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His Other Half


Dear readers,

This is my fist story, I hope you enjoy reading it as I have writing it.



Zackary was sitting in his office waiting for his betas to arrive. They were planning on having a grand party. 'What's taking them so long' he thought to himself. While he was deep in thought they came in. He gestured them to sit.

His beta Corey started to talk. "Alpha we would like you to know that we are inviting even humans to come." His alpha nodded for him to continue.

They were in a tough time right now. It was getting close to Zackary's time to find his mate but has not yet. They have been throwing extravagant parties at the mansion hoping he would find her.

"Thank you Corey" his alpha said. He was hoping this party would be the one he finds her. He wants his alpha bitch at his side. They were inviting everyone from all the packs so he could find her. Just as he was about to dismiss them there was a knock at the door. "Come in." Zack said.

As Teresa walked in the betas walked out. When he caught her scent he couldn't help but roll his eyes. He looked up from his work and she looked down at him seductively. Zack swore under his breath and finally spoke. "What do you want now Teresa?" She looked down at her sexy alpha and wanted to rip his clothes off him that second. She spoke, "Oh I just wanted to let you know I am here if you need me alpha." She gave a sexy grin and winked at him. He glared at her, remembering one of his lonely nights with this distasteful woman. She got him into her room one night and they fucked. It meant nothing to him and she couldn't even make him cum. He didn't because she was not the one for him. Zack needed to find his mate. He has been waiting a long time for his mate. He has waited 100 years for her. He prayed to Luna that he would find her soon. He just had to let the fates take its course. Looking back at Teresa he spoke. "No Teresa I don't need you. Thanks but you can leave now. I have a lot of planning to do."

As he watched Teresa stomp out he planned for the night that was coming.

'I hope I find her tonight. Luna let me find her please.' He thought as he got up to go to his bedroom. He walked into his bedroom and picked out clothes for tonight. A sexy blue-green button down shirt and dark pair of nice fitting jeans just made for him. He was a tall guy 6"4, milk chocolate brown eyes and longish shaggy brown hair. Strong jaw line broad shouldered and chiseled muscles all over his body. He was big and strong. He was a leader. He walked to the bathroom for a nice relaxing shower. He undressed himself and thought about finding his mate and what he was going to do to her when he found her. His wolf was pleased and his cock started to stir. He let out a heavy sigh and walked into the shower, turning the water on he let the hot water run down his back. He thought about what she would look like and thought about how she would be his world. He started to relax and soak in the heat. He washed himself up, got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He looked into the mirror at his reflection. Knowing he was good looking he thought about how so many begged for him to claim them as his mate. But they were not so he walked away.

Getting dressed he then walked back to his office to make sure his paper work was done, for now at least. He descended down the stairs to see all the omegas at work. He smiled knowing people would be showing up soon.

Having a strong feeling that the fates were going to be in his favor tonight he smiled and went to the kitchen. He got a snack and then heard people talking in the ball room realizing people were starting to show up.


Zoey was on her way to the party she was invited to. Her friends told her about the extravagant parties that she went to. She got intrigued and finally decided to go. She was not really the dress up type girl because she was insecure about how she looked. She is 5"4 and she was very curvy. Big lushes hips and big bust 36DD. Boys stared but she wasn't interested in guys that only cared about her tits. Driving down the road she made it to the estate. It was huge! She smiled as the gates opened -when she waved to the guard with the invite in her hand- and the mansion came into view and her jaw dropped. It was beautiful. Something inside drew her in.

As she got out of the car and she walked up to the door her heart started to flutter. She has never felt like that before. She stopped thinking about it and opened the door and saw all of the people before her. Inside was even more beautiful than the outside. Everything about this place screamed power and beauty. She locked her eyes on a tall man that was talking to a small woman. She instantly got jealous of the woman and didn't know what came over her. She didn't even know the man but as soon and she saw him she instantly got turned on.

Taking a deep breath she started to walk around the people when she felt like someone was looking at her. She turned around and saw the man from earlier looking at her. Looking into his eyes she felt drawn to him. Brushing the feeling aside she started to walk away.


Zack felt someone looking at him while he was talking to his sister. Before he looked up to see who she was her scent flew at her and he breathed it in sweet vanilla and spices. He loved to it pulled him to her. When he finally looked up she saw him walking away. He saw her turning around and they locked eye contact. When he did he saw what she was. He knew in his heart that she was his mate. His wolf came out and he could feel him wanting to claim her. He pushed him back knowing he couldn't yet. He had to get to know her. If not he knew it could end badly.

He started to walk to her. He needed to get to know her. He needed her to know she was is and always has and will be his


Zoey felt him walking behind her. She knew he was following her. She walked into what she assumed to be the dining room and turned around to find him right in front of her. Her heart was starting to flutter and she felt herself getting hot and wet. She hopped he didn't notice, even though he smelt it right away. Feeling his cock stir he looked down at her and smiled.

"Hello my name is Zackary Castle. What is your name?" Zack said as she felt her tenseness.

Looking up at him she blushed and she looked down. "My name is Zoey Mathews."

She was beautiful. Her long dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes, full lush lips, and beautiful curves screamed to him and his wolf. He couldn't stop himself from lifting her head up to him so he could look into her beautiful eyes.

This only caused her to blush more and get embarrassed but he thought she was beautiful. He finally let go of her face and sat down he waited for her to sit down too. She finally sat. She was compelled to kiss him and she didn't even know she moved closer to him until she felt his lips on her.

She pulled back and muttered an apology. "It's okay Zoey." Then Zack pulled her back to him and started to kiss her again. He pulled away after the passionate kiss and looked into her eyes and said, "Follow me please." She followed.

"Where are we going?" He heard her say.

He pulled her along and said "just trust me please. I won't hurt you; I want to show you something."

She followed him and looked at the beautiful artwork in the mansion.

He opened his bedroom door and let her go first.

She looked at the breath taking view of what she knew was a bedroom. "Is this your bedroom?" she said in awe. It was bigger than her small apartment.

He looked down at her and looked into her eyes and said "Yes this is my bedroom, you are in my home.

Feeling pulled to this large man she looked up at him and stood on her toes and gave him a gentle kiss.

He started to kiss her back but with more power into it started out nice and slow but turned passionate when he rubbed his tongue along the seam of her lips and she moaned and he shoved his hungry tongue in. They started to slowly walk over to his bed without realizing it.

Zack moved his hands up and down Zoey's body, feeling all of her curves knowing he could never get tired of them. Zoey rubbed her body against him knowing what her body wants. He brain was trying to fight it. She didn't know anything about him but right now she didn't care, she just wanted him now.

Setting Zoey on his very high bed he had her lay down. He crawled on top of her looked into her eyes and dove in to kiss her. This time more urgent. He ran his hands on her cheeks and he heard her giggle. He started to move his hands down her body and over all of her curves spending more time on her ample breasts. He moved his hand down lower and started to play with the hem of her shirt and pulled lightly on it.

He felt her tense up. He knew he was moving too fast. H sighed and was about to apologies when she looked and him then down and said very quietly "Sorry it's just that I'm a virgin... I'm scared." He looked deep into her eyes and got up. She felt embarrasses. Obviously he would want someone that had experience. Who would actually want her? 'I mean look at me I'm fat and I'm not even that good looking' she thought to herself.

As she got up and was about to leave he grabbed onto her wrist and he looked at him into his chocolate brown eyes as he said, "Don't leave please, there is nothing wrong with you."

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