tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 09

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 09

bymangrove jack©

"Mandy tells me you have agreed to let her live on the island," Carol said as soon as they anchored and came ashore at the Haven.

"Christ," Dave said, "How did you know, she only asked me an hour ago on the house boat."

"Haven't you heard of cell phones?" She laughed.

My god Dave a nineteen year old virgin, you sure know how to live dangerously." She grinned as she sat down beside him.

"Your sex life will kill you if you don't watch out."

Dave grinned and looked at Carol she was Mandy in ten years time, her slim models body had a maturity that made it an instant horn maker.

The proof of that statement was between his legs where his cock had forced its way up towards his belly button.

They sat together while she told him all he wanted to know about her daughter Mandy. She's our only child. Fred and I have talked about her and your island for the last five or six weeks.

We thought if we could get her to come over here to you island and mix with your girls, it would break her connection with her school mates and their drugs.

"We didn't know how to approach it, but it became easy when she started to talk about you. She loves you Dave. I know it's a young one's infatuation but she loves you. That feeling will last for some time and then she'll move on."

"I've led you on a bit when she's around. I wanted her to know I found you attractive. So she would see she would have to compete and meet your standards if she wants to live here."

She's a virgin or she was before you pair went off on the house boat," she laughed.

"She still is," he whispered, "but your not," as he took her hand and led her back onto the houseboat. "I'm bloody horny," he told her as he laid her over on the end of the bed and slipped her shorts down. Her thong came with them as the scent of her arousal stirred his nostril.

"I don't know what it is but there is something about you that stirs me. No I shouldn't say stirs me, it's more than that. I look at you, I get an instant erection and I want you."

Carol grunted as Dave pushed her legs apart. She was surprised but not disappointed at his urgency.

She waited as he dropped his shorts and leant in to place his hands around her hips and slip them forward until one hand reached her pussy.

She too did not know what the special attraction was that made her want Dave. From her teenage years men had chased her. Fred told her she had a look that spelt sex.

She paid special attention to her makeup and grooming and exercised to keep her body fit. She always wanted to look beautiful, but she did it for herself, not for men.

She found the constant attention of horny men a nuisance. Dave had not treated her any different to all the other pregnant and lonely women who now lived with him on his island. She had become intrigued.

She had noticed him when he first bought furniture for the island from Fred. He was good looking, polite, and so kind to everyone that she was drawn to him. When Mandy fell in with the wrong crowd she automatically thought of Dave and his Island.

Her love life had been ordinary until she seduced Dave. Or he seduced me, she thought as her pussy grew moist. Now, she thought, as he pushed her legs apart I can't get enough of him.

His thick hard cock bounced around and poked her thigh and stomach before he took hold of it and using both hands massaged her pussy with hand and cock.

Their coupling was swift and hard both grunting and groaning as they urged each other to greater effort. He lifted her legs high in the air and held them wide while he slammed his cock into her swollen pussy.

She bucked back in response to his thrusts, her fingers hurting where they could grab his bucking body. "Fuck me Dave," she urged as she played with her own nipples, "fuck me hard."

The house boat swung on its anchor in the shallows as they reached their climaxes and slumped down together on the floor.

Carol kissed him lightly on the lips. "Please be kind to Mandy, She needs a lover like you to take her maiden, just take her gently with that big cock of yours."

Dave sighed; his life was full of surprises. This magnificent mother lay on his bed with his cock spewing the last of his come into her pussy. Seemingly unconcerned at her position she continued to advise him how to fuck her virgin daughter.

The surprising part was both of them were treating it like it was a natural thing for a mother to do.

Dave felt the last of his come dribble into her pussy. He pursed his lips and blew a kiss to Carol. "I must get going," he whispered.

She laughed, wriggling her hips and reaching for him. When he tried to withdraw her pussy seemed to take hold of his cock, forcing it to remain in her, keeping it hard.

His surprise turned to delight when Carol's pussy continued to work his cock slowly, as they talked and gradually relaxed in each others arms.

He licked his lips as he looked down on her body, her breasts stood out with a small patch of white skin highlighting her nipple. Automatically as if triggered by the sight, his fingers moved to stroke and pinch that rock hard nipple, making Carol moan and jump.

"Now that Mandy's going to live here, drop in when ever you feel like it," he whispered as he mouthed and then nibbled on her shiny red lips.

"I feel like it whenever I see you," she moaned as he started to move in her again.

Dave waded around in the shallow cove. He had finished a nights fishing and brought the catch back to the island. Salome and the others were sorting the catch and icing it down.

Ruby was waiting for him to go crabbing. "I've thawed fish frames, for bait," she said as he joined her in her fourteen foot, flat bottomed punt.

"I need some new pots. The old ones are rusting out. We should use the old pots wire frames and this time cover them with trawl net, they'll last longer," she said as she pushed off from the sand and pulled the starter cord.

"My God Ruby you're pregnant. You shouldn't be pulling on that old motor. Get Charlie to trade it in on an electric start Yamaha or Mariner before you loose the baby."

"While you're at it get a motor with shallow drive so we can sneak up on those mud crab holes in the mangroves."

"Matron will fix the account, so do it before I have to tan your hide for taking such risks."

Out in the channel they worked a line of pots. Ruby motored up to each float so Dave could pick it up and haul the pot up from the bottom. Soon the holding boxes were full.

"Crabs are bringing good money, we'll do real well today boss," Ruby called as she counted the catch of mud and sand crabs

He stood up and stretched, before he made to head towards her. "Stop calling me boss or I'll tan your hide."

"Don't come near me," she laughed, "you've been handling stinking bait, and you smell awful."

"You should talk," he said as she headed the boat out of the mangroves on to a shallow sand bank.

"Well I generally do this on my own," she cried as she threw the anchor up in the shallows. "What I do is strip off here, have a swim and wash my clothes."

"I've got dry clothes in the bow to wear home. We can't do that today. I forgot to tell you to bring a change of clothes."

"Of course we can," he laughed. Stripping off his clothes he threw them into the shallow water and jumped over. "I'm a fisherman and if there is no one around, I do exactly what you do."

He floated on his back and studied Rubies tiny black body. She had stripped slowly, letting him study her body as she stripped.

It was hard to believe that her baby was expected soon.

She was timid and scared when she first joined his family. She would have never have stripped so casually in front of him then.

She had started to emerge from her shell recently.

Her hair and makeup had undergone a transformation under Donna and Betsy's guidance.

Her clothes seemed to fit better, but the biggest change was in her confidence. She had become more outgoing more fun.

He remembered Charlie and Albert telling him that Ruby would like to sleep with him. He recalled how they said that she thought because she was an aborigine he wouldn't want her.

He decided to flirt a little and remove any idea from her mind that he did not like her, because of her race or colour.

"My god you've got a great body," he whistled. "Pregnancy makes a girl into a woman. You've still got that girlish figure, and have the added soft beauty that mother hood brings."

He swam over to her and put his arm around her. He pulled her close to lie in his arms. "Lie here in the shallows with me and I'll wash you clean," he whispered.

Ruby was flustered she did not know that Charlie and Albert had spoken to Dave.

She was not promiscuous. She had many marks and scars on her body where her uncles and brothers had belted her because she would not have sex with them.

Her baby's father had been a legal counsellor with part aborigine blood. He courted her when he found she wasn't sexually active amongst her tribe. They lived together for twelve months before he moved out to live with a white woman from his work.

Ruby had been broken hearted for a while. She thought of ending it all, before Albert told her about Dave.

She had been scared when she first arrived on the island, but old Charlie had befriended her. She had rewarded him with a few minor sexual favours.

They had agreed to live together. She knew she would be loved and well looked after by Charlie.

Dave had given her the first ever feeling of security in her life. Charlie promised companionship and more security.

Each day when she woke in her own bed knowing she had a safe future, she marvelled at how her life had changed in a matter of days.

The girls all spoke of Dave and how he was a kind lover, very soft and cuddly. "Especially in bed," Donna had told her one night.

"He has a large cock. We have taught him how to use it," she laughed. "You should hop into his bed one night."

None of her previous times with a man had made her talk, like these girls and women talked of Dave.

Whenever they talked she saw their eye light up with love.

It wasn't long before she too wanted Dave. It just seemed natural that as head of the family she should reward him with her sexual favour. She had discussed it with Charlie who had discussed it with her brother Albert.

She didn't know how to raise it with Dave and decided to do nothing. Dave was washing her body taking special care of her small swollen belly.

"I love pregnant women," he told her as he talked to her of many things.

She washed him all over and played with his cock as they sat in eighteen inches of water and kissed.

Dave had no intention of trying to fuck her. Carol had made him come more than once only a few hours ago.

He was content to spend some time talking to Ruby while they stroked each others body and kissed. His cock wasn't as casual as he was; it stood erect in the water.

Ruby took it in hand. Using her hand and her thumb and forefinger she quietly brought him to a shuddering orgasm.

While Ruby stroked his cock, Dave took the hint and pushed his fingers into her small pussy. He felt her body shudder as he sucked her tiny breasts.

They both knew this was not a time of high passion, but a time to cement a loving relationship that would endure and flare up sexually from time to time.

They lay together in the shallow water.

Dave was half asleep when he heard splashing and a woman's voice.

"There's someone over here," the voice called. Ruby jumped up to get her dry clothes and stuttered "hello," when she spied a young blonde girl in a tiny bikini standing a few feet away in the shallows.

"Sorry to be a nuisance," the blonde said, we need a lift back to town." Dave pulled on shorts as he stood up; a wide grim broke across the blondes face as she watched Dave do up his belt. "Gee, we didn't know what you were doing we really are sorry to have disturbed you."

Her grin was infectious. "It's ok," Ruby said. "You can come back to the island with us."

"Thanks, I'm Brenda and my friends name is Nicky. She's spiked her foot on a mangrove root."

As they helped Nicky into the boat Ruby asked "What are you both doing out here."

"Well it's a long story. We work for a promotion firm and are currently working for a brewery."

"The sales managers took us for a ride in their speed boat. To cut a long story short, they wanted us to put out, we wouldn't."

"They said walk home and dropped us on a sand bank. I think we turned the wrong way and walked away from that little village."

Dave was seething at their treatment. Brenda sensing his anger said "don't worry its half our fault. We knew they were a pair of arseholes and should have known better."

Dave cleaned Nicky's foot. "Its all clean now, we'll fix it back at the haven. The most important problem will be your sunburn,"

Nicky protested, "I've got a good tan."

"So have I," Brenda said as she posed provocatively.

"Let's get some cream on you both," he said as Ruby found some in the first aid kit. "Those teeny sexy bikinis would turn a man on and turn you into lobsters if you stay out for hours without protection.

Dave studied the girls as he rubbed Rubies suntan oil into their skin. Nicky was a brunette with what looked like Indian features. Her tits were enormous but not sloppy. Her nipples were long, brown and hard.

Nicky's large brown eyes watched him as he rubbed oil around above and under her tits. "We're hired to look sexy" she whispered. "Big tits are what they want when they hire us."

"They're fabulous," Dave whispered back. "You really are sexy. They hired the right girl."

She kissed him on the cheek, "thank you, do Brenda now she has whiter skin, she is a true blonde."

Brenda stood in the dinghy as they motored home. Dave rubbed oil all over her body. He knelt down to concentrate on her long white legs, paying extra attention to her thighs. "Thank you." she whispered "you have wonderful hands."

"We're not far from the Haven now." Ruby called as she watched Dave oil along the edge of Brenda's Bikini.

"The haven isn't that where that guy has a harem full of pregnant wives," Nicky asked.

Dave looked a Ruby and signalled her to be quiet.

Nicky missed the signal, "he must be a real stud," she giggled.

"They say it's like one of those hippie communes up there, with pregnant women and kids everywhere."

Dave and Ruby burst out laughing.

Ruby couldn't contain herself, "that's him," she said pointing to Dave, while drawing attention to her pregnant body.

"Oh shit I've put my bloody foot in it, haven't I," Nicky gasped.

Dave and Ruby burst out laughing; "Don't worry I won't force you to get pregnant." Dave said as they turned into the Havens cove. "You can meet the family and get the facts for yourself in a few minutes."

Annabelle, Donna, Matron, Van and Kim all came down to greet them when they saw they had passengers.

"These two ladies need to get some facts about this place," Dave said as he unloaded the crabs.

"Take them and give them a shower, and fix up their sunburn." He turned to Donna, "show them around and bring them down to lunch. We'll take them back to town later."

Brenda and Nicky were swept away leaving Dave and Ruby to stand grinning at one another.

The family including visitors sat out under the old Moreton Bay fig and ate as they talked of the islands problems and plans.

Albert's shop had been cut in three over in the village and he and Charlie were hard at work putting in footings and laying a slab. "Once this is complete we will be able to float the pieces over," Albert told them, the pride showing in his voice.

"Charlie has an old mate who was a ships engineer. He's looking for a place to end his days. Can we bring him up to meet the family?" Albert asked. "He'll be worth his weigh in gold with all the motors and electrical gear that needs maintenance.

He can live with Charlie in his shop."

To Albert's delight, Matron said, "talk to me after lunch and we`ll arrange it."

Two plumbers had joined the family for lunch wolfing into the fresh cooked whiting, salad and fries. They were putting in an additional septic tank to take the added waste.

Dave had decided to install a windmill to power the spear pump. It would provide cheap fresh water for the house, as well as Albert's old shop and the fish processing area.

The last addition to the lunch time guests was a young council health inspector. Her name was Marion. She was helping Matron and Salome plan the stainless steel tables and waste water disposal. They were needed to meet health department requirements.

"We can pack fresh fillets, crabs and oysters for the hotels and restaurants," Matron told them. "They have been clamouring for fresh daily seafood. They find that the markets product is more than a day old before it's delivered."

"If we can guarantee caught today, processed hygienically and delivered today, we will corner the market," she added.

"How long has this been going on?" the young plumbers apprentice whispered to Dave as he looked at the scantily clad women introduced as Dave`s wives.

The young brunette council inspector heard him and joined in, "tell us about this family of yours? It's the subject of much gossip down town."

"Wait till I get Brenda and Nicky," Donna called.

When they were seated Annabelle and Betsy who had sat breast feeding their babies gave a hilarious and exaggerated account of Dave's life with his harem. In the end Dave had to step in himself and explain.

When he finished a very pregnant Donna turned to the visitors. "Dave looks after those whom society has rejected or ignored. She rubbed her bloated stomach. This is a place where love blossoms and good things happen."

"My god, I've never heard anything like it, it's so different to the bullshit they were saying down the pub," Brenda whispered to Annabelle.

Mandy looked over at Marion, "isn't he lovely," she said as she pointed to Dave. "Oh yes," Marion cried, "you're all lovely."

They all sat quiet for a while before Nicky stood up and looked out over the water, her face and shoulders red from the sun shone when she said.

"You're very lucky this is a wonderful place to live," they all nodded their heads in agreement as the sun sank slowly.

"Drop back one weekend and join us, there is always room and you will be made very welcome," Matron said later that afternoon when the visitors were leaving.

The young council inspector said "I might just do that," as she waved good bye.

"Can we stay the night?" Brenda and Nicky asked. "It was to be our last evening working for the brewery, we don't want to work with those bastards any more."

That evening Dave told Mandy to open the beer fridge. "We can relax while we decide a few things," he told them as the meal finished. "There is a lot to discuss."

Brenda strode out front, "Nicky and I will serve the drink that's what we were hired for."

"I though you were hired to look sexy," Dave called remembering what Nicky had said.

"We are sexy as you will find out if you issue any challenges," Brenda said as she dropped her bikini top and poured the beer topless.

"What a good idea," cried Donna as she stripped down to her panties. Within minutes the gathering was topless even the men being told to get their shirts and singlets off.

They sat out under the stars. A strong breeze off the water kept them cool and the insects away.

Dave sat staring at Nicky, her nipples intrigued him. They were long and stood out like little flag poles.

"What are you thinking Dave?" matron asked with a grin.

"Remind me, I need to place an order for parts for a wind generator or install those solar panels." Dave said as he sucked on his beer.

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