tagBDSMHis Trick, Her Treat!

His Trick, Her Treat!


There is this house on the corner of my street that does a haunted house every year. Now it's not one of those simple ones with touchy feely guess what's in the container games but one of the ones that could scare the shit out of you. Lucy and her boyfriend Darian were planning to attend her annual work party. Lucy was not looking forward to bobbing for apples in beer. Plus that silly game of who was in the costume mask. After working there for 5 years Lucy knew who they were from their voices coming from behind the masks. Overall she was picturing how unadventurous the party was going to be again this year. Darian wouldn't have fun but would go to make her happy. Then her phone rings.

"Hey Luc, I can't make it tonight after all." Darian says through the phone.

"Oh no! You don't sound so well Dar. Is there anything I can bring for you? I don't need to go to the party either." Concern in her voice obvious as she speaks.

"No Lucy I couldn't ask you to do that. Go have fun without me and then call me to tell me all about it," He adds reassuringly.

"Ok babe. I hope you feel better and I'll check on you later," She tells him as she hangs up.

Sighing in front of the mirror. Lucy continues to get ready. This year she had searched around to find something out of her comfort zone. Something that would make her look super sexy because she was usually quite conservative. In fact everything she did was conservative. She always dressed the part, looked the part and of course acted the part. Except this year she told Darian that she had to find something that wasn't like her. After a couple costume stores they finally found the right costume. Sexy devil! It had fishnet stockings, with a bustier type top and a little skirt that barely covered her ass but damn it was cute. She looked damn hot in it even.

She grabbed the clutch she had picked out for herself and started to walk out her door. She stopped to rethink her costume though. It wasn't like she liked looking 'slutty' but it did give her a rush she hadn't felt before. Maybe people would take notice of her for a change. She could carry it only so far as a fantasy. Lucy had to admit she was disappointed that Darian wouldn't see her in it tonight. He had almost taken her in the change room when he saw her try it on. She had hoped to tempt him from afar all night with some teasing.

Sighing again she throws caution to the wind and walks out the door. Standing in the short hallway, she locks the door to her apartment. She can feel someone watching her, hears kids giggling around the corner as they get ready to trick-or-treat and she looks up to see a man across the hall looking at her. His eyes travel slowly over her body. Smiling at him she takes the attention and saunters down the hall, being sure to sway her hips back and forth for effect. He watches her until she steps on the elevator; she could feel his eyes on her ass, then move up her back. To prove that she knew she turned his way, peeked her head out the elevators and gave the guy the sexiest smile she could. Then grinning all the way down to the lobby, she walks out with her head held high, in a good mood.

She walks out the door and has to jump back as a group of kids go running by and almost take her out. Laughing she looks both ways and then steps onto the sidewalk. Taking a deep breath, she inhales the pungent stale warm air. Record highs for this year have people grateful that just a small sweater is all they need while outside. She smiles as she starts to walk and sees some kids having fun up the street.

The party is being held at a small convention center about three blocks from her house. Lucy picks up the pace, the darkness surrounding her; everything suddenly seems eery. She looks up to concentrate on the night sky as she walks, seeing the moon and stars with the clouds rolling by. It was comparable to a spooky Halloween night.... laughing to herself she walks to the front door and goes inside the convention center.

The elevator opens, she steps in and then pushes the button for the third floor where the party is to be held. The doors are almost open when a hand reaches in and stops the door from closing. Shrieking was the only reaction she had, then laughed as the doors slowly reopen and reveal one of her co workers. She was a little jumpy tonight, must be the Halloween night or maybe the full moon that made her sensitive.

Turning to her co worker she strikes up a casual conversation and then notices that he is staring at her body. Not looking at her face but running his eyes over her body as his mouth responds.

Grinning wide she motions to her face, "Hey my face is up here, you know!"

The poor guy, who to most would be considered a stereo typical nerd with his thick-rimmed glasses and pen protector, blushed then stumbled out the elevator. Lucy had to chuckle to herself because she was sure that even under the costume he had hard-on. Shaking her head she walks off the elevator as it reaches the third floor.

Stopping just outside the elevator, she looks at all the people with costumes on. One guy looks like a very furry werewolf. Then her eyes take in a man that has on a costume resembling a prince, he is quite handsome, then a woman takes his arm and Lucy moves her eyes over the rest of the crowd, to take inventory of the people.

She moves to the section of co workers that she considers friends, who are with their boyfriends. They're all around the same age and are relatively attractive. She gets there and hears one of them whistle loudly at her.

"Wow Lucy! That is an amazing costume, way to break out of your shell girl." Says one of the women as she approaches.

Lucy feels her face flush but does the polite thing and mutters a thank you. She stands there close to them and then mingles a bit. Felling rather bored after a couple hours she looks around again to see if anyone new has arrived. The attention the dress is getting her seems to be the only thing worthy of making this a decent party.

Lucy makes the excuse that her head hurts and says her goodbyes. She moves to the restroom and then out to the elevator. On the way down she is picturing a glass of wine and soft music as she curls up on the corner of her couch. Not paying attention she is jarred by the ding of the door as it opens. She steps out and walks out the front door but gets the strange feeling that someone is following her.

Walking a bit faster with her ears perked up to listen carefully, she is sure that footsteps could be heard if she was being followed. She looks behind her and sees a shadow. Again she picks up her pace to a jogging speed. Finally she sees her street. It's close and she needs to get there. The shadow is closer when she looks back one last time. In the moonlight the shadow looks like a tall strong man.

Lucy sees the haunted house and decides it's closer to go in there. She runs up the walk and begins to wonder if it's a good idea. The person following her has her terrified, so she goes into the haunted house and jumps with a scream echoing throughout as she brushes against a ghost hanging from the ceiling. Thinking to herself that isn't the best way to hide she bites down on her tongue and giggles a little for the silliness of it all.

Taking in her surroundings, waiting for her eyes to adjust, she sees some more hanging ghosts. A corridor branches off around a corner so she walks that way hoping that it leads into the house, and perhaps a neighbor who can help. Walking slowly with her hand out in front of her, she pauses to glance over her shoulder to see if HE is closer. Exhaling when no one is there she turns to walk a little further when someone grabs her from behind, and she feels his arms tighten around her as a hand closes over her mouth. Her attempted screams are muffled and rendered pointless.

Lucy's heart is pounding hard in her chest, and concentrating on the constant thump of it helps her try to steady herself. Struggling to get free, wiggling hard and kicking with her feet, she thrashes around in the strong arms that seem to be holding so tight they are squeezing the air out of her.

As she inhales sharply she smells the aroma of sweat and some sort of manly cologne. It's familiar but she can't place it. Where the hell is Darian when she needs him? Her heel finally hits one of his legs and the attacker cries out.

His anger fuels him and he growls at her as he uses his body to hold her still and takes something out of his pocket then ties the cloth around her mouth and tightens it behind her head so she can't scream through it. His hands take hers behind her back and something is tied tightly around them. Another soft cloth is placed on her eyes and it goes dark for her. She isn't sure what to do now so with desperation she whimpers from under the gag and struggles a little more as she still flails about hoping to catch him off guard.

He growls at her again. His grip on her arms tighten then get softer while he traces her shoulder with a finger. Shivers erupt through her as his finger explores her skin. She is frozen as he leans over and kisses her gently where his finger is now circling just next to her shoulder blade. She is trapped, the man has her and there really isn't anything she can do to help herself.

Gulping loudly, she whimpers again about escape. She is numb, not wiggling around anymore because it was futile. All she could do was be completely still and hope that he didn't do horrible things to her. His hands and lips were still caressing her shoulders, taking turns working over one then the other. He was using great care and time to spend on her, like he cared for her. She was special for some reason. Her mind reeling with ways to use that information. She lifts her knees up to her chest as best she can, since she was sitting on the floor in front of him. Then she takes one of her knees and starts to caress his leg with it.

He notices his leg being rubbed and moans softly as he again kisses her shoulder. This time he includes a little rasp of his teeth. Lucy cringes but keeps the smile on her face, just in case he could sense her feelings. Then she realizes that her nipples are hard, sticking straight out, and her shirt did not hide them well. She is shocked; why would her body react like this. Then, as if he knew what she was trying to hide he reached around with both hands and pinched those hard nipples. He gave them such a pinch that Lucy cried out through the gag

He started to chuckle; it was evil and low in his throat. He was enjoying this all a little too much, but Lucy realized while playing along. Pretending she liked it could be the only thing that could help her out. Then he took her nipples and pressed his fingers together again causing her tender flesh to sting.

Lucy was determined though and instead of crying out she started to moan, sweet and soft through the gag. The attacker caught on quick and started to do other things to gauge Lucy's reaction. He nipped at her neck and shoulder, then he pinched her nipples, tugged on her hair and then his hands continued to caress her.

He slowly moved around to stand in front of her and she watched as he ran his hand over his body. She was taking in every part of him; he had on a mask, so she couldn't see his face but she looked over his body. There was something familiar about his shape, but she just couldn't place what it was. In the back of her mind she started to go through a list of people she thought she may know that would do this to her. She was pulled to her feet with a strong arm around her waist holding her as the other arm started to strip her of her clothes.

First he took off the bottoms to her costume, sliding them down and off her foot with great care. Smoothing his hand over her stocking-covered leg as he went back up to take off the panties. He stopped when he got there and inhaled sharply. Then rubbed the silk of her panties against the folds of her pussy. For the first time Lucy felt the wetness that had built up. Her body was enjoying this almost as much as the attacker. She was being betrayed by her own body.

She inhales sharply and smells the fog from the haunted house, the way the attacker smells and takes inventory of her body's reaction. Her nipples are taut, and her clit is rock hard and pulsing. Her pussy is leaking juices, and the moment takes hold as her eyes are closed, her hands move over every inch with a slow smooth movement. Running over and then tweaking parts as they explore. Then she opens her eyes to look down at her nipples, about to pinch them hard, but realizes that the attacker is watching her hands every move. His head following her movements, she smiles, continues and when the moment is right she tries to free herself again.

No use. He still has her bound tightly, and the knots are not giving an inch. Then he leans down and whispers in her ear, "That's right Luc, struggle a little. It makes me want you more."

Then suddenly she knew what this was all about. That voice, she knew it well. It was Darian, her boyfriend! He had kidnapped her and wanted to use her. It was like her ultimate fantasy. Smiling she turned her face to him and kissed him passionately hard. Inhaling his smell as her body reacted more. Then his hands were all over her, rubbing, pinching, all she could do was moan. The gag still firmly in place didn't allow for her thoughts to be shared but she knew that he would do just as she needed. He knew her well.

Her thoughts were brought back to what was happening when she felt him slap her clit, his palm stinging her skin as it struck. Her sensitive nub standing at full attention, her lips red and swollen. He was not being gentle, and she loved every minute of it. He held her hard clit and twirled it between his thumb and his index finger, lifting his fingers and then returning them as he tugged at it. He moved to her nipples with the same assault he had done to her clit.

She squirmed again, writhing with excitement and arousal. Staying in the moment as he blissfully teased and taunted. She was whimpering with each touch or stroke of his fingers. The roughness of the pinching and pulling made her so wet, she could smell her own arousal, her release was close. She tried to grind into his fingers as they again stroked over her clit.

He looked at her and said with a stern voice, "Not yet my pretty girl. I won't have you cum until I say you may."

Loud whimpers and sighs escape from her mouth as she feels his hand run up and linger in front of her nose. Her scent filling her nostrils, she feels more liquid trickle from her pussy. Lucy moves to lick her lips and is startled when she tastes the fabric of her gag. Growling her displeasure she is quickly told to hush. Then the blind fold is slowly removed, she opens her eyes and sees her Darian standing before her. Naked as well, she wonders when he got naked and how she didn't notice. He was magnificent naked,

Starting at his feet, she slowly takes every part of him into her sights until she is pulled out of her exploration by his tug on her hair. He throws her on a mattress face down, she bounces and turns her head to the side, seeing him kneels down beside her. His cock harder then she thinks she has ever seen it, his eyes watching hers as he again speaks to her in a low tone, "Ready or not here I cum!"

Her body reacts in a way she never thought possible, her body is tense, on the edge and she knows one slight touch from him will have her release pouring out onto the mattress. His hands run over her, then she feels the heat of his body over her. Her hands still clasped behind her back, he is leaning on her lower body as his hands work to untie her. She feels the knot come undone and she pushes her hands up and moves to push up off the mattress.

She tries to turn around and face him but he is faster then she is and with a disgruntled sigh he says, "No way Luc, you are mine. You will do as I say, how I say."

She gulps as he pulls her hands above her head, and reties them. She struggles again until she discovers the futility. Darian is stronger then her, always has been and she finds it sexy that he is asserting himself, dominant in how he takes her. Oh no, she can't hold it back anymore, just thinking of how he is controlling her. How she is at his mercy but wants to please him. The cum runs out of her pussy and on to the mattress as her body shivers, then she contently sighs through her gag.

He gets upset and turns her around on the mattress. In a very harsh tone he looks at her and speaks. "I did not tell you to cum. I don't remember you asking permission. There will be a punishment for that."

Before she knows it, she is on all fours and he is smacking her ass. Once, then twice, and the third comes down with a thwap so hard she is sure someone somewhere must have heard it. Her ass is stinging, she moves from side to side trying to ignore the sting. He takes one hand and leans it down on her back. She is held in place as once again he begins the torture on her, the other hand continues to spank her. Then as his hand stops he rubs with a gentle blow from his mouth to ease the sting.

"I left a red mark here!" He claims as he points to the redness. His finger gently caressing her ass where he marked her.

Darian is rock hard, his cock is swollen and throbbing. Her reaction to him being rough is killing him. He trails his finger from her welted ass down to her asshole. Then leans into her and pushes saliva from his mouth onto her ass. Watching it dribble down around his finger he uses it to stick his finger tip inside. She screams from the shock and wriggles around. He spreads her knees further apart with his knee and sees her pussy glistening below where his hand is. His finger inches into her ass more then swirls around, feeling her tight opening cling to his finger.

Holding her hip with one hand as he begins pushing his finger into her ass all the way to his knuckle, he tickles her drenched pussy with the head of his cock. Lucy is moving to meet him, trying to get his cock inside her. His need is so great he lets her wriggle her pussy to accept his cock, then he rams one fast hard stroke into her deep. His engorged head rubbing along her walls and womb. She feels so tight and his finger now working inside her ass can feel his cock through the thin lining that separates the two delicious cracks.

He can't help but run his finger along that lining to feel his cock moving in and out of her pussy. He pulls out almost to the tip and then slams back into her. She cries out with a muffled high pitched tone sounding through the gag. That throws him over the edge and he cums buried deep inside her. Holding her against him as the last of his seed is spilled, she moans gently and sighs. He waits a couple extra minutes, his arm around her waist to hold her up, then slides his cock out of her and rolls her on her side. He slips in behind her and wraps his arms tightly around as they spoon. He unties her hands and then she removes the gag, turns to him and kisses him with great passion.

"That was amazing Dar, how in the world did you know I would like that so much?" She asks as they break the kiss.

"You've dropped hints along the way Luc. I would be awfully dumb not to get it." He replies with a soft kiss to her head and then relaxes into the mattress. "Happy Halloween Lucy, my love!"

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