tagInterracial LoveHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 15

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 15

bymangrove jack©

The last few days before the islands open day were full of surprises. Their campaign was gaining a momentum of its own. More and more community groups came out in support of Dave and his family and against the government.

Delfina and Lola had brought people up to the island so they could have their interviews conducted away from prying eyes. They planned to send their stories about the Premier and some of his minister's corrupt practices to people who were in positions of power. Lola had told them that she knew some ministers and judges were prepared to act if confronted with compelling evidence.

The visitors had provided what Dave thought was compelling evidence. They told Dave that they would do everything in their power to bring the premier down. "He's a bloody crook," One said as he studied Donna's brown body.

"I'll get Donna to show you around," Dave said noting his interest. "We want people to see how we live. The Premier claims we are a threat to society. The fact I call many of these beautiful women my wives makes him froth at the mouth."

"We have to show the locals that we are not an army of revolutionaries out to change the world. That's why we are having this open day. We know that when people visit our community, they leave knowing the rumors and attacks are all bullshit."

A few hours later Dave was downing a beer and daydreaming, he had been reminded this morning of the massive change to his life in the past twelve months. Harry one of his old mates at the fish board had stood with his hands on his hip watching Dave unload his catch.

"I hope you beat the bloody government. The things they are saying about you and those women up on the island are crazy. Harry shook his head, "Nevertheless Dave I've got to say you really are a sly young bugger. I would never have guessed that you would go from living like a bloody hermit to a guy they accuse of every sex crime in the book in twelve months."

He winked at Dave as he turned to walk away. "Don't take any notice of them mate they're jealous. In fact, I'm jealous myself. If you want to swap let me know."

Dave grinned to himself. Harry was right his life had changed when he invited three pregnant women Annabelle Donna and Betsy to live with him. What a change he thought. What a bloody marvelous change. My big mistake was calling them my wives. But I would do it all over again. I would not change a thing.

He looked over to where the three stood talking with their babies on their hips. "I wouldn't change a thing," he said out loud. They looked around when they heard him. He shouted again, "I would not change a thing."

His three wives sauntered over to where he was sitting. "We thought you were asleep," Donna told him as she sat on his lap and gave him a tongue-thrashing kiss. "We need your help," Annabelle growled when Donna kept kissing him. "Can you listen while she's doing that?"

Donna stopped the kiss. "It's important, we can continue later," she said as she rubbed her hand over his cock. "My god it must be important if you want to stop," he groaned. "What's up?"

"We have met this black African quintet. They are an all women folk group. They have heard about our cause. They told Delfina they would play at our open day but they will not play without a stage. They have had bad experiences performing whilst standing amongst white audiences in South Africa."

"Charlie and Ruby have gone down to pick them up. We have invited them to spend a couple of days up here with us. We think they are the right type of group to end our open day. We need a stage. Will you build one for us?"

Dave sat for a moment before responding. "I am sure there will have no problems with our audience but we can't guarantee that, given that we have issued an open invitation to the public" He shook his head. "You know I would help if I could, but we really don't have room for a stage." No one said a word their disappointment showing on their faces until Dave broke the silence.

"What about a barge. That old flat-bottomed timber barge that we used to move Albert's shop is beached around the back on a sandbank. We could move it around here and float it in the bay in front of our beach. It would need some dressing up but its solid and would set them apart from the audience."

When they agreed that the barge was the only possible answer, Dave told them to go find Albert and Salome. "If we move fast, we can bring it around tonight. The tides still rising so it will not be hard to float it off the sandbank. I will go and get it moving. Albert and Salome can bring a boat around to tow the barge back here."

Dave could hear the family laughing in the dining room as they anchored the barge; "You two go and have dinner," he told Albert and Salome, "I'll finish up here."

The tide was dropping as he manhandled the barge until it was square with the beach. He tied it off on each of its four corners and moved backwards out of the water to see what it looked like.

"What do you have that we can use?" a deep voice asked from behind him. Dave was startled and turned round. He gasped. Standing with the light behind her like a halo was a tall black woman. She was magnificent. Six foot if she was an inch with an animal magnetism, that hit him between the eyes.

"My god you're beautiful," he whispered. She smiled, her pearly white teeth standing out against the black of her skin and the night. "I've hear a lot about you," she replied. "They say you're dangerous." "Don't believe all your told?" he laughed.

"I don't. I generally find out for myself," she growled as she walked to the waters edge and stood looking at the barge. "Will the tide be in when you want us to perform up there?" she asked.

"It will be rising all afternoon. It will be high tide about six thirty. That means that there will be six or seven feet of water under the barge when you start. Then the tide will slowly run out just as it is at present. By the time you finish there will be very little water in this bay.

She turned and walked back up the beach passing Dave without a glance. "Let me know when you have it set up properly. I will need to look it over before we agree," she said as she headed for the dining room.

Dave could not believe the effect she had on him. My god she's like a big black panther, a black goddess, he thought as he watched her stalk up the beach.

He went to the cold room and took a box of oysters and a carton of beer back to the barge. Propping a ladder against its side he climbed upon to the deck and sat eating his oysters.

It won't be hard to make this safe and presentable he thought. I'll replace a couple of boards, sand it down, paint it up and connect power and lights. He stood up and looked out up the beach. Pretending to have a microphone he sang," I did it my way."

"Don't give up your day job," a voice called from the gloom. It was his black goddess she had returned with her friends. They stood laughing and joking in the shallows.

"How can we get out there handsome?" one called. "Take off your shoes and wade out. It's not deep," he called "the tides half out. I have a little ladder around the side. Come on, I'll give you a hand up."

Five tall black women emerged from the gloom. "What are you doing on your own out here in the dark?" they asked as he helped them up on to the deck.

"I have to move this big bugger on the top of the tides," he replied. "We only brought it around here today. You will be performing at night so I need to get it set in place on a night tide so the electricians can run power and we can clean it up."

"I'm Dave," he said as he shook their hands. Do I get to know you names or do I give you nick names like the black goddess over there." "Who are you calling a black goddess?" she cried, "my names Lisha."

Before you start creating more nicknames, let me introduce my sisters. She pointed in turn. "Ama, Layla, Imena and Latifa. We are from Africa. In our tribe our names have special meanings, for example Latifa means gentle, Imena dream, Layla means born at night and Ama born on Saturday." "What about you?" he asked. Ama laughed. "Lisha means mysterious."

Dave dragged a few pieces of loose timber over and invited them to sit down. "I'm impressed," he whispered, "what a beautiful custom. I don't think we have anything like that in our culture."

"Can I offer you a beer and some oysters, as a fisherman I promote oysters. They are the cause of many jokes in my country because oysters are supposed to improve a man's sexual performance. I hope they are good for women too."

They sat and talked about his island and the people who he now called his family. Suddenly Ama leant over and kissed him on the cheek, "we think you are wonderful. We were told about you and wanted to visit and see for ourselves. Its even better than we thought." She pulled him to his feet and slipped her arm around his waist, "tell us what we can do to help."

Erection of the various stalls brought a swarm of people from the various churches charities and religious groups to the island. Dave spent most of his time away from the island fishing. Matron her stomach now showing her growing baby accused him of going fishing to escape from the scrum of workers and visitors.

He defended himself, "We need lots of fish for the fish fry stalls if we are to make any money for the trust. Anyway, someone must do it," he laughed. "And it might as well be me."

"The African women want to go fishing with you," Debbie told him as he dropped her off at the shack on the oyster lease. Debbie had blossomed in recent weeks. She had been thin and drawn when she joined them after her husband was lost at sea. She had put on weight and lost the worried look that hid the beauty of her smile.

"Set you nets and come back for a cup of tea," she said as she waved him off. Dave finished setting his nets along the mangroves and motored back to the oyster banks. Debbie saw him coming and lit the BBQ. By the time he had negotiated his boat through the racks of oysters to her hut she had the kettle boiling and a few pieces of fish on the Barbie.

Dave was hungry; the smell of cooking fish filled his nostrils as he jumped into the water to clean up. Debbie watched as he climbed up on the deck and wrung out his wet shorts before putting them back on. She wet her lips at the sight of his cock it was much larger than those she had seen.

Back in the shack, Dave watched Debbie as she moved around. The extra weight had improved her appearance. Her tiny fawn shorts and open necked short sleeve shirt highlighted a body that shone from its years in the open air.

He was in the mood to tease." My god Debbie you have changed. You are becoming more beautiful every day. Come over here and give me a kiss." She blushed, "eat your fish first."

Dave watched her every move as they ate. He could tell she was nervous. I have embarrassed her, he thought as he stood and washed his plate in the sink. She was still sitting at the table. "I've finished eating," he whispered. "I know," she said as she stood and waited.

He moved over and put his arm around her. "Don't be nervous I won't do anything you don't want." She looked up at him, "I want," she groaned.

"You promised me a kiss," he whispered. They kissed sedately at first then more hungrily. His tongue filled her mouth as he ran his hands over her body. "Too many clothes," he murmured as he ripped her shirt open and let it fall to the floor. "Yes," she groaned her hands pushing his shorts down over his hips.

Debbie was not in the mood for foreplay. She had not had a man since her husband died. The island was too public. Here in the oyster shack away from people she knew what she wanted.

She pushed Dave down on the bed. Licking her lips, she dropped her shorts. "I've dreamed of this," she whispered as she sat astride him and pinched his nipples. Dave watched as she positioned her body so that she could hold his cock and ease her wet pussy down. "Do you like that?" she asked as her pussy swallowed his cock. "Oh yes, he groaned, "that's lovely."

Dave held his breath as she started to move. He could feel her pussy tightening its hold as Debbie quickened her pace. He gasped as she rode him hard. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were staring down at him as she shuddered and slowed. Then as if nothing had happened, she started to rise up again and again until he felt his balls harden and his come rush up his cock.

"I'm going to come," he grunted. "do you want it inside you." Her pussy muscles answered for her as they closed on his cock and milked it dry. Debbie collapsed forward her breasts on his chest. She kissed him hard. "I needed that we had a very active sex life before my husband died. That brought back great memories."

She lay in his arms talking until is cock grew hard. "Dog fashion?" she asked with a grin. "Why not," he whispered as he lifted her up and bent her over the table. "Ram it in," she groaned. "I like it rough." She squealed when Dave did as she asked.

She was noisy now. "Harder," she yelled. "Harder, fill me up, fuck me, and Make me pregnant like the others. Oh yes, that's it" she yelled as he thrust so hard that her feet left the floor

Her hands gripped the edge as his violent thrusts pushed her body further and further up on the table. He held her by the hips and pulled her back on to his cock.

Dave had an idea. He pulled her back off the table until her feet were back on the floor her face and breasts flat against the edge of the table. "Now," he whispered. He ran his hands down under her bucking body and pinched her clit.

"Oh my god," she cried. "That's it, I'm coming, I'm coming." "So am I," he groaned as their juices flowed and mixed.

"Everything's in place and the weather looks good for tomorrow. It's going to be hot," Albert said as they sat on the beach watching the African women rehearse. Dave did not reply. His eyes and mind were on Lisha.

Albert watched Dave lick his lips and untangle the growing lump in his shorts. He smiled, "I've never had a black African woman. But as a black man let me tell you something. Black is not only beautiful. black is better."

Dave looked up at Albert, "she beautiful isn't she?" "Yep," Albert replied. "Salome tells me they have been talking about you." He laughed when Dave asked, "What did they say?" "I don't know mate, Salome didn't say. What she did say was that they all thought you were lovely."

Dave looked around the beach. Small groups of people who would be working the stalls tomorrow were sitting on the beach listening to the African folk music. Dave had organized the loan of sleeping bags for those who wanted to stay over.

He walked along the beach watching from different angles as the electricians arranged spotlights to highlight the performers. Finding a spot where he was alone he settled down on the sand.

He woke to find the beach deserted. I must have fallen asleep he reasoned as he tried to brush the sand from his body. He soon realized that using his hands to clear the wet sand away was not the answer. He looked around to make sure he was alone and dropped his shorts before wading out to wash the sand from his hair.

The water was warm in close to shore so he decided to wade out past where the barge was anchored. The water was cooler out there. He dived under and washed the sand away then lay on his back floating with the tide.

When his feet hit the bottom, he started to wade back around the barge when he heard women giggling. He stood still and listened as his eyes became accustomed to the view up the beach.

As he watched, a group of women stripped off their clothes and walked slowly into the water. They were laughing and joking unaware that they were being observed. Dave started to panic. He did not know how long they were going to be in the water, they were naked and so was he, the difference was they did not know he was watching.

There were gasps of surprise followed by giggles and moans when he called, "the water's cooler out here." They whispered together for a minute then one called. "Is that you Dave?" Another asked, "What are you doing out there?

He could tell from their voices that they were members of the visiting African group. "I'm having a swim to clean the sand out of my hair. Come and join me." A voice he recognized as Ama`s called back, "we'd love too but we don't have any swimmers. We're naked."

"So am I" he responded. "Come on its dark, no one will see us." Layla was the first to respond she waded out towards him. "Why not," she said. "We all swim together at home."

Dave moved back so the water was over his waist. He held out his hand to Layla who took it and moved closer. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he could not believe his eyes. All of the women were over six foot. Their pussies were hidden in the dark water but their breast stood out in the moonlight.

"If you swim in the nude back home then I'm coming home with you," he said as he stared at Layla`s breasts. She moved closer her breasts tight against his face. "Kiss them," she whispered.

Dave moved his mouth along the tops of her breasts and sucked a large nipple into his mouth. He took his time using his tongue to lick around and over it. Moving away to look at them, then returning time and time again.

Layla felt him stop for what was only a second but seemed longer. She loved it when he started again. This time she groaned when he blew hot breath from his mouth ever so lightly on the end of each nipple.

Dave felt her tense up when he commenced using his teeth. My god he thought, she thinks I'm going to hurt her. He made sure his teeth caressed rather than bit and was pleased when he felt her relax.

He felt good. He loved these big soft black breasts. He held them in his hands and he nibbled lightly on one then the other before sucking her left nipple and part of her breast into his mouth.

His wives had taught him how to use his mouth like a baby searching for milk. He decided to try it on Layla. It worked. She reacted immediately pushing her breast hard against his mouth as though she wanted him to take more.

Layla grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head back so she could look at him. She whispered, "thank you for being so gentle. The men of our tribe pull and twist our breasts. They love to hurt us. They are never gentle."

"I want to kiss your pussy," Dave growled. "I want to taste you and smell you. I want to make you come with my tongue." "My pussy?" she asked. "You want to kiss my pussy and make me come." "Yes I love kissing pussy. Come on let's get up on the barge out of the water."

He led her to the ladder and let her climb up in front of him so he could study her naked body. She was magnificent Water droplets ran down over her shiny black ass. She did not need it but he placed his hands on her hips to steady her on the ladder.

Layla still did not believe that Dave would kiss her pussy. Back in her home village in Africa, no man would even think of kissing a woman down there, many men would not put their hands on a woman's pussy believing it was unclean.

She had read about it and seen porno movies on this concert tour but no one had ever offered to do it to her before. On the deck, she turned to help him up off the ladder. Her breasts once again brushed against his mouth. He automatically stuck out his tongue to lick her nipple.

"No not there," she groaned, "you said you would kiss my pussy." Dave ran his hands down over her magnificent hips. "don't worry" he whispered as he laid her on the deck. He eased her legs apart, "I love your long black legs they are very beautiful," he whispered as he positioned himself between them.

Dave ran his hands up her inner leg from her knees until they were in the mop of hair covering her pussy. He pushed his body flat on the deck so he was lying with his head inches from her body. Now he could smell and feel the heat of her arousal.

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