tagFetishHis Problem Solved Ch. 03

His Problem Solved Ch. 03


Copyright 2005 by 'JollyRancher' (all rights reserved)

This story contains explicit descriptions of various sexual acts between a man and wife. If you are underage, or if it illegal for you to read such material, please exit now.


The flight was fun, but once they get settled on the island things heat up. Please read the first two chapters before delving into this one... you will enjoy it more. Some of the doctor's suggestions produce surprising results. Pam and Jim don't consider them disgusting and perverted.

If you are offended by stories containing piss play (including ingestion), oral/anal play (including ingestion of feces), anal dilation and penetration of the urethra by devices, then this story is not for you. If you continue on, rest assured that it is all fiction, well, maybe part of it and the characters are not intended to portray any person, living or deceased.


Damn I hate that thing, I thought through the fog of sleep, as the alarm clock began it's incessant buzzing. I was seriously considering hitting the snooze button when I felt the sheet being ripped off of me and heard Pam yelling, "get up sleepyhead, you can nap on the plane."

Oh yeah, four-thirty is too bloody early but that gives us an hour to get ready to leave, an hour to get to the airport, and two hours to get through security.

It had only been a few hours since I showered, so I was good to go there. A little work with the washrag, shave, brush my teeth... plenty of time. When I rolled out of bed and stood up I did what all guys do, I reached down and scratched my balls. Ugh, then I reached back and rubbed between my asscheeks and added another chore to my list. My ass felt just like my face, a piece of sandpaper! I guess there are drawbacks to shaving.

I shaved my face, then my cock and balls and after a struggle to find a suitable position I ended up with one foot on the floor, the other up on the counter and looking backwards in the mirror and managed to get between my cheeks and around my asshole. I was standing with shavecream still all over my ass when Pam waltzed in with a cup of coffee for me.

She asked how I had managed to shave my ass so I demonstrated the position I had used, then offered to help her with hers. She sat the coffee down, patted my smooth balls and said, "I would love it, but we don't have time, so hit the shower."

A quick gulp of coffee and into the shower I went, just before the glass door closed she said that she had already laid out my clothes for me. I had planned on soft jeans and a T-shirt for the long flights ahead and wondered what she had picked.

I could see her blurred figure through the shower door as she got into the same position I had been in and when she stood back up, it was all I could do to refrain from pulling her in the shower with me. I was still fascinated with being shaved and was spending considerably more time than necessary washing my private parts when I was jolted back to reality by her banging on the door and telling me to hurry up.

As soon as I stepped out into the towel she was holding out, she was in with the door closed so I quickly dried off and finished my preparations and made my way to the bedroom. Instead of the jeans I had laid out, she had been into my suitcase and removed a pair of shorts I had packed and placed them on the bed, along with a T-shirt and a pair of the thong underwear. I guess she had changed her mind about the thongs. Also on the bed was her selection, a pair of baggy, short-legged shorts that were actually too big for her and a top that resembled a man's "wife beater" undershirt... and nothing else. It was going to be an interesting flight!

I was dressed and carrying our bags to the car when she came out and got dressed so I was a little shocked when I walked back in and saw her standing there. The top she had chosen was very light blue and thin enough that the darkness of her nipples could easily be seen through it. I had considered going without any underwear under the jeans I had planned on wearing but it was probably a good thing she had laid out some as the sight of her breasts swinging freely under her top was arousing my cock's interest as we carried the last of the things out.

At one point during the drive to the airport she put her left hand on the dash and reached down with the other to adjust her shoe, the armhole was big enough so that when I looked her way her entire breast was in view. I silently chuckled to myself that if the security personnel decided to search her, it wouldn't take long.

I was glad we had allowed as much time as we had because getting through security was a real hassle. Neither of us was subjected to the body-search routine, but she did get a lot of open-mouthed stares from the men.

We were fortunate that there was no one seated with us so we could stretch out. She took the window seat and I took the outside seat and folded up the armrests between us. Almost as soon as we could unbuckle our seatbelts she asked for a blanket and a pillow. I was hoping for a little playtime under the blanket, but instead she turned her body partially toward me and propped the pillow in the corner between the seat and sidewall and pulled the blanket up under her chin.

Oh well, maybe later I thought as I leaned my own seat back and closed my eyes. I woke up to the sound of the flight attendants serving meals at the front of the cabin. When I glanced over at Pam my eyes quickly opened wide, she was still in basically the same position but the blanket had fallen away from her neck and her top had shifted until nearly all of her left breast was exposed, the only thing keeping the top in it's place was her hard little nipple caught on the seam.

I decided to close my eyes most of the way and pretend I was still sleeping and enjoy the view, secretly hoping that she would shift around and cause her nipple to slip out. The attendants were getting closer to our row, and then one of them, fortunately a male, was beside my seat. He coughed discretely and shook my shoulder and when I opened my eyes I looked over at him and he gestured toward Pam. I nodded and reached over and patted her arm to wake her up. When she opened her eyes she turned in her seat and her entire breast slipped out. She immediately adjusted her shirt to cover herself as the attendant sucked in a quick breath. I was looking directly at her and as he turned to his cart to remove a tray, she gave me a big smile and a wink.

I was glad she had chosen dark-colored shorts for me because I could feel precum bubbling out of my cock and I was glad to cover my crotch with the tray table.

I wish I could relate how she had given me a handjob under the blanket, or how we snuck into the restroom for a quickie but the plane was too crowded for that and the children on board had become restless and started roaming the aisles. She did say that she thought I would never wake up. She revealed to me later on that she had never gone to sleep at all and had arranged her top and waited till she noticed that I was waking up before she let the blanket slip. She also said that the look on the attendant's face was priceless.

After the meal, I made my way to the restroom and stood in line to relieve myself and use some tissues to sop up the mess my precum had made of my thong. By the time I returned to my seat she was asleep for real. The rest of the flight was uneventful but the attendant did pass by often and each time he would glance at her sleeping form, hoping for another show. My only real entertainment was the constant feel of the strap between my cheeks every time I shifted my position.

As we approached the islands I did manage to lean over and look out the window and cop a quick feel as I did so. The stretch also reminded me of what I was wearing as it caused the strap of the thong to rub hard across my asshole.

The process of getting off the plane, gathering our luggage and locating our pre-arranged transportation to the hotel was a giant cluster-fuck, made bearable only by the numerous times Pam flashed me, and everyone else close. Fortunately there were no problems with our reservations and it was with a great deal of relief that we were deposited at the door of our bungalow by the hotel staff.

The place far exceeded my expectations. It was spacious. The main room was filled with a couch and comfy chairs, including a recliner, the kitchen/dining area was well equipped and the bedroom featured a king-sized bed and a bathroom that was king-sized as well. At the side of the building was a hottub, covered by a roof that also doubled as a deck. Both were covered with lattice -work except on the beach side for privacy.

My first thought, after the teasing on the plane, was to make use of the bed but when I hugged Pam from the back and brought my hands up to her breasts, she peeled them off and suggested that I take a shower while she unpacked. I started to protest, but then decided to just follow her lead.

What happened then was almost a repeat of this morning. It did feel good to wash my sticky crotch and when I finished and opened the door she greeted me with a towel and stepped in the shower herself. The shower door closed, then opened, and she stuck her head back out and said, "I'm starved, lets go get something to eat," then the door closed again.

Although my mind wanted something else, my stomach had to agree with her and since the package was all-inclusive, like a cruise, I was anxious to try out the hotel's bill of fare. I was mentally trying to decide what to wear as I toweled off, but when I walked into the bedroom I discovered that she had laid out my clothes again. I was beginning to enjoy the 'new' Pam and wondered what else she was going to come up with.

Shirts were required and swimsuits were banned from the dining room, so I pulled on the T-shirt and reached for the jogging shorts she had provided. As soon as I picked them up I knew she had been at work. They were as light as a feather and my suspicions were confirmed when I looked inside, there was no liner. Other than the waistband gripping my belly, it felt as if I was wearing nothing and when I walked to the closet to put on my sandals my cock and balls were swinging freely.

It was just too tempting, so rather than wait inside for her, I made my way to the beach and was standing at the water's edge letting the waves roll over my feet when she called from the doorway asking if I was ready. I waved and walked out and slid my sandals back on and when I looked up she was jogging toward me. I shook my head in wonder. She was wearing a duplicate of the top from this morning, except peach in color, and her breasts were dancing around under it and threatening to break free with every step. I suspected that the white tennis skirt was her only other piece of clothing and I confirmed it as we walked toward the hotel.

The buffet was excellent. Afterwards we decided to walk straight to the beach and back along the water's edge to our place. Pam seemed absolutely at ease as several men stared openly at her almost visible breasts and occasional glimpses of her cheeks when the wind puffed up her skirt. On the other hand, I was a little self-conscious, as I knew that my free-swinging cock and balls were just as obvious to anyone who cared to look.

When we were opposite our door we walked out till we were knee-deep in the warm ocean. Pam put both arms around my neck in a hug then dropped her hands and shoved me in the chest so hard that I fell over backwards into the water. By the time I spluttered back to the surface she was running full tilt back to the bungalow.

I stumbled back to the sand, still wiping the water from my eyes, and said hi to a young couple walking by. As I neared them, they returned my greeting and then I saw their eyes move down toward my abdomen and the girl giggled as they walked on. I imagine that I turned bright red when I looked down myself to discover that the light blue shorts, minus the liner, had become virtually transparent and you could easily tell that I was shaved AND uncut.

Pam was still laughing her ass off when I reached the doorway. "I think you made her day," she managed to get out between guffaws, "now you can make mine."

Before I could blink, her skirt was on the floor and she had peeled off her top. I stepped in far enough to close the door and by the time it latched, she was on her knees and tugging my wet shorts down. As soon as I stepped out of them she reached back with her hands and used my asscheeks to pull my rapidly inflating cock deep in her mouth.

She did something she had never done before. She held me firmly by the ass with her nose mashed against my belly, letting my cock grow inside her mouth until I know that my foreskin had to be tickling her tonsils and beyond. She gagged softly a couple of times but did not retreat until it cut off her air supply.

When she finally had to back away, she only moved my cock out far enough to take a deep breath. I spread my legs to keep my balance and she pulled me deep again and I gave a groan as my cockhead buried itself in her throat. Almost immediately she started gagging again so I pulled back myself, lest dinner make an appearance.

One hand left my ass and moved around to cup my balls, the other delved between my cheeks, searching for and then finding my little pucker. She did not try to enter, but began scratching lightly over it with her fingernail as she encircled my ballsack with her thumb and forefinger and started pulling them down.

She had played with my balls before but never in that manner. She wasn't yanking, but pulling steadily and it began to feel like my balls were connected to my eyes. It didn't really hurt, more like generating a dull ache inside me.

I had reached my limit and started squatting a little to get away from the ache when she removed her hand from my ass and stood up. Without releasing her hold on my balls, she started leading me toward the bedroom and you can bet that I kept up!

She backed me up until my legs were against the bed, then put her other hand on my chest and pushed until I sat down, the hand with my balls following but still pulling. When I was sitting down, she climbed up on the bed beside me, never loosening her grip and pushed me down till I was laying flat on my back.

I was shocked when she swiveled around to face my feet and planted her legs on either side of me, leaving me staring right up into her dripping pussy. Then she pulled hard on my balls again and said, "If you want to keep these... you had better do a good job." Before I could even form a question, she spread her legs and dropped her pussy right on my mouth.

I couldn't believe how turned on she was, her juices were dripping into my mouth before I even started using my tongue. I was still stunned at the turn of events, and turned on myself, when a sharp pull on my balls jarred me into action. When I jammed my tongue as far up inside her as I could I was rewarded with another surge of her silky cream

It seemed like every time I forced my tongue deep there was more to swallow when suddenly she changed positions, apparently sitting up straighter, and brought the asshole that my nose had been pressing on, to my lips.

I started licking her hole and then trying to drive my tongue into it as fully as I had done her pussy. I could feel her alternately contracting and relaxing as my tongue worked it's way deeper inside and suddenly I wondered if she was going to do it.

Just as I had mentally prepared myself to receive her offering and started sucking on her hole she let go of my balls and fell forward bringing her pussy and this time her clit back to my lips. The instant I drug my tongue through her lips, across her pisshole and touched her clit I felt my cock vacuumed back into her mouth.

She stopped, where she always had, when my cockhead reached the entrance to her throat and I expected her to start bobbing up and down. When I sucked hard on her clit, she tensed up and made a funny noise and her throat sort of opened up and she shoved her mouth down over what little had remained outside.

Now she was shaking like a leaf and mashing her pussy down on my face so hard that I was having difficulty breathing. She raised her head enough to slide my cock out and take a breath, then it was forced back down again till the head reached the normal stopping point, and then a harder push and it slipped through again. Later she would tell me that when she would pull back, my foreskin would cover the head and when she would shove it back in, when it got to the tight part, it would grab the foreskin and let the head slip through and deeper into her throat.

The realization of what she was doing and the feeling of my sensitive cockhead popping into her throat were making my own juices boil. She started bobbing up and down more rapidly and not even stopping at the original point, just slamming my cock out and then all the way down.

I could tell that she was almost there and I sucked her clit between my lips as hard as I could and started stabbing it with my tongue. Within seconds she released my cock and stiffened her body and started grunting and squealing like a pig under a fence. There was so much fluid gushing from her that I couldn't keep up with it and let it run down the side of my face.

As soon as the initial spasms lessened, she shoved her mouth back down over my cock until her chin hit my pubic bone and her nose was mashing my balls and started moaning. The tightness of her throat and the vibrations from the sounds she was making were too much and I started blasting my cum straight down her throat and into her belly.

Her clit was now too sensitive for me to touch so she raised up and I took my first deep breath in a while. My cock had softened enough to back out of her throat but she continued nursing at the foreskin to get the last few drops.

When she at last climbed off and turned around and lay down beside me, we were content to just hold hands and recover. In a bit she asked me to get her a drink, saying her throat was sore, and as I walked to the kitchen I said over my shoulder that so were my balls.

When I returned, she started apologizing but I cut her off, explaining that it was a good kind of soreness and that I had enjoyed it fully. She agreed with me on the soreness part, then said, "I couldn't believe it when your cockhead popped down my throat, it took me a while to realize what was happening... when you got to my throat it was like your foreskin stopped there but the rest just slipped through and down."

I thought back to when I had fucked her ass and done basically the same thing and decided that being uncut was a distinct advantage.

Then she asked me how I felt about being ordered around. I told her that I had enjoyed that part a lot too and thought it was hot to be on the other end instead of directing everything. I wouldn't call it submissive, I added, but it WAS exciting to not know what was going to happen next.

Next, in a soft voice as if someone might overhear, she asked if I was hoping again when I started sucking on her asshole. I replied, "Not at first, but the longer I was there the stronger the desire became." Then I added, "That is something that I will never ask for directly, if it happens it has to be something that you do because YOU want to, not because it is just something that I want."

She smiled and nodded her head, then said, "I am tired but not sleepy, lets go walking."

I agreed, I was tired as well but too wired up to sleep. I put on a pair of shorts with pockets so I could take my wallet and card key and a fresh T-shirt; Pam put on shorts and the same top she had worn to dinner. The street in front of the hotel was lined with shops of every sort. Most of them we just passed by, window shopping, but we did go inside one of the adult novelty stores. I am not sure why the call them novelties, there were more variations of sexual toys than I could imagine, and a lot that I couldn't imagine. We didn't buy anything, but by the time we left the island, the owner was regarding us as job security.

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