tagBDSMHis Slave's Ass

His Slave's Ass


I began preparations for His arrival hours before I expected Him. In the morning, I straightened my already neat house, dusting the shelves, polishing the glass and wood. Making sure everything was tidy and clean. After my living space met my approval, I filled the whirlpool tub in the bathroom adjoining my bedroom with steaming hot water, pouring oil in His favorite scent into the water. I pinned my long, auburn hair atop my head and eased into the water, wincing a little as the heat enveloped me. As my body adjusted to the heat, I turned on the powerful jets and relaxed as the water surged against me. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the fragrance of the oil in the bath, one my Master had gifted me with on some occasion. Luxuriating in the bath, I let my thighs relax and fall apart, and one of the whirlpool jets drummed water across my mound with enough pressure to arouse me, but not enough to bring me, no matter how long I sat there.

As the water cooled, I sat up, turned the jets off, and shaved my legs, underarms and labia smooth. Draining the water from the tub, I stepped into the shower stall and turned on a nice, hot spray. I unpinned my hair and let it fall down my back. I washed my hair thoroughly and, using a shower gel with more of my Master's favorite rose scent, I carefully washed my body. When I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped my hair in one soft towel, and wrapped another around my body. As I dried myself, I could see my image in the full length mirror that stood opposite me. My eyes took in the view of my body, my Master's property.

I studied for a moment the girl who looked back at me from the silvered glass. The soft white towel crowning her attractive face, the hazel eyes and full mouth. Slender arms, delicate looking hands sweeping the towel along her shapely legs. Full, firm breasts tipped with big pink areola and nipples. Softly rounded belly, slim waist flaring gently into curving hips and bottom. I watched myself move gracefully across the room where I hung up my towel and bent for a moment, rubbing some of the water from my hair, before I hung that towel, too, and moved into my bedroom

I pulled a brush through my hair and left it to air dry in natural waves around my shoulders and down my back. I looked around my room, the cream and shades of blue soothing to the eye, and entered the walk-in closet to gather the things my Master had requested of me.

I removed from my shelves and drawers a vibrator, a small anal plug, a bottle of lube, silk ties, a soft, satiny blindfold, a silk scarf with a knot tied in the middle that He used as a cleave gag, a spreader bar, handcuffs and ankle cuffs, a paddle, a belt and a pair of nipple clamps. All of these things I arranged on the long, low table that sat against the wall not too far from my bed. I went downstairs, filled a small bowl full of ice cubes, and added it to the collection. Then I went back to the bathroom, rubbed my entire body with lotion, and applied subtle make up to enhance my appearance.

I went back downstairs and saw that the time for His arrival was only 15 minutes away. I poured Master a glass of wine, set it on the end table next to His favorite chair, and removed from the drawer of the table a large velvet jewelers box. Carefully I opened the box and looked at the collar my Master had given to me when I agreed to be His slave. It was soft, supple black leather, an inch and a half high. It had delicate silver buckles at the back of it, and a polished stainless steel ring on each side and one at the front. Always my Master preferred to place my collar Himself. I had a narrower, velvet collar that I wore when He was not with me, and this I removed and also set on the table next to His chair. Checking the clock again, I knelt in front of His chair with my thighs spread far apart, held the leather collar, still in the jeweler's box, in front of me in my hands, lowered my eyes to the ground and waited.

Five minutes later I heard my Master enter the house. Through the noises He made, I could track Him through the house, taking His jacket off and hanging it up, urinating and washing His hands in the downstairs bathroom, taking a drink of water from the kitchen faucet. Finally He entered the study where I was and I could feel the minute His eyes lit upon me. He settled Himself in His chair and looked at me, kneeling before Him, eyes respectfully downcast, collar offered freely to Him, and I am sure that He smiled in His pleasure. I felt Him take the collar from the box and fasten it about my throat. He then took the box from my hands and set it aside. I heard Him remove something from His pocket and when He snapped it onto the ring at the front of my collar, I knew it was the leash that matched my collar.

"Stand, pet," He said quietly, "inspection." I rose silently from my knees and stood in front of Him, hands clasped behind my head, feet well more than shoulder's width apart, eyes still cast down. He stood, letting the leash dangle down between my breasts, and I felt His touch, gentle, skim down my right arm, across my under arm and over my breast, where He stopped to pinch and tease the nipple until it hardened. Crossing behind me, He caressed my left side as well, checking to see that I was clean and smooth for Him, then teasing my nipple into a stiff peak. He circled around in front of me, visually examining me, sometimes so close I could feel the warmth of His breath. His finger tips brushed across my belly, down over my mons, separating the lips of my vulva, feeling the smooth skin there, checking to make sure I had missed nothing. He let His fingers trail across my hip as He walked behind me again, and slightly separated my bottom cheeks, stroking between them with His hand, caressing me and once again checking my hygiene and preparation for Him.

"Down." the command came quietly, and I dropped lightly to my hands and knees. Master picked up the end of my leash and led me across the room, over the cold ceramic tile of the kitchen floor, and up the thickly carpeted stairs to my bedroom. As we passed through my bedroom on the way to the adjoining bath, Master picked up the bottle of lube from my table. He approached the tub and shower, and when He stopped, so did I. He dropped the end of the leash to the floor.

"Pet," He spoke quietly as He moved a chair from my vanity over to where I was, "I've brought something for you." He set in my range of view a long, fairly flat box that I had scarcely noticed before now and unclipped the leash from my slave's collar. At His motion, I lifted the lid from the box to reveal a red, hot water bottle style enema bag with a long hose coiled around the outer edge of the box and two nozzles, one slender and slightly flared, the other thicker, like a small dildo, with a base that looked rather like the one on the butt plug; flared wide, narrow, then flared again. He gave me a moment to absorb this "gift" before He spoke again.

"I know that you have been roughly used in the past, my little slave, and I know how you feel about having your bottom taken. I also know that I have been very gentle and patient with you. I also know that I have been patient for long enough." My heart pounding heavily in my chest, I felt His words sink in to me. Before I became His slave, He had respected my limits on ass play. When I accepted His collar, however, I agreed to serve Him in whatever ways He may require of me. I knew this time was coming, I had just been hoping it would be longer in coming.

"Present!" From the moment I saw the enema bag, I had known this command was coming. The order to present the most private parts of myself to Him... His view... His touch... I crossed my arms on the floor in front of me and rested my forehead on them. Then I spread my knees far apart on the floor and arched my back, raising my hips slightly. I heard Him run water into the enema bag, how full I had no idea. I felt Him rub lube around my anus, then pressing His finger gently into it, turning and twisting His hand, greasing my bottom for the nozzle.

"For the first enema, slut," He spoke quietly, standing over me, the enema bag hanging from a towel rod "I have put about one quart of warm water in the bag with some soap. You will need at least one more to rinse the soap from your bowels, and they will, in time, get bigger. Relax now, pet, or I will have to punish you, and it is early in the evening to have to begin punishments already." At His admonishment, I realized that I had clenched my bottom in anticipation of what was to come. Breathing slowly, I made a conscious effort to relax, and felt Him stroke my bottom cheeks with His hand, pleased that I was obeying Him. I felt Him press the tip of the nozzle - the slender one - into my anus. He slid it into me until the wider part where it connected with the hose pressed against my opening. Holding the tube in with one hand, I heard Him release the clip on the hose with the other, and I felt the warm water begin to flow into me.

Slowly, He let the water drain into me. It wasn't too uncomfortable at first. As I took more water, the soap suds began to irritate me, and I began to whimper quietly.

"What is it, pet? You may speak." Master spoke quietly, soothingly.

"Master please, this is so new... I don't feel like I can take any more water, Sir. It makes my bottom itch and my belly cramp. Please, Master, please stop. I know I will do better next time."

"Stop? Pet, you've barely taken half the bag. It's the soap in the water causing the irritation, slut, and I know you can take the rest of the quart. In my experience, on quart is not a lot, and you should be grateful I am starting you off so slowly. Now, no more of that." While He was speaking, Master reached under me and rubbed my cramping belly with His hand. It seemed to help ease the cramping, and I closed my mouth and was quiet. When the cramping returned, I remained quiet, suffering for my Master in silence. Throughout the process, it was all I could do to keep my hips still as the Ivory made my tender tissues itch horribly.

Finally I felt the water stop flowing. I heard Him click shut the valve on the hose, and He removed the nozzle. I made no move to rise, as He had not given me permission. I heard Him rinse out the enema bag, and fill it with clear, fresh warm water. He came quietly to me, helped me up, and guided me to the commode where He held my elbow gently while I lowered myself to the seat, then He held my hand and quietly urged me to relax. As the soapy water and excrement seemingly poured from my body, I heard Him quietly in my ear.

"Don't strain against it, pet. Don't try to push it out. Hold each wave inside of you until the need to evacuate is overwhelming, then relax." He rubbed the small of my back as I did exactly as He instructed. When I had released all of the water He had poured into me, I felt kind of empty, cleansed, a little weak, but still itchy from the soap. I wiped myself clean, rose and flushed. Master led me by the leash back to the towel rod and the enema bag and the command came again.

"Present!" I again lowered myself to the floor, head down, back arched, knees parted. I felt Him again lube my ass and push the nozzle into me. It seemed like He let the water run a little faster this time, and the cramping was not as bad. Again I released the enema, and again He ordered me back to the floor for a second rinse. After releasing the third enema, Master drew me a shallow warm bath and had me kneel for Him while He washed me. After I was dry, Master again clipped the leash to my collar and led me, on hands and knees, to my bedroom where He guided me onto the bed and released me from the leash again.

"Lie on your back, pet, and present." Following His instructions, I stretched out in the middle of the bed on my back, arms up over my head, legs spread wide. I heard the ice slide around in the glass bowl as He fished out a piece of it, and I watched Him approach me and begin rubbing my right nipple with it. He smiled as my nipple hardened almost immediately to a point. He held the remainder of the ice to my lips, which I opened, and He slid the half melted piece into my mouth. I watched silently as He picked up the first nipple clamp and closed it over my chilled nipple, tightening the screw until I thought I would cry out with the pain. He treated my left nipple to the same, ice, then the clamp, again feeding me the melted ice. With both clamps on, He brought up a third ice cube and settled it onto my throbbing clit. My back arched, pulling my hips away from the freezing cold, and a soft sound of surprise passed my lips. Master had not used the ice on my clit before. He looked at me as I moved, and I forced myself to relax and ease my hips back up towards Him. The ice remained on my clit, and I could feel the trickles of cold water running over my pussy and down my ass onto the bed. As the long minutes passed, the first ice cube melted between my Master's warm fingers and my cooling clit, and He replaced it with another. Most of the way through the second piece of ice, with my clit burning from the cold and my Master watching me complacently, I looked at Him and whispered pleadingly.

"Please, Master. Please remove the ice." I kept my voice soft, quiet in my anguish, wondering if I* had displeased my Master for Him to torment me like this.

"Your discomfort must be great for you to speak first, my slave." He kept His voice equally quiet.

"Yes, Master, it is. My clit is so cold, Master, that it burns. Please, Sir, I beg of You, please remove the ice."

"What would you do to have me remove the ice, little one?" He asked gently, as the ice melted to nothing and He replaced it yet again.

"Master, as Your slave, I obey Your every wish." I gasped as the newest piece of ice made contact with my freezing/burning clit.

"This I know, pet. I will remove the ice from your clit, I will end this torture, and when I ask it of you, you will beg Me for My cock in your ass without hesitation." I looked into His eyes, pleading silently. He reached with His other hand, found one of the larger ice cubes and pressed it deep into my cunt. "You will beg for My cock in your ass when the time comes, or I will continue to torture your clit and pussy with ice until I have used all the ice you set out here. Then I will take your ass anyway." I closed my eyes for a moment, considering His words, and opened them again.

"It will be as You say, Master."

"In what way, my pet?"

"Please, Master, take the ice away from my clit and when the time comes, I..." I paused, having to force the words out, "I will beg for Your cock in my ass." Almost immediately, He removed the ice, then He leaned down and pressed His mouth over my clit. I gasped audibly as the heat of His mouth surrounded my frozen clit. After a moment, I could feel His tongue rubbing over my clit, and I felt my juices begin to run. Master knows I love His mouth on my pussy. As I grew near orgasm, I closed my eyes and my breath came a little faster. Little sounds of pleasure escaped my lips, and my hips moved gently under His mouth.

"Please, Master, please may this slut cum?" I begged His permission for the orgasm that was so close. As I spoke, He pulled His mouth away from my body.

"No slut, not yet." I watched as He reached out and picked up the notebook that lay next to my bed. The accounting I kept of every rule I broke between visits. He opened it and read the short list. "I would like to keep the punishments light today, slave, as I would like to spend much time and attention on your ass. Skipping meals, up too late, these things I can be easy with today. However, you have here that you masturbated - twice - without My permission in the last week. Is this true?"

"Yes, Master, it is."

"How many times did you cum when you touched yourself, your body, My property, without My permission?"

"Twice the first time, Master, and three the second." I cringed inside, masturbating without permission was the rule I had always had the most trouble with.

"I see. For the other things, the minor things, I will spank you with the paddle thirty times. For the masturbating, there were five orgasms without permission, five smacks with the small slapper for each, that's twenty five, slut. I don't see the slapper here. Go get it. Now." I rose from the bed, quickly retrieved the awful thing from the closet, and returned to the bed. I placed the slapper on the table with the rest of the items, and as I was climbing back onto the bed He spoke again. "Hands and knees, slave. Present." I knelt on the bed, again resting my forehead on my crossed arms, opening my legs wide, and lifting my ass.

"This is for the minor transgression during the week, slut. Everything except the masturbation." He took the paddle in His hand and rubbed it against the soft flesh of my ass for a moment, forcing me to concentrate on nothing but the paddle. Finally, He brought the paddle down hard the first time. SMACK!!

"One, thank You Sir." I counted by habit now. CRACK!! "Two, thank You Sir." I felt the sting of the paddle in His hand, and counted almost automatically, my voice began to crack a little around the fifteenth spank. I was in tears by the twenty-first, and forcing the words out between sobs by the last one. After He returned the paddle to the table, Master allowed me a few moments to calm down and let my breathing return to normal.

"On your back, slut. Present." I rolled over, my ass pressing painfully into the bed, tears still drying on my cheeks, and spread my legs wide, reaching my arms up above my head. Master motioned for me to lift my hips, and He stuffed a fat pillow under them, raising my crotch above the bed. "Slave, we have been over this time and again. Normally you are a very pleasing obedient slave. You must stop masturbating without My permission. If I must punish you for this again, you will receive ten smacks for each orgasm. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand." I said quietly, ashamed.

"Good, then we will begin. You need not count these, slut, I will keep track. Spread your legs wider for Me." I spread my legs as far as I could force them. He reached down and touched His finger to my clit, rubbing it gently, then more firmly, making it sensitive, making it swell and come out of its hood. When He removed His hand, and took up the slapper, a horrid, flexible rectangular piece of plastic with a handle, I wanted to close my eyes and block out the vision of my kind Master with it in His hand, but I knew that would only anger Him further. I watched Him pull His hand back, and I watched Him give the first strokes. SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!!

He gave the first set of five quickly, leaving me with a sharp burst of pain. He always gave these in sets, to remind me that each set was for an orgasm that I had achieved without Him and without His permission. The second set came too quickly for my taste. SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! At the end of the second five, I had tears in my eyes and I was having a hard time breathing. SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! I started crying by the end of the third set, a blaze of agony between my legs to remind me that I was not allowed to so much as touch myself in pleasure without His permission. SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! The fourth set had me howling in misery, sobbing and crying, my face wet with tears and my nose stuffed up. SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! The last set always felt like the hardest. At the end of it, I was bawling pitifully. Master set the awful thing down and waited until I had calmed down. Then He wiped my face with a tissue and held another one while I blew my nose. Then He took me into His arms and held me for a moment or two, comforting me.

"When you agreed to be My slave, you agreed to follow My rules, and to accept My punishments when you broke them. I dislike punishing you, pet, but if I did not, it would seem that I did not care, and I do care, pet."

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