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Hitchhiker's Guide To Men


Recently I have read an article asking for a man to tell the male state of mind. Now what I say may not apply to every man but I'm sure most of us think in this way.

Now when we guys screw up you ladies seem to think we don't care. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just don't see it in the same light. I guess a good example is your man is working in the garage. While he is staring into his project you would ask "does my hair look ok?" he answers "ya" In a tone that shows no enthusiasm.

From my experience this is where you ladies assume that he did not even look, so there for he is trying to get rid of you, there for he doesn't give a shit about you or what you think, then all hell breaks loose and we end up on the couch. Well from what I understand this is the track in which the female mind works. Ten assumptions ending it that one and only reason some guy invented throw pillows.

Ladies believe it or not a guy thinks in a similar way. But we do it thinking about other stuff than if you like us. When you asked your famous question of death, you didn't realized he did see your hair in the corner of his eye. So when he said "ya" he meant it. But at that same moment he also figured out why his engine keeps stopping after 10 seconds. So se we don't have a one track mind it just seems that way.

And sometimes it seems like we are just trapped, mostly with all the questions you ladies ask.

The questions we really hate are things like "Do I look fat?" and "Do you think she is pretty?" these are two death sentences, "Do I look fat?", No matter what we say we are dead. If I say yea because I think you look great I am going to get accused of lying. Ladies believe it or not you are in no way ugly, if we get to this question you should already know the answer. "Of Corse not I like the way you look or I would not be dating you".

If this question is common I would suggest doing some self searching to get rid of what ever daemons are giving you doubt, because sooner or later he is just going to start saying "yea" just to get the same punishment for the least amount of effort.

And ladies don't ask questions for which you don't want to know the answer.

"Do you think she is pretty?" guys have a natural instinct to look at women it is a reaction we try to fight it around you but its hard so asking this question is like giving a loaded needle to a recovering heroin addict.

We are being forced into a habit we are trying to stay away from and it is going to destroy our lives.

If you have a man he loves you for a reason and will not leave you no matter how many breasts he looks at. If he does you deserve better anyway.

If you haven't Found Mr. Right yet quit thinking it's because you are not attractive.

Believe it or not someone loves the way you are. If physical alterations are not working try showing your soul that is the attractive part.

I'm sure you've noticed guys don't seem to care how we look.

Well we do but the male philosophy is if I am going out with a girl I will show her my other traits she must already think I am attractive.

From what I noticed you ladies seem to either on a search for the perfect relationship or a path to self destruction.

Ladies we do love you and that's why we don't share feelings. For one you've probably noticed guys can't go a week without saying something to get them in trouble. And a lot or our feelings came from passed experiences including exes. So it we tell you about why we feel that way normally it is a bad experience we learned in a former relationship and don't want to tell you that because if we even mention our ex even for a negative reason. We might as well have answered yes to the fat question.

So if you ask a guy why he doesn't like something don't get mad if he brings up an ex, it's probably a bad experience and if you put jealousy aside you might be able to learn from her mistake.

And if the experience was not to bad you might be able to do something similar but using her mistake as a reference on what not to do you might be able a create a good experience to replace his bad one.

One thing I've noticed ladies is for some reason you think because we still look at women or watch porn that we are unfaithful. Not at all, like I said before looking in a natural addiction. And normally our thought about a hot woman is "damn look at the ass on that but I bet she can't do that thing like my woman does with a scrawny thing like that".

We do look at women and yes a little more than we should but we always want to come home to you because you have something more.

And he isn't going to cheat.

I know Jerry Springer still has a hit show but few guys actually cheat.

My fiancé and I have a pact if we catch each other cheating its over. Because if you can't trust the person you love don't be with them.

So ladies give him some room to cheat if he does you deserve better, if he doesn't you have a keeper.

And most guys watch porn for two reasons one to get ideas and two I know my girl likes sex so the more exited I get the more she enjoys it.

If you wander why guys spend a lot of time on hobbies and not talking a lot.

We like a challenge we can win, if we can make things work we like it.

And if you haven't noticed the battlefield of exposing ourselves to you isn't even and we will lose so we just avoid the battle.

I know some of my examples may be blown out of proportion. But the same message is still there.

We are not as complicated as you think. And we do try to fix our mistakes.

We just realize things can be fixed over time and with effort so we don't seem to react to problems like you.

And please quit taking all our actions to heart, well the ones you think are bad.

Men love you women or he wouldn't have been with you this long.

I hope this is helpful to both women and men thank you and good luck.

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