tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 16

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 16

bymangrove jack©

As dawn broke on the morning of the Islands open day Dave felt Ama shudder and come. He eased his head back from between her legs and savored the smell and taste of her wet African pussy.

His mouth had made love to many pussies in the dark that night without really seeing them. He had stroked them, smelt them, kissed them, nibbled them, licked them, fingered them and made love with his mouth to four different jet-black bodies in the dark.

Now in the early light his eyes caught a slash of color. "Beautiful," he gasped as drank in the sight of the shiny red puffy flesh of her inner pussy lips.

Last night he had been caught kissing Layla`s pussy by three of the other members of the African women's quintet. They had smothered him with kisses when he told them he loved eating pussy.

"The men of our Central African tribe would never kiss a woman's pussy. They say that the gods forbid it as unclean and demeaning to man." Layla had told him when he first kissed up between her legs.

Her colleagues had climbed up on the barge where he had Layla sprawled legs apart, moaning and crying for more. "Don't stop we're next," they whispered as they sat and watched.

Ama was the last. She lay nude on top of the open barge. The others were gathering their clothes on the beach. "That was the most marvelous night of my life," she groaned. "Now fuck me."

Dave was running his tongue over her clit, thinking whether they had time, when he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

"Oh shit." he cried. "I'd love too but you know that today is the day we are open to the public. We are trying to convince them that my family is not a threat to society."

"This barge has been set up as a stage for invited performers like yourself to entertain." He laughed, "I do not think you and I should be the opening act. If we are, we may also be the closing act for my island family."

"You talk too much," she moaned as she kissed him.

Lisha threw their clothes up on the barge. "Get dressed," she ordered. Dave studied her as she stood and watched him pull his shorts up over his erection. She was the most striking woman he had ever seen. "Where did you get to last night? I was looking for you," he whispered.

She climbed down the ladder and stalked up the beach. "Were you now? I would have thought you would have been too busy to miss me."

Dave finished his breakfast as Matron her belly growing larger every day issued final instructions. Family members were rostered to meet each boat and offer guided tours of the island.

Dave and at least one of the wives would stay under the big Moreton Bay fig tree to answer questions. She smiled and stroked her belly when she told them that his pregnant wives would take turns to sit with him.

The public response was overwhelming. Ferry captains reported long queues waiting on the mainland. Church and sporting groups were sending out for more supplies as food stocks ran out.

The marquee in front of the fig tree was crowded with people when the official guests arrived. Nicki in a very brief mini skirt and an even smaller top escorted them from the boat.

Delfina and Lola hovered near by as the local Member of Parliament introduced Dave to the minister and his two young female advisors. "Can we interview you before you leave?" Lola asked politely. "I have a tape I want to give you."

Donna and Betsy introduced themselves to the Minister and the gathering as his wives. "We are the cause of the entire hubbub," Betsy cried as she held up her baby. "Donna and I were dumped by the bludgers who got us pregnant. Our parents didn't want to know us. We were in a hostel alone and miserable when we met him and Annabelle at the clinic."

"Dave took us in and gave us love and support. We set up this place on the island and he invited other sad and lonely people to join us. We are not sad and lonely any more. "Do you all sleep with him?" someone called.

"Yes we do," she answered defiantly. "Why wouldn't we. In fact why shouldn't we. He is a wonderful lover. We are young we have needs just like you. No one forces us into his bed in fact we fight to get there. If that is bad in your eyes, so be it. But don't destroy this haven because of your prejudices." The crowd broke into applause. Dave noticed that the minister's advisors joined in.

The states attorney general was a surprise visitor just as the VIPs sat down to lunch. He spent some time with Lola before joining them at the table. His ministerial colleague having noted the discussion called, "very interesting." He replied, "Yes it is. I will take it further."

"Everything that happens today will play second fiddle to that exchange," Matron said as they walked away from the lunch. "He is the states top law officer. If he uses his officers and the support of a few of his ministerial colleagues to force a Royal Commission, the Premier will be in real trouble. He will be too busy to worry about you and your island if he faces corruption charges."

She pointed to the two young Ministerial advisors, "Spend a bit of time with them, they will be called upon to help him make a decision." Dave looked over at the two women they were talking to Ruby. "I'll let Ruby entertain them," he groaned "I'm off to have a camp on the house boat. No one will think to look for me there."

Dave woke with a start. The door to his cabin swung open and two tall slim brunettes stepped inside. They signaled to Dave to be quiet as they closed and locked the door. "You don't know us," one said "and we are not going to tell you our names. We have heard all the stories about you and we want to find out if what they say is true."

He sat up and started to speak. The oldest one stopped him "Don't worry love we're both married so we won't tell. This afternoon will just be between us three." They pushed him back on the bed and started to remove his shorts. "Bloody hell I ought to at least know your names," he gasped. "Call us Jo and Flo; I'm Flo," the more talkative one whispered.

"Nice equipment," Flo whispered as she dropped to her knees beside the bed and kissed his erect cock. Jo cried, "You're a bitch I wanted to do that." She licked her lips as she watched Flo`s head bob up and down. "Hurry up," she moaned.

Dave studied Jo as she moved to the side of the bed. At first sight she was top heavy her large breasts out of proportion to the rest of her body. She leant over her heavy breasts touching his arm as she proceeded to kiss him. He loved her kiss enjoying the way her teeth nibbled and bit his lips. He relaxed enjoying the sensations as he felt her fingers run lightly over his chest.

Dave woke from a near dream state when she pinched and pulled his nipples.

He shuddered; he had found in the past that his nipples were very sensitive. He knew from experience that if she kept that up he would not last another minute. He pushed her away "get those clothes off," he groaned. "Let me see you."

She stood and dropped her skirt then hooked her fingers in the top of her tiny black French knickers. She looked to see if he was watching and ran her tongue over her luscious red lips as she wriggled her hips and slid her knickers down before kicking them away.

She stood legs apart her hands on her hips and waited. Dave did not disappoint her. He slid over to the edge of the bed and ran his hands over the cheeks of her arse. "Beautiful," he whispered as he spotted a shiny wet patch amongst her pussy hairs.

Jo gasped when he ran his fingers up and down the crack of her arse and tentatively pushed against the tight dry hole. She had never done anything like this before. They had come over to the island on her husband's boat and spent the morning under the marquee.

They drank and ate seafood as they listened to Dave's wives tell stories about Dave and their island hideaway. When the men wanted to leave and go fishing, they decided to stay and catch the ferry home.

Flo had first broached the idea of calling on Dave as soon as their husbands left. "Wouldn't it be great to have him in your bed," she said as they bought more drinks. They had laughed and joked at the idea of sharing him for an afternoon never dreaming that they would even get an opportunity.

They had decided they had had enough to drink and went for a walk along the beach. They kept going past the net boats and away from the crowd. They were sitting under a shady tree when they spied Dave slip away and walk out to his high and dry houseboat.

Jo stood daydreaming while Dave's hands explored her bottom. She held her breath when his fingers stroked the lips of her pussy. She let her breath go with a whoosh when his finger found her erect clit and rolled over it lightly.

Her legs grew weak as his fingers entered her. She nearly fell over when he pulled her close and she realized he was going to kiss her pussy. Her husband loved her blowjobs but would not go down on her, "I don't like the smell," he told her one night when she had insisted.

Dave loved her smell. He pushed his nose up until it hit her clit and then licked her like one licked a sloppy ice cream. She groaned, "Oh shit I have to lie down," as her knees gave way.

She could not believe how hot her body had become. Her mouth was dry and hot her breath sounded loud in her ears. His tongue felt hot and rough as it licked her pussy from top to bottom. It seemed to drag on her clit as it passed. She held her breath waiting for it to return.

Dave unaware that he was creating turmoil with Jo's senses started over. Licking from down near her arse slowly up through her pussy to nibble on her enlarged clit. "Oh shit, Jo groaned. She struggled and tried to hold back. "Not now, oh not now," she moaned. Part of her wanted to hold on. Part wanted to let go. She wriggled and squirmed pushing her pussy against his face. She felt the tension building to a climax and let go.

Her legs closed around his head as a tingling sensation flooded up from her pussy. Her juices spewed over his mouth and face as her body convulsed and bucked under an intensity she had never felt before.

Dave swallowed and licked as fast as he could. He did not stop when he felt her start to relax. He knew her pussy would be tender and licked it gently. He had been thinking of a way to get at her breasts, the contrast with her slim waist and hips made them look enormous.

Good, I'll be able to reach them now he thought as she slumped down beside him on the edge of the bed. He struggled to sit up with Flo still holding his hips and sucking his cock.

"Take your top off darling I want to see your breasts," he moaned when he realized he was not going to be able to remove her blouse and bra himself. Jo rose off the bed and looked at him. She lifted her top, slowing to tease him as her breasts started to appear. Then quickly threw the top away and stood waiting for his appraisal.

She leant forward enjoying his reaction. "Undo it love it opens in the front." Dave struggled to reach her bra and undo the catch. He caught her heavy breast in his hands as they sprang free of their constraints. "Oh my god," he moaned "they're fabulous."

He weighed them in his hands licking his lips and smiling up into her face. When she thought he was going to hold them forever he leant over extended his tongue and licked her large brown nipples.

While this was going on Flo had started to stroke his cock milking it up into her mouth and throat. Then just as he licked Jo's nipples, Flo bit down on his balls and ran her finger along the crack of his arse. He gave up and let his juice flow. His cock pumped deep into her mouth and throat until it could give no more.

Flo groaned, "that was awesome no wonder your wives fall pregnant." Cum leaked from the side of her mouth as she looked up at Dave and heaved a sigh, "I couldn't handle it all, it came much too quick."

She took him by the ears and turned his head back to her breasts. "Suck on this lover," she whispered as she pushed her nipple into his mouth. Dave was more than pleased to accept her challenge. He took her large sun tanned breasts in his hands and sucked each in turn.

While he kissed and played with her breasts, he lightly ran his hand over her stomach. It was not as flat as some he had experienced he thought as he let his hand slip down to her pussy.

His mouth followed his hand down over her body kissing all the way, until he could smell and feel the heat of her arousal. He smiled as he felt her body go tense. She was waiting for his tongue to reach its destination.

Dave kissed down past her pussy to her leg then kissed back up again. He deliberately moved closer and closer without touching giving the impression that he was not going to kiss her waiting pussy.

Jo watched Dave tease Flo. She could imagine what was happening to Flo, as her own sloppy pussy started to leak just from watching. She slipped down behind Dave and ran her hands around to pull his nipples. "Oh shit," Dave groaned. "Don't do that you'll make me come."

Remembering how he had filled Flo`s mouth a short time ago, she did not believe him. "You can't be hard again," she whispered as she dropped one hand to feel his cock. To her surprise, she could feel it pulsing "My god you're good," she moaned

Dave's finger wormed its way into Flo`s pussy as Jo started to stroke his cock. "Thank god," he groaned when he realized she had forgotten his nipples in her rush to play with his cock.

Jo smiled at Flo when Dave groaned, "I want to fuck you." She happily complied when he made room and spread her legs wide. She lay blushing as he stood up and stared at her body. "What's up?" she whispered. "Nothing I just can't get over the size and shape of your breasts they are tremendous. I could spend hours playing with them."

Flo sat with her back against the bed head. "What's stopping you?" she asked. "this," he replied as he took his cock in his hand and crawled up between Jo's legs.

He slowed for a minute" Someone's coming," he groaned. He could hear footsteps on the houseboat but did not answer their owners call as he grabbed Jo by the hips and his cock emptied a last spurt of come into her welcoming pussy.

Nicki spoke outside the door. "I knew you would be up to no good you bugger," she laughed. "You know I wouldn't interfere if it weren't important. Things are starting to break with that corruption story. Lola wants you to say a few words for her TV station. She has to do it now so they can play it tonight. So finish off what you are doing and get out here."

During the day, Lola had interviewed a number of community leaders. They had all responded positively in support of the Island. Sister Kate O'Doyle was the most outspoken. She distributed copies of the Report from the Magistrate and her two colleagues. "I speak for all of the local church groups," she said as she lined up to talk to the Media. "More importantly my church and my order support David." she told the assembled TV and Radio stations.

She brushed aside questions about his numerous wives. "I don't want to hear that rubbish. I know what people say. I have spoken to battered mothers and pregnant girls from the shelter. No one talks promiscuity, abortion or neglect here. They talk love and support."

"He is helping young mothers in the most practical way. I have told the Premier of our stand. This report clears him of all the Premiers allegations. Our local Council of Churches calls on the Premier to end this stupid vendetta against these men and women. The government should offer support instead of interfering."

The public release of the report and the council of churches public statements led all the news channels that night. Lola held her interviews with senior ministers until after the news of the report broke. "I'll hold it until tomorrow," she told Dave, "there is enough news for tonight."

They crowded around the TV sets to watch the news laughing and giggling as they saw themselves and their friends interviewed. By the time the news was over a crowd had gathered sitting and relaxing on the sand. The stalls shut down one by one and their volunteer workers gathered on the beach to enjoy the African Quintet's folk concert.

Dave sat on the beach as the tide started to flood. He watched his wives and his friends gather beside the log fires to wait for the concert. He thought back over the changes in his life.

For years fishing and drinking had been his life. Whenever he had a woman, it had been after a long drunken night at the pub. Those days no woman ever set foot on his island. His nights up here were spent sleeping after a hard days work.

He looked over to see Donna and Annabelle feeding their babies. Matron, Van, Kim and Rosita were laughing at Nicki's tiny mini as she led the entertainers down the wobbly gang plant to the barge. Albert and Ruby sat with the elders of their tribe.

He could not help smiling the threat to his family and his island home was over. The biggest problem on the horizon was the need to extend the nursery for the new batch of babies his wives were expecting. No, he thought as he spied Lisha. The most pressing problem was how to get Lisha in the sack.


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