tagNonHumanHis Monster Girls Ch. 02

His Monster Girls Ch. 02


Hello again readers. This chapter is a bit shorter than the first (about 2000 words) and I hope you guys/girls don't mind. 'd like to give another shout out to the people who commented on Ch. 01 it means a lot to me to hear good things about my work. I'm about 1,500 words into Ch.03 but I have midterms this week so I don't know when I'll be able to get that posted. For those of you that haven't read the update in my bio I'd like to once again say that not all my ideas are original. I'd also like to say to not expect non-stop sex in these, I'm trying to balance the sex with plot so there's also a good story in there as well. Well I hope you enjoy this as much as you did the first chapter.

The author,



Eric woke up the next morning feeling like he could take on the world. For the first time since the accident he wanted to get out of bed. He remembered his dream from last night, of the monster girls, and he looked towards his nightstand. On it was the wooden box,

"If only dreams could come true." He said to himself.

"And what dream would that be?" Said that oh so sensual voice from his dream.

Eric froze and looked down towards his crotch. Playing with his morning wood was Lilith, just as beautiful as she was in his dream. Off to her left was Christy, and right Bella. Each of them was running their hands over his lower body, concentrating on his hardened member. The feeling that Eric got from seeing them was one of a small child receiving the gift they wanted on Christmas, their dreams of having exact toy they wanted being fulfilled, except in Eric's case it was being the new lover of three gorgeous monster girls.

"That dream would be of you three; there is no way that I am this lucky." Eric said to his lovers.

"Awwww that's so sweet!" Christy exclaimed loudly, while she was slowly rolling his balls in between her delicate fingers.

"I think this is the start of a wonderful relationship." Bella said smugly, running her thumb over the sensitive head of his cock.

Eric groaned, the morning's pleasures were not being lost on him. A smile rose to each of the girls faces.

"Oh! Our little man likes this doesn't he?" Lilith asked, obviously not expecting an answer.

All three girls quickly intensified their work. Eric was helpless against the onslaught, 6 talented and extremely enthusiastic hands were nearly driving him insane. This continued for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was no more than a few minutes. When Eric felt the first touch of a tongue it startled him out of his daze.

Bella smiled as she slowly let her long tongue out of her mouth. She gave Eric a few teasing licks as she watched his reactions. Spurred y her example Lilith quickly followed suit, her tongue following Bella's as they moved up down and around his dick. He felt Christy's cat-like tongue on his balls and groaned. Pleased by his reaction she began her purring, the resulting vibrations heightening his pleasure.

Lilith adjusted her body and took the head of his cock into her mouth, twirling her tongue around the head. Bella shifted as well, and claimed the bottom half of his shaft by coiling her tongue around it. The muscles in her tongue were contracting and shifting, it was like a very soft and wet hand was only jerking off the bottom half of his dick. Christy took one Ball into her mouth and massaged the other. She did this for a while before switching to the other, and then back again. The combination of her fingers, warm mouth, and amazing tongue, as well as the attentions of the other two was quickly putting a pressure into Eric's loins.

The girls never let up their attack, if anything they intensified it. Eic began to thrust upwards into Lilith's mouth as he neared his edge and all of a sudden the attack stopped. Eric opened his eyes and groaned at being denied his release. He looked down and saw the girls switching positions. This time Lilith was working his balls, and Bella got free reign over his cock. Christy moved upwards and crushed Eric's lips in a lusty kiss.

When they broke it Eric looked at her. Her eyes were closed and a content smile was on her lips. He heard her purr and smiled at it,

"Did I ever tell you how adorable your purring is?"

Christy opened her eyes, the golden orbs staring into his, "You like it? All of our old masters thought it was annoying, or distracting and-"

She was cut off by Eric once again crushing his lips to hers. After shaking off the surprise of the kiss she returned it with even more fervor than before.

"I love it Christy, you're perfect." Eric said as the kiss broke again. Christy didn't say anything in return. She just buried her face into the crook of Eric's neck. He hugged her tight for a while, knowing that is what she needed.

"Christy? I think it's your turn with him." Lilith said. Christy lifted her head and gave Eric a smile before moving her way down. She took him down to the root without hesitation. The suddenness of it was quickly sending Eric over the edge. His hands gripped the bed sheet in a death grip as he struggled to hold back the torrent of cum that wanted its release.

With unspoken communication all the girls shifted again. Eric looked down as all the girls wrapped their lips and tongues around him. They began to move and lick around his shaft. The different sets of tongues and lips were each racking him with pleasure and all three of them were something else entirely. IT wasn't enough direct stimulation to send him hurdling over the edge; instead it was slowly nudging him towards it.

"Girls I'm going to cum!" Eric yelled as the torrent was released.

He watched as his white seed was sent hurdling from his dick into the air before falling down to splatter over the faces of his girls. The girls moaned as they felt their faces being covered and reveled in the feeling. Shot after shot of his spunk came out of him, more than he had ever cum in his life. In the end, he shot at least 8 full ropes and a number of small ones when his orgasm subsided. It was an inhuman amount; their faces were literally painted with cum. After a few minutes of quiet, the girls began to clean each other. They licked his cum of ach others faces, worshipping the taste before kissing each other and sharing it. The amazingly erotic site of it brought twitches to his member.

"Did you like show?" Lilith asked him, shaking him form the trance he was put in by the afore mentioned "show".

"I think I might have to see it again sometime, to really get a good opinion on it." Eric replied with a wink.

"Oh it would be our pleasure." She emphasized the last word by running her tongue sexily across her lips. This brought giggles from Christy and a small laugh from Bella.

"I think that we should get go and get ready for the day, and I definitely need a shower after yesterday's activities. " Eric said while extracting himself from his bed. He walked towards the bathroom and called over his shoulder, "I'm going to take one and then all of you should as well."

After their respective showers they each grabbed a seat a seat at the table. And for the first time in 24 hours Eric was clothed, in a back sweatshirt and loose jeans.

"Eric, there is a few more things we have to tell you, about the bond." Christy said.

"What things?"

"Well, from each of us you gain a certain... perk or benefit."

"What do you mean?"

"Well from me you will get enhanced coordination, balance, and reflexes. You won't be dodging bullets or balancing on a spear but you will definitely be above average."

Eric leaned back, thinking about this new development. "Well, that's useful. What about from you two?" He asked, motioning towards Bella and Lilith.

Bella spoke up first, "From me you'll get increased strength and speed. But as with Christy it's not going to be over the top. You won't be breaking any world speed records or ripping out trees by their roots."

Eric looked over to Lilith and raised his eyebrow,

"Eric I'm a succubus, do I really have to explain what you get from me?" she said completely serious.

That brought a smile to Eric's, "I would appreciate it Lily."

"Ughh fine, basically you will be the best fuck any person will ever have. The amount of cm you gave us earlier was an example of your increased virility. Also if you find someone attractive you will find little trouble in seducing them. And then you will drive them insane with pleasure." After stopping for a moment she looked at him with that sexy smile of hers, "And I intend to make full usefulness of that."

Eric felt his cock twitch in anticipation and tried to suppress the need to ravage the still naked Lilith on the kitchen table. Bending her over and slamming his cock into her, imagining the moans and screams she would make as he pounded into her.

He mentally slapped himself and that helped bring him back to reality. "I hope you guys know that even without these benefits I would still love you right?"

All three of them moved in a hugged him close. His face being mashed between 3 sets of gorgeous tits wasn't helping to control his libido.

"Don't worry our little man, we know that." Lilith said.

"He's so adorable when he says he loves us." Christy added.

"And besides, I can't wait till I get ahold of his cock again, if he could make me cum normally, I can't wait until now." Bella said with a smirk on her face, drawing laughs from her two sisters. Eric didn't laugh, because them laughing only served to have his face being buried more deeply in the mass of cleavage surrounding him.

"If you girls don't sit back down, I'm going to have to fuck you all over again. And as good as that sounds I have things I want to do today."

They all laughed and rubbed their tits into his face aggressively before sitting back down. "What do you have in mind?" Christy asked.

" In the afternoon I have a clinic that I run for 5-8 year old hockey players, and at night I have a scrimmage verses the actual school team. I'm on the club team so we usually get our asses handed to us but we still hope that one day we can stick it to them. And most importantly, can you girls like, morph, or something so you appear human? I have plenty of money after... you know... and I want to buy you cloths and junk."

"Of course we can its part of the bond." Christy said. All three of them stood up and before Eric's eyes morphed. Christy's fur, tail, and ears receded into her as human ears grew from the side of her head. She still had the Golden blonde hair and gold eyes that Eric had come to adore. Lilith's wings and tail receded as well, she looked the same otherwise. She still oozed sex, the missing succubus indicators did not conceal the vast amount of sexiness she possessed. The biggest change was with Bella. Before changing she wrapped her tail in a coil under her body and closed her eyes. After a few seconds her tail began to grow smaller. Eventually to the size of a pair of legs and a seam formed in-between them, and after a few seconds the two halves split completely and two legs formed. Her crimson skin color slowly changed to a creamy white but she still had the crimson eyes, jet black hair, and tattoos.

When she finished her transformation she looked up at Eric, "How do I look?"

"You look amazing, but I still prefer you red, much more beautiful that way."

A blush rose to her cheeks at his comment, turning them scarlet.

"There you go Bella! Looking good now!" Eric exclaimed, only heightening the blush.

"One more question girls, are there more Monster girls here?"

Lilith answered first, "Of course, we met a few over the years and they're scattered over the globe."

"Hmmm, maybe we'll meet some in the future then. Can you possibly bring some more over?"

Each of them looked suddenly confused, fearing he did something wrong Eric quickly added, "I mean if we could find them a good person to bind to, would it be feasible?"

Lilith once again spoke first, "Why would you do that?"

"Well you guys say how good of a thing this is, and i think that if we help other monster girls karma would reward us or something. I don't know I'm just trying to help."

Christy suddenly leaped into his arms giving him a tight embrace, "You'd do that? for monster girls?"

"Well why wouldn't i?"

"In our world, most humans look on us as inferior, as beings that only exist for pleasure. And our old masters treated us the same way."

Angered by this revelation Eric quickly responded, "They're fucking idiots then, you guys are equal to if not greater than humans."

All three were silent for a moment, taking in Eric's statement. And then suddenly the remaining two not hugging Eric embraced him, once again burying his face in tit flesh. Eric let out a loud yelp at the sudden feeling, but being smothered by tits means it didn't come out very well.

Bella spoke next, "The answer is yes though, we can bring others over if you promise you have people who will accept them and love them for what they are."

After extracting himself once again from the mass of tit Eric spoke, "That's great, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. But now we have to get you some cloths. Mine won't fit any of you. But I have a friend across the hall that plays hockey with me that should be able to help. Her name is Casey and don't ask she's a lesbian. She's been helping me through the last month and she managed to keep me on the ice for which I am eternally grateful for."

They just smiled at him Lilith being the sex demon that she is had to ask, "Is she hot?"

Eric winked, "Extremely, but you'll get to meet her so you can see for yourself."

He moved towards the door and opened it. He stepped up to the door across the hall and knocked.

Meanwhile in Casey's apartment she was still asleep when she heard Eric's knock.

"What the fuck do people want, bitches waking me up at 10:00 in the fucking morning." a hockey players mouth surely. She moved from her bed, dressed only in a black lacy thong and bra that she normally wore to bed, unless she slept naked which was pretty often. They encased a body that only a hockey player could have, lean and muscular, yet unmistakably erotic. Her brown hair that she wore slightly below her shoulders was messy from the night's sleep, and her brown eyes were still adjusting to the morning light.

She stretched her arms above her head making her firm c-cup breasts strain against the thin bra covering them. Another knock came from the door,

"CALM DOWN I'M COMING!" she screamed at the poor soul who was standing outside her door. She made her way to the door and tried looking through the peep-hole to see who dared disturb her but she found in blocked off. Cursing she threw open the door,

"WHO THE FUCK THINKS THEY CAN WAKE ME UP..." Her voice died off as she saw who was standing there. Eric stood grinning at her completely un-phased by her shout. She looked at him for a second with her head cocked to the side, something seemed different about him. It took her a second but then she realized, he looked happy, for the first time since the accident the cloud of gloom that hovered around him was gone. A smile was on his face as he stared at her, and suddenly without warning he scooped her into a hug. It wasn't one of lust, it was a hug of friendship and gratitude.

"I must have been an ass this past month Casey, I'm sorry. I owe you more than I can ever hope to repay. Thank you."

Caught off guard by this sudden change in his demeanor she stammered out a response, "Sheesh it ok, get off me you idiot, and what the fuck happened? You're happy now, if you don't tell me why I'm going to put your face through my wall."

Laughing as he broke the hug Eric said, "I'd rather show you if that's ok. But first I do need a favor, no questions asked."

"You just said you owed me and now you're asking for a favor? Remarkably consistent you are dumbass."

"Casey, do I have to remind you of when you got drunk and were wandering around downtown Boston? "


"And you called me from a payphone and asked me to pick you up? For which I had to rent a car, and deal with Friday night Boston traffic. And then it started raining, and I found you standing underneath an overpass IN YOUR UNDERWEAR! You never did tell me how you ended up in that situation anyway."

"You fucking ass, and I would tell you if I remembered, but that's beside the point. Fine I'll give you your fucking favor if you show me why you're so happy al of a sudden. AND DON'T EVER BRING THAT UP AGAIN! "

A little giggle from over Eric's shoulder caught Casey's attention. She looked around him and her eyes nearly did the same thing Eric's did when he first found the girls in his room. Except this time she was spare the whole Monster girl thing and just saw 3 incredibly sexy women. She looked at them for a second, than shifted her gaze back to Eric before going back and forth a few times.

"OH MY GOD ERIC!!!! YOUR FRIEND IS ADORABLE!!" Shouted a very happy and naked Christy as she came out of nowhere and crushed Casey into a hug. Eric wished he could have taken a picture of Casey's face and showed it to her later because it was one of the funniest things he had ever seen in his life. Eric collapsed to the ground laughing. He was laughing so hard tears began to stream from his eyes.

"What the fuck Eric? That was you making all those noises yesterday? I thought that was Luke with some other random slut." She was referring to the other person who shared their floor who seemed to have another whore sharing his bed every night and screams of passion were not uncommon coming from his room. But for all his womanizing ways he was still a pretty cool guy to have around and a good friend to Eric.

Casey continued, "But I thought I heard more than one person..." Her voice trailed off as she caught sight of the also naked Bella and Lilith stepping out of Eric's door.

"For fucks sake man, there are three of them! You couldn't send one my way?" She added.

From out of the blue another voice added, "Seriously man, Casey has a good point there."

They all turned to see Luke step from his apartment dressed in only a pair of jeans. He was almost as tall as Eric, with short black hair and blue eyes. He worked out at the gym a lot so he was muscular. Where Eric was ruggedly handsome he was the male definition of beautiful which helped him pick up girls by the boatload. Leaning on the door frame he casually glanced over the parade of naked flesh in front of him.

Lilith being the tease that she is arched her back accentuating her massive chest, "Ohhhh I think your friends are a little jealous Eric."

To Eric's surprise Bella pulled Lilith into a lusty kiss. At first surprised, Lilith quickly returned it. It was obvious that they were holding nothing back as their tongues dueled in each other's mouths. Their bountiful breasts were mashed against one another. When they broke the kiss and after staring into each other's eyes for a moment Bella said with a wink,

"NOW they're jealous."

Casey couldn't stop staring at the commanding sight, Luke wasn't faring much better but he managed a sentence, "If they have any friends or sisters that are feeling lonely, you have my number."

Laughing Bella replied, "I think that could be arranged, and don't worry Casey we have a lot of friends."

Flustered by that comment Casey muttered out what seemed like a thank you ut it was hard to tell. Eric once again tried to get the morning moving so he spoke up, "For reasons that I can't divulge, none of them have any clothes and we need to borrow some."

"What got a little too eager man? No problem, I have some clothes and underwear that previous partners of mine have left behind." Luke said.

Casey soon added, "I'm sure I have a few clothes lying around we can find something."

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