tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 03

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 03

bymangrove jack©

The trip up the river was hilarious. Three pregnant women in various stages of their pregnancy and various stages of undress lay all over Dave's old fishing boat as it chugged up river against the tide.

His best mate Charlie stopped repairing nets as they motored up to the fish board wharf to refuel. "Christ Dave their all up the duff, is that all your work?" he asked with a grin.

His question fired up Donna, she wrapped herself around Dave as he finished tying up. She moaned out loud so Charlie could hear, "Come on lover it's at least an hour since we've had one, let's do it."

Betsy waking up to what Donna was doing sang out, "Not her Dave, it's my turn."

Laughing at the look on Charlie's face Dave joined in, "not now girls, wait till we're underway, so Charlie can't watch." Charlie was now standing with his mouth open staring as Betsy and Donna bare foot and obviously pregnant pranced around teasing Dave.

They in turn knowing they had captured Charlie's full attention put on a show. They both rubbed against Dave, talking suggestively whilst giving Charlie tantalising glimpses of their boobs.

Unbeknown to Dave women from the processing staff sitting in the sun along the other side of the shed out of his view witnessed the exchange. Their catcalls and laughter rang in his ears as he finished refuelling. "Well Dave," Annabelle said as they pulled away from the wharf, "That's made your reputation as a stud."

At the island Dave ferried them ashore in his dinghy landing them on the soft white sandy beach. They made their way to what Dave had called his hut. "It's big" Annabelle exclaimed as he unlocked the door and let them in.

"It's massive but it's got no dividing walls inside, it's just like a big barn," Donna squealed as she danced around on the concrete floor.

"It's been here for years I've rebuilt it and extended as a place to store my gear and a place to sleep, when I stay up her after bream in the winter," Dave explained.

"It's really quite comfortable for a barn," Annabelle said as she inspected his open fire place and the pots on their swinging metal arms.

"Well its not lined or sealed, but it will have very high ceilings if I finish it off into rooms," Dave explained as he started the generator and pumped water into the tank.

"Look let me get the fire going and boil the Billy."

"I'll make a pot of tea and we can sit out at my net table and discuss whether we want to try living here."

While Dave chopped wood and got the fire going the three girls prowled around making plans. When he next checked to see what they were doing they had found some old paper and a pencil and had started to draw up ideas.

Dave could hear them talking about rooms and furniture when he finally brought out cups of steaming tea and coffee and joined them.

As he sat down he took control. "Right let me give you a few facts."

"We are two and half miles up river from the major tourist centre. You can see the buildings in the distance on a clear day. The city's lights are easier to see at night."

"The river divides here; this island sits in the middle as the river flows around both sides."

"There is a little fishing village about half a mile across the river from the rear of our island. We own the whole island. Some of it is swamp, this sandy ridge and beach is the best of it."

"It's secluded, protected from the winds by those trees. You really have to drop around here on the north easterly side to find my camp. The main channel runs along the far deep west bank so not many boats come near this little cove."

"There is no town water or electricity. I supply my own with a big old 240 volt generator and a spear pump. I installed septic tanks when I rebuilt, so our waste does not pollute the river."

"I have bought a few solar panels but haven't installed them yet. When I install them and a wind generator I probably won't need to run the old generator very often. That will make it a lot quieter."

He started to grin. "As the head of my family with three pregnant wives my major worry would be health care."

"I've thought of how we could overcome the difficulty of getting you to a doctor or hospital in a hurry."

"As long as the weathers ok, I can ferry you over to the village in my dinghy."

"If the weathers bad the state government's emergency service helicopter and the helicopter run by the life savers could land here on an area cleared on the salt flats."

"I have a marine radio, but if we want to live here I will get one of those satellite phones. Your mobile phones may work ok."

"I take my catch to the fish market early most mornings so shopping would not be a problem."

"Around the back I have a cold room for my catch. It works well when I run the generator. It will keep food in good condition."

He sat back and sipped his tea. "Well what do you think?"

They all started to talk at once until Annabelle raised her voice and told them to "shut up!"

"Right oh Betsy; you're the youngest you're first."

"I love it" Betsy cried. She produced the piece of paper they had been working on. "Look we have paced out some areas in the barn and we think we could have four or five bedrooms."

She looked at Dave, "You would have your own room if we could convert and use that upstairs area, where you store nets at the end of the barn as the master bedroom, it would need stairs and a rail but it would be very big."

Annabelle looked at him "how much will it cost to make it liveable?" she asked.

About 50 grand if we do it all at once, but if we do some ourselves it will be a lot less," Dave replied.

He could see the looks of dismay on their faces and quickly went on "Don't worry about the money. I have fished for years and until I bought that houseboat I haven't spent much, it's all in the bank."

"I have enough to pay for the work and a lot more."

He turned to Donna, "you haven't said anything what do you think."

"I made up my mind while you were lighting the fire. All we need now is to christen it."

"What are you going to do to christen it?" he asked.

The three girls burst out laughing. "I'm disappointed you had to ask," Donna told him.

"My god you've got a wicked grin," Dave exclaimed as Donna stuck out her tongue and asked, "Can we all roll up in from of the fire tonight while we love you?"

When he didn't answer she quickly made up his mind for him.

"You will find out that my grins not the only thing about me that's wicked," Donna cried as she grabbed the girls and said, "We'll get the blankets off the boat, while you set up an area in the barn in front of the fire where we can christen the hut."

As they settled together on the floor in front of the open fire Annabelle hushed them and said "we have to clear something up Dave."

"In a few months their will be three kids here, I heard you refer to us as your three wives before. How are we going to explain your new family?"

"You're my wives, I can't marry you but I will treat you as my wives." he said.

"Donna and Betsy are single, you're married. None of the past matters. We are all equal, while you want to stay with me you can, if you want to leave you just leave."

"I will look after you as best I can."

"You're my family."

"I don't care what people think, the best thing here on the island is there are no neighbours."

"That's good," Donna giggled, "they won't hear Betsy scream when she comes."

"Or your moans," Betsy added.

Later Dave was to remember that conversation as Betsy settled down to sit on him with his prick firmly embedded in her cunt.

"We've got to get mirrors," she moaned. "I love to watch your prick going in and out of my cunt and my mouth."

"No mirrors tonight, but we'll get some for you room," said Donna as she lay on her side watching as Betsy started to move her body slowly.

She could hear Dave grunting as Betsy quickened her pace. Betsy's squeals and Dave's grunts made her nipples harden. Without thinking her hands automatically moved to massage her swelling breasts.

Betsy looked over and saw Donna raise her hands to fondle her breasts. She winked at Donna, "Pinch my tits Dave," she moaned as she bucked her body vigorously.

"Slow down or he'll never catch them," Donna giggled.

"My god you're terrible" Betsy cried, "I don't mind you watching or joining in but don't lie there criticising."

"I'm waiting to hear you come" Donna replied.

"I wonder how far they will hear your screams down the river."

Dave grinned as he listened to them. He could feel his sperm start to boil as Betsy rode him hard, her cunt muscles closing in to milk his dick. He groaned "I can't hold out much longer I'm going to come."

"Hang on," Betsy urged, "wait for me." Her cunt seemed to relax as her movements grew wilder and she started to emit a high pitched groan. "Here she comes" yelled Donna, "listen to this."

Dave gripped Betsy's hips, his hands slipping in the sweat that covered her body. He struggled to hold her tight as he arched his back and pushed up trying to sink every inch of his prick into her young fat cunt.

Betsy's screams of delight woke Annabelle, "my god you two, are you still fucking him, you'll kill him if your not careful."

"What a way to go," Donna crooned as she leant over and kissed Dave. "Come over here lover I'll clean you up," she said as she moved to find his limp prick.

Dave lay back as Donna `s mouth enveloped his prick. He shook his head amazed as he thought of the night's events.

Annabelle was his security blanket, she loved to just hold him in her arms and cuddle him. She loved to have him suck her swollen tits until milk flowed.

Donna and Betsy were insatiable, they took turns to suck his limp prick back to life and then they would laugh as they treated him to a smorgasbord of loving.

"How would you like to fuck?" Donna asked as his prick betrayed his tired body and stood to attention once again?

"How would I like to fuck" he thought, "what a question?" In his 40 years he had had the rare fuck, generally with someone as drunk as he was after a night at the pub. It was always quick, rushed and generally unsatisfactory for both.

Now he had three women at least two of them spent most of their time working out ways to make him horny, and then fuck him silly. "What did I do to deserve this?" he asked himself as Donna on her knees backed up and urged him to "put it in."

Dave dropped down to the pub the next afternoon before he set out fishing. Charlie had told the tale of Dave's stop over at the fish market to refuel, to anyone who would listen.

His mates were full of questions, especially Charlie.

"Where's your harem?" they called as he entered. Without giving a lot away, Dave explained that he needed some help to turn his island hut into a home, and that some friends would be staying with him.

In private Charlie asked, "Lady Friends?"

Dave whispered in Charlie's ear. "Yes lady friend's old mate, I can't believe my luck."

"Drop down to the island and visit, you'll love the girls," Dave added.

Two of the aboriginal lads worked for a local builder. They told Dave, "We haven't got much work at present, why don't you give him a ring he might do your job quickly, to keep his team together."

Next morning after selling his catch, Dave told the girls over breakfast, that the builder would start work as soon as a plan was available. "We don't have to meet town planning requirements as the island is not zoned, but for our own sake we need plans and proper designs."

Dave woke from a heavy sleep just after lunch. He could not believe the change in his houseboat. Annabelle had cleaned it up, decorated it with new rugs and rearranged the limited furniture. The table was full of catalogues and samples as Donna and Betsy excitedly planned the next move.

"We had a draftsman over and he will give us a mud map for the builder this arvo," Betsy cried as she spied Dave and ran over to kiss him.

"We have told the builder to order timber and floor tiles. We need your cheque book" they added, "he said if you give him a sub he'll do most of the partitions this week."

Annabelle's time was getting close. Dave took her to the clinic regularly. On their next visit Annabelle excitedly told matron of their plans.

Matron too became excited when she heard that Dave had taken the three pregnant girls under his wing. "Oh Dave" she said as she gave him a hug, "you're wonderful I knew you wouldn't let them down."

As she reached the final days of her pregnancy Annabelle became weepy and nervous. She clung to Dave whenever they were together. Matron saw them sitting hugging in the waiting room and sat beside them.

"Dave if you don't mind I'll join you on the island this weekend I think Annabelle's ready."

"Oh no don't do that," Annabelle cried, "You shouldn't, go to so much trouble."

Matron took her arm, "it's no trouble at all," she said.

"I live on my own in hospital quarters so a trip up the river will be an experience."

Next Saturday morning at the hut was hectic. During the week the builder had quickly erected partitions and slung a ceiling. He told Dave that he had hung the ceiling at 9 foot so an extra floor could be built above the four downstairs bedrooms if needed in the future.

The tiler had laid terracotta tiles throughout the entire floor area. The plumber was working on the kitchen and a communal bathroom as well as separate showers.

Donna and Betsy were supervising the painting and cleaning work, giving both cheek and directions to two of Dave's mates who had turned up to help.

Annabelle was looking good. Her colour had returned and she was not as worried or as weepy as she had been.

Dave couldn't help himself, he had to hug her. When he did he ran his hand up over her belly. "Your beautiful," he whispered, "motherhood is making you more beautiful every day." She laughed as he told her, "That baby will have to compete with me for those lovely tits and those milky nipples."

Dave slipped away to pick up matron. He ran his tinnie up to the pontoon and blushed as he asked, "Look I keep calling you matron can I ask, what's your name?

"I'm sorry" she replied. "I thought you knew I'm Helen."

Dave studied Helen as she sat up the front of his dinghy. With a light load his 40 horse motor pushed the tinnie along, spray from a few waves flew up splashing and eventually wetting her light clothes.

She was a sight that kept his eyes focused. Her wet blouse moulded her tits. The salt spray shone on her tanned legs. Her shorts were short enough to make Dave more than interested.

"What a surprise package" Dave thought, "well not really a surprise but quite a package never the less."

Annabelle was waiting as they walked up to the hut. "You look wonderful" she told Helen. "We've only ever seen you in your white uniform, those shorts are really something. "She's beautiful isn't she Dave?"

"You don't have to answer," she laughed, "the way you were staring is answer enough."

Dave stood staring at Annabelle and Matron. They were beautiful. Annabelle's full child bearing body and her swollen tits made his mouth water.

In contrast Helen was trim; her body didn't carry an extra ounce. The wet blouse highlighted a pair of magnificent tits that took nothing away from a prominent mound highlighted by her tight wet shorts.

"Hi Matron," Donna called. "Come and meet Dave's mates, Charlie and Albert, they are helping Betsy and I paint the walls of our rooms."

"I hope there's some paint on the walls," Dave said as they all laughed at their paint covered clothes.

Donna walked over to stand close to Dave. "Can we go with Charlie to the second hand furniture store down the junction; we need beds and somewhere to store our clothes."

"Charlie said Albert will help and we can use his truck."

He gave them some cash, "if you need more have Fred James who runs the store give me a ring." He winked at Donna "make sure you get a decent mirror for Betsy."

Donna put her fingers to her mouth to shush him. Whispering so Betsy couldn't hear she said, "We will ring on your mobile so you can bring the boat over to the village and pick up our purchases."

"Things are starting to take shape," Annabelle told him as they relaxed by an open fire on the edge of the beach.

"This is so much better than life in the city," Helen added, "just sitting here in the peace and quiet as the sun sets; looking out over the river is something that most city folk never experience."

It was dark when Charlie and Albert unloaded the last of a number of boat loads of furniture. "There are enough beds for everyone," Charlie told Dave as he struggled with a large wooden box. "What's this?" Dave asked.

"It's a mirror; I think Donna said it's to go on the wall in your bedroom."

"A bloody mirror, there's no bloody doubt about them," he laughed as he prepared some steak and sausages for the BBQ.

Dave sat on a log and cooked. He looked at his growing band as they all joined him round the fire. The young aboriginal boy Albert had a perpetual smile on his face he was having the time of his life. Charlie was sucking a stubby and joining in the general revelry. Donna and Betsy were sitting quietly with Annabelle and Helen.

"You're very quiet, what's up?" he asked.

"Nothing's up," Helen replied.

"We were just discussing what you had done. This place is going to be wonderful. It's isolated and yet it's close to the city. It's away from prying neighbours and busy bodies so the girls can relax and not worry about anyone interfering."

"It's just perfect" Annabelle added.

Donna called, "You should see what we've bought."

"We told your friend Fred James at the furniture shop what we needed."

"He had a lot stored out the back that we have brought back and he will order everything we want."

"I've never had so much fun shopping in my whole life," Betsy cried. "We never had much money at home; I can never remember going shopping for furniture."

"Neither have I," said Albert quietly his black face shining with sweat.

With The meal over, Annabelle Helen and Dave sat talking in the moon light while Albert and Charlie helped Donna and Betsy set up the furniture.

Helen put her arm around Dave "I don't think you really know what you are doing here," she whispered as Annabelle nodded off to sleep.

"You started out to help a neglected pregnant wife. You went on to help two discarded unmarried pregnant girls."

"But it's more than just that. Betsy and Albert are from deprived backgrounds and they are experiencing your love and friendship, they feel wanted for the first time."

"Old Charlie told me this afternoon how much he loved the idea of you all living here; he hopes you will invite him on weekends."

"You're really are wonderful," she said as she moved to kiss him on the lips. Dave responded slipping his arm around her and kissing her back. Helen pulled back to look at him quizzically, and then moved back to kiss him again. This time her tongue sought his, as her hands took hold of his head.

Dave loved kissing. He found Helen's kisses exciting, and was just settling down for what he called a good snogging session, when he felt Helen tighten up then shudder.

Helen pulled away, "That's enough!" she cried quietly.

Dave lay watching Helen, her face was flushed she was breathing heavy and looked quite upset.

They both jumped when they heard Annabelle groan. Helen moved quickly to her side. "Leave her to me," she whispered, "her time may be close."

Dave said "I'll get the boat" as he bustled away. Things moved quickly. An ambulance met them in the village and transported Annabelle, Dave and Helen to the district hospital.

Hours later as he sat alone in the corridor he was told, "It's a girl."

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