tagBDSMHis Hold Over Her Ch. 01

His Hold Over Her Ch. 01


It's their date night, and she has no idea what He has planned. All Sarah knows comes from the text she got earlier. "Wear my favourite outfit, (black skirt, sheer black blouse, 5" heels.) Meet me at 7." She is bathed and smelling of His favourite scent. She had gone shopping earlier today and bought a complete set of red lace lingerie. She knows He loves lace, and hopes He likes her surprise! Her highest heels complete the outfit.

Promptly at 7 she presents herself to the maitre 'd at their favourite restaurant. The waiter shows her to the secluded table where He is waiting, and pulls a chair out for her to sit. He nods to the waiter...a glass of chilled white wine appears at the table.

"Now my pet, the meal is already ordered...you need not think of anything but making Me happy, as usual. Stand up and let Me look at you!" She does as instructed. He reaches out and touches her hair as she turns for Him. "Lovely my pet, but what are you wearing under your blouse? Show me!" She smiles and steps closer so he can see her special lingerie.

She sees the slightest of frowns pass over His face as He raises His hand. "Stop there! I asked you to show me what you have on under that lovely blouse. I did not ask you to come over here. Open your blouse for me!" Still standing, she looks around at the other patrons in the restaurant...she looks back at Him.

"But Sir, people can see me!"

He fixes His steely glance on her and says, "So? It is dark here, I have made sure we have a secluded table, and I have asked you to show me what you have on. Of course it is your choice to do as i ask so we may continue our evening, or I can do it for you, which I assure you my pet, will be a lot more upsetting for you. Which will you be choosing pet?"

Remembering a past incident where He made her stand outside His house naked for an infraction, she looks around and undoes her blouse buttons. The sides fall away, showing Him her beautiful red lace bra, barely holding her full breasts in, nipples clearly visible through the fabric.

"Beautiful my pet...but I don't recall asking for lingerie today?" She tries to explain that she thought He would like it, but stops when His gaze catches her eye again. "As I was saying...i did not ask for it. You are in my life for one reason pet..what is it?"

She recites to Him the words He has trained her with for the last year. "I am here to serve You, anticipate Your needs, and to ensure I provide every pleasure You demand, Sir."

He nods. "Now while I appreciate the thought pet, i would like to be able to look at your breasts while I eat tonight. Remove the bra, and give it to me." She starts to button up the blouse to go to the restroom when His hand catches her wrist. "What are you doing pet? I did not tell you to go and remove it, i said remove the bra and give it to me. NOW. Here. I'm waiting!" She knows by His tone that there is to be no argument..she opens her blouse again, and keeping her eyes on His she undoes the front clasp, her breasts falling free.

Still looking at Him, a flush covers her face and chest as she blushes in embarrassment. She lets her blouse slide off her shoulders, removes her bra, and standing in front of Him and any diners who cared to look at their dim corner she hands Him the bra. He takes it and places it folded in the table, then reaches out and grabs one of her hard nipples, twisting fiercely, bringing tears to her eyes. "Put your blouse back on pet! Our first course is coming."

She hurries to do His bidding, the waiter bringing the food sees her buttoning herself as he sets the salads down Raising an eyebrow at her he takes a long look at her full breasts so easily visible through her sheer top. She blushes and looks at Him, and gasps when He hands her bra to the waiter. "The lady will not be needing this..take it away!" The waiter takes the bra and smiles, putting the scrap of lace into his pocket, winking at her. She focuses on her salad, and they start their meal, chatting about small things.

She tries to concentrate on what He is saying, but the throbbing pain in her nipple, and the thought of her matching panty under her skirt keep her from fully enjoying His company. As if He read her mind, He reaches out and caresses her breasts through the sheer fabric..causing ripples of pleasure to run through her.. She feels herself getting wet. He smiles at her, and starts to slide one hand up her thigh. She tenses up as His hand comes into contact with the lace edge of her panty. His hand freezes, and clamps down on her thigh. She can feel each finger digging into her tender flesh, as her heart races.

He lifts her chin, forcing her to look at Him. "Stand up. NOW!" She hurries to obey, nearly knocking into their waiter who has come to refill their glasses. The waiter turns to leave when He asks him to stay. "My pet has something for you, don't you pet?" She looks at him, questioningly. "Lift your skirt pet. Show Me what you've got on under it. Let the waiter see too!"

She looks at Him..silently begging Him not to humiliate her this way. He and the waiter just look at Her, one with controlled fury in His eyes, one with shock, and arousal in his. She wishes now she had told Him that she had on panties when he took her bra! How she wishes she had never bought them! "I'm waiting pet.lift your skirt!" She hears His cold voice. Looking around again she sees that no one seems to be looking at them. She slowly lifts the front of her skirt, so that both men have a perfect view of her pussy, covered by a thin scrap of red lace.

"Again pet..I did not ask you to wear panties, did I?" She shakes her head, not able to find her voice. "I am not happy pet. You decided what clothes were best for you, and when you had the chance to confess, you chose not to. You disappoint me. Now, lift your skirt around your waist, and remove your panties." She looks at Him, and then at the waiter. Thinking it can't get any worse she lifts her skirt with one hand, and slides her panties down with the other.

Her scent fills the air as she steps out of her wet panties. She looks at Him, naked under her skirt, her shaved pussy on view to both men. He says, "Turn around pet so we may see your ass." She obediently turns, happy for the high walls that form their private corner. "now pet, I want you to bend over slowly and pick up your panties, but DO NOT bend your knees!"

She bends over as instructed, and as she picks up the offending piece of lace, she feels His hand connect with one of her offered ass cheeks, then the other. Two loud SMACKS fill the room. Thankful that her bent position hides her from other diners, tears of pain fill her eyes. With the panties in her hand she stands and turns to face Him. She reaches out to hand Him her panties, but He shakes His head, indicating that she should give them to the waiter. She steps towards him, and offers the lace to the waiter. He takes them, and holding them to his face he smells her wet scent on them before putting them in his pocket. He smiles, and disappears.

Still standing with her skirt above her waist, she waits for Him to speak. He looks at her intently, His gaze lingers on her pussy. He slides over in the booth, so His legs are free from under the table. She can see His erection through his pants. "Get on your knees pet and suck my cock! Leave your skirt up so anyone who walks by can see my hand prints on your ass!" She gulps, and with tears of abject humiliation she kneels in front of Him, releasing his hard cock from His pants. She begins to service Him as He has taught her. Running her tongue over the head of His cock she flicks the underside with her tongue, taking Him in deeper she sucks harder, as He likes. His hips are thrusting upwards, His hands tangle into her hair, forcing her deeper on every stroke. Tears continue to fall as she can hear sounds of the table being cleared, and glasses refilled. She looks up and sees their waiter through the haze of her tears, dismissing the gawking busboys, and cock in hand, stroking himself, watching her suck His cock.

He pulls her head roughly back down to her place on His hard member. She tries to put the waiter out of her mind, but she can hear his groans, and slapping sounds from his jerking off. He pulls her head all the way down on His cock, closing off her throat, then pulling out. Over and over He repeats this as she sucks Him as hard as she can. Feeling Him tense up, she knows He is ready to release His seed into her mouth. She catches every drop as He holds her head down on His spurting cock keeping His cum in her mouth.

When He is finally spent He keeps her head held down on His lap, and tells the waiter to cum all over her ass! She soon feels splash after splash of hot cum hit her ass..sliding down her crack, covering her reddened cheeks. After what seems like an eternity she hears the waiter zip up and leave them alone. Only then does He allow her to raise her head. "Show me." he says, looking at her tear stained face. She opens her mouth, showing Him the thick cum still filling her mouth.

"You will not swallow my cum pet. You will keep it in your mouth until i say otherwise. Now stand up, drop your skirt and sit down. Perhaps sitting on your cum covered ass with a full mouth will help remind you of your duties to me. Next time you will do EXACTLY as I instruct, not whatever your pretty head thinks is right...do you understand pet?" She nods, and sits back in her chair, her skirt sticking to her cum covered ass. She reaches for her purse to fix her makeup while He continues His dinner. His cum sliding around in her mouth is a constant reminder of her humiliation, she wonders what could be worse. Trying to get comfortable, she looks over at Him, and realizes His hold over her. He lifts His fork and smiles at her. She knows whatever it is, she will take it.

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