His True Calling


"He doesn't know where the fuck he is," she said. "But that's not my problem. I'll tell you something else, ladies. I don't like the way he keeps pounding on MY floor. It's disrespectful. Get up, loser. We're not done yet."

But Bruce wasn't getting up yet. The game was no longer fun for him, which meant it was about to get even more fun for us. What he failed to understand was that this spectacle wasn't really about him. It was about Allison doing what she wanted to do, which was to show her friends how she could push a loser beyond its limits and give us all a sense of excitement coupled with intense satisfaction. And boy was she about to put on a clinic.

She crouched down next to Bruce and took his chin in her hand with surprising authority. Without warning, she reached back and slapped him hard on the face three times. SLAP SLAP SLAP! Bruce seemed to snap out of his trance as he absorbed the blows and cried out in pain, while we all laughed our asses off.

"Now listen carefully. You are no longer Bruce. You are Loser Kickbag. Repeat after me, "I'm Loser Kickbag. I'm Loser Kickbag."

Bruce began chanting the mantra until Allison suddenly reached back and bitch slapped him again. "Ok, you can shut up now."

We giggled, as Allison let the Bruce's silence percolate. The subtle moment of total female domination was not lost on me, the way she had total control over him.

Allison finally continued. "Here's what's going to happen: You're going to reassume the fucking loser position, and make it as easy as humanly possible for me to bust that swollen ballbag one more time. And if you don't fucking SPRAWL exactly the way I want you to and put on a good show for me and my girlfriends, I'm going to do it again until you get it just right. Understand?"

Allison reached back as if to slap Loser Kickbag again and he flinched and closed his eyes and said, "Yes, Miss Allison, I understand!"

We all laughed as Loser Kickbag just sat there, looking genuinely terrified. But then again, he also had that far off look in his eyes that these perverted weirdos get when they are being humiliated by women. Allison picked up on it as well. It was as though she could read my mind.

"Stop trying to pretend you don't LIKE this. Because it's so fucking obvious you do, you fucking pervert! In fact, why don't we inspect the damage. I'm sure you'd like that. Get back into position and unzip your fly for me. Do it NOW."

I bit my lip, as the kickbag predictably complied with its orders. Once back in its place, Allison reached between his exposed thighs from behind and unzipped him. Bruce grunted grotesquely, but didn't move a muscle as she wrestled aside the underpants and worked on exposing the junk. I wasn't really sure I wanted to see his thing, and Vanessa read my mind. "We don't need to see that, Ali."

"Speak for yourself," said Gracie, surprisingly. "How about you keep his thingie in there and just expose those swollen balls so we can see them."

"Perfect idea," I chimed in.

And out they popped! Allison used both hands, keeping his dick put away, much to Loser Kickbag's chagrin I would have imagined.

Loser Kickbag's scrotum was dark pink and quite evidently inflated. I couldn't imagine what it must have felt like to have this dangling appendage, that was nothing but a liability for this fucking tool. I thought of my own body and my hot friends, all stylishly dressed, with beautiful curves and the stark contrast. It all contributed to the sense of excitement a fully evolved modern woman can derive from the increasingly popular hobby that we can call "loser abuse" for lack of a better term.

"This time, after I bust you, I want you to flip into the air and land on your back. No pounding my fucking floor, or so help me I'll kick you again. NOW. Ask me nicely to kick you out of my apartment."

"Please, Miss Allison, kick me out of your ap-"WHAMMMM! Uhhhh!"

OMG! What a perfect punt by Allison!

Allison had given this cute little moan of satisfaction as her boot connected with the Kickbag. In contrast, Loser Kickbag let out a hilarious screaming sound and then, as instructed, kicked its leg up and flopped onto his back. In the process, Loser Kickbag had a wardrobe malfunction, as the force of the kick combined with his awkward flop of defeat caused an unfortunate part of his anatomy to slip out of his underpants and into open air. It toggled back and forth as I think I made a natural expression of disgust and brought my had to my mouth in amused astonishment.

The sight of Loser Kickbag's penis as well as its bulging eyes was a sight to behold. He had become this THING. The thing lay there and accepted its fate as we all to burst into laughter yet again. It continued to groan in agony like the loser it was, but kept its arms obediently by its side.

"Ewww," Gracie finally managed to blurt.

"Gross!" I added, but at the same time, I am not going to lie. Penises fascinate me endlessly. Any red-blooded woman would be lying if she told you otherwise and my eyes fixated on the exposed pervert's groin. While a nice hard cock might illicit a different sort of reaction to me, a completely unthreatening penis attached to a male that had been reduced to a brainwashed circus clown puppet, was a surprisingly delightful spectacle.

Loser Kickbag's penis, and I use the word loosely, had a stunted quality to it. Rather thick at the base where his swollen scrotum rested no doubt in agony, the shaft abruptly narrowed to an unimpressive and uncircumcised head. It couldn't have been more than four inches long. It had a lewd pinkness to it, not as dark as the violated ballbag, but just what you would expect a pervert to be packing, I suppose. And the most hilarious and disgusting part was that it was erect. Despite the agonizing pain Loser Kickbag was obviously suffering. Despite the fact that he had been exposed and so thoroughly humiliated, the horny loser was getting off on it all.

Allison had been laughing, but she picked up on it, like the pro she was. "Fucking disgusting," she said, still laughing. "The gross fucking loser gets off on being violated. Put that tiny little pathetic excuse for a dick back in your pants, dipshit! And then get out."

We all watched, as a red-faced kickbag tucked himself back into his pants and struggled back to its knees. Just as he was making to leave, Allison cut in, "What do you say, loser."

"Thank you, Miss Allison, for taking my money and busting me."

"Not bad. Thank my lady friends too."

Allison made Loser Kickbag kneel before each of us and personally thank us for teaching (him) a lesson (he'd) never forget. When it was my turn, I looked deep into its eyes and stuck my middle finger up against the bridge of his nose and said, "Fuck. You. Loser." Oh it felt so grand!

Allison put her arm around my shoulder in a congratulatory embrace. We both looked down at the loser and let it sink in for one last moment. Then, finally, Allison pointed to the door. "Now get the fuck out, loser."

"Run along, loser." said Gracie.

"Ta ta, loser." said Vanessa.

"Have fun fucking JERKING OFF loser," Allison added, getting us all to burst into laughter for the umpteenth time.

I watched and beamed with pride as the loser made his final exit. His comprehensive defeat was, I suppose, fulfilling for him in some deranged way. And we were happy to enjoy the taste of victory at his expense. Quite literally, as it happens. You see, as soon as he was gone, Allison opened the sake he had brought, which had been chilling in the fridge while we took turns kicking the loser's nuts in. She poured a tumbler for each of us and with a glint in her eye we raised our glasses

"Here's to a truly satisfying evening, girlyloves. I couldn't have done it without you. Wait, not true!" Allison said to laughter. "But you all made it feel so much more triumphant. And how fitting is it that this toast is funded by the jerktard himself!"

The chorus of "hahaha" ensued yet again. The use of that word, jerktard, was both funny and true. I suspected our victorious laughter was loud enough that the jerktard himself (LOL) heard us as it waited down the hall for the elevator. The thought of it standing there with its busted nuts and empty wallet and realizing how a group of women took advantage of him and totally fucked him over gave me a feeling of happiness. Winning never gets old.


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by literotikon12/30/18

True insight

This story shows true psychological insight into this segment of the ballbusting hobby from both genders. It is so hot I can’t finish the story before I ahem, finish.

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