tagIncest/TabooHis Sweet Melynda

His Sweet Melynda


The dinner party was at seven. As he got into his car, he checked his watch: ten after five. That meant Crystal was most likely in a panic about now. He didn't understand that at all.

They'd been married five years. At least three times a year they had small dinner parties, usually as a way to introduce someone new in the company to everyone else, or to woo a client. Never more than fifteen guests. Crystal hired the same catering company for all the parties, and most times it was the same staff, so he couldn't figure out why she got so paranoid something was going to go wrong. Yet, without fail, he'd come home from work to find her on the edge of a breakdown.

He didn't feel like dealing with her worries this time. This wasn't just another dinner party. Melynda would be there.

Although he'd seen her last a couple years ago, it had been a short meeting and they hadn't been able to get any time alone. Before then he'd managed to see her a couple times a year, either flying out to see her and sneaking time to be with her while Crystal was busy elsewhere, or by her flying in to see him. It was never enough time.

He loved Crystal. That was never in question. What was there not to love? Aside from her little panic attacks when they had dinner parties, she was everything he could ask for in a wife. She was not only beautiful, but incredibly sexy. She was willing to try almost anything sexually, and loved putting on little shows for his benefit alone, and once in a while for his friends... although to a lesser degree. She was great at running the household, smart, and possessed just enough sass to keep him interested.

But Melynda... no one compared to her. She was and always had been his ideal. The love of his life. She was smart, beautiful, sexy, and no other woman made his cock as hard as she could. Not even his Crystal.

Crystal, he knew, wasn't looking forward to seeing Melynda. She wasn't aware of the extent of their relationship, but she insisted they were too close. That it was 'abnormal'. Crys accepted all his eccentricities, as he liked to refer to them, without question. His relationship with Melynda was the only thing about him to which she took exception.

He'd had Melynda his whole life. They were best friends. There was absolutely nothing about them that the other didn't know. Nothing.

Nearing his house, he began to feel giddy. In only a matter of minutes he'd get to see her! He could feel his heart begin to race. He could feel his cock begin to stiffen in anticipation.

After parking his car in the circle drive, he walked up to the front door. As soon as the door opened, he could hear Crystal in the kitchen going off the handle about something. Something small, no doubt. He set his briefcase in the closet then went to soothe her temper.

Whatever it was that had her riled up, as soon as he walked in she quieted down. She looked lovely even though she wasn't dressed for the party yet. Her make up was on, her hair up... and the tight jeans showing off her ass almost made him forget he would be seeing Melynda soon.

"Oh, Kevin," she said to him, "It's a nightmare!"

"I'm sure it's not quite that bad," he said, taking her into his arms.

"Well of course it isn't, but... damn! I just feel totally stressed."

"You just need to get your little ass out of this kitchen. You're probably stressing them out..."

She sighed, her chest heaving against his own. "I know," she admitted.

Taking her hand, he led her up the back staircase that led directly to the sitting room of their bedroom suite. Locking the door behind him, he unfastened her jeans, pushing them down her hips. She stepped out of them without a word, only a smile. Then he unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders. She stood in front of him, naked.

He loved the fact she rarely wore underwear of any kind beneath her clothes. Oh, she had several bras and panties, garter belts, teddies, but she usually wore them only as a costume or beneath something equally evocative. Fifteen years his junior, she was still young and firm.

He smiled as he helped her to lie down on the sofa. With one small firm breast in his mouth, his tongue flicking over her erect nipple, he put his hand between her legs, letting his fingers slip between her pussy lips, thumb rubbing her clit while his middle finger played against her opening.

"You just need to de-stress a bit," he said as he slid his finger inside her, moving it about for a couple seconds before pulling it out again, sliding up her slit and over her clit. He brought his finger to his mouth, sucking her juices off it.

"Damn, Kevin. Don't stop," she said as he stood up.

He went to the walk in closet that took up the room between the sitting room and the bathroom. There, in a corner, he removed the video camera still perched on the tri-pod.

"I have to take a shower," he said as he positioned the tri pod in front of the sofa. Once the camera was in place, he went to her.

"Fuck yourself for me," he whispered. "We'll watch it later."

Stopping in the doorway, he turned around to look at her. She had sat up, her ass on the very edge of the sofa, legs spread wide, staring into the camera while she played with her tits. Crystal had never been shy about fucking in front of a camera, with or without a partner.

The very first time he'd seen her on video had been a surprise for him to celebrate their first month of marriage. He'd come home from work and she had dinner waiting for him... fresh salad, corn on the cob, and steak. After dinner, she took him upstairs, had him sit on the sofa, and told him there was a movie she wanted him to watch. She put the tape in the VCR then left him alone for a few minutes.

As he undressed, he recalled that little piece of work. He had watched as she made dinner while dressed in a school girl outfit. She had put the vegetables to use in various ways before putting them in the salad, making him wish he had eaten more of it. Then he had watched as she got herself off while sitting on the island. When the tape finished, she had walked out of their bedroom wearing that same outfit and they had spent the rest of the evening fucking like rabbits.

This tape, he knew, would be almost as good. When Crys was feeling horny and he wasn't available, she always got the camera out to show him what he had missed. Those tapes were always hot. He wouldn't admit it to her, but sometimes he liked to get her turned on and leave just so she would make him a new tape that he could watch whenever he wanted. Occasionally, he would invite a couple of his friends over to watch those tapes.

After showering, he took special care in choosing what he would wear. A dark blue silk shirt and tie, dark blue slacks and matching jacket. Not only did he know Melynda liked to see him in dark colors, but it would look good beside the silver dress Crys would be wearing.

Crys was just getting up from the sofa when he entered the sitting room again. She smiled at him as she crossed the room to where he stood. His hand went to the juncture between her legs, rubbing against her shaved lips, as she brought her hand up to his nose. His cock was hard. If it wasn't for Melynda going to be there soon, he would have bent Crys over right then. Instead, he sucked her fingers and then his own before advising her to get dressed. He knew she was disappointed.

She went into the dressing room, stepping out again two minutes later. She was hot! He knew the silver dress was all she had on. It had little strings to hold it up, the front dipped low in folds that rested on her breasts just above her nipples, the back was open except for the strings criss crossing . The hem reached the tops of her feet, a slit up one side to mid thigh so she could walk easily. It was what he called 'easy access dressing' and if Melynda wasn't going to be there, he would have taken advantage of it several times during the evening.

This party was going to be rather small. He had invited a couple of his friends from work, their wives, his best friend Kyle, Crystals' best friend Kate and her husband, and Melynda. Because it was a weekday, most everyone would be gone by eleven or before. At the most, he would only have to endure waiting four hours before he could drive Melynda back to her hotel.

He knew Crys would suggest Kyle drive Melynda. He also knew Kyle would like nothing more than to fuck Crys. He'd entertained the idea several times of letting his best friend do just that while he watched. Crys wouldn't object, he was sure. In fact, she had said several times that Kyle was the only one of his friends she found attractive. He knew exactly what he had to do so he could drive Melynda to the hotel without question.

" I have an idea," he said to his wife, slipping his arms about her waist.

" Oh? And what would that be?"

" Promise not to get mad?"

She smiled at him.

" It's a fantasy I've had for a little bit. Will you help me with it?"

" Probably."

" It involves you. And Kyle."

Her eyebrows arched up in question.

" I want you to come on to him. Very discreetly this evening. Then, after everyone else starts to leave, I'll drive Lyndi back to her hotel and you get Kyle to come up here. We'll hide the camera somewhere... I want you to fuck him. Then you and I can watch the tape later. I just think it would be so hot to watch another man fucking you."

" I don't know, Kevin. Are you sure you'd be okay with that?"

" Yeah. And you wouldn't have to hurry or anything. Lyndi and I will probably sit around and catch up on stuff for awhile. Does that turn you on, baby? Fucking another man so I can watch?"

" You turn me on. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. If this is what you want and you're sure..."

" Oh, I'm sure. Just don't do it in our bed. I'll set the camera up out here. I'll set it for twelve hours so it's already on. It's gonna be hot, baby. We'll watch it tomorrow when I get home from work."

He sent her downstairs while he searched for a place to hide the camera. He wasn't totally comfortable with the idea, but if it was the only way he could be alone with Melynda for a few hours he was willing to do it. There would be no need to say anything to Kyle; he knew his best friend had come on to Crys before and would jump at the opportunity. They'd been best friends since high school and had thought nothing of sharing girlfriends up until he met Crystal.

When the camera was hidden and set up, the other tape out and set aside in the dressing room, he went downstairs using the main staircase that went from the hall to the living room. Kate and her husband were already there.

By six-forty-five everyone had arrived and were having drinks in the living room. Everyone except Melynda. He tried not to let his anxiety show. Maybe her plane was late. Or traffic was heavy. When the doorbell rang at six-fifty-five, he sprang off the couch and had to force himself not to run to the door.

Opening the door, he was struck by how beautiful she was. Everyone said they were identical, that if they had been born both girls or both boys no one would ever be able to tell them apart. He didn't agree. No one could ever be as beautiful as his sister.

He wanted to wrap his arms around her, pull her close, kiss those full lips, feel her tongue teasing against his. He didn't do that. Instead, he kissed her cheek and carried her bags into the house, putting them in the den. She followed, closing the door behind her.

When she took off her coat, his breath caught in his throat. Although her dress was very conservative in comparison to what Crys was wearing, it was somehow sexier. Melynda's dress was white. It looked almost like a long sleeveless T-shirt, high rounded collar in front and back. It clung to her body like a glove, clinging to her rounded hips, her small waist, her full breasts. Her nipples were quite visible, almost as if there was nothing covering them. Without thought, his hand went to one breast, his thumb rubbing over that erect nub, eliciting a soft moan from her.

She gently removed his hand.

" Perhaps later," she teased. "Can you control yourself?"

She had placed her hand against the growing bulge in his pants, rubbing her palm against him.

"Goddamn! Don't do that!" he moaned, not wanting her to stop, but knowing this wasn't the place or the time.

" How are Mom and Dad?" she asked, her voice cold.

That did the trick. He felt his cock begin to go soft.

" The same."

" You didn't tell them I was going to be in town, did you?"

" Of course not."

They left the den just as everyone was exiting the living room to move into the dining room.

" Crystal!" Melynda said as she went to hug her sister-in-law. "How nice to see you! You are sexy as ever."

" As are you," Crystal replied as the two women walked arm in arm to the dining room, where she made the introductions.

Kevin sat at one end of the table, as always, and Crys at the other. Melynda sat to his right, Kyle to Crystals right. Somehow, he managed to get through the dinner without staring at his sisters' breasts. He did notice, however, that most everyone else looked quite often. The dinner conversation seemed to center mostly on Melynda's work as a fashion photographer, which was fine with him.

When dinner and desert were finished, everyone went again to the living room. Kevin tried not to notice that Kyle was paying close attention to Crystal, who was doing nothing to stop him. In fact, she seemed to be smiling and laughing a little too much. Seeing them together, it dawned on him that she hadn't protested nearly as much as he had thought she would at his suggestion. He had been so glad to have her go along with it so he could be alone with Melynda that he hadn't really paid attention at the time to the fact Crystal seemed eager for the opportunity.

He would have given it more thought, but then he looked at his sister. They had always been close. Their parents said they were too close, that they were wrong to always want to be together. As children they hadn't wanted to play with the other kids, happy to be in each others company. It had never felt wrong to them.

As they got older, they had 'experimented' with each other, discovering things about each other and themselves. Curious, they had each tried those same things with other people, but were never as satisfied. It never felt as comfortable with anyone else as it did with each other.

In college, they had shared an apartment. Their mother wasn't thrilled about it, worried that it was unhealthy for them to not seek new friends. As always, they had convinced her that it was better for them to be roommates than to have a stranger living with them. Then came that day the summer between their junior and senior years of college. .. She had walked in on them while they were lying naked on the bed, wrapped in each others arms.

She had insisted they get counseling. When they refused, she had told their father what she saw that day and the other times, when they were younger and thought to be 'curious'. No more tuition paid. No more rent paid. No more coming home together.

Melynda refused to see their parents again. Nearly twenty years without direct contact. Kevin was the one to pass information between them. Thinking that because he was married now and would see the error of his previous ways, his parents had 'forgiven' him. And because Crystal was with him and they thought so highly of her, they were sure all visits he made to see Melynda were innocent.

Looking at her now, he didn't understand how his parents could believe anything had changed. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen or would ever know and just the thought of her turned him on. He knew no matter how long he was married to Crystal, he would never love her to the degree he loved Melynda.

His friends from work were the first to leave. A few minutes later, Melynda asked if he would drive her to her hotel. Crystal suggested they catch up, that she would "take care of things here."

He knew exactly what that meant. Part of him was feeling extreme jealousy at the idea of his best friend with his wife; part of him was grateful because it meant he could make love to his lovely Melynda.

The ride to the hotel took twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of reminiscing with the woman who knew his past better than anyone. Twenty minutes of thinking how nice it was going to be to hold her, to kiss her, to love her. Her laughter was like sunshine, and she laughed a lot.

They talked on the phone at least once a month, usually more, but hearing her laughter in person, seeing her as she related a story with her arms in motion, her eyes lit up, the smile on her face.... Oh, how he missed her! It just wasn't the same over a phone line.

Just before they reached the hotel, he reached across the car to take hold of her hand. She brought their clasped hands to her lips and brushed a soft kiss across his knuckles.

" I've missed you so much," she said.

He put his hand to her face to wipe away the single tear that had fallen.

He loved her. He loved that in public or in the company of other people, she was a tease, using her sexuality to it's full extent. She had a smile and a way of looking at men, and sometimes women, that made them want to be with her while keeping them at bay. She could make you think she was promising more and then remind you she'd done no such thing - without saying a word. Then, alone like this, she was soft and tender and loving and he just wanted to protect her forever.

He dropped her off at the entrance to the hotel, then went to park the car. She was waiting for him in the lobby, having already checked in, when he walked in with her bags. He hoped the two heavy suitcases meant she would be in town longer than a couple days and not just that she had packed her entire wardrobe. He'd ask her later.

In her room, he set the bags down near the door while she turned on lights. Then there was that usual moment of awkwardness they always faced, knowing they were going to wind up naked and making love, but neither wanting to make the first move right away. He supposed somewhere, buried deep inside, was a morsel of guilt; of knowing that what they enjoyed was looked upon by many as something ugly and sinful, and perhaps that was why there was always the hesitation between them. She came to him.

Wordlessly, she pushed his jacket over his shoulders, sliding it off him and hanging it in the nearby closet. She looked down at his feet and he smiled as he took off his shoes and socks, gently kicking them in the direction of the closet as well. While she loosened his tie, he put his hands on her hips and began to guide her further into the room, near one of the beds.

He bent his head down, gently placing his lips on hers in the first of several whisper soft kisses. As much as he wanted to rip her dress off her, throw her down on the bed, devouring her breasts and feasting on her pussy, he wanted first to taste her mouth. He wanted to make her crazy with desire using only his mouth on hers, flicking his tongue between her lips, over her teeth, until her tongue was dancing with his. He could feel her pulling his shirt out from the waist of his pants, her hands on his back, while her tongue slipped into his mouth and he began to suck on it, savoring the feel, the taste, the texture.

Slowly, he began to inch her dress up, his mouth still on hers. Had she been any other woman, he would have been done kissing. She was the first woman he had ever kissed, the first woman who had ever touched him, the only woman he cared enough about to want to completely satisfy...and kissing turned her on like nothing else would. Besides that, he had always loved her mouth, the taste of her kisses, the way she could flip her tongue around in his mouth making his body react like no other.

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