Hitch Hiking


I see a car approaching along the quiet country road as I stand there thumb out looking hopeful. It's almost dark and I really don't want to be stuck out here tonight. A midnight blue Mercedes sports car pulls over and as I open the door I am immediately taken by the beautiful sexy woman driving. She has long dark hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, full red lips and matching nail polish. My eyes run over her stocking clad thighs to her short black leather skirt and crisp white blouse. A smile plays on her lips as she watches me.

"Get in tiger I guess you are going my way"

Our conversation turns to flirting and glancing over she notices the bulge forming in my dusty jeans. Reaching across she traces the outline of my hardening shaft with her long red painted nails. Its dusk and the sun has almost set. Suddenly she swings the car off the road and along a dirt track. After a minute or so we find a clearing. Smiling seductively she opens the door. She moves around to the front of the car and lit up by the headlights she beckons me to follow. I stare transfixed as she slowly removes her skirt and crisp white blouse revealing a sexy lacy g-string with matching red basque. My eyes pour over her long slender body and pert breasts as I feel my heart beating like a drum.

I follow quickly removing my own clothes as I stumble from the car. I join her in the headlights ripping off my boxer shorts with my cock already hard in my hand. She pulls me forcefully against her smooth body pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Kissing her back, my hands caress her soft skin running along her hips to her firm sweet ass as our lips press together. She pushes me away slapping me hard across the face and I feel the sting of her palm.

"On the bonnet my little slut, I want to watch you play with that big hard cock of yours" she barks at me whilst sucking a finger seductively and giving me that wicked smile again.

Embarrassed and shocked I walk over to the car thinking to myself she's so gorgeous and I'm so fucking horny that I would do almost anything to fuck her. Lying back I feel the warm metal against my back. I push myself higher, feet on the bumper; legs apart. I grasp my hard cock between my eager fingers and slowly start to stroke myself whilst looking deep into her eyes. Cupping my balls I begin to moan loosing myself in the moment as she watches silently. Longer strokes as my arse grinds against the bonnet. She knows that I'm close and orders me to stop. She approaches

"Off the bonnet and turn around slut."

I turn facing the car and she pushes my feet apart with her own. She's still wearing those sexy calf length black leather boots with the 5 ins spiked heels.

"That's better you little whore; now I'm going to give you what you really want."

She slaps me hard across the arse, my cheeks stinging as she pushes my shoulders forward, making me lie across the bonnet and says;

"Don't move my little bitch. You're going to love this, I promise"

She walks around grabbing something from the glove compartment before returning. I lie there transfixed. Wow a real hot one here I think to myself. She grabs my wrists and before I know what's happening I feel the snap of cold metal before realizing that I have been handcuffed.

"Shout all you like hun, no one's going to hear you out here and you really don't want me to leave you like this now do you!"

Now I am confused and scared. Maybe she's just kinky? I tell myself by way of some sort of reassurance. She walks behind me and I hear the sound of fabric against skin as she removes her g-string. She throws it onto the bonnet next to my face. My cheek is pressed against the cooling metal as the smell of her sex fills my nostrils on this windless evening. My cock's pressed between my stomach and the bonnet of the car harder than I ever thought possible.

"Relax lover, once you've experienced the delights of Tania, there's no going back."

She almost whispers as she massages a cool liquid between my arse cheeks. I gasp as I feel her thumb entering me.

"Relax honey don't fight it. Wow you are tight! I guess you've never experienced anything like this before?"

Terror flows through my veins. No this is not happening to me, it's just a dream. Then there's the moment of clarity as I feel something far bigger than her finger pressing against my tight virgin ring. Her hands grab my shoulders and I feel her long painted nails biting into my skin. I cry out as she thrusts her hips slowly forward penetrating my ring with her huge hard throbbing girl cock. I feel my ring yield to her and I moan loudly as I feel each and every inch of her hard throbbing dick slowly enter me until finally her body's pressed against mine and her cock's throbbing deep inside me. She bites by shoulder hard as I feel her erect nipples pressing into my back.

"What a tight little boy cunt baby, now doesn't that feel good" she whispers in my ear. "I'm going to enjoy fucking your tight little pussy. Just relax my little slut and you'll enjoy it all the more. There's no point in fighting it just let it happen. Mmm I really am the first aren't I? Not the last though I'll bet."

She stands up running her long painted nails down my back scoring my skin as long red welts follow. Biting my lip hard I try not to cry out. She grabs my hips forcing my feet further apart. With her nails biting into my skin she withdraws almost entirely before slowly pushing her delicious cock back in. Enjoying the tightness she fucks my tight virgin hole with long deep strokes, eyes half closed. Gradually the pain subsides and I realise that her magnificent fat cock in my arse is actually turning me on.

She removes the handcuffs and tells me to turn around and lie on my back. Lifting my calves onto her shoulders she pulls me towards her and sinks her cock back inside me. She wraps her long slender fingers around my impossibly hard cock stroking me as she fucks me. Staring deep into my eyes she knows I am under her spell and that I am enjoying the moment.

Pulling out with a pop she tells me to turn around and crawl further up the bonnet climbing on behind me. I lie forward, my body pressed against the windscreen, my chin resting on the roof. I push my arse out in anticipation, knees folded beneath me on the bonnet as she positions herself behind me. She pulls my cheeks apart and sinks her big throbbing girl cock back inside me, fucking me faster this time. She reaches around and grabs my cock between her fingers wanking me furiously as she fucks me with deep hard strokes. I know she's close to cumming.

"Tell me how much you want my dick you cock whore" she rasps in my ear. "tell me how much you want me to fuck you over and over with my fat cock"

Moaning, I tell her "Oh yes I love your big hard cock in my tight hole, I love being fucked by your big dick, fuck me fuck me fuuuckkkk me!"

I can't hold back. My cock erupts spurting my hot jism over her hand and the windscreen and with one final thrust her body collapses against mine burying her cock deep inside me. She sinks her teeth into my shoulder and her hands grasp mine as her girl cock explodes. I tighten my sphincter squeezing her spasming meat, which is jerking erratically deep inside me. Moaning with pleasure I feel her hot thick cum spurting from her balls and filling my arse. The weight of her body presses against me pinning me to the windscreen and her rock hard nipples dig into my back.

She finally pulls her softening cock from inside me and sitting back against the windscreen she stretches out her long legs.

"Now get me a cigarette and then come back and clean me up. I don't want to soil my nice clean panties with your spit and cum when I get dressed."

Obediently I grab a cigarette from the glove compartment. I light the cigarette inhaling deeply before passing it to her. I climb back onto the bonnet shivering slightly in the cool night air and crouch between her open thighs as I start to lick her cock and balls clean.

"Mmm that's great hun make sure you get it all or I will have to leave you here."

I hungrily peel back her foreskin making sure I lick every millimeter of her delicious cock which only a few minutes ago was buried deep inside me. Looking up I smile as I feel her cock begin to harden again as her cum seeps from my recently fucked ring and down my inner thigh. It's a long drive to town and who knows what else will happen along the way...

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