His Pet


Chapter one: His little warrior

"Do you remember what I told you would happen if I caught you trying to escape again?" He asked her as the belt slid with ease from its loops upon his blue denim jeans.

"I'm sorry." She stammered quickly as she backed away from the window in fear. She had been so close, and would have succeeded in her escape if he had not set the alarm earlier than usual. The noise echoed through the house as he stood waiting for her answer. "I won't do it again, Sir. I promise!" She cried, watching him anxiously as he closed the door. The click of the lock echoed within the room as the realization settled. She was trapped.

"Wrong answer." He replied calmly. A click of a button, and the alarm subsided, leaving silence between them. She didn't have to wait long before he spoke again. His voice bringing chills to her spine from across the large bedroom. "I told you if I caught you sneaking out again that I would tie you to my bed, and beat you until running was the furthest thing from your mind. Until the mere idea of leaving me, even for a moment, became painful even to consider. Do you remember now, my little pet?" He asked as he crossed the space pulling her new restraints from the drawer. He had ordered the inescapable set, just for her, after she had managed to break free of the last two sets. She was a feisty pet, and he adored her for it.

"I'll be good, Sir. I swear. Please." She begged, but she knew it was pointless. She could already see his arousal building. This was what he wanted. To hear her beg, to bring forth her tears, to make her scream for his pleasure. This was his favorite game, and try as she may, it was the one game she could never win.

"Come here, Pet." The order came swiftly, and with a calm edge to his voice that she didn't dare to challenge. She had learned quickly from her mistakes in the past of making him wait too long.

Her hands found the floor quickly as she crawled to his feet sobbing as quietly as she could manage. He took a knee before her admiring the curve of her bottom as she bowed in submission at his feet. It had taken over 8 months to get her to the point she would bow without the lash of a whip upon her, and he smiled as his fingers traced the welts that remained from her last attempt to leave him. This was his favorite game to play with his pet. Giving her the opportunity to escape without any real chance, and watching her take it only to bring herself right back to his feet where she belonged. He loved her spirit, and he would enjoy breaking it one day even more. Not yet, though. He thought to himself.

She was his favorite, by far, of all the girls he had collected over the years. It had been a year since he had taken her from her home, and still she tried to run from him without regret. Others had faked their loyalty trying to lure him into a sense of false security, some quite well. He thought to himself with a sneer. Some would fight him to no avail, while others simply broke before he had even begun to enjoy himself. She was different though, and her strength intrigued him. How to handle her now. His mind wandered as he stroked her back gently. He took his time running his fingertips from the crack of her ass to the soft nape of her neck, and he delighted in the way she shuddered beneath his every touch.

"Does my pet like that?" He asked mockingly dragging his nails softly down her spine.

"No, Sir." She answered honestly, hanging her head in the subtle defeat as his hands roamed her body against her will.

There it was again. Her raw honesty that mingled so well with her forced submission. He loved the way she balanced them with ease. Others would lie to him just to appease him before the inevitable pain, thinking it would help them, but she never sacrificed her organic thoughts despite his sadistic ministrations upon her. His little warrior. She was just starting to rear her mighty shield. The thought made him smile as he pulled her to her feet by her hair. He didn't have to drag her far before they reached the king size bed that took up the center of the large room. She bounced upon its surface as he threw her down, taking her wrists into his grip one by one. She didn't fight him this time, and he had her restrained in less time then it usually took to subdue her. He stepped back admiring her body stretched out to the four posts that held her beautifully, on her stomach, before him.

"You're beautiful, Pet. Do you know that?" He asked her gently as he climbed onto the bed beside her. He kissed her shoulders lightly running his fingertips along the blades where his kisses trailed shortly behind. Slowly, he maneuvered his hands upon her, gently caressing his way to her breasts until she satisfied his first need.

She gasped in as much surprise as the pain she shrouded. His fingers tweaked mercilessly at her nipples trying to illicit a greater response with each touch.

Her silence was her only defense now, and her only means of defiance as she laid silently turning her head away from his gaze. She could never understand his transitions from sadistic beast to charming Casanova. Either way, she would suffer at his touch before the night was through, and answering his questions would not change that fate.

"Pet, you know I despise being ignored. I will give you one last chance to answer me properly. Make me proud, pet." He whispered into her ear, and her rage boiled over. She had no desire to make him proud. The man that kidnapped her from her home. The man that raped and tortured her daily for his own twisted amusement. She signaled her response with the closing of her eyes, laying her head down upon the silken sheets. Her message was clear.

His fist gripped her hair tightly as he shot her head up, twisting her chin to try to force her eyes upon his own. She closed her eyes tightly using her only means of rebellion to her advantage as he dropped her face from his grip. Victories were rare, and she enjoyed this small defeat, smiling as he stomped away in a rage, at her defiance. He could take her body, but he would never have her heart.

"You will regret that, Pet." He snarled in her direction as she kept her gaze shifted away from his own. His little warrior was back, and he would enjoy this fight just as he had all the others in the recent past. The same routine had been true since he had tried introducing intimacy into their dynamic months before. He could rape her with ease, beat her without a fight, but the first mention of making him proud, of pleasing him without force, and his warrior would come in full armor ready to fight. Just as she bowed to him, she would look up to him too, all in time. He thought, grinning as he carefully selected the implements for the nights lessons.

"You may not want to open those pretty eyes for me, Pet, but you will see me tonight." He told her simply, as he laid out his tools neatly upon the bed. "I am your Master. I am your Owner. I am your Daddy, and I am your King. I AM YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD!" He screamed, causing his pet to jump in her restraints at the sudden change of tone.

She laid shaking upon the bed. Her warrior princess determined to fight, and the fear consuming her, telling her to back down. Of all the implements, she feared the whip the most, and as she stole a glance she was greeted with the most vicious of his toys staring back at her. Her fear swarmed as heavy sobs took over her small frame. Too late to back down now. She thought as she buried her face into the bed, preparing herself for the pain.

"Good girl. I am glad to see your fear. It will help reinforce your place tonight, and You will see me by morning, but for now lets just start with opening those eyes. Don't worry, pet, I am going to help you with that." He said with a soothing menace to his tone as he picked up his favorite whip. "I picked out your favorites, so we could have a truly eye-opening experience. Now, scream for me, Pet." He ordered her, laughing before the first lash landed upon her.

She fought against the pain, but try as she could her screams rang out for him on the first strike. By the fourth her begging began, and true to his word, by morning her eyes were wide open, held in position by his sharpest clamps until he believed her pleas were sincere.

The pain seared throughout her body, as her charming Casanova returned to her side. He stroked her gently as the clamps were removed, and one by one her wounds were painstakingly cleansed to prevent infection. His touch was gentle, but every movement caused his pet to flinch in fear of his advances.

"So, let us try again, my pet." He unfastened the restraints gently. One by one, releasing her from her inescapable bonds that held her in place throughout the evenings torture. She cried out as the pain tore through her at the first attempt to curl herself upon the bed.

"We succeeded in a few lessons last night, my pet." He spoke softly as he laid himself beside her, pulling her into his arms, ignoring her cries of agony. "First, I want you to remember this pain every time you are physically away from me, every time you think of running from me, every time you think of telling me no, or closing those beautiful eyes on me. Think of this pain, and know that next time it will be worse. Do you understand, pet?" He asked her, turning her tear streaked face to meet his gaze.

"Yes, Sir." She muttered as quickly as she could manage. This time she didn't look away, and he was right about one thing. She did see him now, and she hated him more than ever. She could feel his excitement grow from behind her as he nuzzled her neck gently. 'Please, don't' She pleaded silently, unsure if she could accept even his most tender affections at the moment, without screaming in pain.

"Let's try again from our earlier mishap. I want to see what you have learned, my sweet pet." He kissed her shoulder softly once more, licking his way up to her neck where he planted soft pecks upon her skin. "You're beautiful, my pet. Do you know that?" He whispered into her ear challenging her little warrior to show itself now. "Answer me nicely, and make my proud, my Pet." He said kissing her lips softly, waiting for her to return the affection.

Overtaken by the pain, not even her little warrior was ready for another fight, and she cried as her mouth parted accepting his advances upon it. He took her softly, delighting in the way she opened up to him as his tongue claimed hers in a passionate dance. He pulled away slowly, covering her in sweet kisses, showing her how proud her acceptance made him.

"Good girl." He praised her as he held her tightly in his arms.

Chapter two: Soft sides

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Second chapter?

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I enjoyed your new addition. This is kind of how I see Luke if he gave in to all of his desires.

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Excited for new story

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Thank you!

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No worries!


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