tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHis Way to Shop

His Way to Shop


It was mid-December and the shopping-centre was packed with holiday shoppers. He had a lot of things to buy, but there was always time to enjoy undressing mentally all the women around him in their short, translucent summer outfits. Especially fond of finding panty-lines, he was carrying an erection from observing a young woman walking in front of him wearing a bright yellow bikini-top and cotton culottes through which the bottom half of her bikini could be seen. He had followed her discreetly for a while, his eyes glued to her behind, only to have his excitement rise further after spotting two well-endowed girls wearing short white dresses, backless with halter tops, which contrasted sharply with their smooth brown skin. They looked like they had come straight from four weeks at the beach. He followed the pair as closely as he dared, delighted to see the distinctive outlines of G-strings clearly visible through the thin fabric of their outfits.

Unfortunately they turned into the carpark, where he knew a discreet pursuit would become impossible. His erection subsided as he found his mouth suddenly dry, and he decided to buy a drink from the Wendys booth on the second-floor. That was where he saw her for the first time.

She was tall and had long red hair with fair skin. She was dressed in costume as a can-can dancer, and as she turned from the counter with a drink in hand, he was overwhelmed by the sight of her gorgeous long curvy body crammed into a tight red and black strapless bustier laced up the front over her full can-can skirt. She was having trouble drinking her milkshake while holding a large number of leaflets, and suddenly she was standing in a pond of pink papers spilled all around her.

He bent down to retrieve them for her, standing quickly with his share of them to enjoy a spectacular view down the top of her bustier as she continued to gather the remainder from the floor. She looked up into his face and caught the direction of his gaze, although he immediately turned his attention to the top leaflet in his hand and read aloud.

" 'Exclusive Lingerie - when the look and feel are more important than the price. Free gift wrapping when you present this advertisement.'" He gave her a friendly grin. "So let me guess, you're the lucky one who has to walk around all day handing these out."

Her voice was appealing - slightly husky but with a cultured, newsreader tone. "Yes, well, it's certainly not the most exciting job I've ever had but at least the outfit they've given me is well-ventilated, as you can see. Thanks for helping me - take one yourself if you like." She smiled brilliantly at him, and he found he had to look away from her sparkling green eyes to keep his mind focussed on the conversation. He thought quickly.

"Thanks. Actually, I was just heading towards your place right now."

He paused while she put her drink and papers down on a bench and lifted her foot on to it, pulling up her skirt to reveal white petticoats, with a lovely long leg clad in a black gold-buckled high-heel and sheer dark nylon stockings with a black seam running up her calf and thigh. As he had anticipated, her stockings were supported by suspenders, red and black. She ran both hands along her leg to smooth the material and straighten the seam, then repeated the process on the other leg. He felt his penis start to rub again inside his boxer shorts, and his pulse quickened as he admired her long legs on display.

As they walked together through the crush of shoppers, she chatted about working in the shop and about the various costumes and promotions her manager seemed to think increased sales. He made her laugh when he asked her about the potential of an expansion into male lingerie: G-strings for men, for example. She said she was sure most men wouldn't have the nerve to buy underwear like that, that they'd be afraid people would think they were gay or something, or they'd be concerned about the shape of their backsides.

"Well, I'm not gay and I'd probably try one if they were more easily available," he assured her.

"I'm glad to hear it and I must say I can't see you having any problems where shape is concerned," she said, giving him an unexpected, discreet pinch on the bottom, making him jump. "I work in fashion parades quite often so I'm used to wearing them... and seeing them on the male models, which is even better."

He struggled to keep the conversation going in a casual tone, as though having his bottom pinched by a stunning model in public was the sort of thing which happened to him all the time. "And you'd see all the latest styles as they arrive, I suppose?"

"Sure. I get all my underwear from work - bras, knickers, nighties..."

"Well, that's lucky because... you might be able to help me. I need to find something for a female friend..."

"Sure, what size is she?"

"Um... the actual number’s just popped out of my mind at the moment, but you know, yes, I think she'd be about YOUR height and shape - she looks terrific in almost anything." She rewarded him with another smile for his indirect compliment.

As they walked into the tucked-away boutique with another woman at the register and only a few other customers about, she picked up a catalogue from the counter and told him to come through into the office, explaining that men often felt a bit embarrassed to be seen loitering among the lingerie. He followed her into a small back room where they sat on chairs next to each other to look through the catalogue together.

"Now, are you wanting something she can wear all the time, like under workclothes, or something a little more daring, for the special occasions, shall we say?"

"Probably more like the second case, I guess."

"Good - that's more my speciality. How do you think she'd feel about wearing a G-bodysuit in lace like this one? A woman can feel really special, knowing she’s walking around wearing something so sheer and provocative next to her skin, and I suspect you may find the effect rubs off, shall we say."

Her knowing tone was making his throat dry again. "Sounds great - could I look at one?"

"Of course - what colour would you like? We have black, red or ivory in stock, or others can be ordered."

"How about black?"

"That will be fine. Now, since I've just made you a VIP customer for being so helpful and for not screaming when I pinched you before, we can offer you a very special service. Just sit right where you are and keep an eye on... the situation. Oh, and feel free to lock the door behind me for your own... convenience."

He watched her re-enter the shop floor, select a black bodysuit from an ornate rack and take it with her into the changing rooms. He was puzzled as to what to do next and was about to go after her, but the indignity of being thrown out of a ladies changing rooms would be far too great, and the other female assistant was very busy at the counter.

Instead he turned his attention to the small, basic office he was in. She had suggested locking the door: for that reason, he did so. On the desk, he saw various folders, a computer and a locked wooden box of about the same size, and a key with a tag labelled "Monitor". The lock on the box appeared to be the same make as the key. He was in two minds about trying the lock, since looking like a thief would be much more serious than invading the change-rooms, but as minutes passed with no sign of his attractive companion, he decided it was worth investigating.

Unlocking the box, he discovered another monitor more like a TV set than a computer screen. He turned it on and noticed that the channels could be selected at the touch of a button. It was already tuned to channel 1 and as the screen cleared, it became obvious that he was watching a closed-circuit television, monitoring activity in each of the changing rooms. His erection was immediate and rock-solid and his body started to shake slightly. Never in his most voyeuristic dreams had he imagined he would be handed the opportunity for such enjoyable wickedness.

The slatted door to the room in view opened and a petite young woman with short blonde hair entered, carrying several bags. He recalled seeing her earlier, outside another shop, where her trim, pert backside in tight jeans had attracted his attention for several enjoyable moments. He watched as she put down her bags, stepped out of her sandals, and began to unbuckle her belt and jeans. The camera angle suggested that the filming was being done from behind the mirror itself. With sudden anxiety, the man looked again at the door into the main shop, stepped quickly to it, checked again that it was locked. If anyone came and knocked, he would have time to close and lock the box and replace the key without suspicion. Now he had the freedom to sit down, unzip his pants and free his swollen cock which demanded urgent attention.

As he began to fondle himself in his favourite way, he watched the blonde step into a very brief dark blue G-string, pull it up snugly around herself, and lift her T-shirt as she turned to examine her appearance from all angles. Her cute bottom was beautifully firm and inviting - the kind any man would love to hold and caress. Apparently satisfied with what she saw, the young woman stepped out of the new underwear again, momentarily revealing a flash of the small blonde bush between her thighs before she pulled her knickers and jeans back on and left the cubicle.

He slowed the pace of his self-pleasuring as he hit the buttons for the other channels. The next two rooms were empty but in number four were two young women who were trying on various chemises and nighties, as if preparing for an upmarket slumber party. Wearing the same two chemises together, they posed for the mirror with their arms around each other's waist. There was no sound from the monitor but it was obvious they were giggling continuously as they compared themselves in their satin lingerie.

He lost interest in the pair as thoughts of his redhead can-can dancer returned to his mind. He found her in room six, and the sight of her almost made him climax on the spot. She had removed her dress, bustier, suspender belt, stockings and shoes and was standing in front of the mirror wearing only the black lace G-bodysuit. She was turning slowly, admiring her body from all sides. Her shapely bottom came into view, almost completely exposed, and looking back over her shoulder at her reflection, she ran her hands very slowly over the cheeks before turning back and concentrating on smoothing the material across her flat stomach. Her breasts were full, contained only by the lacy pattern, and staring intently into the mirror, she raised her hands to her breasts and held them for a moment as if assessing their shape and weight. She seemed pleased, and smiled as she used her thumbs and middle fingers to play with each nipple, encouraging them to push out hard against the thin fabric.

His need to see her naked became overwhelming. He whispered to the screen pleadingly: "Oh please, take it off, yes, please..." As if in answer, she took hold of the threads on her shoulders and lifted them slowly, deliberately, sexily, pausing slightly before slipping them slowly down her arms, letting her breasts fall free from the top of the suit, sliding it from her waist and down the delicious length of her smooth legs. Now totally nude, she picked up the lacy garment, and as if going through a huge yawning stretch, raised herself on the balls of her feet to arch her back and thrust her hands into the air, placing her whole body under tension. Her patch of trimmed pubic hair stood out starkly in the middle of her skin which was flawless except for a small mole on one side of her navel.

With his hand tugging away furiously, he watched her lie down on the carpet and push the soles of her feet up against the mirror, giving him the perfect view between her spread legs. She used her long fingers to spread her labia open gracefully for him: wide petals of soft flesh, shimmering with moisture under the shop lights. She was teasing the upper part of the lips, letting her thumb roll across the little wet bud of her clitoris again and again. And then she slid two fingers of her left hand deeply into her open cunt, churning them slowly around and around inside. She pulled them out and raised them to her lips, extending her tongue to lick them lightly, and then slip first one and then the other inside her mouth where her lips closed around them and she sucked on them hard, always ensuring the mirror saw everything.

With her right thumb frigging her clitoris faster and faster, she now thrust three fingers inside her pussy and stroked them in and out furiously. Her fingers stretched her cunt wide and her juices dripped down over her anus as her eyes closed and her composure was thrown away as she fucked herself hard in front of the camera. Her neck strained up and her eyes opened enough for her to look beyond her legs, to see her state of arousal reflected in the mirror and then her body stiffened, her back arched and her buttocks thrust themselves into the air as she spilled into an unstoppable orgasm.

Sinking to his knees as his own desire peaked, the watcher stared at her fingers invading the sopping pussy on the screen into which he longed desperately to thrust his cock, and a colossal wave of pleasure immersed him as he shot huge loads of semen onto the carpet beneath the desk, groaning loudly with each enormous release.

His forehead sank onto the desk and he lost awareness of his location until there came a sudden knocking at the door. Jumping to his feet in panic, he glimpsed the screen showing a now vacant changing-room as he punched the monitor off, slid the top over the box and closed the lock, replacing the key on the table. Walking to the door, he tucked in his shirt and pulled up his zip, and opened the door to admit his smiling red-haired shop assistant, now re-attired in her can-can costume and carrying a gift-wrapped box.

"The article for your friend, sir. If you would like to step over to the counter..." Her gaze descended to his crotch, and his eyes followed hers to reveal a tail from his shirt caught in the zipper. He turned hastily to fix himself up, and when he was ready, she escorted him to the register where he paid for the lingerie in cash.

As they prepared to part at the door, she leaned close to him and whispered: "I hope we made today's shopping experience enjoyable?"

Turning red, he could only nod as she smiled again and began to talk with another customer. As soon as he got home, he opened the box to discover the black bodysuit of his choice – a garment which almost overwhelmed him with its musky aromas as he raised it to his face. He could almost feel her warmth still inside.


I wrote this to see if I could handle a male point of view - your votes and email always welcome! xxJK.

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