tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 13

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 13

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The Government investigation into Dave's Island created a media frenzy. Newspapers across the state and throughout the country carried stories of Dave and his many wives. Some of the stories were so outrageous and untrue that Dave was persuaded to invite journalists and TV reporters to visit the island as his guest.

"One at the time," Matron urged, "so you can entertain them and they can get too know all of us."

Annabelle agreed. "Let's start with the locals, then work our way up to the national press."

Later that evening Dave did not object when Nicki crept into his bed. Without thinking, he automatically moved so he could stroke her firm young breasts. "My god you're beautiful, I love your breasts," he whispered.

Nicki took his hands and held them. "Oh hell! I know you do sweetie," she whispered as her nipples stood up to his touch. She shivered and moaned, "Please behave for a minute;

She held his head in her hands staring into his eyes. "You know I normally have to talk to the others before I could join you in your bedroom at night."

"Tonight I didn't have to ask. I have been sent here to help you plan a media campaign. I know many of the local journalists from my days in product promotion. I spent many hours socializing with them when I was a tits and legs girl for cigarette companies and the brewery."

Kissing Dave's nipples, Nicki whispered, "The news reader on our local TV is married but likes a little fling. Her face is on TV every night. She is very popular. She rarely has an opportunity to spend time with a new man in a location where she will not be recognized."

"You should ring the station and invite her and her camera operator to come up for a few days. I will talk to her and make sure she comes." She laughed, "When she gets here you can make sure she comes."

Before he could reply, her teeth closed on his nipple making him groan. Dave had completely forgotten the media by the time he lifted her head from his chest and kissed her.

She pushed back so she could look at him, "You're bloody fantastic," she groaned, "I have never met anyone like you, you're always hard." Dave smiled as he pulled the pillow up under his head and watched Nicki slide down to take his cock in her hands. He grunted in satisfaction as she sucked him deep into her throat. "My god that's lovely. But I really want to fuck you."

Nicki looked up and slipped his cock from her mouth. "I know what you would like to do, but first I want to taste your come in my mouth."

I cannot let the bloody government stuff this up Dave thought as her hands worked his cock into her mouth. He shuddered as he thought of the possible loss of his wives and their successful community. He made up his mind as his cock pulsed he could not let the government force the closure of the Haven.

Nicky's lips soon stopped him from thinking about the government. He felt his come stirring in his balls, his legs tightened, his mouth became dry as he whispered, "I'm going to come love. Do you want to swallow, or shall we stop so I can fuck you."

"Finish him off," Donna called from the doorway. Startled he looked around to find four set of eyes watching. "We sent Nicki in here to talk about the media. Knowing you, we knew you two would end up in bed."

Betsy chimed in. "We decided to join you. We need to talk. Go on finish him off. If you don't we will never be able to make him concentrate on business."

While they were talking, Nicki had continued to suck his excited cock. Her mouth and hand were moving quickly now making Dave's heartbeat faster.

Dave eyes returned to watch her fingers working up and down his shaft. He gasped as her mouth and tongue made his balls tingle. "Oh hell," he groaned. His body was hit by a series of jolts as his come shot into her mouth.

Dave had closed his eyes as he savored the ecstasy of Nicky's mouth milking his pulsing cock. When he opened them again, Annabelle, Donna, Betsy and Van were standing beside his bed.

"Bloody hell what about a little privacy," he groaned.

"We won't have the luxury of privacy if you don't do something to protect our island home," Van whispered as she moved to lie beside him on the bed. Not to be outdone Donna pushed Nicki aside so she could take Dave's cock in her warm mouth.

Dave grunted, "I thought we were going to talk about a media campaign."

"First things first," Van said as her lips closed on his and Donna increased the tempo of her cleanup.

Somehow, during a night filled with many bodies Dave found time to discuss their plans. He remembered their fighting words, even though he could not remember who said what.

Finally, as they dressed in the morns early light, everyone was allocated a job. The plan to involve every group that had any influence in the community meant everyone would have to act quickly and use every possible contact.

Community leaders would have to be invited to visit and stay over. Matron and Annabelle would advertise an open day with the proceeds to go to a Battered Women's trust.

The plan was to make sure the public were able to see what the family had achieved and how they worked together. ‘Hide Nothing', was the slogan they all agreed would best describe their plan.

That evening Nicki arranged for Lola Hanks the local TV news presenter to visit the island. The next morning she joined Dave on the houseboat as they motored down to meet Lola and her assistant.

As soon as they got underway, Nicki slipped off her top. She stood behind him, hands on his hips pressing her breasts into his bare back.

"Lola is one frustrated lady; promise me you will look after her." she whispered.

"Shit that's what worries me. I am no gigolo. I sleep with you because I want to, not because someone tells me I have to." He could feel himself blushing, "I don't know if I want to make love to someone just to get publicity for our cause."

"What if she doesn't excite me? What if I can't get a horn?" Nicki laughed as she ran her hand over the bulge in the front of his shorts. "I don't know what you are worrying about. You always have a horn."

"How could I not get a horn with those fabulous tits pushing into my back? Dave groaned. Nicki laughed as she moved around to face him. "Waste not; want not," she whispered. She giggled wickedly as she winked and pushed his shorts down around his ankles.

Teasing him Nicki took her time. Slowly and seductively, she slid down on her knees in front of him. Minutes later as his come leaked from the corner of her mouth she looked up at him and grinned, "Save some for Lola."

Dave had only seen Lola Hank's head and shoulders on TV. She was not as tall as he had imagined. While her height struck him at first glance, his eyes were drawn to her small breasts. They were displayed nicely in a white business shirt with sufficient buttons undone to wet his appetite. Her milky white skin provided a dramatic contrast to the brown sun tanned bodies of his island family.

He estimated as they shook hands that she would be in her early forties. Her cream silk skirt and linen shirt displayed her great little body to perfection. Lola greeted him eagerly. "I have heard a lot about you. You have an interesting reputation."

They stood studying each other when Nicki stepped in to ask Dave to help a large swarthy Italian girl she introduced as Delfina. "Stop gawking and help Delfina load their gear," she ordered

"Hi, I am the camera operator," Delfina whispered as they worked together. "I've heard about you, I hope you are as good as they say." When Dave did not answer, she moved so her large breast rubbed along his arm. She winked and whispered, "I intend to find out."

Dave stood at the wheel on the return journey. Delfina stood beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Lola told me you are having trouble with the Premier. She has a story about him that needs telling. Our station bosses support the government. They have ordered her not to use it; Get close to her. If she likes what you've got, she'll provide you with the details; it may be exactly what you need."

Dave was intrigued. He had taken an instant liking to Delfina. It was obvious she felt the same way about him.

He watched as she whispered to Lola and brought her over to the wheelhouse. "Let Lola steer," she ordered. "You can stand behind her and watch to see she doesn't get into trouble."

They stood quietly as the houseboat moved slowly up the river. Lola was nervous. "How am I doing," she whispered. Dave laughed, "You are going great, don't over correct and you will be perfect. There is an easy way to see if you are traveling straight. Look back to the stern and you can see if you are leaving a zig zag trail."

Just as Lola turned to look out over the stern, the wash of a passing tug hit the houseboat. She lost her footing and fell against Dave. Their bodies clashed her face against his bare chest.

Dave wrapped his arms around her to steady her as they swayed together. He felt her small soft breast and his prick lurched against her thigh. Lola gave a girlish giggle and looked up at Dave. "My oh my," she whispered, "boating can be interesting."

"Yes very interesting," he growled letting his head drop down to kiss her on the forehead. Lola's reaction surprised him. She pushed her body against him, her hand seeking the bulge in his shorts.

"Very interesting," she murmured as she raised her face to be kissed. Dave did not disappoint her. His mouth closed over hers, nibbling her lips. They were so wrapped in each other they did not notice Delfina step into the wheelhouse and take over the wheel.

When Delfina pushed Dave away, he lifted Lola in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. She said nothing as he stripped her clothes away leaving her standing in just her high heels.

Dave stood back to admire her tiny white body. She turned slowly her hand on one hip the other sweeping her hair up off her neck. "You like?" she whispered. There was no need to answer. All his worries about getting a horn disappeared.

He dropped his shorts so his rock hard cock could spring free. Lola stopped turning. "You like?" he whispered back.

"Oh yes I like, but I want you to eat me first," she gasped.

"Come here," she urged. Dave felt her urgency and decided to tease her. "Wait; there is no need to hurry. You make the most erotic picture standing there. I want to imprint this image on my mind."

Dave stood still, admiring her body. "You're beautiful. I love your gorgeous white skin. It creates an astonishing contrast with your shiny black hair." He grinned and licked his lips, "especially where you have shaved your pussy hairs into that heart shape."

It seemed like an eternity to Lola before Dave moved over and sank to his knees in front of her. She held her breath as his hands stroked her thighs, moving lightly over her backside. "Lovely, lovely," he murmured as he stroked along the inside of her leg moving closer and closer to her now moist pussy.

She wanted him to kiss her now, trying to direct his head gently towards her pussy.

She groaned, "Stop teasing me," as he continued to kiss and stroke her legs and thighs, not once touching her where she wanted it most.

Then quite suddenly Dave stopped kissing and caressing her thighs. She growled, "What are you doing?" He did not need to respond. She could see and feel him gradually kissing his way up her body. Then he stopped to take her breast in his mouth and nibble on an excited nipple.

They stood swaying to the motion of the boat. Their hands and mouths busy on each other's body. Then just as quickly as he had stopped kissing and caressing her legs, his mouth left her breast.

"On the bed," he whispered as he lifted her effortlessly and laid her down with her legs over the side on to the floor. Lola lay back as he slowly sank to his knees. She became so relaxed that she was taken by surprise when his hands lightly caressed her lower legs.

She gave an involuntary gasp and shivered at the lightness of his touch. She struggled to raise her self on her elbows so she could watch what he was doing. He caressed her legs ever so gently before slowly easing them apart.

"My god you're beautiful," he groaned as his fingers played in her trim pussy hairs. His nose touched her outer lips as she heard him inhale. "You smell so hot, I bet you'll taste sweet," he murmured.

Her heart was beating so loud she could hear it. Dave was making love to her body. He was paying homage to her sex slowly and lovingly in a way that no one had ever done before.

She groaned aloud as he sank further down between her legs finally placing them over his shoulders. She shivered as his tongue immediately set off on a slow journey up the inside of her leg.

His mouth had distracted her from the movement of his hands. Her body responded when she felt his finger slip into her pussy. Working slowly his tongue joined it.

Then his other hand stroked lightly over the cheeks of her bottom coming closer and closer to her arse. Lola had spent many nights wondering what a cock would feel like when it entered her rear. Now as his finger probed and teased the cheeks of her arse her mind went blank.

She could think of nothing else, visualizing what he was going to do to her. "Do it! Do it!" she moaned quietly as she lay back and waited for him to force his way into her only virgin passage.

Her heart was now beating much faster than normal. She could feel it and hear it. She could feel her pussy responding to his fingers and tongue. She held her breath and waited for his finger to push into her arse.

She felt him raise her legs higher and moaned as his tongue ran down from her sopping pussy until it reached her arse. His finger pushed in and his tongue tried to follow,

"Oh my god," she moaned as she felt her pussy juices flow.

Dave too felt her juices on his cheek he removed his finger and pushed his tongue in until her tight virgin arse stopped it.

"Relax," he whispered. "I won't hurt you. Just tell me to stop if I do." Lola eased her legs apart relaxing as she felt his finger return and push on until it was all inside. She waited breathlessly while he filled her arse with his finger. Then she groaned and moved her body to indicate she was ready for more.

Within seconds, his finger was moving easily in her arse. "Are you ready?" he asked.

He did not need words to know what she wanted. Her body seemed to relax and invite him. He heard her whimper when he eased his cock into her pussy to lubricate it with her juice before easing the head into her arse.

Dave could not believe how quickly Lola accepted his cock. Her hands came up and gripped his thighs, her body started to buck wildly. "Fuck me, fuck my arse," she screamed. Her movements were so wild, her body so agitated that Dave struggled to keep his cock embedded in her arse.

Lola's fingers moved to his nipples. Using her long nails, she pinched his nipples so hard he came close to screaming.

He tried to brush her hands away but she kept up the pressure until he came with a rush and collapsed on top of her.

They lay gathering their breath when Delfina called. "Are you two finished? If your not you had better hurry we are just off the beach."

Most of the family had gathered on the Island to meet Lola. Annabelle and the girls ushered her away to the room they had set aside for her. While they were gone, Matron briefed Dave on the results of the Magistrates enquiry.

She laughed and kissed Dave as she read from a note. "They will report that the allegations against you are false and without foundation."

Dave sighed, "That's a relief, now we should take the fight up to the government. Let's make sure your open day draws big crowds. Make sure the church groups that support the woman's shelter visit when Madison and someone from the shelter are here to show them around.

Check to see everyone is able to do the jobs they have been given.

Nicki joined them a wide smile on her face. "You impressed Lola, if that's the word to describe what you were up to in the houseboat bedroom. She says she will prepare a special 30 minute programme about the island and its people."

"That's great," Matron sighed, "lets all make sure she get what she wants. Make sure all of the family is willing to talk about our Island and what it has done to improve our lives. Dave wants people to see how happy we all are here."

"Delfina likes you," Nicki whispered as she took his clothes and pushed him into the shower. "I'll send her in to discuss the areas you would like to show in the 30 minute special. She winked, "Look after her. Her camera work will be vital to our cause."

Dave stood in the shower soaping his cock, thinking about Lola. Suddenly the bathroom door opened. "Stop playing with yourself," Betsy called as she laid new towels on the bench. Dave was startled to see she was not alone. Delfina was standing behind her grinning.

Betsy turned to Delfina, "come on help me get him out and dry him down." She pushed Delfina into the shower with Dave. Within seconds, Delfina was soaking wet her large free flowing breasts clearly standing out beneath her clothes.

Dave whistled in awe. "Get out of your clothes," he groaned as he moved to help her. Betsy cried, "That's right strip her," She pushed in making it even more crowded. Delfina was now jammed hard against Dave as they both stripped her clothes away.

As soon as Delfina`s breasts were free of her clothes Dave took one in his hand and held it so he could kiss it. "My god," he whispered with his mouth full, "I have never seen nipples like yours before." He didn't say it aloud but thought to himself that Delfina`s nipples were larger and fatter than Vans tiny tits.

Delfina`s warm earthy body wrapped around him overwhelming him. Her mouth devoured his as they kissed and fondled each other. Betsy stood with her arms around them both. "Come on," she urged. "Get out of here, there is a bed waiting."

On the bed Delfina rolled on top of Dave, she took hold of his rampant cock and positioned it at the mouth of her cunt. She licked her lips erotically and slowly eased her body down until his cock was buried in her cunt up to his balls.

"At last" she whispered. "I've wanted to fuck you since I first heard about you. I was all the more certain when I first saw you this morning. The when I heard you and Lola together I knew I had to have you today."

"Now my handsome friend, now it is going to happen. I'm going to fuck you," she cried as her body started to move.

Dave felt her cunt grip his cock as she started to move faster and Faster.

"Go steady," he whispered. "If you're not careful, I will come too soon." Delfina gasped and licked her lips "come when ever your ready lover. It won't be the only time you will come in me tonight."

They both looked around startled when Betsy slapped Delfina across the arse. "You'll get your share but it's my turn next."

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