tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHit Me Baby...One More Time

Hit Me Baby...One More Time


I had ALWAYS heard rumors about Britney Spears fucking her fan club member, but I NEVER imagined it could happen to me. I was standing last in line as everyone got a chance to meet the pop star on her bus. FINALLY, it was my turn.

"Hi, she extended a hand out to me, "What's your name?"

This certainly not the Britney that I heard about. "Bob," I said.

She grabbed my hand and shook it. Looking around the bus, she whispered, "Well, Bob, looks like no one's here. How about I give you something even better than an autograph.

"UM, I, s-sure." I was going to inquire what she meant, when the beauty unbuttoned her blue t-shirt and pulled it over her had. Underneath the fabric, the Grammy winner didn't have a bra. Her breasts were massive and when the sensation pulled her shirt off, the bounced. So, the rumors were true. NO PROBLEM, I thought.

"Come here," she seductively pleaded.

Still shocked, I stood their like a stone. The first thing I did when out of my trance was look at the door. I was closed. I must have automatically shut it when I came in. Noting that we were truly alone, I strutted towards the teen.

"That's it," she said, as I was forced to her when Britney grabbed my waist. Her naked flesh was extraordinary against my chest. Her lips planed to mine. They were sot, but I detected a sticky film around them.

Probably someone's cum, I imagined.

The lovely young lady pushed her tongue through my lips and grabbed my hand. She guided it to her ass, and I massaged each plump buttock.

"Um," she mumbled through the kiss. Finally, she broke away from my lips. "I NEED that cock," the beauty hissed. Her hands were furiously unbuttoning my shirt. Finally, after she was successful with the last button, she flung it over my head. "Oh,' Britney said as she stroke one finger over my muscular chest. "You're SOOO strong. I like a strong man that can handle me." Her finger tips went down my navel and unsnapped my Jeans. "Now, about that cock." Her light touch was driving me insane, so I helped as the light-brown haired singer unzipped my fly and grabbed my elastic band. Just like that, I was down to boxers. Not for long. Miss Spears put her thumbs on the elastic and whipped them to my knees.

Then I kicked them off.

"OH, MY GOD! Britney enthusiastically exclaimed, "That's HUGE!"

I wouldn't call 6 inches HUGE.

"I've never had one that big before. 4 inches, at best."

Poor girl.

When she was through examining my rod, the singer, pulled down her black skirt.

Is that from her video? I wondered.

Again, the beautiful teenager had no underwear. Her pussy was shaven and it looked used recently. "Fuck me, big guy." I laid Britney flat on the floor of her tour bus and lowered my head to her soaking cunt. "LICK IT! she commanded. Her finger stroked my hair and violently shoved my head to her box. "UH, YES!! EATT MEE." She humped her waist to meet each thrust of my tongue. "LICK MY PUSSSYY!! SUUCCKK MMY CUNNT!!

Her breasts were bouncing heavily, so I grabbed them with my hands.


So, I took 2 fingers from each and played with her enormous erect nipples.

"YEEESSS! EAT ME! SUCK MY WET ORGAN.! YEAH, I'M CUUMMINNNGGG!! Her tremendous orgasm erupted down my mouth. "AHHH. Fuck me."

I erected myself so I was looking right into the teen's eyes and positioned my cock to her lips.

"Wait," she pleaded. "I want to suck it." She got back on her feet and I did the same.

"SUCK IT, WHORE! I ordered.

The singer opened her lips a bit and guided it to her mouth. Then, in one swift motion, she put my entire cock inside her. "UM," she mumbled, trying desperately to get used to the size.

I put my hands on her head and rocked it with every thrust.

The ravishing female seductively looked at me, and quickened her thrusts.

"Suck it slut, I hissed through clenched teeth. Lick my fucking cock."

The beauty rolled her tongue around my entire member.

"LICK ME BITCH! YEAH, I'M CUUMMMINNG! My big orgasm washed down the beauties throat and she gulped every last drop. Finally done, I pulled my cock out. I was amazed I was still erect.

"FUCK MY PUSSY, NOW!!" She guided my member to her opening and pushed the head in. "Oh, yeah, fuck it."

I violently shoved my entire dick into her.


I ignored her plea, and thumped the slut hard. "LIKE IT, WHORE?!!

No answer.

"LIKE IT, WHORE?!! I pinched both her nipples and pinched the, ALOT HARDER than before!

Britney finally responded. "YEESSSSS! FUCK MEEE! PINCH MY NIPPLES!!

MY GOD! Was Britney actually aroused by that torture,? I grinned. GOOD!

"FUUUCCCKK MEEEE!! I LOOOVVE ITT!" Her head was shaking left and right with tremendous energy. "I'M CUUUMMINNNGG!!" I felt her sticky orgasm erupt over my cock. "AHHHH!"

I, to, was cumming. My juicy cum poured inside her womb. "AHHHH!" I want your ass."

To Be Continued...

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