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His Hot Sister


Mia was exhausted after cheerleading practice. Coach Diaz always made them work so hard! It was her senior year in high school, and four years of practice made her the captain of the squad. She was aching, but she was feeling pretty good as she drove home. She pulled into her driveway. She couldn't wait to get her cheerleader uniform off. Her parents' car wasn't there, but her mother had said something about them going out. Her brother Jason was home from college though, so Mia was glad she wasn't going to be alone all evening.

Mia and Jason hadn't always gotten along when they were growing up, much like other brothers and sisters. Jason was 21, three years older, and had always picked on him. But now that she'd seen him very little the last couple of years, she kind of missed hanging out with him. And she noticed that when he was home, which wasn't too often, he hung out a lot with his old high school friend, and Mia noted that she had felt jealous more than once.

Of course it wasn't just that they had fun when they hung out now. Jason had mature in how he acted, but he was no longer the geek he was in middle school. Lots of girls noticed how attractive he had become, and so had Mia, but in a purely observational way.

She entered the house, noticing the living room was dark. Maybe she would be home by herself after all. Mia decided to swing by Jason's room to see if he was there say hello before going to her own room. She opened her brother's door but then realized she should have knocked first. Jason was sitting at his computer with his cock out in his hand. She noticed it was unusually large, maybe even a foot long, and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was thick too. The purple head was looked only slightly smaller than her fist, and was already gleaming with pre-cum.

"Whoa! Sorry." she said.

"Oh shit!" He instantly minimized before she could see what he had up then tried to stuff himself back into her shorts.

She giggled. She had no idea that her dorky big brother was so well-endowed. The biggest cock she'd ever seen was attached to someone who used to annoy her so. "So what were you looking at?"

Jason didn't answer for a moment. "Um...porn."

"Well, duh, but what kind?" Mia couldn't help her curiosity.

"None of your business!" Jason answered gruffly.

"Come on!" Mia reached over quickly and clicked the maximize before he could stop her. "What is that?"

"Cheerleader porn," he said, not looking at her.

Mia was confused. "But I'm a cheerleader." Then suddenly she gasped.

"I just find a girl in a cheerleader uniform really hot. I've gotten my girlfriend to wear one sometimes while we have sex, but she doesn't really like it, and she doesn't like giving blowjobs because I'm so big and I make a lot of cum for her to swallow."

"Oh." A thought crossed her mind, and about how half the football team thought she gave great head. She loved to suck a nice juicy cock. But was this a good idea? She'd always wanted to try one so big. She knew it was her brother, but seeing his cock she felt herself grow horny, and she didn't really care. No one would have to know anyway. She could feel a throbbing in her pussy. Oh what the hell. She wanted it, and she knew that he wanted it. The thought that he had jerked off thinking about her and that he'd even gotten his girlfriend to dress up like a cheerleader turned her on greatly, though she wouldn't have expected it to. But she was horny now, and he was hot, and she had to have it.

"I could give you one."

Jason looked at her as if he wasn't sure he heard her right. "You serious?"

"Yeah." Mia walked over and kneeled in front of Jason. "I want to try and see if I can handle you. Unless you don't want it," she said slyly.

"No, please. I need to cum."

She grinned. She picked his cock up in her hand, noticing it was as thick as her wrist. She licked the tip of it, then slowly worked it into her mouth, sucking on his hard meat. It seemed like it filled her mouth immediately but there was so much more of it to fit.

"Oh, Mia," he stroked her hair, holding onto her head as he tried to get more cock down her throat. She tried not to gag as she sucked. "That feels so good. C'mon get as much in as you can." He started to moan loader. She fondled his balls and wondered if he had had a fantasy of her between his legs for a long time. She wondered how he often jerked off thinking about her, and for how long. Since they were in middle school? Did all the play wresting they used to do just an excuse for him to pin her down and accidentally brush her breasts. She had thought it was accidental, but now she knew better. The thought made her hot, and she reached into her own panties and felt her smooth pussy and her wetness with her other hand. She fingered deep in herself, almost making herself orgasm with her brother's cock in her mouth.

"Just a little more," he said. She realized he was right. She had gotten all of his cock down her throat. All her earlier practices made it possible because she knew most girls could never handle what she could if they didn't have enough experience.

"I'm gonna cum, Mia," he announced before he spewed his hot cum in her mouth. He began to pull out of her mouth, letting the rest of the cum land on her lips and chin, covering her pretty face with a cum facial. Her jerked his cock until he got all he could out. "That was awesome, Mia." Mia looked up at her big brother and licked her lips.

"I'm glad you liked it."

Mia couldn't believed she had sucked her brother's dick. It was just so naughty and wrong but it made her feel so exhilarated. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't care any more. She stood up and sat on Jason's lap, kissing him, feeling his tongue in her mouth. He licked some of the cum off of her face, but there was so much he left most of it.

He hungrily reached under her cheerleading outfit and fingered her smooth wet pussy, stroking it, pushing his fingers in her. "Uhhhh," she moaned out, loving the sensation of his fingers in her, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her.

Mia lifted up her outfit and slipped off her panties so that she was completely nude. She stood in front of him, watching his cock grow harder as she brushed her fingertips over her nipples to make them hard.

"You're so fucking sexy," Jason moaned out. She smiled, realizing how attractive he was. She'd never looked at him that way before, but she was looking now. She directed him over to his bed where he took off his clothes too.

"You wanna fuck me?" Mia asked.

"God yes," Jason whispered. She placed her hand on his cock, gently teasing him as he wished to be in her.

"You thought about it before, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I was thinking about it before you got home. You are always my favorite fantasy. You have no idea how much I've wanted to fuck you. I want to so bad."

"Then you better do it."

He motioned for her to lay on the bed.

She grinned. "I like to be on top," she said. "You lay down."

He smiled, laying down. She had never had a cock so large in her, but she wanted it badly, she wanted to master something that big. She climbed on top of him, slowly lowering her cunt on his pole. She moaned out at first, surprising herself by how much she had to fit in. It was stretching her, but it was hitting up to her G-spot and then some. She then slowly began to increase her rhythm, grinding her hips to his. He watched her big breasts bouncing and licked her nipples as her hips moved rapidly to fuck him.

She worked his cock deep into her pussy, screaming out his name. "You're such a dirty whore," Jason said, panting heavily.

"Mmm I'm your whore," she said back, feeling herself begin to orgasm and wishing she had had this dick a long time ago. "Oohhhh. Why haven't we fucked before?"

"I wanted to fuck you so bad, you're so fucking hot, sis." Mia was humping her brother really fast now, hard enough to shake the bed. Then he moaned out as he let his cum fill her up. It felt like wave after wave until she was too full to hold any more. She moaned out again, collapsing on him. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been so satisfied.

"You're amazing," she said with a smile.

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