tagSci-Fi & FantasyHis World - School Ch. 01

His World - School Ch. 01


He left his house and waited alone at the bus stop. Jake waited patiently for a couple of minutes before his bus came, thinking about all the sex he would have that day. His world is all about him. He could interrupt class and fuck his teacher if he wanted to. If he had to piss, just piss on a girl. His life was amazing.

Eventually, his bus got there. "Mornin'." said Jake. "Morning." replied Rosanne, the voluptuous bus driver. She had Double-D's and a fairly nice ass. He sat down and looked around. About every girl his age were freaking beautiful. Nice asses, nice tits, damn. He extended his arms and started to grope his bus driver's tits. They were nice and soft.

"Hey Rosanne," he started. "I have to piss. Do you mind?"

"Not at all." Rosanne replied.

He took out his massive cock and stood up. He stood next to the bus driver and let his dick leak out all of his piss. He pissed on her huge jugs until her shirt started leaking. He grabbed her face and stuffed his cock in her mouth.

"Mmm..." said Rosanne as she stuffed her mouth with his cock. He continued to piss into her mouth. She swallowed it all. He then sat on the deck of the bus and started to piss on her pants.

He pulled her pants down and pissed all over her panties. She became wetter and wetter with every passing minute.

By the time they reached Northtown College, Rosanne was soaked with piss.

"Later," said Jake.

"Save some more for me for later, 'kay?" called out Rosanne. He nodded and walked into school.

He walked into the school and got his materials for French class. His French teacher was amazing, like most of his teachers were. Her bust was Double-D and her ass was huge. He walked into class and sat next to the hottest girl in school, Amy. He made a note to fuck her later. Mrs. Sayne walked into the classroom and wrote "Bonjour" on the board. Jake raised his hand.

"I have to piss," he started. He drank a lot of water at night and in the morning. The teacher signaled him to come up. He took out his 12" cock and masturbated briefly. Some of the girls were sexually staring at his cock and drooled. The teacher started to speak, but he grabbed her face and started rubbing his dick against her cheek. He had a strange fetish about rubbing his dick against people's bodies. Mrs. Sayne continued to talk in French, giving a lecture about the Eiffel Tower. Her face turned red and her hand started up and down the penis against her face.

Jake stood back and pissed all over his teacher's face. She stopped talking and started to swallow the gushing piss. He aimed for her large melons next. He tore off her shirt and pissed into her bra. He played with her tits and continued to piss until her tits overflowed with piss. The yellow-white liquid kept pouring out.

The teacher moaned and started to rub her pussy as the pissing became more intense. He took her face yet again and rubbed his balls against it. He pushed the teacher against her desk and stood on top of her, forcing a teabag. She sucked on his balls as her class started to moan as well. The sight of Jake getting sucked on made the girls of the class extremely horny. The boys just stared into their books, completely ignoring the fact that there was a sex session going on. They learned all too soon that they couldn't have a shot at having sex with their beautiful teachers, as Jake took them all to himself.

He removed his balls from her mouth and let out the rest of his piss.

He forced the French teacher to go doggystyle behind her desk. He tore off the teacher's panties and started to tease her asshole with his dick. The teacher's ass started to shake with the anticipation of his dick going inside of her. It begged for him to enter her gaping hole.

He moaned a bit and placed his dick slightly into her ass. She moaned as she continued her lecture. He went deeper and deeper and kept going in and out. He let out a little more piss into her ass. It started to leak out a bit.

Sayne couldn't take it anymore. She stopped her speech and turned over. "FUCK ME HARDER!" she screamed. Jake didn't need to be told twice. He fucked the teacher's ass as hard as he could. The MILF's ass was so tight and wet, he didn't want to stop. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it. He slapped it with medium force, as he didn't like causing pain while he was having sex.

Her ass was so great, It felt like he was in heaven. He couldn't hold it in anymore. He came inside of her ass and took his dick out. Usually, this would mark the end of sex. Not for Jake. He could cum as many times as he wanted with enough pleasure. He took his teacher's delicate head and started to move her mouth up and down his dick.

At first, he went only a few inches up. Gradually, he moved her head deeper down. He moaned with pleasure as Sayne started up at him erotically. She loved the taste of his cock. She couldn't resist it. In fact, she couldn't call it a productive day if she hadn't had the pleasure of running her tongue on it.

He loved the feel of her mouth as much as she liked his cock. He came a huge load into her mouth and removed his penis from her mouth. She swallowed all of the sweet, creamy semen and started a handjob. She stood up and rubbed it faster. Jake grabbed her massive tits and made sure all the piss from before had washed away. There was nothing he loved more than tits.

After he was sure all the piss was gone he plunged his face into her tits and grabbed for her brastrap. As he continued his motorboat, he finally reached the brastrap.

He unlatched it and played with her nipples. He loved to pull on someone's nipples. He lowered his head and sucked like a baby on her nipples. Her nipples tasted like strawberries to his tongue. Soon, milk leaked from her breasts in quick streams. He loved the taste of milk as much as her nipples.

He ejaculated as a result of the milk and of her soft hands rubbing vigorously against his dick. He came all over her torso and stomach. Her midsection was soaked in cum now. He made his teacher crouch down as he started to rub his dock against her tits. He rubbed his midsection vigorously against her breasts and moaned loudly. He placed his dick between her huge tits and squeezed them together. The softness of her jugs against his dick was too much to bear. He came all over her breasts until they were completely covered in white, gooey cum.

The French teacher grabbed one of her tits and brought it to her mouth. She licked up some of the cum that soaked her chest. She stared erotically up at Jake and sucked the cum off of her nipples. She stroked his cock a few more times until the bell rang.

Time for second period.

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