His Seed


I look over his shoulder to see my face. My mouth involuntarily opens when his harness rubs my magic place. I see the rapture and lust in my eyes and something more. I see passion. I see compassion. Lust, love, sensuality, sexuality, tenderness, and edginess, are all there. I see a man.

His hands find my nipples and pinch them. Hard. It feels so fucking good. He is getting close. He wants to buck and thrust, but I am in control. I am guiding the guide. I own his orgasm, as he owned mine. I quicken my pace and slow when he gets too close. I sense his urgency. I know his need to cum. He is moaning continuously.

"Oh you beautiful Man! I'm gonna make you cum. You will cum in to me. You will cum deep in my body...in to the warm embrace of my ass."

"Oh God yes baby!"

"And I will take your seed and carry it in my body."

"Oh fuck!"

"From your testicles in to my bowels I will take your milk of love. I will milk your beautiful cock until you cum"

"Ungh! Yes! Fuck yes!"

"When you cum I want you to think of your cum pumping in to my body"


"And know that I crave it. I want it. I need it."

"I'm going to cum!"

I quicken my pace to send him over the edge that I had been keeping him on.

"Give me your semen Robert. Pump your love in to me. Feel it exit your body to fill me."

"Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby!" He repeats over and over as he cums.

I rise and slam down on to his cock with such force that my dick slaps against his firm stomach. I am overwhelmed again and I cum on to his sexy body. My senses are overloaded with stimuli. My semen spatters all over my lover's muscled body. His cock ravages my ass as I buck up and down on him. I picture his seed pumping from his big mushroom like penis head in to my welcoming bowels. His handsome face is in the throws of ecstasy. His muscular chest heaves with labored breathing. The cabin is filled with our moans and screams.

I see myself in the mirror. What I see is beautiful.

Thank you Robert. I still carry your seed.

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