His True Calling


What a great night!

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Part II – The Raping

In the days that followed my initial foray into Allison's world, my husband returned briefly and we had a nice weekend together, attending a show, eating at one of the best restaurants in the city, and making love. Like all couples who get used to each other over the years, our sex life wasn't what it once was, but hubby was smart enough to know what he had in me and he does a credible job performing his manly duties.

My mind was admittedly elsewhere, as I spent more time than I care to admit reflecting upon the joyous events of the other day. It was disarming how much pleasure I derived each time I replayed the events and considered the beautiful way in which Allison had orchestrated the humiliation of a loser. As I walked the streets, I began to view the men of the city in a different light, reviewing them as they came into view, looking for signs of weakness. One time, I made eye contact with a man in his 40s and his eyes immediately dropped to the street. These losers were everywhere, easy prey for the likes of Allison. I found a nearby bench and sat back and crossed my legs, squeezing them gently together. I felt the blood pumping down there and pulled out my phone in an effort to distract myself.

There was a text message from Allison.

A: Hey you!

E: Hey A, was just thinking about the other day.

A: haha. So much fun right?

E: Life affirming.

A: How would you like to take the next step?

E: Tell me more.

A: Well before, we really only mentally humiliated Bruce. I think it's time to do it both mentally AND physically.

Then my phone was ringing. Allison was doing the old fashioned thing and calling me. I answered the phone with a smile and a sense of anticipation.

"Hey! So it's funny you mentioned the other day. That loser texted me TWICE since then to thank me."

I had to practically bite my lip. "So you're saying there are further opportunities for exploitation?"

"How eloquently stated! Yes, exactly. And I would be remiss if I didn't offer you the opportunity to participate. You found the idiot in the first place, and it was an amazing find. This is just the type of loser I like to make an example of. I already have something in mind. What are you doing this Thursday night?"

My hubby was heading back overseas on Wednesday, so I was totally free. I could hardly contain my excitement. What did Allison have in mind?

"I'm hosting a follow-up girlylove party at my place. The other girlies have already confirmed they are in! And I have the fuckface standing by, just awaiting my cue. All we need is you, Emma!"

"Count me in!"

"YES!! You have no idea how great this is going to be. I have something all planned out. If you liked the other day; you're gonna love this. Just one question – are you ok with the idea of me coercing our victim into doing some things he isn't necessarily crazy about doing?"

"Of course. I mean, isn't that the whole idea?"

"Well, yes, although I didn't really push his limits the other day. I just kind of put him in place. The next step for losers like this moron is to, well, HELP them achieve a level of Loserdom beyond anything they may have expected in the first place. I intend to absolutely STEAMROLL this fucking douchebag."

I laughed out loud. "I absolutely LOVE IT! And I get it. Sign me up."

"I didn't think there would be any hesitation based on your previously stated lack of remorse," Allison said with a note of triumph in her voice. But I just wanted to make sure. Come by at 7:00. The show starts at 7:30."


Thursday evening rolled around and I found myself taking the time to get ready. I wanted to look my best and feel feminine. If I was going to be a participant in the serious practice of Female Domination and Feminine Supremacy, I was going to look the part. I dressed as if I was attending a dinner party, putting on makeup, jewelry and wearing a blouse, skirt, and knee-high boots. Before hopping on the elevator I admired myself in the full length mirror of the foyer. I was a knock out. No wonder weak men such as Bruce were willing to do anything to entertain the likes of me and the other girlyloves.

There was a sense of anticipation in the air as I arrived at Allison's five minutes early. Gracie and Emma were already there, and both similarly decked out. Allison was characteristically less formal with her jeans and square toed ankle-high boots, but she wore makeup and a lovely lacy pink sleeveless top. It was an outfit that was both feminine and 'no-nonsense' at the same time.

We sipped wine for a few minutes before Gracie finally asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "So are you going to leave us in suspense, Ali? When is the guest of honor going to arrive?"

"I don't think 'honor' is quite the right word," Vanessa said to much laughter. "Guest of shame fits better."

"Guest of Loserdom?" I volunteered.

"So what are you going to do to this loser," Gracie persisted. "Enquiring girlies want to know?"

"Well, for starters, I have ordered us a sushi stravaganza," said Allison. This fucking wanking idiot will be delivering it for us at 7:30 sharp," she said, glancing at her watch.

"And I'm sure you can guess that he is footing the bill."

We all nodded our heads in approval.

"So what about the part of having him do things against his own will?" I said.

Allison smiled and pushed her hair back from her head. "How would the three of you like to help me orchestrate Bruce's departure this evening? Last time I sort of just dismissed him verbally and that was that. This time, I think it would be nice if we all took a more active role in um, ASSISTING his departure."

Two minutes later, after much laughter and smiles and even a little bit of blushing on the part of the girlyloves (other than Allison who simply doesn't blush about anything), we were set on the plan. This was going to be great. But I had no idea how great. What we all would learn is that Allison is not only a perfectionist, but a gifted practitioner of her chosen trade. We were about to be treated to something truly special and memorable.


At 7:30 on the spot, there was a knock on the door and there he was, the victim himself. There's something to be said for a loser who knows his place. Bruce kept his eyes cast to the floor and you could see the intense shame written on his red face.

"Come on in, loser," Allison directed him into the living room and ordered him to remove all the sushi and organize it on the table. Allison invited us over and we surrounded the table and watched Bruce sheepishly unpack the different tins of fresh makimono rolls, nigari, sashimi, salad, etc. He even brought an expensive-looking bottle of sake.

"How much do we owe you," Allison said.

"Uh, nothing."

"No shit, fuckface! I was just testing you." She pointed to the door. "Get the fuck out."

Bruce put his head down and began to shuffle toward the door. He thought that would be the end of it. But Allison had other ideas. "Wait! Just out of curiosity, loser, what are you going to do now?"

"Uh, probably go home, Miss Allison," Bruce said.

"And do what?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Haven't you learned yet that it's not a good idea to bullshit around with me. I'll take your fucking head off, loser . This isn't a game." She reached forward and grabbed him by the arm, making him turn around and face us. "TELL me what your plan is tonight. And remember, I know when you are lying. We all can, moron. Women can smell that shit a mile away."

Bruce raised his eyes briefly and then dropped them again. I loved the way Allison bullied him around. He knew he was beaten. Finally he mumbled, "Uh, maybe jerk off, Ma'am."

The four of us burst into laughter. This idiot clearly had no shame. I could feel the tone of the room alter as we all had to endure the disgusting admission of this loser's sordid masturbatory habits. Prior to that, Gracie, Vanessa and I would have been just as happy to see him go, but the way Allison was able to bring the sordid details of his grotesque existence, our mood changed.

"And you're going to be fantasizing about having gotten TOTALLY HUMILIATED by me and my gal pals, isn't that right, loser?"

"Yes, Miss Allison."

"I'll bet if I told you to pull your pants down right here and jerk off while chanting 'I'm a stupid loser wankerrr,' Allison said in a singsong voice, you'd probably do it, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Miss Allison."

"Well too bad. NONE of us has any interest in seeing that disgusting shit from you, loser. However, not all is lost, so to speak." Allison paused for dramatic effect, as the three of us looked on with big happy smiles.

"I'm still kicking your ass out, but I think we both know you could use a little assistance leaving my condo."

Allison addressed the three women in the room: "In addition to being a pathetic jerkoff, this loser confessed to me the other day that like so many stupid fucking losers out there, he actually ENJOYS having his balls busted by pretty girls. Isn't that right, LOSER?"

Bruce nodded in a form of meek acceptance.

"No, I don't think that's good enough. TELL US how much you LOVE getting kicked in the nuts. Say, 'I'd really appreciate it if you ladies would kick my balls in.'"

"I'd uh really appreciate it if you ladies would kick my balls in."

Female Laughter.

"You're in luck, loser. We are all too happy to help make this a reality for you. "You see, most girls like me and my friends actually ENJOY busting nuts. So I guess it's your lucky day. Plus, I intend to make an example out of you for the way you made Emma feel uncomfortable the other day."

"Now get on all fours. Face the exit. Spread your legs WIDE OPEN loser. Arch that fucking back. Make it as EASY as possible for us to kick your junk."

It was satisfying to watch Bruce so compliantly get into position. It made him completely vulnerable to being kicked in the crotch from behind. Also having the target area so close to the floor made it easy for a woman to deliver a hard accurate kick without losing her balance. I liked the way he not only spread his legs but he arched his back in order to provide the easiest possible access to his weak spot. For all of his lechery when we first met, once he had been taken in hand, he was a compliant and obedient little slave.

Allison lined up the victims crotch. While it wasn't possible to see the outline of Bruce's balls, there was enough of a bulge in his pants where one would expect it to be.

"This is what happens to LOSERS when they find their true calling in the world," said Allison. "This is your fucking reality, loser." Allison stepped forward and promptly drove her foot into the void. There was a deep thudding sound and Bruce let out a yell and fell onto his side.

OMG! Talk about a catharsis.

We all burst into laughter! It was seriously one of the greatest things I have ever seen and from Gracie and Vanessa's reactions the feeling was mutual.

Through the laughter, Allison turned to the girls with a shit-eating grin. "I know I overuse the word, loser," she said. "But you can see how it applies. Losers like this LOVE getting kicked in the nuts. Or, at least they like the IDEA of getting DEFEATED this way, no pun intended. The reality of LOSING can be painful." She gestured to the floor where Bruce was still trying to find his bearings, not that any of us gave even one shit.

"Say thank you, you fucking idiot."

"Thank you for kicking my nuts in, Miss Allison," Bruce managed to grunt, sending us into another round of hysterics.

"You see, girls. Even though he's in pain, he actually NEEDS this sort of abuse. We are literally fulfilling a fantasy of his right now. Isn't that right, loser?"

"Yes, Miss Allison," Bruce gasped. He had managed to sit up, his knees folded into his chest, which I would learn was the universal male position for, I just got my nuts squashed.

"Can I do it now?" said Gracie, striding forward as if she already knew the answer to the question.

"Get back into position, loser!" said Allison in that shrill, bitchy tone I had no doubt she reserved for her male victims."

And just like that, Bruce gathered himself off the floor and rapidly positioned himself back on all fours facing the doorway, his legs obediently spread and his back arched in such a way that we had the easiest path possible to inflict pain upon his testicles.

The way in which he instantly complied with his female master's command was, in so many words, simultaneously hilarious, awesome, delightful, and of course pathetic. I clapped my hands and brought them to my chest in a gesture of pure feminine enthusiasm. I'm also not going to lie that I felt warmth between my thighs. I'm not going to concede that women actually get off on ballbusting the way losers on the receiving end do; the feeling is more on the spectrum of joy and fulfillment. For all you perverts reading this, no my pussy did not get wet, but when a woman is satisfied it naturally extends to the vagina because it's such a big part of our personal identities.

"Ladies," said Allison, I don't want any of you holding back. It's not a true ballbusting if you feel afraid to hurt this loser. Remember, he wants this to hurt as much as possible. It enables him to fulfill his twisted desire to LOSE to superior women. Plus, I know you'll love the feeling."

"You don't have to convince us," I interjected. "I think Gracie is ready."

Sure enough, Gracie was focusing her attention on the target area that was in front of her with the intent I imagine she once reserved for her job.

"One sec, Gracie. Loser, I want you to beg my hot friend to kick your nuts in for you. Say, 'Please Miss Gracie, but my loser nuts!'"

Bruce did exactly as he was told (joy!) and without further delay, Gracie stepped forward and with a startlingly aggressive and violent motion drove her boot between Bruce's thighs. Her action created the desired collision between her accelerating boot and the desired target with a resounding THUD.

Bruce let out a half scream and flopped onto his side as though he had been shot. He kicked his legs and I noticed him pound the floor with an open hand in agony.

I was doing my own doubling over, with laughter, as was Vanessa, who was covering her open-mouthed amazement with her hand.

Allison: "Thank her, you stupid bitch!"

"Thank you UHHH, Miss- Miss Gracie for kicking my nuts in."

"You totally fucking NAILED him, Gracie. High five," said Allison.

The joy in the room was so palpable, as the four of us experienced a sense of delight that hearkened back to our college days. Although we never did anything as fun as this back then!

"My god," said Vanessa. "It's like we get to put our foot up his ass. It's like total male rape."

"It's true," I said. There was something magical about watching an attractive woman assault a male in this fashion, the way the feminine footwear surged between two ass cheeks into the exposed and oh-so-compliant target. I couldn't wait to try it.

"Who is next?"

Both Vanessa and I immediately stepped up. I gestured to her to go next. Let her soften him up more before I had my turn. Bruce continued to writhe around, somewhat oblivious of the discussion above him. When Allison ordered him back into position, he did it but it took him a bit longer than the first time. His slight delay registered with me oddly and I bit my lower lip. Allison picked up on it too. We were basically kicking the crap out of this loser and he was beginning to break from the abuse.

"Don't tell me you're already breaking down, loser. We're just getting started. Now ass up!"

Vanessa was the most solidly built of all of us and her ballkick was backed more solidly by her size. She didn't really drive her hips into the kick. It was more flat-footed in nature. The technique was sound in my eyes though (since this day I have become quite the connoisseur on bb technique). Her opposite foot was planted so firmly and she torqued the kick in such a way that made it just plain SOLID. Judging from Bruce's reaction, he agreed, as once again we were treated to his cry of defeat followed by the floor-pounding spectacle as he tried to deal with the pain.

I felt no sense of empathy. It's not that I'm an unfeeling psychopath, but Allison had succeeded in reducing Bruce into something less than human. He had become a vessel for our enjoyment and that's the way he wanted it to be. So I wasn't about to feel the list bit sorry for hm. Plus I wanted my turn.

I felt a serious buzz of anticipation as I moved into position. I know it's been a point of emphasis, but I found the psychology of my emotions to be in and of themselves a turn-on. Some people will never be able to identify with what makes it so special for an attractive, upwardly mobile young woman like me to bust balls. From the moment I launched that first kick, I often wonder how I lived my whole life up to then without it.

First, I learned immediately that if you connect with a proper punt to the balls, as I did, you can actually feel the scrotum squish against the bridge of your foot. Speaking for myself, the absolute rush it gave me was something to behold. Bruce let out a scream that sounded like something different than before. Whereas before his noises were of increasing urgency, when I kicked him he made an "agony noise" before flopping hard onto his side. It occurred to me as I watched the delightful spectacle that our victim had reached the level of defeat where he hoped that by hitting the floor hard he could distract himself from the pain in his groin. LOL! When I later spoke to Allison about this she said it was a really cool insight.

The other thing Bruce did which I found amusing was that he pounded the floor with his fist. I guess since he couldn't raise a hard to his tormentors, he could only take out his frustrations on the floor. His thighs squeezed together in an instinctual and failed attempt to protect his violated genitals. The most entertaining thing of all was Bruce's eyes that seemed to stare at some far off place. I suppose he was trying and failing to comprehend how he'd ended up in the position, so the only solution was to zone out until his female tormentors were done with him. Then the loser would be able to go home and whack off. Lol. What a "life." No wonder I felt zero remorse.

Now it was Allison's turn. Our victim was already close to the door, having effectively been kicked over there by Grace, Vanessa and I. It was very slow to acknowledge Allison's command to get back into position and Allison had to threaten him.

"I swear. Do you want us to contact your boss and tell him how you behaved around your female customers? Get that ass back into the loser position, loser! Be a good kickbag for us."

Even wearier than before, the kickbag (LOL) struggled into position. He was slow to spread his legs, but Allison's shrillness and persuasive nature won, of course, and it did what a good loser should do, which is follow instructions and make his superior happy.

WHAM. Allison drove her foot directly between the loser's legs and the bag was once again crushed by feminine force. The scream from Bruce was even louder than before and he flopped so hard I worried the neighbors below would think someone was murdered. Again he put on the floor pounding routine. He was done and we were all loving it. I gave Allison a big hug.

Allison turned her attention back to the mess on the floor. "That was unacceptable," she said, to our delight.

"I-I can't." Bruce gasped. He was writhing in pain, rocking back and forth, his knees pulled to his chest, his eyes bulging in disbelief. It was funny the way he looked as if he couldn't believe what had happened. Allison picked up on it too."

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