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His Own Personal Cheerleader


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My husband and I were in college for five years. His student teaching was in the fall of his first senior year. It was a nerve racking first few days but once he got into it, it was OK.

He was teaching mostly seniors. Some of the girls in his classes were only a couple of years younger than he was (17/18 versus 21 at the time). A few of them thought he was kind of cute and one or two of them fawned over him. That didn't bother him too much. When he would get home from teaching he sometimes gave me a hard time about it; that he could have his pick of several nubile young things, some of whom were of legal age (16 in that state at that time).

Of course, the "legal age" thing wasn't quite true. Since hubby was in a position of authority, i.e. a teacher, they were off limits for all purposes. We still had some good laughs about it. That all changed on the Friday of the second week.

The school had a tradition that the day before a home football game, the players would wear their jerseys and the cheerleaders would wear their outfits in class all day.

What hubby didn't realize was that the four cute girls in the front row of one of his classes were all varsity cheerleaders. One or more of them had apparently decided that it would be fun to toy with the student teacher and see if they could get a rise out of him. The four of them teamed up and quietly crossed and uncrossed their legs in tandem. They also hiked up their skirts suggestively, making sure that no one else in the room could see.

The short pleated skirts, ultra-sheer pantyhose, long strong legs and light blue bloomers were apparently quite an eyeful. As you would expect, the girls were also among the prettiest in the school.

They caught him by surprise. He was distracted but somehow managed to hide that fact from the rest of the class. The girls, however, knew immediately that their ploy was working. They got a little bolder and tried to throw him off his stride. At one point, one of them wrote, "I'm a virgin" on an index card and held it in front of her chest.

By the time he got home, he was thinking of changing majors and giving up teaching. He didn't think he could take that week after week for a career. Even back then, at a public school, looking at a girl the wrong way could get a male teacher in trouble. The girls knew it and knew that they were safe from any advances he might care to make.

Of course, he was over-reacting about giving up teaching. I knew it and I knew that he would realize it after a while. Still, it was all I could do to get him to go back to school on Monday. I had only one class that day and it was early in our college semester. As I said, it was very early in our marriage and I wanted to do something to be a good wife and help my new husband in his hour of need. I had an idea. Maybe I could give hubby a little fun by giving him a cheerleader of his own to play with (i.e. me).

This was in the days before the Internet was quite as powerful as it is now. Today, I would just look on the net, find out what companies supply cheerleading uniforms, and then order one. Back then, I called the school and asked for the cheerleading coach, hoping to ask her where I could order a uniform. They gave me her extension but told me that she wouldn't be available until later in the day.

I called back at that appointed time and reached her in her classroom/office. I told her that my daughter was thinking of trying out next year and I wanted to know what kind of cost was involved in buying the uniform. (You see, I wasn't a cheerleader in high school and didn't know any better).

She explained with a laugh that the school provided all of the uniforms and equipment and that there was no cost to the parents. I tried to think of something to say that would make sense and somehow get me the name of the company that made the uniforms.

She heard the pause at my end of the line and made things easier. "You aren't actually a parent, are you?" Her voice sounded non-threatening, even understanding, so I admitted it. She continued, "I thought as much. You sound too young to have a fifteen year old daughter."

I said something; I don't know quite what. She said, "It's OK, I get a couple of calls like this every year from alums who want to relive old times." She was nice about it and gave me the name of the company, the specific school colors and the catalog numbers for the components of the uniform. It was obvious that she was reading off of a list that she had near her phone. Apparently she did get this request fairly often, or maybe it was just the beginning of the year and she had just ordered a set for someone. Who knows? I was just glad to have not made a complete fool of myself.

I was young and foolish back then. We had just gotten our financial aid checks for the year and were flush with cash. I called the company and ordered the full uniform in my size, including sneakers, bobby sox, pompoms and the school insignia. (Yes, I can still fit into a cheerleading outfit today, just barely. They run up to size 18 and sometimes even 20. Back then, I was a 14 and it was no problem). I was really surprised that they had everything in stock, except the insignia. (OK, light blue and white are like generic standard colors in their business but I didn't know that at the time either).

The uniform could ship the next day; the insignia would only take two weeks because they had the pattern on file. I asked them to ship the uniform right away and agreed to pay double shipping charges to get the insignia sent separately.

In the mean time, I told hubby that he would eventually get used to dealing with high-school girls and raging hormones. I also tried to convince him that it would get easier as the years went by and he got older but the students stayed young. He wasn't particularly convinced but he hung on. The girls toned it down over the next few days but still made his life difficult. I helped out in the evenings, relieving some of the sexual tension. That seemed to help some.

I also told him that I would do something special for him the Thursday night before home games, to make it easier for him. I really wanted him to do what he loved. He was having a blast being a teacher and took to it naturally, except for the part about dealing with pretty, prick-teasing, teenaged girls. I couldn't see him giving it up. I figured other male teachers had to deal with it too and he could get past it.

The next home game was two weeks after the first. In the middle of the second week, the package arrived with the full uniform. It was in a big box and it arrived in the afternoon, while he was at school teaching. I had time (a full day actually) to do some ironing and try the uniform on. It didn't quite fit right everywhere (i.e. I needed to reign in my bust a little) but I did some slight adjustments. I also bought a sports bra to give my boobs the right kind of bounce while making the uniform look right. I didn't have the insignia yet but I hoped that what I had would be close enough.

Thursday morning, I told hubby to come straight home from school and that I would have his surprise waiting for him. He wanted to know what it was but I only told him that it would help with the cheerleader problem. That afternoon, when he arrived home, I was in uniform with my hair in a ponytail just like he had described one of the girls. I also had make up on and some glitter on my cheeks.

When he got home, I was as perky as I could be. As soon as he closed the door, I came out from the bedroom of our apartment and did a cheer for him. It was petty lame and my leg kicks almost ended me up on the floor, but it worked. He came over to me with a ravenous look in his eye. I fawned over him and told him, "Mr. Johnson, I would do anything to get an A in your class."

In this case, "anything" was a rather extensive list, starting with me on my knees giving him a blowjob right on the spot. He was still wearing the clothes he wore at school (this was just after he arrived home) and it gave him the full feeling of what it would be like to have one of his cheerleader prick teases giving him head on her knees.

It was pretty much non-stop from there. He didn't come from the BJ (he rarely does) so he decided to move on to the main course. For him, that meant having me lean over a desk (we had one, thank goodness) and spanking me with a ruler. As far as I can remember, that was the first time he spanked me for his enjoyment rather than mine. It was a different experience for me. I didn't know quite what to do.

I wanted him to enjoy it and really give it to me but I didn't want to get hurt too bad. We had never heard of the concept of a safe word at that point and I was a little scared. I closed my eyes and decided to enjoy it as long as I could. Once it got to be too much, I figured that I would pretend that it was my mom or dad doing it. I had had my share of spankings growing up and I knew I could take one more for my husband.

Well, I didn't have much to worry about, after all. He gave me five hard swats over the panties and five more on my bare bottom all with the ruler. He scolded me about not doing my homework and other such stuff. I waited for more and heard him drop the ruler. He put his hand on my bottom and spanked me a couple more times. Then he just started groping me. I was starting to get hot but I wondered what he was going to do.

Then the groping stopped and I heard him lower his zipper. I giggled. Oh, God, I thought, he's going to do me right her over the desk. It was a real turn on. I heard him getting it wet and felt him spread my bottom. He put it between my bottom cheeks. He slid up and down my crack but didn't seem to be going for a back door entry. He paused after a moment and "parked" it at the front entrance.

"Now, Angela," he said, "I understand you're a virgin. Is this true?"

I took my cue. "Yes Mr. Johnson." I said, sounding as frightened and virginal as I could.

"Well, Angela, are you willing to give your virginity to me to get your 'A'?" He asked. It was fun, he really did sound like a stern teacher taking advantage of a student. I like my role in this.

I did my best acting. "Oooohhh, I don't know, can't you take something else?" I wiggled my bottom and squeezed him a little. It almost made him spend right then and there. Smack. His hand smacked me on my bottom. It wasn't hard. The angle was probably pretty difficult with him parked behind me.

"That will be enough of that, young lady," he said, very sternly. "I'll be gentle with you, Angela, but it's your choice. Either do this and get an 'A', or you can take the 'F' you deserve."

I whimpered. "OK, Mr. Johnson, go ahead. Just please don't hurt me too much; Please!"

He was gentle. It was the most gentle he had been in a long time. It must have taken him a lot of control back then to enter me that slowly. I whimpered, cried and said "ow!" at just the right moment. Of course, it was all fake, but we both knew that. From the moment he "broke my cherry" I became a wanton slut, relishing my new-found womanhood. I moaned "Oh, Mr. Johnson, you're so big!" "Oh, please, Mr. Johnson, please take me! I'm yours!"

That was all he needed. After about the fifth stroke, he started coming hard. I loved it. I didn't come and didn't expect to. "Good girl, Angela," he said as he came. "You'll definitely get your 'A' for this."

It was really fun. He kept going for a while, just enjoying it and playing with my bottom. After he was thoroughly spent, and his knees gave out. He sat down at the desk. I was bent over it from the side. I stayed there and turned my head toward him. He took out a pad of paper and wrote a big 'A' on it. He gave it to me and said, "Here you go, Angela. I think someday you'll thank me for this experience."

I looked at him and smiled like a schoolgirl. I then stood up, pulled up my panties and sat sideways on his lap like a little girl. "Oh, Mr. Johnson, I can't thank you enough already," I gushed, "What girl wouldn't want her favorite teacher to be her first lover?"

Well, we kept going. I stayed in uniform and in character all evening, including making dinner for him and gazing lovingly at him the whole time. Most of that wasn't faked. It was fun for me too. After all, I would love to have been his student and have had him take my virginity over the edge of a desk just like that. (No, not really, but I felt like that at that moment). I felt very pretty and sexy in that outfit. I had the best sex of my life (to that point) that night when he went down on me then fucked me hard, still in uniform (sans panties).

I exhausted him sexually and them some and I got it really good in the process. He got to sleep with his favorite cheerleader. He woke up to a blowjob from me (having showered and put the uniform back on). I finished him off with my hands (he was too sore to fuck me another time). I kissed him going off to school that morning and said, "I'll be waiting for you when you get home, just like this." He had the biggest smile on his face as he left.

That day, he had no problem dealing with the cheerleaders. Actually, one of the girls didn't participate in the tease. She came to him early in the day, unprompted, and apologized for her behavior. She said that she thought they had been mean to him and she had tried to talk to the other girls out of it earlier in the week. He then realized that it really had only been the three other girls teasing him for the previous few days. She said that they would probably do something again that day but
that she wasn't going to. He was too nice a teacher to be so cruel to.

That also helped change his mind about teaching.

She had been right. The three were even more outlandish than the week before, but he couldn't have gotten a hard-on if his life depended on it. They wouldn't have broken his stride if they had all lain over the desk with their panties down. He told me later that they all looked like "little girls" by comparison to what he had had the night before.

He kept the three after class that day and lectured them on appropriate behavior, telling them that if they continued to misbehave, he would personally call each of their parents. They stopped teasing him, realizing that they had met their match.

Later that day, I claimed a cherished personal victory for myself and my husband when he told me he had decided to stick with teaching, as long as I kept making it easy for him.

I now have six cheerleading outfits in my dresser drawers, including the original. I bought one when he took his first teaching job and another a year later when he started his current job. I can't wear any of those three anymore. I'm somewhat more size challenged than I used to be.

The other three, well I had to buy a second one for his current school when I "out grew" the first one. Also, he gave me a basketball cheerleading uniform a while back. You see, the basketball cheerleaders wear different, somewhat skimpier uniforms, although, neither of them is very revealing. The sixth one was another present from him. This one has nothing to do with any school. It's much more revealing than anything a high school (or college) would allow. It's more "professional grade".

We play out a lot of other teacher/schoolgirl fantasies. Every once in a while it's to help him deal with the stress of nubile young girls. More often, though, it's just plain fun. Apparently it really does get easier as you get older and there's more than three years between your students and yourself; or maybe it's just several years of having his own schoolgirl to come home to that makes it easier.

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