tagNonHumanHis Monster Girls Ch. 03

His Monster Girls Ch. 03


I am so sorry this took this long to come out but I hope it is worth the wait. This is about 6000 words longer than Ch.01 and 7500 more than Ch.02, I hope you enjoy it :D.

After stopping off at Eric's apartment to drop of the bags they headed back out again. Once again walking on the streets Eric turned to the girls,

"Okay, I have to go to the hockey clinic I run now. IF you guys want to come and help me with the kids or meet the parents you can, but you are going to have to go there anyway because that's where the game is."

After thinking for a second Bella said, "I'll go with you I always liked kids anyway."


Lilith than said, "Calm down Christy, don't make a scene, I'll come too and help where I can."

"Great, we're about 2 blocks away from the rink. It's about 3:30 now so the kids will start to arrive soon, the clinic itself starts at 4:40."

When they made it to the rink Eric retrieved his stored gear from the manager, Rick. Rick was an older man, mid-fifties and happily married. He had gray eyes and white hair that was slowly receding up his head. He took one look at Eric and immediately said,

"You got laid didn't you?"

Eric smiled and motioned for him to look out of the window of his office. Sitting on a bench were the girls, chattering away happily at one thing or another. his eyes opened wide when he saw them and he blurted out,

"For fucks sake that's a hell of an accomplishment if I do say so myself. Sheesh, beauties the lot of em."

"You better be talking about me you fat oaf." the voice of his wife Mary carried through an open door. She strode into the office from another door and saw what her husband truly was talking about. Mary was a strong woman that aged well, she had hair almost as white as Lilith's and like her husband had gray eyes as well. When she saw the girls she looked directly at Eric,

"Finally, about time you got laid."

Eric groaned, "Jesus Mary is this such a surprise? You too Rick."

Mary replied, "Well ever since your parents this has been the only place other than your apartment that you could be found. And apparently screwing those three girls out there got you out of your funk. I should go thank them."

And then she promptly left the office and began talking to the three of them. After a while she nudged her way in between Lilith and Christy and they all chattered away about girl things.

"Take your shit and get ready, the kids will be arriving soon."

Eric smiled and retrieved his bag of equipment he walked out the door and grabbed his stick along the way calling out over his shoulder, "Thanks Rick, and I have a good feeling about tonight. So root for us."

"Good luck. You're gonna need it"

Eric saw one of his best friends, Dmitri walking down the hallway in the opposite direction. Eric was a pretty big guy, but Dmitri was huge compared to him. At just under 7 feet, and with blonde hair and blue eyes he was the stereo-typical Norseman. He was an exchange student from Russia and Eric had met his parents on several occasions and they were just as intimidating as Dmitri is. He spoke with heavily accented English and frequently reverted back to Russian without thinking. Eric called over the girls and introduced them to him after a while Dmitri had to ask in his powerful voice,

"You fucked all of them right?"

"Dmitri shut up, we don't want any of the little kids hearing you say that."

"Whatever you're lucky cause I know you did. I have to go know, I'll see you at the game this year we're actually gonna win I can feel it."

Eric grabbed his friends shoulder and turned him back around. "Before you go I'd like to apologize, I must have been a dick to you over the past month."

"Don't fucking get sappy with me, I don't blame you, now get your shit together, coach these kids, and then get ready for the game."

"Alright man, cya." Eric said with a smile.

After he walked away Lilith piped up, "He seems nice."

"He's the best friend I could ever ask for. And you should see him on the ice, I don't mean in hockey. It's a secret so don't tell anyone but that guy can figure skate at Olympic level, like it's unbelievable. He always wanted to do partners but he never found someone who could match him."

Suddenly excited Lilith said, "OH MY GOD I KNOW THE PERFECT GIRL FOR HIM!!!"

"Who?" Christy asked.

Without hesitation Bella responded, "Freya"

"You know it sister." Lilith proclaimed.

"What? Freya?"

"She used to be human, but then she met the queen of the northern wilds. The queen was a dryad, ice spirit.... hybrid of sorts, but let's just says the northern atmosphere got to her. Freya was the only human ever to stand up to her and she felt that Freya should inherit her power when she died, which is exactly what happened."

"Wow, sounds like someone that Dmitri would be into. So get ready for some summoning or whatever you call it because we're bringing some new monster girls here soon. I have to go get ready now; I'll see you girls later."

They all smiled and walked back down the hall. Eric walked down a hallway to one of the locker rooms that Rick had assigned to them and put his stuff down. He took off his jeans and put on his team jumpsuit. He laced up his skates and walked out the door. He saw some parents walking in with their kids and walked over to say hello.

The parents also seemed to notice the change that had come over Eric since the last time they had seen him. He greeted them and helped them herd their overly hyper kids to the locker room so they could get dressed.

Eric stepped onto the ice and skated around, waiting for the kids to trickle onto the ice. On a good day there were maybe 20 kids on the ice with him and today seemed to be one of those judging from the amount of parents in the stands. He took a few practice shots and he realized that with the new benefits from his bond, his shot was a good deal harder and extremely accurate. He could snipe corners easily from the blue line and managed to get a good amount of slap-shots to do the same. He was definitely faster and he could stickhandle better than he ever could before.

He passed a few pucks to the kids who got onto the ice and they fooled around as much as they could, the older ones started a game of 3 v 3 on one end and the younger ones tried to set up a game but they weren't very good so it ended up just being a swarm of 5 and 6 year olds around the puck that never really got anywhere.

He saw the girls talking to the parents who were happy to meet the girls that had managed to get Eric out the hole he had dug himself into. He managed to form the kids into semblances of drills that he did at his team's practice.

He looked over and saw the girls looking away from the glass and couldn't resist the opportunity. He ripped a slapshot and it hit the glass in front of them with a resounding CRACK! The girls jumped in the seats and stared daggers at Eric, who was nearly in tears from laughing so hard. He wasn't alone as some of the parents and kids also found the humor in the girl's situation.

He continued running drills for about an hour and a half before wrapping it up. As the kids got changed out of their gear Eric moved his stuff into his team's locker room. A few of his teammates were already there and they greeted Eric happily. He quickly got his bottom half of equipment on and walked to the entrance. Bella saw him walking over and called out to him,

"Eric! Look who's here." She motioned towards a very familiar saleswoman off to the side. Eric was elated at the fact that Stacy had come.

"Remember me Eric? And yes I brought friends." Stacy said as she pointed. Eric looked to where she was pointing and saw a knot of at least 10 attractive females sitting in the stands.

"Wow, thanks Stacy, the team owes you one now."

"Look at this dumbass; all of a sudden he's a ladies man." Eric smiled when he heard Casey's voice; he turned and saw Luke there as well.

"She convinced me that there would be girls here, I see she did not lie." Luke said, motioning to Stacy's friends.

With quick introductions everyone got each other's name and everyone seemed to be hitting it off well. Eric turned to the rest of the group,

Casey was eyeing one of Stacy's friends. Noticing her gaze Stacy said,

"She's a lesbian, if you have to know. And she can eat pussy like it's her job."

Casey just smiled, "I'll be the judge of that." As she finished her statement she walked over to the girl and started a conversation.

Lilith whispered in his ear, "Seems that there's going to be more than one person having a fun night tonight."

Turning to her Eric replied, "If I know Casey, there is no doubt about that." He turned to the rest of the group and added. "I have to get back to the locker room, get some good seats and enjoy the game."

He started to walk back towards his locker room when he heard the voice of the last person he ever wanted to run into.

"Look at this fucktard. Bet you five bucks he thinks he has a chance with any of those bitches." Eric slowly turned around to face what could best be described as his arch-rival.

Brett Turner was as big as Eric. With short black hair that he kept spiked up. He had brown eyes that always seemed to contain a look of malicious intent. In a word he was a douchebag. He doesn't like anyone that doesn't kiss his ass.

"Get out of here Brett; none of us want to talk to you." Eric said calmly.

"I got better things to do that talk to you dipshit. And if you girls want a real man I'll find you after the game."

He and his cronies stalked over towards their locker room leaving the group of friends alone.

"What a prick." Christy said.

"You have no idea. He insists that I'm not a lesbian and if I give him a chance he'll show me what a real man can do." Casey said with an obvious edge to her voice.

Lilith calmly walked up to Eric and looked directly into his eyes, "I want him on his ass. Not once, not twice, but every second of the game."

Chuckling Eric responded, "I can do that. But I have to get back to my locker room now; I'll see all of you in a bit."

This time Eric managed to get back to the locker room uninterrupted. He reclaimed his spot on the bench and finished putting his uniform on. The voice of another player drew his attention,

"I don't get why we even play this game. We just get our asses kicked every year."

Dmitri's voice came from the corner spot which he always managed to get, "Shut the fuck up, and besides we have fans this year."

"We never have fans."

Eric calmly stood up and opened the door, "Look for yourself."

The kid who had complained stood up and looked out the door across the ice rink. Eric pointed towards the section of stands filled with the mess of parents, little kids, and the group of sexy women.

"No way are those girls here for us."

Smiling Eric waved towards the group. Bella was the first to wave back, quickly followed by the rest. "You were saying?"

"Shut up" the kid said before returning to his seat.

The rest of the team spirits were quickly elevated due the fact that they had people rooting for them this year. Happy conversations soon filled the room. Eric leaned back and closed his eyes,

'Seems that the girls make everyone happy' he thought with a smile.

Meanwhile in the stands Lilith stood up. She turned towards the group and said, "I have a few friend on their way and they're lost. I have to go find them, I'll be back before the game starts." , She looked at Christy and Bella and they understood the message. They stood up and instead of heading towards the street they went down into the basement of the ice rink.

After finding some chalk and a suitable room they began working on a portal.

Elated with what they were doing Christy exclaimed, "THEY'RE GOING TO BE SO EXCITED WHEN THEY GET HERE!!"

"Calm down Christy, let's just hope that they will like the people we picked out for them." Bella replied.

"Oh I'm sure they will... And that about finishes it." Lilith said as the three stood back from their work. Before them on the wall was a circular design inscribed with all manner of symbols and runes. And before long it began to glow and the surface of the cement wall behind it began to ripple like it was water.

All three smiled when they saw the two feminine figures emerge from the portal. The girls had inscribed into the circle a rune that allowed the summoned monster girls clothes, it was easier than lugging around an extra set.

The first to emerge completely was Freya. She was a very tall women at 6'8 and had an extremely regal look and feel about her. She had been summoned to Earth before and she had managed to make the Vikings believe she was a goddess, which explains the mythology surrounding her. She had piercing blue eyes and platinum blonde hair that hung down to the top of her shapely ass. She had a powerful physique that her massive chest and perfect ass fit into perfectly. She wore tight white jeans and a white blouse that complemented her creamy skin perfectly.

The second was the doppelganger Diana. She could take any form that she wished but at the moment she had brown hair that was kept in a braid that hung down to the bottom of her back. She had small petite breasts the size of Christy's and had lively green eyes. She was only a little taller than Lilith. She wore rather conservative clothes, a black skirt that ended just above her knees and a blue sweater.

The two new arrivals eyed the girls for a second before huge grins overtook each of their faces. Freya spoke up first,

"Well, did you miss me?" She spoke with a vaguely Russian accent but it was older sounding. Her voice was powerful, yet unmistakably feminine.

Always the happy one Christy jumped into the powerful goddess's arms and locked her into a tight embrace. A laugh equally as powerful as her voice escaped Freya's lips,

"I'll take that as a yes than."

Diana than spoke up, her voice as melodic as Bella's, "Forget about me?"

Lilith stepped up to her and gave her a hug, "How could I?"

All 5 of the monster girls quickly brought each other up to date on their lives, but they didn't have a lot of time because the game was starting soon. They headed back up to the stands. The girls introduced Diana first. She was polite and quickly made friends with the rest of the group. Lilith leaned over and whispered in her ear, "See the boy in the middle of those two girls, he's yours. His name is Luke."

Although Diana could take any form that she wished, she was always shy. "Him? He's gorgeous, I can't talk to him." She said while staring at Luke. She felt something flutter in her chest when she looked at him.

Noticing someone's gaze upon him Luke looked at her, his breath caught in his throat. He stared into her eyes, he felt like he could lose himself in them. There was a stirring in his chest, one he had not felt since he had first seen Anna, the girl who cheated on him. He stood up and walked over to her,

"Hi... I'm Luke" For the first time in years he had no idea what to say. His tongue was tied up in knots.

Diana giggled, "Hi Luke, I'm Diana."

Luke didn't know what to do; he was hesitant to let this feeling in his chest grow for fear of rejection. But he was helpless; he could only go along for the ride. Without giving himself time to think, Luke gathered Diana in his arms and kissed her. The kiss wasn't one of lust, but instead it was a question. A question asking if she felt the same thing he did.

The shy Diana quickly froze up as his lips touched hers. But she gathered her confidence and began to return it. The feeling exploded inside both of them as their tongues danced. Lilith cleared her throat next to them. They broke the kiss and looked at each other, each panting heavily. They looked up to see the entire section staring at them. Diana blushed and buried her face into Luke's shoulder. Luke guided her to some empty seats and they sat down and began chattering away animatedly.

Even Lilith was surprised and their sudden romance but smiled all the same. She then turned to introduce Freya. She made quite an entrance and everyone wasn't sure whether they should be afraid of her commanding presence or not. But after cracking a few jokes and some socializing, Freya was soon accepted into the group as well. Delighted at their success Eric's girls leaned back and smiled.

After the pre-game speech by the coach Eric's team sat in silence. Their earlier happiness was smothered by the realization they still were versing one of the top college teams in the country. Eric stood up,

"FUCK THIS GUYS! STAND UP" the team just stared at him. Unhindered Eric continued,

"What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Stand up! Make some noise! Let those fuckers know we are not afraid. If we go out there like this, make no mistake, we will get our asses kicked."

"Fuck them, lets do this." The powerful voice of Dmitri made its way through the locker room. "Bring it in."

The team followed Dmitri's example and they formed a huddle in the center of the room. "I got better shit to do than worry about what might happen. Right now I know what will happen, we are going to go out there and play a hockey game. We will show them that we are no push-overs; we will give them a run for their money. And if we end up losing, I will be happy knowing that I left every single fucking thing I had on the ice. NO LETS FUCKING DO THIS!!" Dmitri roared as the rest of the team joined in.

They hurried out the locker room door to the tunnel that led to the ice. When the announcer announced the team they charged onto the ice. The other team was already on the ice and had begun their warm-ups. Eric looked over and saw the two new additions to the group. He saw the Nordic goddess and immediately realized what his girls had done. He called Dmitri over and pointed her out,

"Do something good, she looks to be about your size."

Dmitri didn't say anything in return he just stared at Freya for a few seconds before returning to his warm-up.

Meanwhile in the stands Lilith was pointing out Dmitri to Freya. She eyed his massive form like a piece of meat for a few minutes. Afterwards she turned to the succubus with a hint of lust in her eyes.


Lilith just smiled and turned to the group,

"I have to go do something."

She walked towards the other side of the ice. She looked at the other team and spotted Brett. She caught his attention and he came sauntering over.

"Couldn't resist me eh?"

"Eric said you're a worthless piece of shit and have a dick the size of a pencil. I don't think you could take him in a fight, on or off the ice. And I disagree about your dick, I think the size of a needle is more like it."

Angered by her comments Brett replied, "Worthless cunt, I'm goin to put him on his ass, fuck him up, and then one of your group is going home with me." He skated away after finishing his sentence. After returning to her seat Casey looked at her,

"What did you say to the fuck?"

"Nothing really, Just getting him angry. Eric is going to fuck him up."

Casey just smiled, "He better or I'm going to do it myself."

After the warm-up the team lined up for the faceoff. Dmitri and Eric were on defense and they had the first line out. Brett played center on the first line of the opposing team and he had his two cronies on the wings. It quickly became apparent to the Brett's team that the club team was not going to be a push over. Even though Brett had won the faceoff one of the wingers had slipped around his man and rushed the defense.

The winger managed a poke check and recovered the puck for a quick shot on goal. The goalie blocked it but the rest of the forecheck was right there. After 4 more quick shots the other team managed to break the puck out. One of Brett's line mates tried to beat Eric wide but Eric was expecting it and smashed him into the boards. Brett swung in and grabbed the loose puck but was stopped dead in his tracks by the 300+ pounds of Russian muscle that was Dmitri. Brett found himself flying backwards before unceremoniously landing on his ass.

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