His Monster Girls Ch. 01


"umm if that's what makes you happy, I guess I could deal with it. I mean fucking a beautiful echidna for hours is such a bad thing right?" he said with obvious sarcasm.

She looked at him for a second before striking. Her fangs bit into his neck but the small pain was quickly washed away by the flood of arousal that came from her. When the flood made it to his cock it stood rock hard, harder than it has ever been.

"I see you like the feeling, my lover. It's quite the rush right?" she said as she smiled, more of a smirk actually.

She began to message Eric, The powerful muscles in her coils, kneading his flesh until he was like mush in her grip. She began to secrete and oil that she messaged into him. Eric looked at her with questioning eyes.

"It provides the nutrients your body is going to need for a while, as well as the water."

Eric nodded his head and once again relaxed into her embrace. For what seemed like forever she kneaded him, turning him from play-do, to jelly, to mush. He couldn't move his arms if he tried. He felt better than he had in years. He looked up at Bella and her eyes were closed, her fingers going in and out of her dripping cunt.

"Does this get you off Bella?" Eric asked.

Without breaking her message or fingering rhythm, she said "for an echidna there is no greater feeling than a mate surrendering in their coils..... I think it's time for the fun to begin."

Her lips formed a mischievous smile. Eric saw her tongue begin to come out of her mouth, and it didn't stop. Eric was in shock as it stopped, it was at least 16 inches long, and glistened wetly with her saliva.

She lowly brought her head down to Eric's rock-hard prick. She gave him a few teasing licks, enjoying his reactions.

"Please Bella, don't tease me. I need this."

She smiled, loving the begging, the surrender, it made her HOT. She slowly began to wind her tongue around his cock, much in the same fashion as he was wound up in her tail. Eric squirmed with the sensation, it felt so good.

Then she began to pump his cock with her tongue, like a hand job, intently watching the beads of precum begin to dribble from the top. After a sizable collection has accumulated, she brought her mouth around him. Reveling in the taste of him she began to seek out more. He continued to pump him with her tongue as she bit him with her fangs again, this time just above his cock in his groin. The second flood of arousal made him hard to the point of almost being painful. But that feeling was gone when she once again took her into her mouth. Eric was getting close to cumming, he could feel the venom seeping into his balls, overclocking the production of cum.

"Bella, I'm close, I'm gonna cum."

Bella's only response was to increase her rhythm of pumping and sucking. With a yell ball blew his load into her mouth. His dick was a geyser shooting out cum, he must have blown at least a half cup of cum into her mouth, but she wanted more.

She smiled up at him, "You liked that right, but now it's my pussies turn, and it won't let you go until you give it everything." Eric just looked at her and smiled, letting her know that was exactly what he wanted.

She raised herself above him, and placed him at her entrance. It felt as if it was trying to suck him in. As she slowly lowered herself down Eric let out a groan. She felt so different then Christy and Bella, but just as good. Her pussy was filled with muscles whose only purpose was to provide pleasure. They rippled around him, sometimes twisting, sometimes moving in a sucking motion, sometimes moving up and down his cock in waves. Eric couldn't hold back, he blew another load into her. He was groaning loudly as he felt her pussy suck the come from him, even before it came out. Bella's eyes were closed, an expression of pure bliss danced across her beautiful features.

Her black nipples on her red skin looked so inviting, so tasty, he tried to raise his head to suck on them. Opening her eyes and seeing what he was trying to do, she lowered her upper body so he could capture one of her nipples. He sucked like a man dying of thirst, and all of a sudden a liquid flooded into his mouth. It tasted divine, and he wanted more. He kept sucking, drinking form the breast until it was dry, and then switching to the other one to repeat the process.

All the while Bella was mumbling, "ohhhh yyeeess... drink from me.. drink my essence...I'm yours.. forever."

Eric laid back and enjoyed the milking motion her pussy was making at the moment. He didn't know how long had passed since she had started, but he didn't care. HE must have cum 10 times but now. He laid there for what seemed like hours, reveling in the pleasure he was experiencing. And then he heard.

"Eric I'm going to cum, cum with me Eric."

Eric looked into her eyes and managed to free one arm. With great effort he managed to grab the back of his lovers head, and pulled her into a kiss. She returned it with fervor. Eric felt the pressure building in him. And he groaned with its release, shot, after shot, after shot of cum poured into his women. She didn't cum in the same quantity as her sisters, but the intensity of this single one blew all others out of the water. Her juices didn't flow, or explode from her, they gushed, like when a damn breaks and the river is released. She moaned his name into his mouth. After at subsided, which took many minutes; she raised herself above Eric and gave him a smile.

"That's the first time I have cum during sex with a man; there is something special about you. Now it's time for bed, we were going at it for 5 hours, it's about 10:00 now. Let's call in my sisters."

Eric nodded, suddenly feeling that day's activities, he was exhausted. He called out loudly, "CHRISTY LILY lets go to sleep."

The two of them walked in quietly as Bella unwound herself from him. With great effort he raised himself to look at his lovers, in all their beauty.

"Eric?" Christy asked in a shy voice.


"Can we sleep in your bed, with you?" she looked at him with such hopeful eyes he didn't know what to say. Not because he didn't want them to, but because he couldn't comprehend why other people wouldn't want them to.

"Of course you can, all of you, you will never spend a night out of my bed. I can't understand why any of your previous masters wouldn't let you."

All three of him jumped him, showering him with kisses and hugs.

"Our little man, god I love him." Lily said as she nestled into him on his right side.

"Told you he was special" Christy said; with one of the biggest I told you so tones Eric had ever heard, before she snuggled in on his left.

"Aye, he is that." Bella said as she curled around all of them, before laying herself face down on top of Eric.

Eric gave each of them a good night kiss.

"Christy you were right before, in the kitchen, I do love you guys."

Matching her tone from before she smiled,

"I know."

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by Anonymous

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by joejacks05/12/18

Regarding sex ed
I have never read sex ed for monster girls, but in context of the story, I find that particular ability acceptable, what I do find surprising is that a virgin in all ways should be ablemore...

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by dunmovyniv04/21/18

sex ed

"She could feel him push past her cervix and into her womb. She had multiple small orgasms just sitting there. "

I've read this type crap many times in other writer's stories. I wish folks would studymore...

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by dunmovyniv04/21/18

Us versus We.

" "Ok Eric, you go and think, us three have to talk."

Us is used as verbs object.
We is used as sentence Subject.

To make it easy, break down the sentences using just the subject noun, the verb andmore...

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by Anonymous04/05/18

suggestion: a few corrections (i can't help it)

page 1:
>we were pulled from our world buy a wizard and bound< 'by' and not 'buy'
>"He got you're there Lily, hahaha." Bella said< should be 'you' not 'you're'
page 2:
>Wow, for a first time a say thatmore...

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by baileytommy01/23/18

monster girls

why do all writers make the sex scene so not realistic,a vergin knows all about love making and always a john Holmes but still it was a good start but when he started getting every one a monster girl Imore...

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