His Monster Girls Ch. 01


Eric opened the door and strode into the kitchen. The cat girl let out a surprised yelp when he grabbed her shoulder. "I'll tell you guys why I'm sad if you want to know."

He walked into the living room where Bella made room for him on the couch. He sat in the middle, followed by Lilith and Christy sitting on either side of him, Bella curled around the sofa and lied on the floor, staring up at him. Her full breasts rose and fell with her breathing, a hell of a distraction if there ever was one.

Eric proceeded to tell them about his parents and brother starting with their deaths, and moving backwards to all his childhood memories. He told them of their vacations, fights, flaws, everything. As his words came pouring out so did his heart. He didn't know when the tears started to flow but they sure didn't stop. All three girls rose up and gave him a hug, trapping him an embrace. As he was drawing to a close he looked at all of them, they're eyes were closed, each with a small trail of tears coming from their eyes.

"I never told my brother I loved him, not in the 16 years he was here, I never told him how much I did. He was the best younger brother I could ask for, he didn't annoy me, he idolized me, I did my best to be a role model, getting straight A's and playing sports and doing clubs. But now he's gone. My parents are gone, my grandparents are dead, I have no aunts and uncles, or cousins, I'm all alone."

All three of them shifted and their eyes opened, all of them puffy and red.

"I'm so sorry Eric, I had no idea." Christy said as she buried her face in his shoulder.

Bella didn't say anything, she just nestled her face in Eric's chest.

"You're not alone anymore Eric, we are here for you." Lilith said, staring into Eric's eyes.

Upon hearing those words, if Eric's tears before had been a creek, they were now a river. He cried for what seemed like hours, his face buried in the succubus's shoulder. Afterwards he leaned back; all three of them were silently staring at him.

He took a deep breath and steeled himself for what he was about to say, because it would change his life forever. "I want you three to stay here, with me. I can't let you guys go."

Christy looked at him hope taking flame in her eyes, "Does that mean?"

"Yes I'll bind with you three."

All of them were quiet for a moment, before a huge grin took over each of their faces.

Lilith purred in his ear, "I don't think you have any idea what you have gotten yourself into, our little man. It takes a lot to please us."

"I'll do my best, but I should warn you, I'm a virgin in every way, I never even kissed a girl."

"Well that's surprising." Bella said confused, "A strong, sexy guy like you should have girls crawling to his bed."

Eric once again blushed at the thought, "I don't know, I never have been good with girls, and I never really liked any of them. I'm not gay, but I just wasn't attracted on a deeper level to any of them."

"Oh I'm sure you'll do fine Eric, there is something special about you." Christy said with complete sincerity. Eric turned to her, put his hand on the back of her neck, and pulled her into a kiss. Fireworks exploded in Eric's head as their lips touched. A soft cat-like purring started travelling up Christy's throat. Eric felt her tongue pry for entry into his mouth. He welcomed it with glee, it was rough like a cats, but was soft enough that it only brought pleasure.

Their mouths and tongues danced. Eric stood up with Christy locked in his arms, she jumped and locked her legs around her waist. He walked towards the bedroom, "She's first." he said to the other two. He placed her down on the bed, never breaking the kiss. He ran his hand down her legs to cup her ass, just as he thought, small and tight. He broke the kiss and sat on his haunches, taking in the beauty that was below him.

Christy looked up at him with eyes full of lust. Her nipples were hard, flushed with her arousal. Eric took hold of her breasts and began to knead them. The purring coming from her increased, interlaced with little moans of pleasure. He bent down and took one of the nipples in his mouth, running his tongue around and over it, each time bringing a small yelp from her lips.

"Oh god Eric, what are you doing to me, i haven't felt like this before." Her mouthed opened in a O shaped when Eric gently bit down on one nipple.

"Oh shit eric, suck my tits.... Ughh god it feels so good..... Eric I need you, take me please!!! PLEASE!!!"

Eric grinned inwardly, happy in the fact that he was having such an effect on her. He once again leaned back and sat on his haunches. He repositioned his cock at her sopping cunt. He never bragged about it but he did have a very big cock, at just under 9 inches in length, and with an equally impressive thickness, it was a sight to behold.

She looked up at him, firing beams of lust directly from her eyes to his as she wrapped her legs around him.

"Take me Eric, make me yours."

Eric rubbed the head of his dick up and down her sopping lips before gently applying pressure to her entrance. His head popped past her outer lips with a soft pop. He felt her inner walls squeeze around his cock as he entered her.

"God Christy, you're so tight, it feels so good."

Her flesh was almost scalding hot around him, and it fit like a latex glove. It was the best feeling he had had in his life so far. When he was about halfway into her, her face suddenly locked in a mask of ecstasy. When it broke she began to cry out.

"ERIC!! Oh my god.. this feels so good... Eric I'm going to cum... aghhh. CUMMING!!!"

And she came, hard, around him. Her juices squirted from her to hit Eric. After 3 full squirts her climax began to ebb away. Eric had to use all his concentration in order to prevent blowing his load in her right there. With her spasming walls contracting around him, it was quite the feat. When her climax completely faded, a purring was escaping her lips, locked in a post-orgasm smile.

"Oh god Eric, I haven't cum like that in centuries, you feel so big, so good."

"I'm glad you approve." Eric said as he smiled at her words. He readjusted his position to provide maximum leverage, putting his arms on either side of her, getting ready. When she realized what he was about to her eyes opened in realization.

All at once Eric pushed the rest of himself into her. Her mouth once again locked into an O shape.


And cum she did, the first one was an m80 compared to a nuke in comparison to this one. She once again squirted her fuck juice all over Eric. Her hips began to shake with the strength of the orgasm.

"Eric what the fuck are you made of, this is incredible." She said in between smaller aftershock orgasms.

Pull just smiled and began to thrust in and out of Christy's amazing pussy. Her moans began to gain strength as Eric began to move, her purrs never stopped.

"Faster Eric, I need it faster, I'm yours.... forever, just go faster."

Eric happily went through with her request, slowly increasing his speed. Before long he was sliding his entire length in and out of her at blinding speeds. The sound of his hips slapping against her filled the room. As did her moans, which were becoming laced with half formed sentences saying how amazing this felt. Every now and then she would undergo a smaller orgasm, but it was obvious they were only building up to a record shattering one. All the while Eric never slowed his pace.

Eric could feel that a huge orgasm was building and he decided to do something special. He pulled out of her quickly.

"What no Eric, don't.... please... I need to cum....... I need you... inside me." Christy said pleadingly. Eric smiled and turned her over on her stomach before pulling her up to her hands and knees. He started rubbing his cock up and down her slit. He didn't know what possessed him to say this but he did.

"Right now Christy, your nothing but a little pussy cat in heat, you need my cock don't you."

"Oh my god yes Eric I need you, I'm a little pussy cat in heat, just fuck me please... let me cum."

Eric smiled, "But do you want to know the difference between you and another cat-girl."

"No Eric, just...fuck me.... I need it."

He leaned down so he could whisper this directly into her ear. "The difference is, your my little pussy cat." Then he rammed all of himself into her at once. Eric felt her freeze solid, all muscles clenched tightly. Then her orgasm hit the ground and took off running. Her juice poured out of her pussy, soaking the bed sheets around his knees. Her pussy was going crazy around his cock, but he wouldn't cum. He began to pound into her, each thrust making her ass ripple from the impact. He was drawing her orgasm out indefinitely. Her juices continued to pour out of her. Without an end in sight, her brain shut off all higher functions in order to process the extreme amount of pleasure coursing through her veins. Her incoherent mumblings soon ceased, but her purring never stopped.

He pounded her for what seemed like hours to her, her orgasm never subsiding or weakening in the slightest. But he couldn't hold back anymore, with a roar of victory he pushed all the way into her, letting lose the floodgates. Shot after shot of cum poured into the cat-girls well-fucked pussy. When she felt his cum slash against her inner walls she had another earth-shattering orgasm on top of the one she was already having.

Juices exploded form her pussy as she lost all strength in her arms. She fell down onto the bed with Eric on top of her. They laid there for a few minutes before either had the strength to speak.

Eric managed to do it first "Wow, for a first time a say that was pretty good."

Muffled by the pillow her face was lying on Christy replied "pretty good, pretty good! Eric that was fucking incredible, I can't believe that that was your first time." The last half of the sentence she had managed to push herself up slightly and turn to look at Eric.

"Get up Eric, it's my sisters turn with you." she said, almost sadly. Eric grudgingly got up, he picked Christy up in a fireman's carry. She wrapped her arms around his neck, face nestled in his shoulder. "Me and my sisters are going to be very happy here, thank you Eric, thank you."

"trust me, it's my pleasure." he said with a wink, bringing a smile to her lips.

He walked out to his living room and saw the other two staring at him. He quickly placed Christy down on the couch, she immediately fell into an exhausted post-sex slumber.

"So who's next?" Eric asked with a grin, he hadn't felt this good in ages.

Lilith quickly walked up to him. "It's my turn little man, or maybe I shouldn't be calling you that based on the pounding you gave Christy."

"Maybe you shouldn't be calling me that based on the pounding I'm going to give you." he said with an exaggerated wink.

She looked at him for a second before crushing her mouth to his. After letting their tongues dance for a while she pulled away, "you have no idea how wet that makes me, let's go." she grabbed his hand and led him to his bedroom for his second fuck of the night.

Inside the room she motioned for Eric to lie down on the bed. She quickly crawled on behind him and put her knees on either side of his head. "Get ready for your first taste of pussy while I take my first taste of your cock. I'm sure you're going to love this."

She lowered her sopping cunt to his face, which he reached out towards with a tentative lick. She tasted delicious, after every lick he became more and more aroused, wanting more of this succubus.

"ohh that's nice Eric you sure you haven't done this before... oooo yea.. that's it."

She bent down and licked from the base of his sizable shaft to the head, savoring the taste of his and Christy's mixed juices like it was expensive cognac. Eric couldn't describe what her tongue felt like on his cock, but it was amazing. Her touch triggered every nerve to send waves of pleasure to his brain. She swirled her tongue around his head, once again collecting the precum oozing from the tip. She opened her mouth and took him into it.

"Oh yea Lily, suck me, suck my cock."

"mmm I'd love to sweety, but don't forget about me." she said, giving her ass a small shake to emphasize her point. Eric smiled and once again resumed eating his meal. This time he concentrated on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and running his tongue across it. A moan escaped from her lips wrapped around his cock. He felt a different pressure and he realized she was deep throating him, her moans sent vibrations up his cock, filling him with pleasure. He could barely think straight the sensory overload. Doing his best to please her he took two of his fingers and slowly slid them into her, caressing her deepest points. More and more moans were escaping from her lips, vibrating his cock. As his fingers found her g-spot she suddenly came. Her juices poured out of her into Eric's open mouth.

When it finished she quickly turned around to face him and once again crushed her lips to his.

"Eric I can't believe you, you made me cum harder than I have in 600 years."

"I aim to please."

She smiled at him and positioned his cock at the entrance to her sopping insides. She smiled at him, "Get ready little man; a succubus's pussy is special. I hope you'll enjoy it.

As she lowered herself onto him he could tell what she meant. In addition to the soft, hot walls of a pussy, there were little spines spread around. They caressed his dick like no normal pussy ever could.

While Eric was trying to comprehend his pleasure, Lily was trying to comprehend her own. No other person in her centuries of life had managed to fill her like Eric did. She could feel him push past her cervix and into her womb. She had multiple small orgasms just sitting there.

"Oh my god Eric, what are you, I feel so FULL, you fill me so DEEP." she emphasized that last point by pressing her mouth to his and started raising her hips slowly on his cock. The spines caressed every sensitive point he had. When she slowly lowered herself back down she moaned her contentment into Eric's mouth. This was where she always wanted to be, riding her lovers cock, bringing both of them to new heights of ecstasy.

She began to move her hips faster; raising herself up higher and higher and plunging herself back down. Eric was lost in the sensation her pussy was causing. Her mouth on his felt so natural to him, like she was made for him. He moaned into her mouth when her spines began to caress the underside of his dick head. This brought a smile to her lips, as she began to ride him in earnest. She raised herself up so that only the tip of him was inside her, and then plunged herself back down, all the way to her womb. She increased her speed so that the sound of their joining reverberated off the walls.

Eric grabbed hold of her beautiful, bouncing ass, and pushed her down on himself harder and harder. The wings stretched out behind her didn't bother him in the slightest. He took pride that he was making a demon of pleasure feel like she did.

"Oh fuck Eric, this...is...amazing. I'm going... to cum... aghh. Her it COMES!"

And she came, juices spurting from her, soaking Eric's thighs and the bed under him. Suddenly he remembered his promise; so far she had been fucking him, now he would fuck her. He got to his feet, with the succubus still pierced on his prick. She looked at him with half-lidded eyes, "what.... what are you doing?"

Eric smiled a wicked smile "This."

And he slammed her into the wall and began pounding into her.

"OHHHH FUUUCCKKK.. FUCK ME ERIC!! IM YOURS....forever....DON'T STOP... oh my god.... FASTER .... HARDER!!!'

Eric took all of her words to heart and the walls began to shake with the force of his thrusts. Like Christy before her, all coherent thoughts were out the window. All she could focus on was the incredible feeling of Eric pounding her into submission. Suddenly she came, her juices flowing out of her like a river. Making a wet spot on the carpet that truly wouldn't dry for a week.

"Oh fuck...Eric...I can't... take this."

Without even slowing his pace he turned her around and bent her forward. She leaned against the wall still moaning out his name. He grabbed two handfuls of her amazing breasts and used them as leverage to fuck her gorgeous pussy.

Once again the walls shook with the force of the impacts, only matched by the sound of her moans. Eric was a machine, its only purpose to destroy the beauty in front of him with pleasure. When she came again, screaming his name to the heavens, her spurting juices only lubricated his efforts. His pace didn't slow.

Lily was in disbelief as she took the pounding, no other person was able to even come close to what Eric was doing. He was actually in control of their fucking that never happens with a succubus. This pleasure was unknown to her, it was new, exciting, and she wanted more. She thrust back against him, wanting him harder, deeper, and faster. He happily obliged her, slamming into so hard she was wondering if she would be able to walk the next day.

She let out another moan as Eric began pulling on her nipples, stretching her globes until they couldn't be stretched anymore, and then letting them go to return to their original place. After doing this for a while he grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back against his thrusts, making her cry out his name in pleasure. That pleasure was not lost on Eric as he felt his balls tightening, gathering strength for his release.

"Lily I'm going to cum, where do you want it?"

Eric's voice shook her out of her daze, "cum on my tits and my face, shower me with your cum. "

Eric smiled at his little succubus's words. He pulled out of her and she immediately fell to her knees and turned around. She jacked off his cock, pointing him to her open mouth.

He came with an explosion, rope after rope of come shot from his member into and onto the succubus. She took the first few shots into her mouth and the rest she pointed to cover her entire face and chest with his cum. After seeing her like that Eric was amazed he had cum so much, especially after his fuck with Christy earlier.

Lily sat there, covered in her lover's cum. She smiled at him, making a huge show of swallowing his tasty spunk and cleaning herself of the rest. Even right after cumming so hard, his cock gave a twitch at the sight. She smiled, "Maybe you aren't such a little man after all."

He offered her his hand, which she took and got to her feet.

Eric gave her a kiss, not minding the lingering taste of himself on her tongue. "Ok my little succubus, its Bella's turn."

She smiled and took his hand, leading him out the door to the living room. Christy was still passed out asleep on the couch, but Bella was a different story. She was lying on her back, busily fingering herself. The puddle of juices around her mad it obvious she had been going at it for quite some time.

Eric quietly snuck up on her and gave her a full kiss on the lips. Her eyes widened in surprise at first, but before long they closed and she eagerly returned the kiss. When he pulled away she looked at him, "Now it's my turn, and when I do this, I do it my way" Before Eric could react she had wrapped him in her tail. She moved into the Bedroom and shifted her coils to allow his head free movement.

She promptly took Eric's lips into a searing kiss which he returned with gusto.

"Do you trust me Eric?" she asked, hesitantly as if she were afraid of his answer.

"Yes Bella, I do." Eric said looking into her eyes.

She smiled, obviously relieved, "I'm going to inject my venom into you Eric, it should keep you hard for a very long time because unlike my sisters, I cannot be satisfied with you cumming just once."

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