tagIncest/TabooHis Hot Aunt Pt. 02

His Hot Aunt Pt. 02


Author's Note: I'd like to thank all the readers of the first installment of this story and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get this part out. I'd also like to thank my editor uneedabrain2 for all the help getting this one out! Please vote and leave comments. Thanks again and enjoy.


James pushed his plate away and sat back savoring the fine breakfast his aunt had prepared for him. She was in her room getting ready to go to the gallery even though it was after noon. He could still taste her on his lips. After the confusion of waking up in his own bed that morning, then getting an amazing blow job from Lisa, James made sure he showed her his oral skills before they both had a proper 'morning' meal. The feel of Lisa's hand caressing his shoulder made James jump.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," Lisa said as she picked up his plate, "Were you daydreaming?"

"Just thinking about all that's happened."

"Not having any regrets I hope?" she replied, placing his dish in the sink.

"No...None at all!"

Lisa came back around the counter to stand in front of her nephew as he sat at the breakfast bar. She swiveled his chair so that he was facing her. Pressing her tiny body between his legs, she stood staring into his dark eyes for a moment. Lisa could feel his semi-hard cock pressing into her stomach. His playful smile made her heart flutter. She wanted him again, right there in the kitchen but she was running very late and wanted to get a few things settled between them before she left for work.

"We need to talk," she started, trying to stay focused on what she wanted to say and not the growing dampness in her panties. "What we did last night...and this morning goes against everything we've been taught that should occur between an aunt and a nephew." She paused, gauging his reaction, then continued. "But no matter how wrong it is, it felt so right. I just want to make sure you're okay with what happened so we can figure out where we go from here."

James clamped his thighs to Lisa's hips and leaned in, pressing his lips firmly to hers. His arms encircled her as his tongue probed her mouth. When he pulled back enough to look her in the eye, his smile told her everything she wanted to know.

"Lisa I love you and I don't regret anything that's happened between us. You're more than just an aunt to me. You're a friend and lover too and I don't want that to change but I'm getting the feeling you're having some second thoughts."

Her tiny hand caressed his cheek, "I'm not having second thoughts, in fact I want what we have to continue as long as you're willing and we can keep it a secret."

"I'm glad you feel the same way I do, so what's next?" his smile growing.

James saw a seriousness appear in her eyes, "Well then we have to make sure we're both on the same page about this relationship. First off, you have to understand I love you too but it doesn't mean we're going to run off to some place in the middle of nowhere and get married." Again she paused to get his reaction, not seeing anything negative she continued, "You have your whole life ahead of you and I don't want you throwing it away on the silly notion of running off with me, okay?" She wanted James to finish school, have a career and some girlfriends as well.

James nodded in reply. He had considered suggesting exactly that but he knew it was just a fantasy. He also knew his aunt wasn't the type to get married, at least not yet. She was a free spirited woman and that's one of the things he truly loved about her.

"So," she continued, "If we're agreed that we're going to keep having fun with each other, then we have to make sure no one and I mean NO ONE finds out about us. You can't tell anyone, not even your closest friends about this."

James nodded again.

"At the house here, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, as long as we're alone but when we're in public we have to be aunt and nephew. That means no groping one another even if we're sure no one can see. No lingering hugs, no kissing except for maybe a quick peck on the cheek and no holding hands."

"Wow...sounds kinda boring when we go out," he pouted playfully.

"I'm serious-, Jimmy, we have to be careful. What we're doing can get us both in a lot of trouble. I'm not too concerned about myself as much as I am about you. This is the kind of thing that could ruin your life and possibly your career if anyone finds out."

"Now you sound like Mom."

"Well she's going to be the one we have to be the most careful around. If she even remotely suspects something is going on, she'll get it out of one of us."

James knew Lisa was right about that. His mother always could tell when he wasn't being honest with her. It was like a sixth sense of hers. He guessed that's why she was such a good lawyer. She could tell when a witness wasn't being truthful and knew how to extract the truth in her questioning. James actually was afraid at that moment. Lisa could see the fear in his eyes.

"As long as we don't give her any reason to suspect us, we'll be fine. She knows we're close so we should be able to pull it off as long as we're careful."

He seemed to relax at that. It was then he had an idea that could help Lisa in her dealings with that asshole Ray.

"I was thinking, you should talk to Mom about what's going on with that Ray character," James suggested.

"No, I don't want to bother her with anymore of my problems," Lisa replied, shaking her head, "Laura has enough frustrations with her job. She doesn't need to be bailing out her little sister again." She gave James a quick kiss on the lips and started to pull away, "I gotta get to the gallery."

James held her and reciprocated with a much more passionate kiss that made Lisa weak in the knees. His hands slid down her back, squeezing her firm ass and eliciting a deep groan from his aunt. His cock now fully erect throbbed against her belly, demanding attention. Lisa reluctantly broke their kiss, stepping back.

"If I don't stop now, I'm never going to make it to work," she cooed.

"And the problem is...?" James left the question hanging with that same playful smile that melts her every time she sees it.

"Because, I have a lot of things to do today," she replied, supporting herself on the counter while stepping into her heels, "Sandy and I are meeting with a bunch of the artists this evening to discuss our options should Ray drop his support of my gallery." She quickly straightened her knee length skirt then looked back to her nephew, "I have to go over some numbers before that happens so I have to go."

James was only half listening as he took in the view of his beautiful aunt. His eyes traveled from her 6" platform pumps, up her nylon encased legs, over her perky breast in that tight button up blouse to her angelic smiling face. It was then he realized she had stopped talking.

"Are you OK?" glancing to James' cock, straining to break free of his shorts then back to his eyes, a lascivious smile spread across Lisa's lips.

"Yeah...I'm fine," feeling a bit embarrassed about being caught ogling her.

"If I didn't have to meet with these people today..." her hand lightly caressing his bulging member then pulling back quickly, "BUT I do so we'll have to wait. Take that big guy and find yourself a hottie to use it on tonight at your party. I'm sure there'll be plenty there that wouldn't mind giving him a ride."

"It won't be the same."

"That's the point;" kissing him quick then heading for the door, "enjoy the new experiences." Lisa opened the front door then turned back to her nephew, "You're staying at Mike's tonight, right? I don't want you drinking and driving. You shouldn't be drinking anyway yet but I won't tell if you do."

James just nodded.

"Sandy and I will probably be having dinner with these people tonight so I won't be home at the usual time. If you need to call, I have my cell. Bye!" she blew him a kiss and was gone.

With a sigh, James rose from his seat and went to his room to pack a few things before heading to his friend's house. When he reached his room, his mind went back to Lisa and her problems with her partner. James fired off a quick text to his mother briefly describing the situation then packed to leave.


James arrived at Mike's place shortly before three in the afternoon and it was already abuzz with activity. He walked through the front door and couldn't believe his eyes. People hanging festive tropical decorations, coolers being filled with sodas and beer, food staged for hungry party goers; James was impressed as much as surprised at Mike's elaborate setup.

"HEY bud! You're early. Well what do ya think," Mike clapped his hand on his friend's shoulder while spinning him around to get the full view.

"Dude...What's all this for?" James was still in shock, "I thought you said it was 'just going to be a few buds,' this is more like the set up for a rave!"

"Well you know how it goes, I told the guys I was going to have a get together to celebrate you being back in town and they told other people and...," Mike took another look around himself, "It kinda snowballed from there."

"I guess so."

"Listen," Mike pulled James close, "A guy I did a job for works at a modeling studio and he let some of the girls know about this party, so we'll have some fine ladies here to hook-up with tonight."

"What about Jen?"

"What about her? She'll be here," Mike replied nervously at the mention of his girlfriend's name.

"If she's here, you'd better not be 'hooking-up' with any of those models or she'll kick your ass six ways to Sunday."

James had always liked Jen but she was too much of a tomboy for him. She's tall and lean with short blond hair and a beautiful face but she has a serious jealous streak when it comes to Mike. Her 5'9" frame is all muscle from playing volley ball and doing martial arts and even though Mike has a few inches on her and about 50 pounds, James' money would be on Jen if things got physical. She adored Mike but he knew she wouldn't put up with him fooling around on her.

"OK, what I meant to say was, you'll have some fine ladies to hook-up with."

"Where is Jen anyway? I haven't seen her yet?" James asked as he looked around for Mike's lady.

"She'll be here...soon," Mike's voice hiding something from his friend.

"I figured she'd be here helping you decorate," James pressed.

"She was but..."

"But what? C'mon Mike, spill it."

"She's picking up Dana," Mike braced himself for what was to come.

"WHAT!" James shouted, "Why'd you invite her?"

"I didn't, Jen did. They're BFF's so she told Dana about the party and...Hey man I'm sorry," Mike tried to calm his friend, "Just stay away from her and ...hopefully...she'll stay away from you."

"Yeah right," James replied throwing up his hands in exasperation.

"Take your pack up stairs then come back down here and have a beer...or five," Mike laughed hoping to take his friend's mind off Dana.

James did as Mike suggested and tossed his bag on the bed in the guest room he was to occupy that night but he was still fuming over Dana being at the party. Dana was a beautiful young woman. If she was taller she could have been a model. Her long flowing chestnut hair and gorgeous 'Girl next door' features made her something to behold. But at 5'-4" she was a bit short to walk the runways. She had amazing breasts too. James loved to fondle her perfect C-cups every chance he'd gotten. He lost his virginity to her and the sex after that was unreal. They had dated through the last two years of high school but broke up just as the summer got under way. Dana was going to San Diego State in the fall and wanted James to go there too but his mind was set on MIT. That's where the trouble started. They argued and the break up got ugly.


Returning down stairs, James was met by Mike with a huge smile and two beers in his hand. James decided to put Dana out of his mind by drowning her in beer. He took the bottle from his friend and downed nearly half the beer in one gulp. He gave his buddy a crooked smile then touched bottles with him.

"Feeling better?"

James nodded.

"OK then," Mike raised his bottle, "Let's PARTY!"

Over the next hour, as if by Mike's command, the house filled up with party goers. James kept an eye out for Dana in hopes of avoiding her. He visited with old friends, swapping college stories, picking up gossip and generally reconnecting with his former life prior to going to school on the other side of the country. It was while talking tech with one of his 'geek' buddies he saw her.

The medium height brunette was sitting on one of the couches in the living room, texting on her phone. She was beautiful. Long wavy hair, tight midriff top that showed off her perky breasts, Daisy Duke shorts but what really caught his eye was her legs. She wore black lace pattern tights with converse high tops. Although he'd have preferred some sort of heels, he wasn't going to complain, she was the only woman he'd seen so far at the party in any kind of hosiery like that.

Filled with some liquid courage, James went over and sat down on the couch beside her. Just like he had no resistance to nylons, she had no immunity to James' handsome looks and disarming smile. They quickly got to know each other over a few beers. James found out her name was Monica, she was in her second year in UCLA's medical program, was originally from the Sacramento area and recently broke up with her boyfriend who'd she just texted to tell him she was going to block his number.

It wasn't long before James and Monica were making out, chalk it up to the alcohol or the fact that they just seemed to click or both. Either way, the ardor was building between them. Monica's hand caressed his cheek as his hand roamed up and down her silky thigh. His cock was bulging his shorts and James was about to ask her if she wanted to take their fun someplace more private when a familiar voice shattered his world.

"Has the pantyhose perv found another victim?" Dana's words making him cringe. She was leaning over the back of the couch next to him so he was sure to hear her over the music filling the room.

Monica pulled back, looking between this intruder and James with concern on her face. "Is this your girlfriend?" she inquired, making ready to bolt. Her boyfriend had cheated on her with a woman at one of his frat parties and Monica didn't want to be 'that girl' here.

"Ex-girlfriend," James stated, turning to Dana, "What the fuck do you want?"

"Just wanted to say Hi to my favorite pantyhose perv," Dana shifted her gaze to Monica, "You know all he's interested in is fucking you in your nylons don't you? Or didn't he tell you about his little fetish?"

James felt his guts twisting as a look of shock crossed Monica's face. She noticeably leaned away from him. His mind scrambled to repair the damage Dana had done with that bomb but her next salvo was devastating.

"He always wanted me to wear pantyhose, even when we fucked," her vitriolic voice now loud enough that anyone could hear, "He was obsessed. He even wore them himself. Hey, are you going to wearing some for her? C'mon tell everybody how kinky you are!"

James watched in horror as Monica stood and made her escape. He could hear others laughing around him. It was true, he had worn pantyhose in the past but it was on a dare from Dana prior to them having sex on one occasion. It was all fun and games at the time and he never expecting it to be used against him like this. How could he explain that to all these people; to Monica? Dana had done it again, embarrassed him in front of friends and strangers because of her own selfish rejection issues. She couldn't handle them breaking up then and obviously, she still hadn't let it go.

James stood, trying to control his anger and embarrassment. He wanted to knock that smug smile off Dana's face but punching her wasn't the answer. It would just make things worse. He made an attempt to find Monica and explain but he couldn't locate her amongst the ocean of bodies. In frustration, he went up to the guest room and locked the door. He needed to calm down but all he saw in his mind's eye was the shock on Monica's face and all the laughing people.

He wasn't sure how long he'd sat there with his head in his hands but he knew it was time to go. The anger and adrenaline had killed the nice buzz he had going on prior to Dana's appearance. James grabbed his pack and headed down stairs. He pushed past people, not wanting to meet their judgmental gaze. He threw his pack in the Jeep and drove toward Coast Highway. His phone buzzed in his pocket. He ignored it. He didn't want to talk to anyone right now.


James could see an unfamiliar vehicle parked in his aunt's driveway, blocking him from putting the Jeep in the garage. He made a U-turn and parked across the street. His phone buzzed for the third time since leaving the party. He pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. It was Mike again. He turned off his phone, collected his bag and walked across the street.

It was now just after 11 PM when James quietly let himself into the house. There was only a single candle left burning on the kitchen counter to light his way. He could see an open bottle of wine on the breakfast bar and another on the coffee table which led him to believe both were empty. 'Lisa must be entertaining someone special tonight' he thought. He then heard his aunt's unmistakable giggle followed by a low moan he knew was hers as well. He wondered if she'd brought home one of the artists she had met with. For some reason he pictured a balding 'hippie' type with a stringy ponytail and scruffy beard.

He crept toward his room, placing his pack by the door. The door to his aunt's room was open just an inch or two and dim light from inside illuminated the hall. The sounds he was hearing were definitely of a sexual nature. James felt a wave of jealousy wash over him as he quietly stepped closer to his aunt's room. He wanted to see who she was with but at the same time, didn't. She had made it quite clear that they were both to continue with relationships outside their own and he had even tried to get lucky this very night but couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling of Lisa with another man. He knelt, took a deep breath then peered through the crack.

The master bedroom was bathed in the soft golden light of a dozen candles placed around the room. James saw Lisa lying naked on her back with her head on a pillow. Her legs were spread, bent at the knee with her feet planted on the mattress. She clutched at her breasts while moaning in ecstasy, grinding her pussy into the face of her lover. It was then he got a sight that sent relief surging through him. The person Lisa was with was wearing thigh high stockings. 'She's with a woman,' he exclaimed inwardly, but with his aunt's legs up like they were, he couldn't see the person's face. James' suspicions that his aunt was bisexual were confirmed. He tried to remember the names of the female artists he'd read on the pieces of art at the gallery but was coming up blank. Whoever it was, she was doing a good job pleasing Lisa. His aunt's cries were getting louder and higher pitched: she was getting very close to orgasm.

"OH GOD, YES!" Lisa screamed as her pleasure peaked.

James watched his aunt buck and moan with unbridled release. He could see her partner holding Lisa's thighs to continue pleasuring her as she thrashed violently. His cock was hard as a rock in his shorts watching the scene unfold in his aunt's bed. It took several minutes for Lisa to come down from her euphoric high but when she did, she pushed her lover's head from between her legs. That's when James got his next surprise.

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