tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 06

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 06

bymangrove jack©

"Merry Xmas Dave" Albert said as he came up from the boat.

He looked at Dave relaxing with a cool drink in his hand under the Moreton Bay fig tree and grinned "you seemed to have recovered after your long visit with the doctor."

"I wouldn't be too cheeky if I were you" Dave laughed. "I seem to remember hearing you and Salome just a few yards from here last night."

Albert shuffled his feet embarrassed. "You know boss, Salome cried when I told her you said we could live here."

"Last night she told me she would like a baby. She's never talked like that before. She reckons this would be a great place to raise kids."

"Shit, not you to" Dave grunted "everyone who comes here is having a baby or wants a baby."

"Even the doctor's wife wanted a baby last night."

"If all the women who have told me they want babies have babies, I'll need a fucking full scale nursery for my kids."

"Well you can't complain" Albert said "you started it all with your three pregnant wives."

"Yes I did, didn't I," Dave grinned. "I don't know what I'm complaining about I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Are you having it another way" Betsy called. She had both hands under her big belly as she slowly made her way to where David and Albert were sitting.

"I thought there were no other ways left.' She grinned as she flung herself on to David's lap.

Dave was immediately overwhelmed by Betsy's pregnant body. Her musky scent, the softness of her milky breasts, what he called the essence of motherhood that made her body so much more radiant and beautiful Her exuberant cuddles and kisses soon had him responding.

"If you sit in the king chair then you're looking for a cuddle," she explained when David protested and told her to be careful. "Its tradition," she said. "Tradition what bloody tradition?" he asked. "The one we started yesterday," she giggled as she ground her obviously naked bottom against his cock.

"No wonder the markets full of rumours about you and your camp," Granny said as she cleared a space for breakfast.

"Every time I see you, you have a half naked pregnant woman in you arms."

"Their not all pregnant granny," Dave responded with a laugh.

Granny swiped at him with her washing up cloth. "No but they soon will be, if what I saw last night is any indication."

Betsy stood up and waddled over to Granny, "my god" she laughed, "I think you're jealous, you'll have to drag her off into the sack Dave."

Granny swung around, "Don't be bloody silly, I'm too bloody old for that rubbish."

"I've only been here two days. I love this place. I love the company, the feeling of being part of something, of being wanted."

She turned to Betsy, "Dave`s family is probably a better family, a more loving family than most of those who are telling lies about him."

She stood with her hands on her hips as others came out of the barn and gathered around. "As I see it the only threat to our life here is the threat of some busy body causing trouble."

"You know what I mean, getting the council or the government involved." She took a deep breath, "Health inspectors, Boating inspectors, fishing inspectors, immigration inspectors, welfare inspectors, and Tax inspectors. You name it and they have an inspector for it."

"Worse still some newspaper reporter, up here checking up and reporting their twisted version of the life Dave leads." Matron said as she joined the group. "Could you imagine the headlines orgies, harems, sex romps we'd make the international news."

Granny smiled at them all, "Look I'll get down off my high horse. I really think when we have visitors that we should be a little more careful. That's my only worry, I want to live here for ever and mother you all, so don't lets fuck it up:" she said as she strode back into the kitchen.

The stunned silence as she left was shattered immediately.

"What a fabulous xmas eve, "last night was the best I can remember," Jenny said as she wiped the sleep out of her eyes and strolled out into the stunned gathering.

A very pregnant Jenny in the shortest of T shirt come night dresses, swirled around as someone started to laugh and asked with a giggle, "Where's King Dave's seat? I want a cuddle."

Oblivious to the stunned silence she raised the bottom of her dress and scratched her large nude pregnant body. "Are we going to party today?" she asked as she stumbled and fell on Charlies lap.

"Bloody hell!" Dave said as they all laughed. "That's put an end to any more serious discussion today. Let's shift the trestles and help Granny set up for lunch."

"Its going to be bloody forty today," Charlie moaned as he struggled with the weight of the large trestle. The women had decided that it would be cooler to eat Xmas lunch out under the Moreton bay fig tree in the breeze. So the long trestle table had to be dragged out to be set up in the shade.

"As soon as I'm finished I'm going to dive in beside Ruby," Charlie said. They looked over to where Ruby and Annabelle were lying in the water on blow up beds under the large canvas fly. "It looks bloody cool floating around in the shade as the tide floods in," Charlie added.

"I want some of that" Dave agreed as he watched the flooding tide rise quickly.

"I'm glad you cut those extra long saplings to use as tent poles" Dave whispered to Charlie. "That extra height allows more breezes to flow through and has the added advantage that the fly doesn't block our view. We can study the girls while we sit up here."

"Why sit up here," Charlie said as he stood up and started to move. "let's erect the trestles down in the water. Those old wooden stools will do for seats. We can have our first Xmas lunch together in a style we'll never forget."

Charlie's idea was met with all round excitement, except for granny.

She was persuaded when Albert said "don't worry mum the water will probably only come up over the seats. It won't flood high enough to wet the food on the table."

If the water comes up over the seats, all our beautiful new clothes will get wet," Ruby said. "I've never had clothes like them before I don't want to ruin them."

Dave quietened them down "let's have lunch in fair dinkum Aussie fashion under the canvas."

"Then if our cooks agree, tonight at about eight o'clock when its cooler we'll dress up and have a formal Xmas dinner.

He turned to granny and Esther. "It means extra work but we'll all pitch in and help, what you say."

When they agreed there was instant pandemonium. Everyone jumped into help, rushing here and there in what Matron called organised chaos.

"Can we wear our bikinis for lunch?" Van asked excitedly.

"Can we go topless?" Kim asked. "You can go bottomless if you like. Dress down, dress cool and let's enjoy ourselves." Matron said as she discarded her shirt.

Albert sat with the water up to his waist as the last of the seafood was placed on the table. "There's not much breeze, it'll be bloody hot in town." He said as Matron organised the seating.

Dave studied the women who now made up his family. They were all different all quite pretty in their own way. The new women from the fish market had added more variety and colour.

Kim wore a bright yellow bikini, highlighting her tiny brown Vietnamese body. The more pregnant ladies wore shifts with nothing underneath. "Wearing clothes, especially wet clothes can be far sexier than a show of bare flesh." Tim announced as he kissed Jennies large wet belly.

"Oh that's right, but they're pregnant," Kim cried as she stripped off and did a little dance, before standing in front of Dave in the nude. "Van will be sexier when Dave makes her pregnant."

Dave didn't hear her; he was away in dreamland a wide smile on his face. "Shit get the doctor," Tim called "he's dead if he doesn't respond to that."

"It's too late" Betsy called as they all laughed, "He's already had the doctor".

Dave had been thinking "This is the life sitting here in the cool my tummy full surrounded by happy people." He was aroused from his daydream by the loud laughter caused by Betsy's remark." What's up" he called as he struggled to sit up, "Down boy," Betsy laughed, "I think you've had too much doctoring?"

Dave found himself laughing at their obvious happiness.

"This is what I wanted" he thought as the banter around the table created a wonderful family atmosphere.

Lunch had been served on the trestles under the canvas. The lunch was a hoot, everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

The tide continued to flood in while they ate. They didn't notice how quick it rose until it covered most people's laps.

Dave was surprised to see Tim and Salome sitting with water up to their chests. "What happened" he asked.

"Oh our weight and a bit of soft sand have caused our seats to sink lower" Tim grinned "we might be heavier but we're cooler."

"Your right, it's cooler in the water," Dave replied as he slid down off his seat and let himself float with the tide. Van and Kim followed splashing and dragging him under.

Clothes were a hindrance as they fought to prevent themselves from being ducked. Dave struggled free looking for his trunks that had been pulled off in the melee. He looked around as he gained his footing. Everone was naked if they hadn't stripped voluntarily, they were attacked stripped and groped.

Dave found the deepest spot and stood watching as one by one their clothes were stripped off and thrown up on the sand. He felt a hand on his leg and looked down it was young Kim.

"Turn round with your back to them," she whispered. He felt her finger on his arse and turned quickly, "Merry Xmas" she laughed, as she took him in her mouth.

Everything about Kim was small. He wondered briefly whether she could really give a good blow job. He hadn't finished that thought, when to his amazement she looked up in to his face her eyes soft and loving and opened her throat to take his prick in to the hilt.

"You'll bloody drown" he groaned as Kim kept ducking her head under the water to suck his cock.

It was mid afternoon when they finally decided to pack up. "Dinner at eight all dressed up," Granny instructed.

While he watched Granny order Charlie and Albert around his mobile phone rang. It was brand new and he fumbled as his big fingers pressed the button. "Hi" he said as he wandered off down to the boats.

"It's me Sandra I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodnight last night." "I had a wonderful time" she whispered. "I want to do it again."

"Are you coming back up to the island?" he asked.

"If you'll fuck me." She cried. "We need to make sure I'm pregnant."

Dave was horny now, "come on up, we have a dress up dinner tonight," he said as he remembered his time with the doctors wife.

"I have to work it out with Dan," she cried "if he doesn't want to; I'll come on my own. It's my right time and I want that baby."

Van had crept up to Dave's bedroom after lunch. She was naked. "I wish Dave was here" she thought as she ran her hands slowly down her body until they reached her clit. "Oh Dave" she whispered "I want a baby."

Thoughts of a baby created a warm moist feeling in her cunt. "Please fuck me Dave," Van moaned as she slapped the top of her cunt hard and felt her clit tingle. A long moan escaped from her mouth as that response from her clit ran through her body from her head to her toes.

"Silk sheets" she murmured as she pulled the covers back and lay on Dave`s bed. She shivered as her nude body hot from the sun reacted to the cool soft silk material. She imagined herself wrapped in Dave`s arms, and smiled. "He'd soon make me hot."

Van lay back and relaxed; she stroked her belly and moved her hands up to her breasts. She could feel the moisture seeping from her cunt as she lay back and pictured his lips sucking and biting her nipples. "They're not big," she cried. "I hope Dave likes them."

Her body was moving constantly, rolling and twisting as she became more and more excited. "Yes my tits aren't big but he might like small tits," Van reasoned as she rolled them in her hands.

She felt her nipples grow and tingle. She raised her head to look down and watch her hands pull her nipples hard until they hurt. As she watched her nipples became erect pointing up in the air. Van let her head fall back as the wonderful feeling created by her stinging nipples washed over her.

Unbeknown to Van, Dave had returned to his room. With no door or wall and only a rail to separate his upstairs room from the dining area down below, he was able to hear and see her long before she would become aware of his presence.

Dave stood on the top stair and leant on the rail. The sight of Van's tiny Vietnamese body thrashing and moaning on his bed, made him forget the idea of an afternoon nap.

His eyes roved around the room, her reflection in Betsy's big mirror catching his eye before her loud excited cry brought his eyes back to the bed. He listened as her moans of pleasure reached a crescendo and gradually decreased, his eyes now riveted on her small brown body.

"I'm not into watching," he thought, but he did not move. He was rooted to the spot. "My god" he thought as his eyes were drawn to the writhing body on his bed, "this is incredible it's bloody near pornographic."

He could hear her puffing and panting. Then he heard a long moan as, a series of little shudders hit her. As that wave of emotion swept over her, Vans hands started working faster and faster. Dave watched as one hand would slide down her body to her cunt, then back up to cup her tit, pushing it up as her tongue tried to lick her nipple.

While she was doing this she was sinking the fingers of her other hand into her cunt, then pulling them out to just roll them slowly around in circles on the top of her clit.

Her body movements and her groans of pleasure were causing difficulties in his trunks. Unconsciously his hand moved down to his prick, freeing it where it was caught. His eyes never left her body as he dropped his shorts.

Van's hands moved away from her small tits and slid sensuously down her body, to what he swore later, when he recalled what he had witnessed, was her twitching cunt. Her fingers rubbed frantically up and down on her clit.

As Dave stood gaping, her legs moved apart. Her hairy cunt seemed to open as if seeking her fingers. Her legs were jerking as they moved further and further apart. They were now so far apart he could see the ring of her arsehole amongst the hair. He gasped as her arse cheeks clenched, moving before his eyes.

Van giggled and smiled to her self, as her fingers dipped into her cunt then returned to her mouth. She ran her fingers under her nose sniffing her own scent, then returned them to again spread her cunt lips. Dave watched in amazement as her fingers then played with her cunt, opening it sufficiently for him to see the shine of her secretions.

Unaware she was being watched; Van commenced sliding her hand in a little circular motion over her clit. "Oh hell that's beautiful" she moaned to herself as she experienced the most toe tingling feeling. She ran her other hand up under her breast to cup it and pinch the nipple as she heard herself gasping and groaning.

Little grunts of pleasure escaped from her lips as she slipped her middle finger in side her cunt. "I wish it was Dave," she thought as she slid it in further and further until there was no more. She arched her back, her body rolling and bucking when she felt an orgasm approaching. "Oh yes:" she cried as she pushed her middle finger in and out faster and faster.

She could feel her fingers and thumb moving with it, rubbing the lips of her cunt creating the most exquisite feeling. She was breathing heavy, mouthing little swear words as more moisture seeped on to her hand. "Oh shit come on, come on," she moaned as she moved her other hand to rub her clit.

"I'm coming, I'm coming;" she screamed as her head fell back and her body pushed up as though it was swallowing a prick. Van had lost control, her body jerking, her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth hung open as her orgasm took over.

Dave could take no more his prick was ready to explode. He had never seen a woman masturbate. His mouth was dry, his heart was beating faster and faster, he just had to fuck her she was so hot, so fucking hot.

Both Vans' hands were now working her cunt; he could tell that she was coming. He watched her body spasm and shudder. He heard her low sweet moan of satisfaction and knew he had to have her now.

Moving quickly he knelt on the bed with his legs each side of her thrashing legs. Even when her legs hit his, she did not stop shuddering.

She was off the planet. He lent forward and cupped her tits. He could feel his poker hard prick push down to hit the hair above her cunt. A thrill washed over him as her hot sticky fingers immediately took him and held him. Then as her body settled, he felt her feed him into her very sloppy cunt.

Immediately Dave`s prick hit home, he felt Van start to rise to meet him. Her ankles gripping his side, her hands coming up held him, her fingernails hurting him as they dug into his back.

Van felt the tremors run through her body and thought she was dreaming when Dave`s hands cupped her tits. "Thank god" she thought "thank god."

Every bit of her body was moving as she laid back legs apart. "She never said a word." Dave though later as he recalled how her hands just came up, took hold of his prick and pulled it down to her cunt."

Quietly she wrapped her legs around him and started to move. Then and only then did she break her silence, "make me a baby" she whispered.

"I'll try love, I'll try," he moaned as he pumped his prick into her molten hot hole.

Dave knew he wouldn't last long. He had stood for twenty minutes watching the most erotic act of self masturbation. He had become so hot, so randy, that he knew his prick would have exploded in his hand, if he hadn't sought to sink it in her raging cunt.

Dave struggled to hold on. Fucking Van was like a fighting a bushfire out of control. There was nothing he could do to stop from coming. Her body overwhelmed his. She was covered in sweat, her body hot and sticky to touch; her cunt walls gripped his prick as her heels dug into his back and sides.

Dave was lost. He didn't know what was going to happen next. Her mouth found his nipple and she bit him sending shock waves through his body, making him even more excited. Even his own moans turned him on.

He was embarrassed that he was going to come so quickly.

Even as he started to come, he made one final effort to slow their movements, to gain some control.

Van had other ideas, her body slowed, but her cunt milked him. It had muscles he decided, that drew every drop from his highly excited prick. Dave was fucked, he started to give up.

But it still wasn't over. When he thought his prick would soften and go limp, Van's cunt held it and massaged it, giving it new life. Dave started to push away as he felt the last of his sperm drained from his prick. Van stopped him.

She held him tight, her lips seeking his, kissing his face and neck. "Do me lover, do me," she whispered as his prick grew hard.

"Don't leave me" she pleaded. "I want your baby."

With a now rock hard prick being massaged by her cunt and a stream of kisses covering his face and neck Dave had no option. He kissed her back, as her body started to move once again.

Van was in the process of sucking new life into Dave `s limp prick for the third time when granny rang the dinner bell. "Saved by the bell" Dave thought as his prick slipped from her mouth.

"Oh my, I'm sorry, it's very late" Van whispered as she looked up into his eyes, "I hope I no cause trouble."

Dave could see she was truly troubled. "Don't worry," he said calming her down "we have time."

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