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History Teacher


Supermarket shopping, like most males I hate this necessary chore. I seem to be cursed by women not concentrating on what they are doing, wandering aimlessly along the center of aisles with their kids screaming loudly and running amok. This day I was pushing a trolley through my local supermarket when I turned a corner and bumped into a trolley coming in the opposite direction. I glanced at the attractive thirty-ish lady and muttered an apology while thinking 'why don't these women watch where they are going?'

"I'm sorry," She said, "I was looking at the shelves, my apologies."

"That's ok." I replied, mellowing somewhat at her smile, "My fault too, one of the dangers of supermarket shopping."

The lady looked thoughtful as she said, "You look familiar, I think I know you from somewhere."

"Oh you do?" I replied as I thought, 'Shit, I haven't a clue who you are.'

"Yes, ummmmm, Ross is your first name I think?" She enquired.

"Well done." I smiled as I wondered where this was leading. "I'm sorry but I don't remember you at all."

"Not surprising Ross, I have changed a bit." She laughed and held out her right hand. "Terri Moore, I tried to teach you history at High School."

"Ohhh Miss Moore." I replied as we shook hands. "Yes you have changed a little, changes of hairstyle are always confusing to us men. I do have some memories of your classes way back then."

"Ross, please call me Terri." My High School teacher blushed at my words. "Are you in a hurry? Join me for coffee in the shop next door, please? I would like to have a chat with you."

I thought for a short time and agreed to meet Terri for coffee in thirty minutes when we had finished our shopping and loaded our purchases into our cars. As I completed my shopping my mind went back about twelve years to the day when I wanted the classroom floor to open and allow me to disappear. Our young History teacher Miss Moore, then fresh out of teaching college, wrongly humiliated me in front of all the class. I was fourteen, low in self-esteem and I clearly remember staring down at the floor as the embarrassment continued. In those days teachers were never answered back because the Principal ruled by fear and punishments could be quite painful. To Miss Moore's credit, during the morning recess she discovered that she was wrong and I received a private humble apology. All very well for her, but some of my arsehole classmates delighted in reminding me of my embarrassment for months afterwards.

After packing the bags in my car I arrived first at the coffee shop and selected a quiet corner table away from the other customers. Through the window I watched Terri walk across the car park towards the coffee shop. She was always a favorite subject with the guys at school and her slim figure had hardly changed from those long ago days.

After ordering cappuccino and a bite to eat Terri sat down opposite me. We chatted easily about what had happened in our lives since High School. She had married and was now divorced, had traveled overseas and was now teaching kids with disabilities and loving the challenges associated with that work. I was still single after calling off my engagement with a girl I met while studying computers at night school. I was working in the IT industry and currently enjoying a break before commencing a new contract in a few weeks. We chatted easily and laughed about some of our memories of teachers and students at our High School.

I was quite captivated by my lovely companion and at a pause in the conversation I said, "You know Terri, it's strange we should meet like this, just yesterday I was looking through the old year books from school. I was clearing out some boxes of junk and ended up spending a couple of hours looking at photos and reminiscing about old times."

Terri blushed again and said, "Then I guess you still remember the day I totally humiliated you in front of the class?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes I do Terri, quite clearly, and I remember your apology as well."

Terri surprised me by moving from sitting opposite to the chair close beside me.

She touched my arm, looked me in the eyes and said, "I should have apologized to you in front of the class, I am sorry Ross."

"Well it was tough at the time, but life is like that don't you think? Like a damn roller coaster with all its up and downs. I think we both learned from the experience, so that's good." I smiled at her worried expression. "Don't worry Terri, it's good we have spoken about it, we can both let it go now."

Terri let go of my arm and moved her hand under the table where it came to rest on my thigh.

"That's lovely Ross and thank you." Her eyes flashed and she grinned wickedly as her hand squeezed and rubbed my thigh. "Perhaps I could make up for my mistake in some way?"

For a few seconds I was lost for words, I was being propositioned by my History teacher!

Terri leaned closer and whispered in my ear, "Come on Ross, we're both single adults in need of a good fuck, right?"

Unable to believe my luck I nodded as her hand moved higher up my thigh until it squeezed my cock that was stirring rapidly to life.

"Mmmmmm good boy, can we meet at your place? Mine has thin walls to the next apartment."

"Yes of course," I said as I regained my composure. "Now?"

"Why not?" Terri whispered suggestively as she squeezed my cock again. "Your cock seems ready enough."

"You don't waste much time do you?" I groaned at the pressure of her fingers.

"Well as giraffes say, you don't get no leaves unless you stick your neck out." Terri giggled at her joke.

"Great, you want to follow me in your car?" I answered as I laughed. "My place is only about five minutes away."

Acting like giggling teenagers we paid the bill and almost ran to our cars. As I led the way to my home I wondered at the coincidence that had me clean and tidy the house yesterday and put fresh sheets on my bed this morning. Each time I glanced in the mirror I noticed Terri's wide smile as she followed close behind. We soon drove into my driveway and as I alighted from my car I noticed Terri looking approvingly at the distance between my home and the neighbors.

"Welcome to my humble home Miss Moore." I said as I grasped a hand and led her up the garden path to the front door.

"Thank you kind Sir," Terri replied. "And if you called me Miss Moore again you'll be in big trouble."

"Ok ok, I was only joking." I laughed as I fumbled with the door keys. "Please come inside Terri."

Terri grinned and gave me a quick kiss on a cheek as she followed me into the small hallway. "Bathroom please, I need a leak before we start."

"Me too, that coffee went straight through me." I replied. "Second door on the left down the hall."

As Terri almost ran the short distance to the bathroom I moved into the main bedroom where I pulled the blankets down and then used the ensuite bathroom. I laughed as I had some difficulty pissing with a half hard-on but soon I was finished and after a quick wash I returned to the bedroom to find Terri sitting on the bed.

"Nice house Ross, very clean for a single guy." Terri said, then ran her tongue seductively around her smiling mouth.

"Thanks Terri. I do my best."

Terri stood as I moved close to her and her hands reached out to release the buckle of my belt. A look of astonishment came over her face as I grasped her wrists and held her arms by her side.

"Uh uh Terri." I said, with a shake of my head. "You may be in charge in the classroom, but I'm in charge in my bedroom, ok?"

"Oh, um sure Ross." Terri replied, a little uncertainly.

I smiled in reassurance, leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. Terri smiled as my hands went to her blouse and, starting from the top, I slowly unbuttoned until it fell open. I slipped the blouse off her shoulders and it fell down her arms to the floor. The belt was soon unclipped, as was the button on the designer jeans. Terri moaned quietly as I slid the zip down, then pushed the tight material down off her hips. Pretty red and black panties came into my view as I removed the jeans from Terri's slim legs. She lifted her feet and I threw the jeans to one side. Terri watched my face to see my reaction to the sexy bra and panties. I turned her around to find that the panties were a thong and the thin material split her shapely arse. My cock jerked as I unclipped the bra and guided the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. Terri shivered as I ran my fingertips down her spine and over her firm buttocks. She gave a gasp of surprise as I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed. My sexy new friend lay back and watched as I quickly stripped off my clothes, licking her lips suggestively as my hard cock sprang free.

I knelt up on the bed and stationed myself between her legs. As I positioned myself over her slim body I thought of how jealous my old classmates would be if they could see me now. I bent down and kissed Terri for the first time, a gentle touching of lips that quickly turned into a tongue twisting, mouth exploring erotic kiss. I licked and kissed down her neck as Terri moaned and arched her body up at me. My hands went to her breasts, caressing and squeezing the firm mounds. I sucked and nibbled her small hard nipples, causing more moans of appreciation from my turned on companion. As I straightened upright my hands went to the elastic of her panties and I quickly pulled them down and threw them onto the floor. Terri's hips rose to meet my exploring fingertips as I pushed them into the wetness of her pussy.

"Come on Ross, I want you inside me," Terri urged.

"You on top." I suddenly decided as I rolled sideways and lay on my back beside her.

"Ohhhhh yyyeeeeesssss!" Terri hissed as she scrambled up to stand over me.

Terri reached down and stroked my cock a few times as she straddled my groin. With a long sigh and a wide smile she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I moaned loudly at the wonderful sensations caused by her tight pussy closing around my cock. My hands reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching her hard nipples. Terri and I groaned with pleasure as she began to move up and down, occasionally stopping as she tried to make our love making last as long as possible. A couple of times she leant forward and we kissed deeply, our tongues entwined in passion. I don't know how long I lasted but it was heaven, finally Terri's up and down movements quickened and I couldn't hold on any longer. Months of pent up denial exploded as we orgasmed in a wonderful mutual release and collapsed in a sweaty heap. Terri and I hugged each other tight as we calmed down and our breathing returned to something like normal.

"Oh wow Ross, that was great, I really needed a good screw." Terri sighed as she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Does that make us square now?"

"Make us square for what Terri?" I asked innocently with a sly grin.

"You know what I mean, so stop kidding me." Terri punched me on the upper arm in mock anger. "Does that make up for my big mistake ten years ago?"

"Well to be honest Terri," I answered. "As wonderful as our screw was, I must admit that's not exactly what I had in mind."

"Ohhh really Ross?" Terri's eyebrows rose in surprise and she grinned. "So what exactly did a fourteen year old have in mind for his naughty teacher?"

"How about I show you instead of explaining?" I asked as I pushed her off and moved to kneel beside her.

"Ummm, ok, yeh sure." Terri replied with a little doubt in her voice.

"Roll over for me." I said, trying to keep the delight from my voice while wondering what Terri's reaction would be.

"Mmmmm, roll over, oh yes Sir!" Terri gave a mocking salute before turning over onto her tummy. "Ohhhhhh this should be fun, all my ex was ever interested in was the missionary position."

I grinned down at my sexy ex-teacher and chuckled as she moaned when I slipped a pillow under her hips and spread her slim legs wide apart. For a few minutes I stroked her back and buttocks, getting her to relax into a false sense of security.

As my hands fondled her arse I asked, "You ready to know what I had in mind for you twelve years ago? What I lay in bed that night dreaming of you, like this?"

"Mmmmm oh yes Ross, this is lovely, so sensual and erotic."

I raised my hand and brought it down with a smart smack on her right buttock, followed by three more quick smacks on alternate cheeks.

"Owwww ohhhhhhh what do you think your doing?" Terri cried indignantly as she tried to twist away from me.

My left hand held her down in place on the pillow as my right hand continued to rise and fall.

"Ouch! Oh no Ross!" Terri cried loudly. "Don't spank me, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Owww!"

I eased up on the force of the spanks but still kept them coming. "Now you know what I was thinking of that night Terri, pretty kinky for a fourteen year old don't you think?"

To my surprise Terri didn't answer as she relaxed down over the pillow again. My smacks were now light with hardly any sting at all and I nearly fell off the bed with the shock at her next comment.

"Mmmmm, very kinky Ross." Terri moaned excitedly. "Oh hell, not so soft, spank a bit harder like when you started. Shit, did I say that?"

"Your wish is my command." I responded, trying to keep the amazement out of my voice.

'Smack, smack, smack!" The firm slaps were stinging as my hand roamed at random over Terri's firm cheeks.

"Oh God! Yes. Oh Ross, what's happening to me?" Terri was wriggling and twisting on the pillow. Her right hand came back and touched the warm cheek. "Oh some more right here! Yes! Ouch, oh shit! Damn this is so good. Owww! Yikes!"

Once again the aroma of a very turned on woman reached my nostrils and, to my delight, my cock had reacted and was hard once again.

'Whack, whack, whack!' Each time my hand landed on Terri's pink arse the sting reminded me of the strap from Mr. Donohue at junior school.

"Ross I'm nearly there, fuck me pleeeaaasssseeeee!!" Terri pleaded.

I slipped my spanking hand between Terri's legs to find her pubes absolutely soaked. Quickly I yanked the pillow from under her and pulled my horny teacher up onto her knees with her face still down on the bed. I scrambled around between her legs and knelt between her thighs. Dispensing with any thoughts of teasing I guided the head of my cock to her vagina and pushed in hard and deep.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeees Rossssssssss!" Terri cried loudly. "Fuck me!"

She gasped as I held her hips, my dick now fully into her tight hole. I stayed motionless for a short time, both of us enjoying the different feelings we were experiencing. I slowly withdrew and then pushed back again, once again entering her to the hilt. Gradually the rhythm increased, I let Terri set the pace, moving back and forward as I stayed as still as I could. It wasn't long before we both reached a shattering climax, my cum rushing into her cunt and we collapsed panting onto the sheet. We were both perspiring and held each other tight as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Mmmmm oh Ross, what was that all about?" Terri's voice showed her uncertainty.

"Quite simply Terri, you got spanked for the first time and you loved it. Don't try and analyse what happened, you have just joined the ranks of the thousands, maybe millions, all over the world who get turned on by spanking."

"Turned on! Oh boy was I turned on, absolutely amazing." Terri's eyes caught sight of the clock radio beside the bed. "Oh hell, look at the time, I'm supposed to be at my parents in thirteen minutes, I must dress. I have dinner with them before I play basketball tonight."

Terri kissed me then jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. As she washed I collected her clothes off the floor ready for her to dress.

As I clipped the bra into place Terri asked. "So Ross, can we see each other again? I hope this is not just a one off?"

I turned Terri around and kissed her quickly before pushing her back onto the bed.

As I slipped her panties over her feet I replied, "I really want to see you again and soon Terri. How about dinner tomorrow night at Whatsanames Restaurant?"

Terri slipped a finger into her pussy and then sucked her juices before pulling the panties into place. "Mmmm I'm still so wet Ross, dinner sounds lovely, will you book?"

"Yes I'll make a booking and phone you tomorrow." I grinned as I helped Terri on with her tight jeans.

"So tell me Ross," Terri asked as she slipped into the blouse and buttoned it up. "Have I paid for my big mistake now that you have spanked me? Or did your revenge go further?"

I smiled and told a little white lie. "I think you have paid for your mistake, though I would love to spank you again."

Terri giggled again as she pushed me away and slipped her feet into her shoes. "We are even now ok?" She queried again and held out her right hand.

I grinned and shook her hand. "Debt fully repaid, and in the most delightful way. Now you had better scoot off to your parents."

I escorted my delightful companion to the front door and after we kissed once again Terri pulled a business card from her purse and said, "Phone me Ross, I look forward to dinner tomorrow night and as for spanking me again, you'd better!"

I opened the front door and slapped Terri's arse once more as she stepped onto the front porch. She laughed and ran to her car; I stood on the porch waving goodbye as she drove away.

I telephoned Whatsanames Restaurant immediately and booked a quiet table for the following evening. I then dialed Terri's number and left a message on her answering machine to say that I would pick her up at 7.00pm and that she had better be ready on time!

The next day passed slowly until I finally parked my car out the front of Terri's apartment building. She was waiting in the downstairs foyer and I was delighted to see a small overnight bag on the floor beside my sexy date.

"Staying out tonight are you?" I inquired as we hugged and kissed.

"Oh I sure hope so!" Terri laughed. "I do have to go to work tomorrow so I brought a change of clothes with me."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." I exclaimed as I grabbed the bag. "Let's eat, I'm hungry."

"Mmmm so am I honey, and not just for food." Terri giggled again. "Did I tell you I'm vegetarian? But I do makes exceptions and love to suck on a sausage for special male friends."

We laughed and drove the short distance to Whatsanames where we had a very enjoyable evening. The food was excellent as usual and Terri was delighted with the special vegetarian menu. Conversation was easy with my captivating companion and the time sped by as we learnt more about each other. We both laughed when I asked what my ex classmates would say if they could see us together? A couple of times during the evening Terri seemed a little distracted, as if something was on her mind. I found out what that was as soon as we arrived at my home.

I dropped Terri's bag in the entrance hall and guided her towards my bedroom, to my surprise she pulled away.

"Can we talk first please Ross?" She asked anxiously. "In the living room?"

"Sure, of course honey, what's up?" I asked, wondering if she was having second thoughts.

We sat on the couch in the living room and Terri took her hands in mine.

"I need to talk before we go any further ok? Please, hear me out?"

I nodded my agreement while my mind raced as to what Terri was going to say.

"Ummm, Ross, the effect the spanking had on me yesterday was amazing. As I had the day off I spent most of it on my computer looking at sites about adult spanking, domination and submission, you know what I mean?"

"Yes I do." I replied.

"To say that I am intrigued is an understatement, my god I got so wet and excited." Terri's eyes sparkled as she talked. "I found a couple of really good teaching sites, ahhh, Castle something was about the best."

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