure that you had no clue, I didn't want to confuse you."

"Yeah, well, good luck with that. I'm totally confused and fucked up. I've never even been with another guy. I'm not attracted to guys my own age and I don't know how to approach the older ones, I'm afraid I'll get punched out. That was why I took a chance and let Phil suck on my dick today. And I'm so fucked up I've got a hard on just talking about it to my own dad."

"A hard on is totally normal." I said. "I've been popping one ever since I saw what was going on, every time I think about it."

I drew the towel away so that my big erection flopped out.

Paul looked down at my hard cock and after a minute he said, "Wow, you've got a really big dick."

"I'll take that as a compliment after seeing that monster you were feeding Phil." I said.

I rolled onto my back and Paul raised himself to examine my dick.

"I think we're just about the same size, actually." he said.

He rolled onto his side and I got my first real look at his gorgeous hard cock. He did look about the same length as mine but seemed fatter. His fat cock head was shaped like a peach with a deep groove coming down from his piss hole to his fat shaft. I could see thick veins running up either side of his shaft, pulsing with his heart beat.

"I still think you're bigger." I said.

"Only one way to find out." Paul said and got up and climbed between my legs so that his cock lay on top of mine and our balls rubbed against each other's. He reached down and grasped our two cocks in his fist and said, "See, almost exactly the same."

I had placed my hands on the sides of his torso and he looked down at me beneath him, and then lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me for a moment, then abruptly drew back and murmured. "Sorry, I guess I got carried away."

"I'm not sorry." I said. "You're a damned good kisser."

I wrapped my arms around him and drew him down so that I could kiss him in return. His lips opened and his mouth ground against mine and I felt his tongue slowly snake into my mouth. We lay there for I don't know how long, our mouths devouring each other and our steely cocks grinding together.

Finally, Paul drew away and said, "Fuck, now you must think I'm a total pervert."

"Then what does that make me?" I replied. "Whatever you are, I'm glad."

Paul rolled over to lie beside me and I ran my hands over his smooth chest and tight stomach and then reached down and grasped his hard dick.

"So, did you like having Phil suck your cock?" I asked.

"It was fantastic." Paul said. "That was my first time ever. It was really great until some bastard interrupted." He was looking at me from the corners of his eyes, smirking.

"I guess that wasn't really fair." I said. "I'll have to make it up to you."

I climbed over and lay face down between Paul's legs, his magnificent cock and balls in front of my face.

His heavy balls were relaxed in his meaty sack and their weight pulled them down so that they almost covered his ass hole. I stuck my tongue out and licked one and watched as they retracted in the sack, then released and fell down again. I licked each in turn, fascinated by their movement, and then finally took one of them into my mouth. Paul's cock was so hard it was almost standing perpendicular to his abdomen.

I sucked his big ball, then let it pop out of my lips and sucked up the other one. Paul was squirming, grinding his ass from side to side. Using my hand, I forced both of his huge nuts into my mouth and sucked on them.

"Jesus, I feel like I'm going to cum and you haven't even touched my dick yet." Paul said.

I let his balls slowly pop out of my mouth one at a time, watching his body jolt as they sprang back.

"Not so fast," I said, "no cumming till I say so."

I started at the crease under his heavy sack and ran my tongue upwards, over his balls and the long underside of his cock until I hit his piss hole. Clear precum was bubbling out of his slit and I lapped it up, digging my tongue into his cock head to get every drop. Paul was breathing hard from the sensation.

I closed my mouth around the massive cock head and Paul let out a long exhalation saying, "Oh, fuuuuuck!"

I let his cock slowly slide into my mouth and down my tight throat, Paul rolling his head from side to side on the pillow. I fucked his cock with my mouth, drawing up on the shaft till I just had the head in my mouth, and then slowly sinking it deep into my throat. After a few trips up and down, Paul started bucking his hips up to meet me. I slowly slid my mouth up his cock, licked the new precum out of his piss hole and then slid my lips down the underside of his fat shaft till I was back at his balls. I licked at them again a few times, then put my hands under his knees and lifted his legs up and back so that his ass spread wide before me. His ass crack was as hairless as the rest of his body and in the center his puckered hole looked like a piece of candy waiting to be devoured. I licked up one side of his ass crack and down the other, over and over while he squirmed. Finally, when I knew he was at maximum sensitivity, I stuck out my tongue and lapped at his tight hole. I loved watching it pucker so tight it almost disappeared each time I tongued it.

Paul was moaning, his hips bucking to meet my tongue and I hardened my tongue to a point and speared it into his beautiful ass ring. His whole body stiffened and I watched him tense and relax each time my tongue fucked his hole. His massive balls were drawn tight up against his cock in their sack and I knew he was going to cum soon.

I let his legs down and clamped my mouth over his cock and bobbed my mouth up and down on his delicious meat while I used one finger to stroke his spit slick ass hole. His hips were rising involuntarily to meet my hot mouth and in only a minute I felt his cock stiffen and swell and the first forceful jet of juice spray out of his piss hole.

I clamped my hand around the base of his cock and sucked as hard as I could on his cock head, sucking the cum out of his channel as it left his balls. He was bucking like a wild man and moaning, feeding me his sweet essence. Finally, the cum geyser in my mouth stopped spurting and I laid my head on his thigh, nursing his cock in my mouth until it finally went soft and I'd swallowed every drop of his cum.

"Now, that's what you call a blowjob." I said. "And it was a lot better one than Phil would have given you, if I do say so myself."

Paul was lying there immobile, drained in more ways than one. I rolled him over and slapped him on the ass and said, "Wow, I really worked up an appetite. You have to call for pizza since I've done all the work up till now."

I pushed him over on the bed till he had to get up or fall and watched as he literally staggered out of the room.

"Have them bring some beer, too." I hollered as I heard him punching the numbers into his phone.

After a few minutes I got up and went into the living room where Paul was sitting nude on the sofa.

"I guess that was a really bad thing we did." he said.

"Does it feel like a bad thing?" I asked.

"No, that's what's so fucked up. It feels like the best thing that ever happened to me." he replied.

"It feels that way for me, too. If other people have a problem with it, fuck'em if they can't take a joke."

"You don't feel bad about it, now?" he asked.

"I loved making you feel good." I said, reaching for his cock and letting the meaty column rest in my palm. "I loved sucking your cock and I'll do it again any time you want."

"Jeeze, dad!" he said. "I'm the teenager. You're supposed to be over sex by now." I noticed that his cock was starting to come to life in my hand.

"Like hell." I replied. "Besides, I was suddenly seduced back into the habit."

Just then, the doorbell rang and I jumped up and peeped through the blinds. It was the pizza delivery, an older guy who had delivered to me before and who was seriously cock eyed, burning a hole in my crotch every time. I figured he was a part-timer in it for spending money.

"It's our pizza." I said. "Answer the door and give him a show."

Paul looked shocked for a moment but then he got up and answered the door. He opened it only partially so that the guy could see he was probably nude, and then let it swing all of the way as he took the pizza and the beers. The poor guy looked like he might faint, his eyes never leaving my son's beautiful enormous cock.

"I wish I didn't need this job." he said. "I'd love to stay and hang out here."

He actually licked his lips and I stepped up beside Paul, my cock as prominently on display.

"Are you coming on to my son, sir?" I asked in a stern voice.

"No, I was just. I just meant. I was saying." he said, flustered and blushing.

"Oh, there's something wrong with my son? You think he's ugly?"

I draped one arm over Paul's shoulders so that we were standing side by side.

"No, that's not what I meant." he said, recovering some self possession. His eyes were pinballing back and forth from Paul's cock to mine. "I meant he's really hot. You're both really hot. I wish I could stay and show you how hot I think you are."

"Show us your ass." I said. Paul looked over at me, totally shocked this time.

"My son has never fucked a guy's butt before. You could be his first."

"Right here and now? What if somebody sees me?" he replied.

"Well, if you're not interested........" Paul said, getting in on the act.

The pizza guy whirled around and almost tore the button off of his waistband as he dropped his pants. He had a cute, chubby ass, just right for fucking.

"What do you think?" I asked Paul.

"Maybe if you fucked him first while he sucked my cock." Paul replied.

The pizza guy pulled up his pants and turned around and said, "And then I could suck your cock while he fucked me, too."

I reached for the bill and when he handed it to me I indicated his pen, which he also handed over and I wrote our telephone number on back of the bill and then handed it back to him with the charges.

"Give us a call when you have an off night." I said. "And next time, you'll get more than a tip. You'll get two shafts, too."

"Yes, sir!" he said as I closed the door.

I turned to Paul who was stifling a laugh and said, "That, my dear son is how you get laid."

We ate our pizza and beers, lolling on the sofa and admiring each other's bodies and cocks, both of us knowing that the evening was far from over.

When we had both eaten our fill I said, "Why don't you sleep in my bed tonight?"

"So you can force me to commit unnatural acts?" Paul asked. "Okay, but only if you promise to."

"Let's leave the clean up for the morning." I said. "Those unnatural acts sound intriguing."

Paul and I got up and walked down the hall to my bedroom and I found myself thrilled that as we walked, Paul's hand found its way to my butt and then into my crack to finger my hole.

I lay down on the bed and Paul snuggled up beside me, his head resting on my shoulder. I reached down and played with his beautiful cock and it started to stiffen again.

"So you like the way your old man sucks cock?" I asked.

"It was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. When I felt your tongue on my ass I almost shot a load right then."

I moved my hand down between his legs so that I could finger his ass hole.

"Do you ever play with this while you're beating off?" I said.

Paul blushed and the said in a sheepish voice, "I must be really sick, I even bought a dildo to fuck myself with."

I rolled over and reached under the bed and retrieved the brief case I keep there. I sat it on the bed and opened it. Inside, there were at least half a dozen dildos in various shapes and sizes, a couple of cock rings and a pair of tit clamps.

"You mean something like these? I guess you inherited being a sicky from me." I said.

Paul sat up and looked at the objects in the case. I picked up the one that was closest to the dildo I had found hidden in his room and said, "This is my favorite. It really hit's the right spots in my ass."

Paul picked up another one that was shaped with several bulges and indentations regularly placed on the shaft.

"That feels fantastic; especially if you pull it all the way out while you're cumming." I said. "You can use these any time you want. I think I'll use my favorite right now."

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