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His Pleasure


I lay reclined on the leather sofa, my legs stretched out in front of me, an overstuffed pillow behind my back. I sigh wiggling my bare toes, stretching my tired muscles. I reach my arm behind me, catching the glass off the table. Bringing it forward I swirl the amber liquid in the glass, hearing the clink of the ice as it slowly melts. I lower my eyelids, hiding my bight blue eyes behind my lids and long lashes; I let my eyes follow my hand placing the glass on my stomach.

I focus in on one small drop, watching it slowly make a path down the side of the glass, I watch as it comes to my thumb where I hold the glass before rubbing my thumb over the condensation creating a thick smear. The fire from the fireplace is reflecting through the glass and makes the whiskey appear to be glowing in its own right. Swirling again I raise it to my lips and take a small sip, taking the liquid into my mouth, I roll it around my tongue, and moaning softly I swallow I feel the heat slowly roll down my throat into my chest and on to my stomach. Balancing the glass again on my stomach, I close my eyes feeling the warmth from the fire slowly seep into my body.

I continue to take small sips of my drink, feeling it warm me far better than the fire ever could. We've had a busy day and I am seeking some much needed down time. I sink a bit lower into the pillow, carefully placing the glass on the floor beside me. Bringing my hands back to my body, I rest them under my breasts. Breathing deeply I can feel my thumbs brush the wire of my bra. My index and middle fingers play idly with the buttons of my blouse. I contemplate the effort in removing my bra, which would mean sitting up. Sighing I undo the button directly under my breast. Slowly I run my hands up and unto the one resting over the valley of my breasts and then the one near my collarbone. Tugging the fabric softly I feel the air caress the exposed skin. I lay there a moment, my eyes still closed basking the in the silence only broken by the crackling of the fire.

I hear the sound of your steps on the slate floor, echoing in the empty room. I keep my eyes closed until I feel the sofa give down near my feet under your weight. Opening my eyes to mere slits I regard you through them as you drape your arm over the back of the sofa, slouching slightly, your own whiskey in hand.

"That better not be my whiskey..." I comment, and see you smirk.

"No honey, I'd never do that." you respond dryly with an amused twist of your mouth, before bringing the glass to you lips for a sip. You turn slightly in the seat, placing your glass down on the table at the other end of the sofa. Leaning your head back you contemplate the roof, your head propped against the back of the sofa.

"Its beautiful here." I state stretching myself out a little bit longer so that I can slip my feet into your lap. You drop you hand to my feet, rubbing me along my ankle and running your fingers around the sensitive skin.

"You're not wrong there." You sigh as you raise your head again, looking at me squarely. I look into your eyes as you continue to play with my ankles, slowly rubbing and massaging up my calf. I arch my back slightly, stretching the muscles there and the corner of your mouth kicks up as your eyes darken. I cock an eyebrow at you, asking an unspoken question. Your face breaks out into a full grin as you bend my outside leg, moving it so it drops to the floor. Starting at my knees you slowly look up my length and it feels like your eyes score my skin and I feel the tell tale ache low in my stomach as you pause looking directly at my groin in my jeans before my nipples respond, pebbling against my bra as your eyes roam my breasts. I smile back at you as your eyes look over my face.

You move between my spread legs, slowly covering my body with yours. Soon you are laying over me, your frame easily covering mine. Tipping my chin up slightly you plant a soft kiss on my lips, feeling my mouth open under yours you deepen the kiss, and I moan softly in the back of my throat as you tongue slides into my mouth. You brace yourself on your arms on either side of my head, cadging me in place. I arch up against you slightly as we continue to kiss, hooking my arms around your waist I pull you closer, threating your position so you are more snuggly fitted against me.

I helplessly roll my hips against yours, feeling your cock hardening through our clothes. I use my tongue, running it along your bottom lip before sucking it into my mouth and nipping it softly. I feel and hear you groan before you start to kiss me aggressively, hungry for my mouth. I raise one hand to your head; catching the nap of your neck I pull you down, pressing your mouth harder to mine. You lean into the sofa's back and grab my dropped leg, catching it over your hip and thigh.

I break the kiss, needing air, throwing my head back I moan greedily as you start to rock your hips against me, your cock pressing against me as you move. Your wet kisses making their way down my jaw and throat, sucking on the sensitive skin there I squirm under you, but you pin me in place. I stretch my neck giving you better access as you suck and nip at the place where my neck and shoulder meet.

"Yes... oh yes love..." I purr softly as your grinding gets a little harder, hungrier then before. I untangle my hands bringing them under you in the small gap between us, I put my hands inside my bra, catching my full breasts I bring them up and out of the cups, the nipples hard and dark.

"Suck them please love... suck my nipples." I ask, rubbing the sensitive tips against the fabric stretched across your chest. You rear back, looking down at me. Grinning I cup them and run my thumbs across the nipples, making them bud more.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." Your voice is deep and gravely as you speak, your eyes are thrown into shadow from the fire and I arch my back offering myself up when you don't immediately take them. You grin at me wickedly, before licking your bottom lip and dipping your head. You take one nipple into your mouth, sucking until the edge of the areolas are in your mouth. You suck on the sensitive skin, rubbing the pad of your tongue over the tip.

Your free hand comes up and catches my other one, which you tug and pull firmly, I moan hungrily feeling like there is an electric circuit running straight from my hard nipples to my clit. I squirm against you, using my hooked leg to pull you down so I can grind on your contained cock. You suck in deep breaths through your nose as you pull back, feeing my now wet, hard nipple. You blow on it softly and I cry out, the sensation is so sweet. You swap over, catching the other nipple you suck hard, this time nipping and tugging on the tip. You capture the other slick nipple, giving me no chance to object as you start to squeeze and roll it between your thumb and index finger, the mix of pleasure and pain is just right, I can't quite get enough.

Lifting your head suddenly you look down at me, and I moan softly, feeling your eyes on my heated skin.

"You look so good honey." You murmur as you sit back on your knees on the sofa.

"But we have a problem." I frown at you slightly.

"Yeah, you're not touching me." I complain tartly. You shake your head slightly before reaching out and tracing the waist of my jeans.

"I can't touch the rest of you," You comment. I nod in mock seriousness.

"Well I can help with that." I note as I move my legs from around you. Once I'm sitting I stand up, standing with my back to you, I reach for the buttons of my jeans. I then undo them, and then bending at the waist I slide them down my pale skin. I hear you moan softly as my full arse cheeks are revealed to you as I come to a ninety degree angle, before pushing them down my legs and stepping out of them. I stand then and bring my hands to my gstring, running my thumbs along the waist strap. I look over my shoulder at you and raise an eyebrow in question.

You shake your head slightly as you come up behind me, wrapping your arms around my waist. You rest your chin on my shoulder looking down my body. I can feel your fingers on the buttons of my blouse, slowly undoing them, revealing me like you would a special present. Once it is all undone, you lift your chin and help me pull it off my shoulders before tossing it aside. You then stand back and I feel your warm fingers on my bra strap before I feel the release and my bra becomes slack under the weight of my breasts. You then help me remove that too and toss it with my shirt.

"Mmm... much better." You note as your hands run slowly from my hips up my sides, before slipping around to cup my breasts. You tease the tender nipples as you plant a kiss on my neck.

"I think you should keep the gstring on..." You whisper against my flushed skin. I nod in agreement as I bring my hands to yours, framing them I lean back resting against your solid frame. I watch from under my lashes as you play with my nipples. Content to be in your embrace. I can feel your cock pressing against my arse crack. I roll my hips slightly, pressing back against your cock with each roll of my hips. I watch as you free one of your hands, replacing my hand with yours.

"Mind this will you?" You ask, and I can hear your smile in your voice. Moving the bottom half of you away slightly I feel your knuckles brush my bare arse cheeks as you work on undoing your own jeans and I hear you sigh before I feel the wet tip of your cock against my arse as you release your hard cock. I reach behind me with my free hand and you hiss slightly as I wrap my hand around the base of your cock. It feels hot and smooth in my hand as I slowly start to jerk you, your cock head nestled tightly against my arse crack. You make short work of your jeans, and I release you for a moment so your boxers can follow.

You turn me in your embrace and I take you in hand again, this time pressed to my stomach and look up into your face as I jerk you in my soft hand. I drag it out; making it slow, deliberate strokes. I stop, rubbing my thumb over the head collecting up the precum so I can use it for lubrication as I continue to stroke your cock.

You turn me slowly and I find my knees up against the back of the sofa. You plant your hand softly on my shoulder and press down. I sit as I continue to jerk you. I sit, now face height with your cock and watch me jerk you slowly. You moan and I look up at you smiling before flicking my eyes back to your cock. I perch on the edge of the sofa and give you a once over, taking in your wide stance, your cock jutting out proudly. I feel your fingers playing with my hair as it brushes across the top of my chest. Your fingers wrapping in the curls as I watch, my breathing becomes a little bit shorter and my lids heavy, concealing them from you.

I watch as I jerk and a bead of precum develops on the tip I lean forward and while still stroking you, I bring my lips half an inch from the tip of your cock, before flicking my tongue out, using the tip to seek and collect the precum off your cock. I feel you buck under my hand as my tongue pushes against the sensitive tip. I smile, bringing my tongue back into my mouth and I roll the flavour around my tongue, enjoying the sweet, musky flavour. Grinning I hear you moan helplessly when I lick my lips, raising my eyes I look up at you.

Your hand has moved to the nap of my neck, and I know what you want to do, but you are waiting for me. I keep looking up at you, and lean forward the fraction more, and watch your eyes close as the head of your cock slips past my full lips and into my mouth. My wet, hot tongue swirling around the head as your hand clenches in my hair and you buck your hips, only causing you to moan more as your sensitive head rubs against the pad of my tongue.

I continue to jerk the remainder of your cock as I focus on sucking the part in my mouth. I go about it leisurely, in no hurry to move on to more fulfilling activities. I watch as your eyelids drop, your eyes but slits glowing as you watch me suck your cock.

I draw you out, and blow softly on the tip, causing you to groan. I then grin up at you cheekily knowing what you have wanted to do from the off. I bring my hands to my breasts and start to play with the nipples, tugging them and rolling them. Tilting my head slightly I raise an eyebrow.

"Why don't you fuck my face love?" I ask in a conversational tone, licking my bottom lip, I part my lips, reading it for your thrust.

You moan softly as your hands on my head brace me more firmly and you step forward, pushing the head of your cock in my mouth. I tug harder on my nipples as you start to pull me forward, making me take more of your cock. I close my eyes moaning softly as I start to suck.

"Look up at me." You moan as you start to drag out your cock, before sinking back into my willing mouth. My eyelids flutter and I raise my eyes to yours, locking in on your face as you pull me forward again, this time taking an inch more. I can feel my lips being stretched around your shaft, the underside of your cock rubbing along my tongue as you slide it into my mouth. I roll and squeeze my nipples harder, tugging them as I feel you quicken the pace.

Soon you have a smooth pace going without pushing too far into my mouth. I keep my eyes on you and I know you can see my pleasure in them. You lace your fingers in my hair loosely and then tighten it slowly until I moan in pleasure. You then start to fuck my mouth properly, dragging me up and down your shaft. I release my aching nipples placing my hands on your hips for balance. Moaning each time your cock now hits the back of my throat.

"That's it honey..." You encourage.

"How about you play with that cunt for me...? I know it must be dripping." You comment and I drop my hands, going to the waist for my g-string.

"No.. pull it aside." You direct. I do as you ask and I moan, as my fingers rub along my pouting pussy lips, already slick with my juices. I spread my legs wider, trusting you to keep me in balance. I then bring one hand down, and easily sink two fingers into my cunt, it's so slick I moan and feel my walls grip and drag my fingers deeper. I bring my other hand to my clit and start to rub it. You bring your other hand back to my head, and brace the other with it.

"I want you to take it all." You tell me and I nod my head slightly, working my clit hard I fuck myself with my fingers as you pull me down on your cock, hitting the back of my throat, we both groan, the pressure mounding I focus on relaxing my throat. Suddenly it gives and you slip down my throat. You pull me firmly against you, being careful not to crush my nose against your pubic bone.

You hold me in place and I fight my gag reflex, focusing on rubbing my clit. You then slip out, just leaving my throat before pushing back in, you keep a tight thrust, just giving me enough space to drag in a deep breath each time you draw out. You bring one of your hands to my cheek, brushing it softly.

"I want you to look me in the eye, as you take it all." You tell me and I force myself to look up at you.

"God.. you look so hot." You moan as your thrust get a bit longer. I suck on the head of your cock before you thrust it back in, making me take it all again. I feel my own orgasm rising, the feel of you filling my throat, watching you take your pleasure while I work my clit and finger myself its getting overwhelming. You see my eyes darken.

"Cum for me honey, cum as I fill your throat." You groan thrusting fast. I feel myself explode and I groan deep in my throat as you pull me down hard, my throat working you as I struggle to moan and swallow as my orgasm rides through me. You feel my body start to slacken and move back, slipping your cock past my swollen lips. You rub the head of your cock over them, and I instinctively open them, taking it into my mouth to suck the head. I feel your hands pulling me back, and I open my mouth, releasing you.

I stand on legs that feel like jelly and move on the sofa, bending, I brace my elbows on the side table while I am kneeling on the sofa, my stomach pressed to the arm of the chair. I can feel the butter smooth leather against my stomach while my nipples hang and rub against the cold wood of the table. Looking over my shoulder at you I smile.

"Fuck me hard love.." You run your hands through your hair as you move to climb on the sofa behind me, you brace yourself on one foot, the other knee bent.

"Show me your cunt." You demand and I reach back, pulling the g-string aside for you, so you can see my pouting pussy lips, now coated in my juices. Opening in invitation. You groan as you take your cock in hand and take my hip in the other. I feel you nudge against my entrance and in one hard full thrust you take my cunt. We both groan as my walls milk you, still feeling the after shocks of my orgasm.

You bring your other hand down sharply on my arse, leaving a slightly red mark before you start to fuck me hard. You bring your hands up to my waist, dragging me back down on your thick cock, claiming what is yours. I moan, my head dropping forward. I can feel you stretching me, easily sliding in and out of me. I start to move with you, which causes my nipples to drag and swing against the table. I suddenly feel your hand in my hair, dragging me back so my back is arched.

"Oh fuck honey.. take my cock." you murmur.

"Mmm.. you feel so fucking good, fuck me harder...love.. harder!" I stutter in response. You release my waist and spank my arse again, hard and I shudder, unable to move with your hand firmly in my hair. You lean over me, kissing my shoulder blade.

"I love fucking you like this." You whisper against my sweaty skin.

"I love seeing you take me, fucking you so god damn hard."

I moan helplessly as you continue to fuck me, "Fuck me... fuck me.." I start to moan on every thrust.

"Yes honey.. yes.. take it.. I'm going to fill you with my cum.." You groan.

"Yes.. fucking fill me.. shoot your cum deep in my willing cunt... take me.. claim me." I stutter and I feel your teeth sink into my shoulder as you start to shudder, thrusting sharply into me one last time as you fill my cunt with your cum. I moan feeling the warmth fill me, and ooze out and you slowly drag your cock out of me.

Releasing my hair you sit back. "Don't move honey." You ask as you nudge my legs slightly apart.

"I love watching my cum ooze from your cunt." You tell me as you drag your fingers up my slit before thrusting them into me.

"Can't waste it." You tell me as I feel the sofa shift. I moan softly as you continue to finger my cum filled cunt. I can feel them sliding easily in and out, coupled with loud clicking as I take two of your fingers to the third knuckle. I feel your breath on my lower thighs, and the feel of your shoulders pressing around my legs. I frown unsure what you intend.

"Love.. what are yo-" I break off in a groan as I feel you lean up and touch your hot tongue to my clit. I feel my knees spread slightly giving you easier access as you continue to fuck me with your fingers and start to flick your tongue over my sensitive clit. Snaking your free arm up you grab low over my hips and pull me down, so that you can suck my clit hard into your mouth before nipping it playfully.

My hips buck in response but then press more firmly down, hungry for your mouth. You then drag your fingers from my sopping cunt, and drag them up, rubbing them against my tight arsehole. Using our cum as lube you start to rub it, feeling it relax and open for you as you continue to work my clit.

"Oh yes love.. yes... oh please, please!" I beg as I feel my second orgasm rise. My fingers curl tightly around the edges of the table, bracing myself for what I know will be a hard orgasm. You flick faster your whiskers grazing the sensitive skin of my pussy lips.

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