tagBDSMHis Total Submission

His Total Submission


He had showered, dried off, and covered himself with an aromatic oil, from neck to toes, paying special special attention to his recently shaven cock. The house had been cleaned while she was gone. He was making his last few preparations for her return. He tied a gag around his mouth, tight enough that he couldn't talk. He sat in the bed and restrained his ankles so that his feet were spread wide. He grabbed the nearby blindfold and covered his eyes. The first wrist restraint was easier than the second, which required him to nimbly restrain himself with one hand. He was helpless, spread eagle, face up, tied up on the bed for her. And so he waited.

She had been away at a day conference. She walked into the door and first noticed the house was eerily silent. She called his name, but there was no reply. How strange, considering his car was outside. She set her things down on the table, noticing how clean everything was. She caught a faint aroma of spice, but noticed there was no foodstuffs out. She ventured to the bedroom where she immediately noticed him. Hanging from the ceiling fan chain was a note, which she grabbed.

"Tonight I give myself completely to you. There is a selection of items beside the bed which you're free to use however you wish. There is no rush. If you wish to take my anal virginity, you may. If you want to invite your lover over (I know about him) and have me suck my first cock, you may. If you want to whip me, you may. I will not resist whatever you demand."

She looked beside the bed. Previously their sex toy collection had been limited to one seldomly used vibrator. Here were toys that she couldn't even put a name to. Devices meant to be strapped on so she would have a penis, dildos, chastity devices, whips-- they must have cost him a lot. She walked out of the room, sat down on the couch, and thought about things. Although she was disturbed about his knowledge of her lover, this could be a chance for her to play with this lover tonight. But after a few minutes of thought, she knew that was not going to be her plan tonight. She arose, made a few arrangements, then took a shower, before putting on a mini skirt and a white top. She grabbed her keys and walked out.

Thoughts raced through his mind, he had been tied up for two hours. It had been seventy-five minutes since she had walked out. Of course, he didn't know how long she had been gone. It felt like much longer. Would she bring her lover back? Would she stay out until morning, or through the approaching weekend? Worry developed, and his body chilled.

But she returned, and soon walked into the bedroom. He heard the sound of of a bottle being opened, and the gurgle of a phallus being lubed. Soon he felt an oiled finger on his asshole, and he assumed that he was about to be penetrated. When the finger was gone, he flinched, waiting for the first entry. But it did not come right away. Instead, an oiled hand grabbed his flaccid cock, and fingers ringed right under his sensitive crown, The electricity in the room forced his body to shudder, and almost instantly there was perceptible arousal from head to toe.

The hand on his cock worked him for several minutes before he felt something hard approach his virgin asshole. Though he was thankful it wasn't a real clock, the feeling of a small plastic dildo penetrating his virgin hole for the first time was uncomfortable. After he was sufficiently penetrated, the hand left his cock. Soon he heard a whisper in his ear, "This is just a warm up, big boy, the real thing comes later."

He gulped in apprehension.

The dildo began sliding in and out, in and out, and a pair of lips lowered to the head of his cock, just long enough to keep him hard. Faster and faster he was violated, before all of a sudden it stopped.

He waited several minutes before he felt another, larger phallus at his newly fucked asshole. It didn't take him long to figure out this was the strap on. It penetrated him and he was helpless to do anything. He felt hands on his chest, then on the bed beside him, before a body laid on top of him. As the thrusting began, he realized this was not his wife, the breasts were much larger than her small b cups. Hands removed the gag from his mouth. As he began to speak he felt a quick slap from the riding crop along the sensitive side of his ribs. Her voice whispered in his ear, "One whisper, one word, one sound from you and this all ends. I will walk out, and I may or may not return."

At that, he was totally helpless, and he knew that she knew that too.

A pussy soon smothered his face. It was shaved, which meant that unless his wife shaved without him knowing it, this wasn't her as well. He began to eat the pussy with all abandon as it rode his face. It certainly tasted like his wife, but his inexperience meant he didn't know if they tasted the same or different.

The two bodies above him, one riding his face, the other thrusting in his ass over and over again, began touching, that much he knew. He longed to see with his eyes, but knew he wouldn't, that this was part of her pleasure for the night. He could hear the sounds of wet sloppy kisses as his ass was pounded, and that renewed the hardness of his dick. This continued for several minutes, and by the wetness of the pussy grinding on his face, he could tell that it was turning on what he assumed was his wife.

After a number of minutes, the grinding stopped, the thrusting stopped, and the bed was vacated except for his bound body. Finally, he heard a voice in his wife's voice, "The other woman is someone we both know. It is someone that I have seen you look at with lust in your eyes. It is someone that I know you fantasize about. She has taken your anal virginity. She is about to suck you until you cum in her mouth. She is going to swallow every drop. Then she and I are going to use the double ended dildo on the floor until we both cum. You will never know her identity. You are going to forever look at our friends and try to discover who it is that did this to you. You will wonder about each of our friends, wondering if she was the one who took so much from you. She will always know, but you never will."

With that, he felt a mouth on his cock, once again bringing it to life. His wife continued to whisper in his ear, urging him to empty his dick into this unknown friend. He bucked against the restraint, a powerful orgasm building in the very center of his being. His body began to shake with raw power and the unknown friend worked amazing tricks on his cock, feelings he had never felt before from his wife. Totally bound, totally helpless, he felt one gigantic tremor ripple through his whole body before he roared in orgasm. He came harder than he knew was possible, sending stream after stream into the mouth that was closed about his dick.

Then it was over. Bodies once again left the bed. For the last time that night he heard his wife's voice, "Remember that I told you not to make a sound. Since you did, I have decided to leave for the night. I am going to a friends house with my mystery friend here, so that I can feel a cock inside me. When I come home, I expect that you lick clean the cum that will be inside me, give me a bath, put me to bed, and never speak of this again. I will leave you bound here until I return. You are to speak one word only, yes or no, do you want me to do this?"

She saw that horror on his face. He had not considered this scenario. She knew he would not resist, but forcing him to acquiesce would be his total submission. After a pause of over a minute, she heard him say, "Yes."

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