tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHis Sissy Bitch Ch. 07

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 07


He makes sure they all get a good look at my rear end. He pinned my skirt up in the back, large safety pin holds my skirt up at the top. It's a large baby diaper safety pin, one that women used in the 1950s, pink plastic shows at the top. Kind of cute, the pink plastic matches my ear rings. I could just take my skirt off but he says it's way sexier this way, says it's dirtier. It is. Looks much sluttier to have my rear end exposed like this, more inviting, and that's what these parties are all about. It's all about making the boys hard, for us sissy 'girls'.

I can feel the cool air conditioning on my naked and exposed baby smooth and baby soft cheeks as I walk across the room. And I definitely feel all their eyes on me too. Several men in this room are watching me, I have the undivided attention of most of them. Even though many of them are with other sissy 'girls' they still look at me, as I walk I can see them watch me, feel their eyes from behind, feel their eyes focused on my behind.

And I do love that. There are many sissy girls here tonight but I'm the one most of them are looking at. I've been with several of these men, the ones watching me now, know what they're like and they know what I have to offer. But they also know that to get me, to be able to play with my little rear end, they have to clear that with my boyfriend. I'm his girl. He says who I play with and who I don't. They know that too.

I'm wearing pink pointed toe ankle boots, 3" spike heels, my favorite 'fuck me' shoes. I'm wearing white sheer thigh high stockings with tiny white bows at the lacey tops of each thigh, very fem. My ruffled skirt is barely long enough to cover my rear end anyway, and then he pinned it up like it is in the back. That pulled the front of my skirt up against my tiny penis, exposes the pink ribbon tied in a bow around it. The sissy-like ribbon is up behind my little balls, tied up tight. The ribbon pushes my penis up and makes it stick out in front, shows off even more how boy-like and small I am.

I can feel that too as I walk. It's too tight but he tied it on me, it's how he wants it, I would never complain. Skirt matches my top, pink ruffled off the shoulder blouse, very sexy and sheer, very girly. My blouse exposes my fem like shoulders and neck. You can see my nipples through it. My extra large pink hoop plastic ear rings barely touch my shoulders. I feel those too as I walk across the room. Very sexy, indeed. I have my long blonde hair fixed little-girl like in pony tails on each side of my head held by pink bows, makes me look like a teenager. 1960s-ish slutty cheerleader type, very hot and very much pleasing the real men here tonight, they watch me as I walk.

And that's what it's all about. And as he likes me, I wear way too much eye makeup, set it off with extreme shiny pink lip gloss, deep pink lip liner. I am his to show off. I'm not wearing any panties. He likes that too, likes the instant access to me from behind, likes the boys to be able have instant access too. That is if he sends me to them.

When he brought me into the room I looked at the booth he first took me in. I always look there when we come here. This is the room I first had sex with him in, the back room of his restaurant.

I get hot thinking about the first time on his lap, first time I felt his wonderful huge dick underneath me, felt his hands on me, felt his big strong hands all over me, the time he made me cum with his hand in that booth. Gets me so hot to think about that, I can feel my little penis start to stir as I look toward that booth. Three men I have never seen before sit there now, they are playing with another sissy bitch, can see her head bob up and down as she sucks one of them, another man is kneeling behind her fucking her ass. She's naked, her clothes tossed on the floor in a bunch next to the standing man's feet. The table is pushed out away from the booth, she struggles to please, I can tell. You can see it all.

A third man holds her by a leash attached to a metal collar she wears. He's yelling at her, calling her names, threatening to beat her, can hear him say over the blaring music as I walk by, 'Fuck this up bitch and I'll beat your ass right here in front of everybody! Work that mouth!'

From what I can tell she's doing a very good job of servicing the men in the booth. I don't look at him. I know him, he's her owner, and he's mean. I look away as I pass the booth. I don't like him, hope my man never sends me to him. He has three 'girls' that he brings to these parties, has only this one with him tonight. Makes me think 'what has he done with the other two', I hurry past them. He looks at me as I do. He smiles that menacing smile of his and winks at me. I hurry on across the room.

It's one of my boyfriend's 'special night' parties. One of my baby's regular monthly sex parties and it's what I do for him now full-time, this and private sessions for his clients. I'm not only his hostess I'm one of his main attractions. I'm the one that does his special clients. All his guests are hand picked gentlemen and the clients I get sent to are the most hand picked of them all. All doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, men with much to give. And men with much to lose, everybody here is as safe as safe gets. They live for nights like this. Most of them are married, family men, bored and in need of a whore to do all things their wives won't. Me and the rest of the 'girls', we'll do that for them. And they get to see all of us not only dressed to please but see us do our dirty little tricks. We are on display. They get to watch and choose from all of us, and all in complete secrecy and security. The can do anything they like with us at these parties. My boyfriend watches close, makes sure we are all safe as we make the boys happy.

I look to a booth ahead of me and see my ex-boss sitting there. The man that introduced me to all of this, the man that brought me out of the closet so to speak, he's watching me as I walk toward the back of the room. He's staring at me. He has his new 'girl' with him, looks like the bitch is just barely 18 years old. I feel a wave of strong jealousy but it passes as quickly as it came over me.

She's beautiful, makes me feel a twinge of competitive edge. She's hot to say the least. As I walk passed his table I feel his hand brush across my rear, I stop and look at him, smile. Feel his fingers brush up the crack or my ass, I know the rules, want to keep walking but can't. If a man in this room expresses interest in any of the girls in this room, even me, they have to go with it. They know they have to talk with my boyfriend first for anything else as far as I'm concerned but they can touch. And my ex, now feeling my rear end, can have me if likes. My boyfriend worked that out with him shortly after I was given to him. I know that if he wants me right here I have to do it. Anything he wants.

I flirt with him, go with his hand on my ass. To not go with it leads to the riding crop. No girl here wants that. I've seen it happen. Have never had it happen to me, except for the time my boyfriend showed what just five strokes are like. Vicious whipping, fifty strokes with the crop, then put in the basement for the rest of the night gagged and bound in front of a mirror, left to cry and think about being a better little girl next time at the party. I've seen it happen to two girls.

I let my ex-boyfriend run his hand all over my rear, push myself back against it. "Do you miss me?" He says as he runs his hand up over my right cheek, caresses it, feel his fingers go up into my crack, so slightly. I feel the goose bumps rise.

"Yes. You know I do." I look at his sissy girl, she looks away and smiles. "I'd like it if you'd call next week, would like to see you again, baby."

I look into his eyes. I would like to see him again, it's been over three months. "I can suck your dick better than she can." I look to his girl, stare at the little bitch. She won't look at me.

"You're where you belong." He pats my rear, goes back toward his girl, can hear her giggle as he runs his hand up her leg. I see her dress rise up over his hand, see her little erection, see his hand go to it. I look away. I walk on toward the back of the room. I know he's through with me for the evening, is with her now.

I see my boyfriend smiling at me from the bar, he is talking with another man but he's looking at me, watching. I blow him a kiss. Pleasing him is what I'm all about. He knows I'll do anything for him. I have. Fucked him and several of his clients in every way imaginable, have done gang bangs, photo shoots, I am his consummate little whore. I'm the one he comes to see most often, the one he 'takes home' at the end of the night too. Forbids me to have any other boyfriend other than him, I'm his special one. I work hard to keep that status.

I look back at him at the bar as I walk to the man that he sent me to. He motions with his hand, motions for me to keep walking, go to the man he's sending me to. I start to the back of the room

All I can think about is the cool air on my exposed rear, showing off my girly bubble butt. That, and what my boyfriend said moments ago. Hear his words in my head as I walk, "See the guy in the back, blue suit? He's new. He needs you to make him feel at home. And he's shy, bashful, you be the good girl I know you can be. Make him feel at home, baby. I want you to be completely with him tonight if wants, you belong to him all night, whatever he wants. You know how to do that. Want him to want to come back, you make him a regular."

He said that as we were standing at the bar. I had his dick in my hand, was rubbing him through his pants. I was ready to kiss him when he said that. He didn't care, was thinking about his soon-to-be regular client. That's the way it is with my boyfriend. Sent me off to another man as I was trying to be with him, that's when he told me to take the safety pin out of my purse. I keep it there for him, felt him pin my skirt up and expose my butt as others watched.

I feel my skirt move across the head of my little dick, teasing it, little thing sticking straight out against it. I feel that as I walk to the man smiling at me in the booth next to the back door. Cool air on my cheeks, feel the goose bumps rise on my rear end, slightly

"Hello baby." I smile as I look down at him. He's sitting all alone with a full view of the large room. He's very good looking, has the real-man look. I can tell he's nervous, see his face flush slightly.

"Come here often? What's your sign?" I smile at him, laugh as I wiggle into the booth next to him.

"I've never done this before." He looks around to see if he's being stared at, wathed, I can feel his apprehension. As I move up next to him, I don't wait to be asked, just sit up close, feel the cool leather on my naked rear as I slide across the booth to him. He's real cute. I like this guy.

"Listen, don't be shy. It's okay. Nobody here's going to do anything to hurt you, if anyone should be worried or nervous it should be me. Big strong man like you, little sissy like me, if I don't please you I get into trouble." I put my hand on his leg. "You like what you see, like the way I look tonight?" I smile at him, try to make him comfortable. "I want you to like me, like me real good, baby." I run my hand up his inner thigh, feel his muscled leg through his pants. I actually want this man. He has my sincere interest, he's way cute!

As soon as I said that I felt his hand on the back of mine, he held it tight against his leg. " I love the way you look. It's better than I thought it would be. He told me I'd like you." He moved my hand up his leg, could feel his semi-erect cock in his pants. "I've been watching you since I sat down here. You're as hot as the pictures I saw of you."

"I like that." I ran my hand over his semi hard on. And I did something I've never done before. With my other hand I grabbed his wedding ring, held his hand and it between my fingers. "And when you go home and she does what I'm going to do for you right now, it's me you'll be thinking about." I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, felt his cock go completely hard, rock hard.

"You like my little ass, like seeing it with my skirt pulled up, baby? I did that just for you. Did you get a good look? If not I can stand and show you." I whispered in his ear soft, talking so soft, purring up close to him, ran my hand over his cock, traced the outline of it through his pants.

He was big! I was even more impressed. I slid his zipper down slow, teased him with that. I felt his hand go down my back and onto my rear end. I slipped my hand into his pants. I definetly liked this man, wanted him in my mouth!

"Touch it, Daddy. It's yours to play with all night long." I felt his hand, just one large hand cover my entire rear. Felt him feel me up for the first time, he was good! Felt him feel my ass like I like it done, he made me feel like he could pick me up out of the booth like that, lift me by my rear. He was like my boyfriend, the first time he took me, large strong hands. Felt him squeeze and massage my rear end, he was over his nervousness.

I went to work. I slipped his cock out of his pants through his fly hole, pulled his underwear down at the top. I pulled it out without unbuckling his belt or taking down his pants. I smiled at him as I did that, stroked it with my hand, ran my fingers over the head, across the hole of it, I kissed his cheek one more time. I felt his erection throb in my hand, leaned forward and just before I put my head down I looked up at him. I felt his finger toy with my little hole. I flipped my hair to the side.

"I'm gonna be a real bad girl, do what bad girls do best. I'm gonna be your bad girl, Daddy."

I leaned forward and pushed him into my mouth, let my lips run over the head slowly as I took him all the way in. I could feel him shudder, hear him moan as I felt his cock go into my throat. I held him straight up with my hand at the base of it, pushed my hand down against his pants tight to hold it up and out. I started to suck him, jack him off with my mouth, full length strokes.

I could barely hear the music, the other sissy girls doing things for the men they were with in this room, they all disappeared. It was just me and this man. All I concentrated on was him. And I was determined to make him concentrate on only me. I felt his hands all over me as I sucked him for the first time. I liked the way he felt, strong muscular real man, loved the way he tasted. Then I concentrated on making him cum, just ran my mouth over the head of it, do the little trick that my boyfriend loves so much. I hold the head in place, tongue tight up against the underside, up over the hole. I hold the top of it up against the top of my mouth, pump fast and suck hard. They can't resist, they all cum quick when I do that.

When he came in my mouth he whimpered, sounded like a little boy. He came strong, both in my mouth and on my chin, on the side of my face too. Pumped him until I felt him start to o soft in my mouth, I felt his deep breathing, I thought that like most he'd be through with me as the calmed down.

When a man cums he usually is ready to go, this one surprised me. When he finished I felt his hand stroke the back of my hair, heard him moan softly, very gentle. He was petting me.

I sat up next to him, got up real close again. Still had the taste of his cum all over the inside of my mouth. Was an inch from his face, looked at him and said, "I know you liked that, baby."

I moved slightly away from him, aloof, expected him to maybe start to leave. I took my purse from the table, took out my mirror and lip gloss and liner. His semi erect cock was still hanging outside of his pants, saw him reach down and put it back inside quickly.

I looked at myself in the mirror, took a tissue out of my purse and wiped my mouth and chin. Started to fix my lips, redo my lip gloss. "Did I do a good job for you?" I expected him to be polite, start making an excuse to slip away, to leave. "You sure made a mess of me."

"I love, not like, love. And I want more." Felt him put his arm around my shoulder as I leaned forward toward the table, he ran his hand up over my side, up under my arm. I felt him rub my nipple through my blouse. He pulled me up tight to him, he was feeling me up!

"I'm pretty good at that, aren't I?" I laughed, kept looking into the mirror teasing him with my lip gloss application. "Well?" I looked at him.

"Well what? He smiled, felt him pinch my nipple, rub it with his finger and thumb. Felt his other hand go to my penis, I felt him start to play with me.

"Was I right? You gonna think of me when she does that to you?" I reached down and patted his wedding ring. He laughed out loud, felt my little dick start to get hard.

"Oh, Daddy, ooooo, you trying to distract me, because you are...", I moaned, he was GOOD at that!, "I'm the one that's supposed to be doing that for you...uhhh, oooo..."

He moved up next to me, covered me with the bigness of him, very large and muscular man. He leaned over me, this large man loomed over me. "I want to fuck you."

I felt him tug at the pink ribbon tied around my balls. He started to masturbate me real slow. "Not here, in a bed. I want to fuck you for real, want you to know what that's like." He slid his hand down off of my nipple, ran it up under my rear end, lifted me off the seat of the booth slightly, felt his finger go up into my hole as I sat back down onto his hand. His other hand stroking me so slow, so sexy, I was his. Felt like a little boy in his big hand, or even a littler girl.

"You want me to think of you when my wife sucks my dick? I want you to think of me when he fucks your ass." He looked down at my boyfriend, at the bar. He felt me pull slightly away from him when he said that. I felt his strong hands hold me in place, tease my little dick.

"I want to take you out, see you dress just for me, then take you to a hotel, see you in very sexy lingerie, just for me, take your little ass to bed and fuck you, maybe all night long. We'll see." I looked up at him, I was breathing so deep I almost couldn't talk. He had my attention, made me dizzy.

"Dress in public, dress in the bedroom, my private mistress, I want a bitch like you. I knew that when he showed your pictures." I was stammering, felt overwhelmed.

"You can do that here, baby...I'll do anything for you, ooooo,", his hand was all over my little penis, driving me wild..."you want to, you can do me right now, baby...ohhhh...want me to get up on your cock, I'll do that...oooo, I'll do that...uhhhh..." He was making me crazy.

"I don't want you here. I want you in a bed, just you and me." He was running his finger around inside my rear end, making me squirm, felt his finger probing deep inside me, fingering me from underneath my rear while I was sitting on his hand.

"You tell your boyfriend. I know I have to set that up through him. I know how this all works. You want me, don't you?" He squeezed my penis. It was hard, sissy-like little dick sticking straight up for this man.

"Daddy, I want that. You have no idea." That's when he started pumping to make me cum. He pushed his finger up deep into me, held it there, his hand gripping my butt from underneath. He was in control. He was doing that thing that only a real man can do to me. He was making me his.

I came all over his hand, came all over my thighs, saw him staring down at me as I did. He was staring at me, watching my face. For some reason I felt my face turn bright red, felt guilty, felt embarrassed.

He wiped his hand on the front of my blouse, down on the top of my skirt. My cum was all over the place and he made sure it was all over me. He raised his hand to my mouth as I pushed my head against his chest. I started to lick his hand clean. I could feel his smile, hear it through it in his words, so gently he said, "That's it."

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