tagIncest/TabooHis Mother Knew He Loved Her

His Mother Knew He Loved Her


Val had a problem, a serious one too. It was her son, for the last 2 to 3 months he had been getting closer to her, but being his mother, she loved it. He was attentive, kind, complimentary, and loving, very loving.

He had always been closer to her than his dad, who was gone now, gone for the last 3 years. Val had had enough of his philandering and thrown him out. Craig had been 16 at the time. He did miss his dad, but he got used to it quickly because it gave him his mother, he had no competition.

And further down the road he had got closer and closer to her, they always shared little kisses, hugs, and closeness. They would sit together on the sofa, hands would be held, Val had fallen asleep many times with her head on his growing shoulder.

Her problem, if that's what it could be called because she couldn't actually define it was his very closeness. Val was a normal woman in every way. She had gone out on dates, but never had sex with any one, she couldn't bring herself to allow it. Craig had not been happy when she dated, he had sulked, but he had never taken it out on her.

She had smiled at his sullenness, and paid great attention to him to pull him out of it. He would end up laughing and giggling with her. He wasn't abnormal in any way except he loved and wanted his mother, he knew that wasn't regarded as normal, but to him, it was the most normal thing in the world, to want to love his beautiful sexy mother.

'That's why,' he thought, 'there are men knocking on our door, because she is so gorgeous, they want her. They want what should, and is, going to be mine as soon as!

He had spent a lot of time working on what would be their wedding vows. He was working towards that end. He had down loaded them, and reworked the words to suit them both.

Now they had been refined. He read and re read them to himself. 'She'll be so happy when she speaks them to me,' he told himself. He would be 19 in 2 weeks time, it was time to start letting his mother know of his intentions, not by coming right out with it, but leading her towards it.

He began by increasing his attention to her, his hugs became more frequent, not every 2 minutes, he didn't want to alarm her. Val responded in kind, it was nice to get love and hugs from a man again, even if it was her ever growing lovely son.

'Oh I love him so much,' she would say to herself. 'I hope he gets all his life's wishes for himself.' Not yet fully knowing what those wishes for himself, were, her!

It was her 38th birthday tomorrow. All his life he had wished his birthday had fallen on hers. He had already arranged a party for her, but had carefully selected who would be there, it was to be in their house. He had no intention of being blindsided by a late contender for his mothers love.

He had bought 6 dozen red roses, they were all over the house, the cost of the party and the flowers had cleaned him out, he was flat broke now, but the look on his mothers face when she came in, after being sent out, made it worth every penny he had spent.

She stood there in the hall, her jaw on the floor, there were about 35 people waiting for her, they cheered and clapped, gave her presents, and made a fuss of her. Val looked at Craig, he gave a small shrug of his now widening shoulders, and did his lop sided smiled she loved so much. Val burst into tears and went to him, she knew he had been doing something, but didn't know what he was up to.

She cried huge tears onto his shoulder, she held him tight, kissed his cheek, and said, 'Oh Craig you are such a beautiful wonderful boy, I love you with all my heart.' Then she felt his hard on again pressing into her.

She looked him in the eye, and a silent connection was made. Val let him go, took his hand and went around all the friends and neighbours who wished her all the best. He kept sideways as much as possible so people wouldn't see his 'stalk.'

The party was a roaring success, a few of the males paid her more attention than he liked, but by and large she was his for the evening. At the end of the night, and people began to leave, they were left alone. Val went to him, took him in her arms, she kissed his cheek lovingly.

Craig whispered that he loved her. 'I love you too baby, I always will.'

'Will you mum?' he asked her.

'Why yes darling, as long as I live I will love you, and if you ever need caring for, I will care for you.' She told him.

'Oh mum, I'm so happy to know that,' he said, 'because I want to marry you, I want you to be my wife, we can marry the day after 19th birthday, okay mum?'

Craig turned and left, he headed for the stairs and to his room. On the way up, he looked down at his mother who was still standing where she was, mouth open, and struck dumb!

'Promise me you will think about it, I will ever love only you mum.' Then she heard his door close.

Val stood there for a whole 5 minutes. Shocked wasn't the word for it. She decided to resolve this in the morning, she didn't trust herself to walk into his room and chat about it right now.

She slept like a dead person that night, she had been exhausted by the days events.

She was up at 8:30, Craig wouldn't show until at least midday, she set about returning her house to her home after the party, she was still happily pleased about what her son had done for her. And she would love him even more forever than she did before he had thrown her party. She smiled at his unbidden reaction to her.

But her mind hadn't forgotten his words before leaving her in the hall open mouthed and stunned. She had known he was changing, and now it was all clear, he had been working towards this. He loved her, she knew he was feeling sexual to her, she was a woman after all, she knows when a man has the 'hots' for her.

But this was different, he wanted them to be, not mother and son any more, but man and wife! Where the hell had that come from? She had to admit, after much thought, that he was a really good looking boy, sorry, she told herself, man!

Val sat at the kitchen table with a coffee, and pondered her situation. 'I love him, what am I to do, I can't possibly hurt him can I?' She turned her thoughts to what it would be like to be loved by such a young man, could she find him sexually attractive?

The answer to that came from her nipples, they twanged her. 'Stop it,' she admonished herself, and giggled softly. She felt as if she were somehow at crossroads in her life now. Her loose attempts at a relationship with another man had all failed at the first hurdle, she just didn't want another man in her life.

Val took the plunge in her mind, she forced herself to 'see' her with him, in her bed, what would he be like, would he be a good lover, would he love her for what she was, not because she was more than good looking. She already knew that answer to the last part, he would definitely love her for who she was, not what she looked like.

'But it can't happen, I can't let it,' she said to the wall. But Val knew she had quite liked the idea of loving him, she would never again have some almost strange man trying to seduce her and get her into bed. 'No, that would be a real bonus wouldn't it?'

Val then did something she had never done, despite her innate beauty, she was eternally shy, all her sexual acts of love, and playing, had taken place in the bedroom, she had been a virgin when she married.

She slipped her hand under her robe, and played with herself, her knowing fingers found her clit, it was up and hard, she rubbed it, Her mind focussed on Craig, she orgasmed almost immediately. She regained her senses to find herself with her forehead on the table, and soft grunting coming from her lips.

'Oh wow! Oh goodness me, Mmmm, that was so so good,' the orgasm was still rippling through her, it gave her immense relief and satisfaction, it had been a long time since she had cum like that. But it troubled her to know the thoughts of her son had caused it. She hurriedly opened the door and windows, her sex smell pervaded the air she was breathing.

She busied herself around the house, she soon had it looking spic and span, then breakfast got on the go, She made the Full Monty, everything she could find that constituted breakfast food was cooked.

Piling up a huge tray she headed up to Craig's room, she was apprehensive about the first eye contact, would he be okay, would he apologise for what he had said, although she believed none was required.

Val knocked on his door with her elbow. 'Craig, open the door baby, I have your breakfast.'

It opened, and there he was, stood in all his manly glory, PJ bottoms hanging off his narrow hips. Craig stood back, Val entered, 'get back into bed honey,' she told him, their eyes met.

It was alright, there was no embarrassment for either of them. He got in, his mother set the feet on the tray and gave it to him.

'This looks great mum.' He told her.

'Just for you baby, just for you, it's a thank you for last night, you were utterly marvellous.'

'It was you who made it marvellous mum, you shone like the brightest star.'

Her heart broke at his words, tears tumbled from her lovely green eyes. 'Thank you darling, thank you,' and left hurriedly.

Craig watched his mother walk away, 'God she is just so wonderful,' he wasn't thinking of how much he wanted to fuck her, he was thinking of who she was.

Val sat back at the table, 'how had she raised such a person as he, he is more man than any man I have ever met, and that includes his dad.'

Craig upstairs ate as he thought, his plan, such as it was, was working to perfection. He knew his mother, although he would never claim to know her very inner feelings. He was sure of one thing, he loved her, he loved her as a man would love a woman such as she.

What he wasn't sure of, did, would, and could she love him in the same way. Many boys loved and even made love their mothers, but could a mother truly love her son in the same way as he loved her? That was the question that was nagging him.

His prick was up and looking at him though his PJs. He took it in hand and wanked to the vision of his beautiful mother in his mind.

He went downstairs after showering, in the kitchen his mother stood as he entered. They hugged, but Craig kept his lower half away from her.

'Craig darling last night was wonderful I loved it so much, it was the best birthday I have ever had.'

'You deserved it mum, you have no idea how much people love you and respect you.'

Val beamed at him, 'Craig you are the best, I love you baby, come on lets go for a walk.'

When they returned, everything was good between them, she hadn't brought up his parting shot, she had decided to leave it. Craig was happy about this because he knew she would make him tell her more.

Val began planning his birthday, she was going to push the boat right out for him, she had to be quick, it was now less than 2 weeks away.

To avoid any nasty problems, she hired a party planner, it cost, but in the end it would be worth it. A hotel was booked, the room suitably decorated with 19year old banners and the like.

And she booked 2 rooms, one for her and one for him, his attention to her grew, and Val found herself being floated along with it. But it didn't cloud her mind, Craig was her son, and he would remain so, no matter what happened.

In the 10 or so days between his birthday Craig gently intensified his attentive ways to his mother, he grew closer, when they sat on the sofa, he was nearer than the last time, he bought her little gifts, just small ones, jokey ones, they and he made her laugh.

An old girl friend had told him once, that the way to a woman's heart, according to her world wise mother, was to make the woman laugh. This he did, and very easily. He would have her crying sometimes at his antics. Then Val would see a look in his eye, she knew it was his love, her heart would melt.

On the night of his bash, she booked a car for them, she flatly refused to tell him where they were going and what was happening. He had brought his version of the wedding vows, in the hope he could at least show her them, if not say them.

They arrived at the hotel, and strung right across the front was a banner. It read.

Happy 19th Craig, we love you.'

His eyes popped, he looked at his mother, they were stood back from it, his mouth gripped, he couldn't speak, a lump the size of a boulder was in his throat.

'You okay honey?' she whispered, and fixed her arm around his waist, she saw the tears forming. 'Mum,' he stuttered, 'I didn't know,' he gulped.

'You weren't supposed to darling, come on people are waiting for you.'

She led him into the room booked for them, People jumped out at him, clapped him on the back, gave him cards and presents. He was overcome with emotion, he cried in front of them, it was the most emotional moment in his young life.

They all understood, and cheered him.

He calmed down, his mother by his side, and then they partied, song and dance were the order of the night.

At 10pm his mother called the room to order, champagne was dished out, a toast was made by his best friend.

And then Val shouted to every one. 'Right you lot, out to the front of the hotel, I have a small surprise.'

They all trooped out wondering what was on.

As they all stood around Craig and his mother, she took something out of her bag and pressed it.

Right in front of them a car came to life, lights blinked and it beeped, doors unlocked. Craig looked her dumbfounded.

She handed him what she had pressed, 'go ahead baby, take a look, it's your birthday present.'

For the second time that night he couldn't speak. She led him to the small car, it wasn't brand new, her money hadn't run to that, but it nearly was. And it was all in his name.

He took her in his arms and nearly crushed her to death, he kissed her cheek, and then her lips, Val blushed to the roots.

It was the car he had looked at 2 months ago, and he had told her that he would buy it one day.

After a long inspection, listening to the engine and trying this button and that, they returned to his do!

The party drew to a close in the early hours. 'Come on darling,' she said, 'time for bed.' He looked at her with hope in his eyes.

She gave him a key, 'that's your room babe, this is mine.'

They walked to the elevator, and went up. In the hall she kissed his cheek, hugged him, and felt his prick poke her in the stomach. Craig said, 'hang on mum, I have something I want you to read please.'

He disappeared, their things were already in their respective rooms, she had told him that.

He came back with his vows., hesitatingly he handed them to her, 'read these mum, it's me and you.'

Then with a soft loving kiss he left her.

Val went into her room, and sat on the bed and opened the book.

It astonished her, she read of speaking her love for him, she would honour him, look after him, be faithful and all the other words he had turned into them. Then she read of his words, of love, cherish, no other, she was the most treasured thing in his life.

She cried then, now she knew for certain what he wanted, it wasn't a demand, or an expectation, it was a declaration of his undying love for her. Her heart lurched in her chest. 'Oh Craig, my darling, my beautiful boy, you are so mature in your mind.'

She stared at the vows in her hand, it was burning it. She stood, got ready for bed, made her self comfortable, sitting at the dressing table she brushed her hair, made her face look good. Read the vows again that Craig had turned into theirs.

Then she picked up the house phone.

'Hello?' she heard him say.

Val took a deep deep breath. 'Come to my room Craig, I'm waiting for you.' She put the phone down before he could answer.

He knocked and Val opened it, in her other hand was his vows.

When he had entered, she faced him in the centre of her room. Then she spoke the words that would lead them to where Craig hoped with all his heart that they would go.

'You are Mr Craig Dwight, yes?' she asked him. He nodded his head, he daren't speak.

'I am Mrs Valerie Dwight, yes?'

Again he nodded his head.

'We'll read these tomorrow, when my head is clear,' she told him, showing him the vows.

Then his mother said to him. 'So really, we are already Mr and Mrs Dwight are we not?'

'Yes mum,' he mumbled, not knowing what was going on.

'Come here baby,' she said, and raised her hand. He took it, and she pulled him after her. When she got to the bed, Val dropped her robe, under it was the short nightie, she got in, not letting go of his hand, pulled him after her, then she looked at him in the sexiest way she knew.

Her eye lids fluttered, her lips filled with blood, they quivered in expectation, she was becoming aroused. 'Lose your bed clothes darling,' she whispered throatily. Now he cottoned on, he did, and got in with her.

Val pushed him onto his back, and leaned over him.

'Craig, I know you love me, and I love you too, but you had better mean this, if you ever let me down, I'll never speak to you again, I promise!'

'Mum, oh mum,' he croaked as her hand skidded across his chest. 'I love you mum with all my heart, I won't ever ever hurt you I swear.'

She looked at him so intently, her huge grey eyes penetrated his soul. She decided he was telling the truth, and her hand found his stiff hard prick. 'Oh oh Ooooh oh mum,' he bleated.

Then she kissed him as she squeezed him, he had no idea what to do, he wasn't a virgin, but he was an absolute learner now.

'Wanna go for it stud, before it's too late?' she asked him with a playful smile on her lips. He nodded his head, not knowing what she meant, but she knew, he was almost ready to blow, she let go of his prick and got over him. And she sank down, she was tight, her pussy was unused, but down she went in one fluid movement.

This was to be the first of many firsts, he wasn't a really experienced lover, but he had never been underneath, it almost blew his mind, looking up at this gorgeous woman on top of him, his mother.

Her own arousal took her over, she was just about to cum, when he lurched from the bed, knees up her back, head reared off the bed, he was shooting his load into her, this took her over the edge too, she fell on her son, and kissed him, then held him tight while he shuddered to a stop.

Val enveloped her son in her arms, her feet were under his calves, he lay back, absolutely shattered, it had happened! He was where he had wanted to be even before he knew what loving was.

'Mum, oh mum, he gurgled, 'I'm dying here, If I do, I will die the happiest of men, I have just been loved by you, the most beautiful wonderful woman on earth. You love me, you do, don't you mum?'

'Yes baby, I love you, I have always loved you, and now we have moved to a relationship love, can you handle that baby?'

Craig was recovering from the mind bending shock of having sex with the woman he loved.

She had taken control, he realised that she was the one who knew about these things. 'If I can't mum will you teach me, will you teach me to love you the way you want, need and deserve to be loved.'

'You had better believe it baby, you have a lot to learn about me, and now I'm so looking forward to it, I could burst.' She threw her nightie off, and lay at his side. 'Now honey, do what you want, I'm yours, I will never say no to you, go for it Craig, give me your best shot!' She laid her arms above her lovely head on the pillow, Craig rose on one elbow, his prick still stiff and ready to go.

He tentatively kissed her, she kissed him right back. This gave him the courage to touch her, this led to more and more, soon Val was moaning into his mouth as he pinched and twisted her nipples. Her arms encircled his neck, she was giving him all of her.

She was determined to let him have his head, to travel around her wherever his emotions took him. His mouth followed his fingers on her nipples, they were like rifle bullets, and she was getting ready to be fired. She wasn't going tell him just yet, but the number he doing on her was tops!

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