It was a dark wet evening as I drove back towards the city of Hull. My windscreen wiper was having its work cut out to clear the windscreen of the spray from other vehicles and I had to concentrate to see the road ahead. As it was I nearly missed her, a dark figure huddled up in a raincoat against the rain. She was standing on the other side of a lay by with her thumb raised in the age old way of someone cadging a lift. It wasn't a particularly good spot to be seen, not in this weather.

I swung off the road and into the lay-by, just in time, as a lorry nearly ran into my boot. I slowed down and waved across. She saw me eventually and ran towards me. I opened the passenger door and let her in.

"Oh thank God" she muttered as she slackened her rain coat. "I thought no one was going to stop."

"Where are you heading?" I asked her.

"I want to go to the Ferry in Hull Docks," she informed me. "I need to catch the sailing tonight."

Straight away I could tell she was a foreigner. I guessed she was Swedish and a few minutes later she confirmed that. "I am Swedish" she said and "I am living in Rotterdam at present with friends."

"I'm not going as far as the ferry" I said. I wanted to make that clear. "I live in a village this side of Hull. It's another 6 or 7 miles to the Ferry Terminal."

"Oh no," she wailed looking out at the rain which was teeming down now. I suppose she was thinking that she might not get another lift for ages and possibly miss the Ferry.

"I've got to get that ferry" she said frowning. "If you take me I'll pay you for your trouble."

She tipped her purse out into her lap. There was precious little in it as far as I could see. I switched on the interior light for her so she could see properly. And that's when I got my first decent look at her.

She was a pretty blonde, with blue eyes and shoulder length hair. A typical Swedish maiden. Her short skirt under the raincoat showed a rather nice display of well shaped legs. It got me thinking about the reputation that Swedish girls had. You know, about sex and how easy going they were about it. According to rumour, it was nothing more to them than having a sneeze etc. Well it was the sort of thing that we English males were led to believe at one time.

Anyway it gave me an idea. It was a case of nothing ventured nothing gained.

"Please..." she pleaded. "I cannot afford to miss the Ferry. My ticket is for tonight only."

I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"I'll take you if you'll let me have sex," I heard myself say. I hadn't meant to be so mean and direct. But, that's the way it had come out.

I braced myself for the fury of her onslaught, but, it never came. She sat looking out of the front window and, for a moment, I wondered if she had heard me.

"Alright," she said eventually looking at her watch. "You can have half an hour when we get to the Ferry Terminal car park."

I kept on driving, past my turn off and down the Clive Sullivan way into Hull. I knew where Docks were and we would be there in 20 minutes.

My head was swimming with the arrangement we had just come to. The whole thing was unbelievable. I spent weeks and weeks trying unsuccessfully to get girls to drop their knickers for me. Now this pretty Swedish blonde was going to let me have it for the price of a ride.

I turned off the main road and into the one leading to the Docks. There were a few alternatives at the next roundabout and I chose the one pointing to the car parks. She said nothing as I swung over to a deserted corner and parked behind a few container wagons. We would have all the privacy we wanted.

I was just about to ask her to climb into the back seat, when to my surprise, I found she was already doing it. She slipped out of her raincoat and tossed it over the front passenger seat. I followed her in. Luckily it was a large vehicle and there was plenty of room.

I thought she would be very resentful at what I was forcing her to do, but, strangely she wasn't, or didn't seem to be.

My eyes widened as she unzipped her denim skirt and took it off. I could see she was wearing a black thong and stockings that stayed up just past her knees. I pursed my lips and admired the quality of her lovely long legs. My hand was drawn to them like a magnet and I marvelled at the smooth feminine feel of her thighs.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off? She asked in a sensible tone

"Oh yes," I said hurriedly getting out of my trousers and underpants.

"Do you want me to take this off?" She enquired tugging at her sweater.

"Yes, please," I nodded and she heaved it over her head without a moment's hesitation.

She wore no bra but her firm young round breasts obviously didn't need one. They just wobbled slightly and I felt the need to reach forward and steady them.

Then she smiled for the first time. She was a lovely girl, I could see that. And she was making her body available for me.

"Right" she said, looking at her watch. "Half an hour only, that's what I said.

You may begin now."

I spent the first few minutes playing with those breasts and then my hand went south down to her thighs hips and bum. She didn't seem to mind where my hands went and I took full advantage. Encouraged by her relaxed attitude, I started to kiss her everywhere and anywhere. Soon after, my fingers slipped down to her thong. Before I could make progress in that area, she surprised me by sitting up and quickly taking them off. I could smell her sex now, particularly when I probed along her slit and into her vagina.

Not long afterwards, I was checking my watch and bringing my cock into play. It was long and hard and ready.

The girl moved her legs apart and we worked out the best position. She sat with her feet up on the seat and her haunches pulled back. In this way, her pussy was exposed and available to me as I leaned forward to her and positioned my cock in its entrance. Once inside, I shoved it in as far as I could get it. It felt so good.

I fucked her with long regular strokes and felt her respond and push back. Inevitably, as with two young people in the throes of fucking the passion grew. Circumstances seemed to be forgotten as the windows steamed up and the clock ticked on. We were not quite there and time was nearly up.

She burst forth in what I guessed was her native Swedish. Whatever she said I got the message. She wanted to be on top. A flurry of arms legs and naked bodies ensued, then, she was sitting facing me, impaled on my cock and bouncing frantically up and down, her tits jiggling before my eyes.

Man, I tell you, that was something else. I reached forward and encased her tits in my loving hands, squeezing them and brushing my fingers over her exposed nipples.

"Oh, oh, Ohhhh" she gasped, as she quickened her dance on my rampant cock.

Then she cried out and groaned as her whole body shook with passion. Then, almost immediately, my own climax surged through my loins, releasing me in ecstasy and squirting my sperm into her. I held her tight until my cock had had enough.

It was a few minutes before we pulled ourselves together and got back into out clothes. Nothing more was said. I guess there was just nothing more to say.

I started up the car and drove the short distance to the door of the Terminal building. She was O.K. for time now, even though we had fucked for longer than half an hour.

As she got out of the car and collected her haversack I had one final question.

"What's your name? I asked. After all a man likes to know who he has just shagged.

She smiled and put a finger to her lips. I guess some things just have to stay a mystery.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/11/17

A nice little fantasy

Quick and to the point. It was no more than the minimum necessary. You seem to have an idea of what you want to do with a story and that's OK.

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by cruiser_201512/06/17

Good story

Good, but put more passion into it!

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