tagIncest/TabooHis Mother's Fulfillment

His Mother's Fulfillment


Dear reader, this is a story of an unfaithful wife, with her son's best friend, and turns into an incest story with her son.

Mia was laid on her back and trying to recover from the tremendous shattering explosion that had just rocked her beautiful body for the second time in the last 10 minutes.

She was also trying to reconcile what had just happened and how. Less than 45 minutes ago sad but so sexy woman had been in her kitchen looking forlornly out of the window, a cup of coffee in her dainty small hand. And wondering why her life seemed to be a treadmill instead of the feeling of fulfilment she used to have. All she was now it seemed was she was a skivvy to her family.

Her husband had gone to work, bag in hand, he wouldn't be home for 3 more days, barely a word spoken at breakfast, her 18 year old son had come down, grabbed a piece of toast, a drink from her coffee and was gone, shouting over his shoulder that he wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon. she couldn't remember him speaking either apart from that, her life had been degenerating for some time now.

What's wrong with him, she thought, here I am, I wait on him hand and foot, and off he goes to work with barely a civil word, it would serve him right if I took off for a while and did my own thing!

`I know I'm beautiful looking, people always take a second look at me, men try and seduce me, he has me here at his beck and call and now he hardly comes near me, and last night was a disaster, he just went to bloody sleep on me!` She raged to herself.

Mia was 5" and a little bit, but she was all woman, she was perfectly formed, gorgeous chestnut hair parted sexily down the middle and framing her beautiful full lipped face, it slid down between her shoulder blades, 37 years old and still well in her prime.

Her huge wide brown eyes could stop traffic, over the top of which were 2 very elegantly arched eye brows, between them a pert upturned nose, small white even teeth that lit the sky. Her body was still in great shape and was still sensitive to the touch, not that it was touched very often these days, she thought sadly.

But today her life was going to take a dramatic turn, one that would knock her senseless, stupefy her totally. She was leaning against the sink looking out of the window into her garden. She wasn't thinking of anything in particular except that she needed some TLC from somewhere?

She was wearing her short dressing gown it finished about 4" above her shapely knees, a woollen towelling one that was tied with a loose bow at the front. She just brushed her hair to a shining gleam, nothing on her feet; she really was at her tiniest.

Under the dressing gown was the sheer see through negligee she had worn last night in the futile attempt to get him up and running.

Suddenly her back door opened making her jump. In walked Curt Hanson her sons best friend, he treated her house as his own, and so did her son at his house, they had palled around for the last 10 or more years, and she had watched them grow into fine and very handsome young men.

`Huh` she thought `what I wouldn't give for a fine young man right now,` and giggled to her self.

`Hi Curt,`she greeted him.

`Hi yourself Mrs T` he said back, he always called her that instead of Mrs Tinder.

`I think its time you started calling me by my first name Curt, you are old enough now, don't you think?`

`Sure thing Mia, no problem.` He answered her confidently. She peered up, aware of him.

Mia didn't know how much he had the hots for her, he would love to try his luck, but was too scared in case it went tits up! That's why he was here this morning; he knew Si was away for the day, so he just wanted to be near her, to look at her, think how beautiful and so sexy she was. He knew Mr T was away too, so he would have all day if he could work it out.

Something in her way this morning told him there was something wrong, he wondered what it was, he was just about to ask when she poured and gave him a coffee.

Curt sat at the breakfast bar facing her, Mia sat down too, facing more or less his way. She couldn't stop the sad look spreading around her face. Her mouth was part open, he could see her teeth, her full bottom lip a straight line, her pouty upper one curving over the top. It made his prick lurch.

The look she had made him want to sweep her into his arms and make her feel good. He asked, `what's wrong Mia, you look so sad?`

`Oh,` she said, `a bit of this and that, I just feel a bit down today, maybe a tad lonely?` Mia`s vulnerability was shining like a beacon, Curt felt something, not sure but he knew she was on a downer, maybe he could help her? He thought.

`Oh I'm sorry,` he answered, `please don't be like that,` not knowing that his next move would lead him to her bed and her pussy!

He simply reached out his hand and cupped her cheek in a gesture of solace; he stroked an imaginary tear from below a wondrous eye with his thumb. Mia in a state of automatic response turned her cheek further into his soft hand and rested her lips against his palm, she kissed it, a brush of her soft lips, it tingled his hand, it was an appreciation of his caring nature to her. Her desperate need for someone to be nice to her was more than she could stand.

Curt's cock nearly split his trousers, Mia sensed in him that he was excited some how, not realising it was her that was causing his excitement. She kissed his palm again, put her hand to the back of his and rubbed it gently across her cheek. Mia was seducing herself with no help from Curt.

He stood slowly and moved to her, closing the small gap in one step. He put his arm around her shoulder keeping his hand against her smooth soft cheek and told her it was alright, that he was here and would take care of her. Then he kissed the top of her head, Mia felt it and raised hers a little to see him looking down at her in such a soft loving caring way, she melted.

She raised her head a little more and said to him in an almost inaudible whisper, `do you want to kiss me Curt?`

He made no reply other than to do what she had just said. He bent his head and their lips met, he almost fell over such was the intensity he was feeling.

Mia adjusted her lips a little and the kiss was made completely, soon tongues were chasing each other, sucking and licking, it was turning into an all consuming over powering kiss neither could break just yet, and neither wanted to. Mia rose slowly from the stool and wrapped arms around him, Curt stepped to her now, pushing his undoubted hard on into her.

Mia moaned into his mouth, she couldn't fight what was taking place, she already knew it was wrong but it was so good and so right at this moment to be in the arms of a strong man, one who had a huge hard on for and caused by her, and was sticking it to her in a way she knew she could never deny.

Curt got a little brave then, he dropped his hand from her cheek but stopped at her tit, he could feel it through her dressing gown, the nipple was poking at him through it, his fingers closed over it and he squeezed, Mia knees buckled slightly.

`Ugh,` she gutturally moaned into his mouth as her grip around him tightened. Feeling for the bow at the front of her gown he found one end of it and slowly tugged, the gown fell open, his hand went straight inside and found the sheer covered tit and nipple.

His touch was electric, unrecoverable resistance was gone, she was his at the moment he had touched her cheek. She grabbed at him as he worked her rock hard nipple, she silently screamed in arousal into his mouth as her body shivered and jumped as he squeezed and pulled, then twisted it.

Mia needed love like she never had, she managed to slightly break the kiss and mumbled in his open mouth `upthairs now!`

He pulled away and Mia went to lock her door, as she turned back to him, her face was flushed and her lips were red blood filled in utter lust for him, her gorgeous eyes glared with wanton desire. He bent and swung her up off her feet, she was so light he hardly felt her weight.

He took the stairs 3 at a time, he had her on her bed in moments, Mia was searching for his cock, no airs or graces, she wanted it in her hands, in her mouth, and definitely in her already uncontrollable steaming pussy.

Curt was busy kissing her and Mia was returning his kisses, but she was also grappling with the belt of his trousers, soon it was undone, the button opened and the zip was down, she reached in and claimed her prize, Curt groaned into her mouth now, she squeezed him, pulled it to her.

`God he`s gorgeous, it feels so thick and long,` she forced him over onto his back and got to her knees, she undressed him in seconds, and took immediate possession of his cock again.

Being a lot older than him, and him being so young, she knew he wouldn't last too long so Mia climbed on him and thrust her slick sloppy wet through pussy down on him. Curt yelped in gratefulness, he thrust up as Mia drove down, 4 or 5 times she did this, then she felt him tighten, he was going to blow and as he did, he hammered up into her, and Mia drove down, her own orgasm joining his.

It bent Mia in half, the power of it bent her out of shape, it crashed and thundered its way through her, it was so intense she lost the power of her speech, her pussy was boiling and spewing forth her juices, it felt volcanic.

She aroused her mind to find herself laid prostrate on top of him, his prick still lodged tightly in her pussy. She kissed his chest and murmured, `Oh Curt, oh Curt, that was fabulous the best ever ever!`

`Yes Mia, I have never felt so good, you are wonderful, this is so good, and something I have wanted for as long as I can remember.`

`Really?` she asked.

`Yes Mia, really, I have lusted for you, and loved you from afar.` he told her.

Then Curt took control, he wasn't that experienced but he knew how to fuck, and the very thought of looking into his best friends mothers eyes as he made love to her was more than he could ever have imagined. And being his age he knew his prick was already good to go again. He rolled Mia off him and onto her back going with her, still keeping himself in her, he hooked his hands under her shoulders to hold her and began his total demolition of the wondrous sexy beautiful woman beneath him.

He kissed her as passionately as he have ever kissed anyone, including his girlfriend, who had taught him a lot in the love stakes, she was 2 years older than he was. His tongue its way into her suction powered mouth, Mia took him hungrily.

Then his hips took the control they were looking for, he powered smoothly in and out of her, his prick had hardly gone down. Mia´s mouth was hanging open as he thrust strongly but evenly in and out, unknowingly building her up to the crescendo her body was seeking.

She reached around him letting him take her, her arms and legs like fixtures across his broad young back, her nails raking paths over his pulsing shoulders. Her mouth fastened itself to his shoulder, her teeth digging wonderfully into him, it forced a growl of arousing excitement from him.

He dropped his head beside hers, and bit into her neck, Mia was too far gone to worry or care if he marked her. His chest on hers and hands holding exactly where he wanted her to be, he smashed his loins against hers again and again, his prick thumping open her pussy, driving in where a decent prick hadn't been in years. Mia cried out in painful submissive endurance, her arousal so far above any feeling that could save her from this, he thundered back and forth, then that interminable unassailable building of the tsunami that would take her to hell and heaven at the same time.

She blew like a whale at sea, her orgasm beat her inside out, it decimated her body, she went rigid, lax, tight, loose, every way she could go inwardly, she went. Mia cried out loudly, beseeching him to fuck her, love her, hurt her, give it to her, make her give in, force her submission. Luke more than obliged, his prick was pile driving him and her onwards, his own ejaculation on its way he crashed into her for the final time and erupted what seemed like a gallon of cum into her pussy, she felt it burning its way up her channel, it made her feel dreamy, almost unconscious as he filled her to full, it squirted out between them mixed with her own cum.

The soft beautiful girl woman beneath him loved him in a way he didn't know existed, her beauty beguiled him totally, he was in awe that she had given her very heart and soul to him this day. Mia held him in her arms, and asked him, `if he was okay?`

´Oh yes Mia, the world is wonderful with you in it, and here with me like this.`

Her heart swelled with gladness, someone was giving her the love she was craving for, it should be her husband, `but he isn't here, and he isn't bothered about me anyway,` she said to herself, as she rolled to face him, she kissed him and he nearly died with excitement, the touch of her lips sent him dizzy, her hands felt his chest and drew patterns around him. He had never been with a woman before, girls yes, but never a woman so beautiful, so knowing and so needful of him.

She kissed his neck, then began to work her way down his body, he was giddy, trembling, her hand found his balls, squeezing and tugging, gently on them. He watched in amazement as her mouth closed over his half limp prick, she began to suck it, his cock felt so warm and hot as her breath and mouth heated him up. Her lovely chestnut mane swaying about on his flat stomach, then he felt something unusual, he realised her finger was probing at his tight ass hole, he squirmed under her as she continued her ministrations, his prick was rising to the task, there was no way it would remain dormant, not when she was doing what she was doing.

Minutes later he was ready again, Mia couldn't believe it, 3 times in less than an hour and a quarter and he was hard for her once more, this in itself caused a ripple of an orgasm to roll through her, raising her own excitement almost to fever pitch.

´Do me on my knees from behind Curt, I want you to make love to me that way.´ she told him, with utter lust and re arousal in her quivering voice.

He jumped to his knees and was waiting behind her ready to start before she even got to her own knees, as she got up he slapped her rump with a resounding smack, Mia yelped but accepted it. Curt saw her reaction and walloped her again 3 times more.

`Ooooh Curt, Oh Curt, Mmmmm,` she mumbled, and bent her head in acceptance of what ever he was going to decide to do.

He rammed his engorged cock hard into her and took off with such powerful thrusts she skidded up the bed, only to come to a stop when her hands and arms prevented her from going any further, Curt absolutely hammered into her, her knees were lifting from the bed such was the unadulterated ferocity of his fucking of her, his hands on her hips stopping her from being thrown off his prick. Mia was calling out to him. ` Oh Curt, Oh my God, How can y... Oh no... Arggh... ple... CURT!.. CURT!... She orgasmed then, it hit her so quickly and so unexpectedly she lost power, she went limp, but Curt kept up his onslaught. Mia was the recipient of a fucking she had craved for for years, and it was her sons best friend, a boy she had seen grow into a superman.

Then Curt unknowingly pulled back a little too far, his cock slipped out and before he knew what he was doing he had rammed into Mia´s defenceless and unprotected ass! He felt the difference, the tightness; the slick inners of her were trying to eject him and yet, at the same time, was swallowing him up.

Mia couldn't speak, she was still in concussion from her huge orgasm, she was too weak to get away. Curt continued fucking her, it wasn't until he looked down after several gigantic thrusts into her that he saw where he was. But in the state he was in he had no power of his own to desist from it. He just kept going and going, Mia found her voice but it wasn't begging him to stop, it was urging him on to greater heights.

` Oh yes Curt, oh yes my love, do me Curt, do me baby, do what you want, oh my god yessss... yes... yes... Her knees slid slowly back, she took him down with her, she was totally under him, his 6ft plus frame was completely over her petite beautiful 5ft one. She was laid fully prone at the alter of his love.

He suddenly gripped her tight, his prick bottomed out one last time, he was going to cum, she felt the urgency for it flood from to her. He pumped shot after shot into her, Mia could feel the warmth of it spreading in her bowels, it was wonderful, that very act caused another rolling orgasm to follow his around her body.

After what seemed like an eternity they uncoupled, Curt fell off, his prick popping out with a soft but audible pop. Mia never moved, her breath was still ragged, he was still breathing deeply, this was brand new to him, `if this was making love to a woman, then bring it on,` he guffawed inside.

He pulled her to him, he just wanted to be close to her, to wallow in the after glow of her love, her smell, her closeness, the feel of her luscious sexy body naked next to him was unbearably good.

`Would it be alright to tell you that I love you Mia?` He whispered almost silently to her.

`After what you've just done to me Curt, anything you said would be alright with me baby,` she told him gently.

He nuzzled the side of her face, he wanted to capture her lips again, those orbs of love that sent him dizzy with love for her, the firm softness, the capture of his lips by hers were tantamount to robbery of his very soul.

The next 2 hours were spent in, on and around each other in every way they could imagine, Curt was in love, but he knew in the back of his mind that this would not, could not last. This was his best friend's mother, their families were friends, they did things together. But he hoped he could continue to see her at every opportunity.

As they showered together, both working the other into a frenzy of excitement, culminating in her swallowing his very last load of cum down her throat while on her knees before her boy god, he said to her.

´ Mia, I know this is going to be difficult, but I want to keep seeing you, only at your permission, when and where, but I'll do anything you tell me if you let me still see you, I need to love you whenever I can, please Mia?

Mia had already gone through the scenario, and she was going to tell him that sadly it had to stop. But when he said that, it changed her mind.

`If you promise to me you will keep your word, that discretion is paramount, then yes Curt, I will still see you, I have your number I will text you, and you must delete any texts I or you send, nothing must be left to chance. And you must never try it on anywhere at any time, only I shall give the go ahead, and don't worry baby, it will be as often as I can manage okay?` She kissed him, whispered, `I love you too Curt, I think?` she told him, surprising even herself.

Two days later found them in the back seat of her car in the country, she was on her back, knees raised, Curt on top of her giving her a tongue lashing of monumental proportions, his face pressed tight to her pussy, the whole of her pussy lips were in it, and he was pulling her apart. Her mouth clamped tight over his prick, she was trying to gain some sort of ascendancy but it was impossible, she couldn't defeat him. Her orgasm finished the contest, although Curt didn't know one was taking place, all that was in his mind was the fact the this woman of extraordinary beauty was underneath him wailing and crying, and humping about as he loved her.

He hadn't cum yet, he didn't want or need to just yet, all he wanted was to satisfy Mia, to make her happy and want him again. He was in first place on that score. She climbed into his lap as he sat upright on the car seat, pushing her knees under his arms, her small body fitted him perfectly, she pointed him at her and sat down with a deep sigh of satisfaction. His prick filled her to splitting point, she could feel the head at her cervix, and as she lifted and dropped she was sure it had entered her.

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