This is about some young ladies who are softly dominated into exploring their own desires - don't look here for hardcore.

Cynthia and Annie are both 19. They were born and raised in rural Maine. Best friends since they were young they always planned to go to college at the same place and it actually worked out.

None of the colleges they were interested in were close enough to allow them to live at home. So they decided that since that had to live away from home they might as well explore farther afield. They school they chose was in Washington State.

Their parents didn't have a lot of money so they were on a tight budget. Nevertheless Cynthia and Annie were bound and determined to drive across the country in a crappy second hand car donated by Annie's uncle.

Annie was a petite blond, 5'2" 110 lbs. with perky B cup tits and an athletic booty she was a tight little package at 34-24-36. Annie was friendly and unassuming but also driven and practical.

Cynthia was a buxom red head with long curly hair. Her boobs were DD and she definitely had a more voluptuous booty. At 5'5" her 135 lb frame filled out 38-25-38 with the firmness of youth. Cynthia was also bubbly and outgoing but let Annie lead the way a lot of the time.

Before they left they agreed to break up with their boyfriends to be free at college. Annie did just that with her usual efficiency. Cynthia had a hard time letting her boyfriend William down. They hadn't even been together that long but he soon had her convinced the trip was dangerous and that he should accompany them to Washington before they parted ways.

Annie was furious, but she let it happen. Her freedom was expected to begin in Washington anyway. The goal was to get there as soon as possible - so what harm if this guy wants to tag along and carry their bags?

They were in Ohio when they took a turn off for a hotel. 40 minutes later they hadn't found the hotel and were on a lonely road through the forest towards Kentucky. William was driving. He had been making Annie crazy because he kept grinding the gears on the manual transmission. Now out in the middle of nowhere in the late afternoon he couldn't pull away from a stop sign. The transmission would not engage.

Cynthia, Annie and William must have waited at least two hours before another car came along. It was a nice old classic GTO with New York license plates. The driver was named Hector and he was going the same direction as them. Annie walked up to the car as he slowed down.

"Eh how you doing babe? Looks like not so good."

"No. I think the transmission is shot. It won't engage."

"Oh damn that sucks. That car ain't worth the cost of fixing a transmission."

Annie sighed, suddenly realizing he was right. In all likelihood it wasn't just a matter of fixing the car, it was a matter of finding another way to Washington.

"Um do you think you could help us out. We don't have any cellphone reception."

"Let me see." Hector checked his smart phone. "No me neither babe."

"Well could you give us a ride."

"Aw no can do babe. I already have plans."

"What do you mean. Aren't you from New York?"

"Ya but I can't be driving no teenagers around, I got plans babe."

"Please. I don't know what you mean. We need your help."

"Look babe I am cruising across the country trying to get some pussy action. And a hot little slut I know just so happens to live 20 miles from here. I can't be showing up their with you teenagers. This ain't such a bad area. Sit tight and I'll call a tow truck as soon as I get where I'm going."

Annie sure didn't like the idea of counting on Hector or waiting for a tow truck.

"If you could just get us to the next town with an auto shop."

"Shit babe that is way past where I am going. Your asking me to give up some grade A pussy."

Annie couldn't believe he was talking to her about pussy that way. And she couldn't believe that she was about to give up hers as incentive.

Hector could see the wheels churning in her head and shifted his car back into drive.

"No wait."

"Ah come on babe, what is it? I told you I will call a tow truck."

"What if I offer something to compensate you."

"I just want some pussy ok babe."


"How old are you?"


"Ok babe, either I am bending you over the trunk of this car or we are done here. What's it gonna be slut? Decide now."

"ok, ok"

Hector grinned. "Your gonna love it honey. There is a little driveway into the woods just 40 feet back, it looks unused. I am gonna back in there."

Annie went to tell Cynthia and William what was going on. When she told them William got very angry. He was a decent sized guy, about 6' and 190 lbs. William went marching over to where Hector had backed his car into the trees. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw hector get out of the car. Hector must have been 6'4" and 240 lbs of man.

"What you gonna do buddy? Are you gonna stop me from fucking this slut."

Annie walked up and went to Hector. William said nothing, preferring to feign like he was protecting his girlfriend Cynthia.

"Ya, that's what I thought. You can stand right there and watch if you want buddy." Then turning to Annie. "Let's go. By the way what is your name babe?"


"Well Annie I am Hector."

Hector led Annie by the arm to the back of the car.

"Take off your clothes Annie."

"All of them?"

"Yes, slut all of them. Move it or I will do it for you."

They both stripped out of their clothes. Annie hesitated for a moment when she saw Hector's cock pop out of his pants. It was twice as big as any she had ever seen. It was easily over 10.

"Quite a sight ain't it babe. I told you, your gonna like this."

Hector's big dick pushed into Annie's belly as he cupped her tits in his big hands. She intended to be non-partcipating, but found herself instinctively grabbing his cock.

"That's it babe. You like that big cock don't you. That is the sign of a good slut when she knows to pull on cock without being told."

He released one tit and pulled her face up to his. She barely kissed back but she couldn't pull away.

Abruptly Hector turned Annie around and pushed her face down onto the trunk of his car. Hector's big strong hand went immediately to her exposed pussy, pushing up and in against her cunt lips which he found to be wet already.

"That's it honey."

Hector squat behind her, wrapped his big hands around both thighs. He lifted her up and towards him so that just the tips of her toes were on the ground and buried his face in her ass. Annie wasn't inexperienced but she had never had her ass licked before. It felt so good. She let out a whimper and a moan as his tongue traced the length of her firm young ass.

Hector devoured her ass and pussy until he could taste her fuck juices flowing.

She felt guilty for enjoying his tongue and made a half-hearted attempt to wriggle away. Hector held her in place easily.

"Mmmmmmm, now that is a tasty pussy. Careful now girl. I ain't no rapist. So if you really want to get away I'll let you go. And you can wait for a ride from someone else. Is that want you want slut"

Annie winced at being called a slut. Why did he have to make it so filthy. But she also stopped squirming. Annie was irritated with herself for answering to the name "slut" for the third time now.

Then Hector set her back on her feet and stood up. He smacked her ass and smiled at Cynthia and William as he lifted Annie up by her hips and guided the head off his cock towards her pussy. Hector rubbed his big dick back and forth across her labia until he felt her wet cunt lips spread around him.

"Do you want me to fuck you Annie? You can tell me babe. Whether you say yes or no I am still going to fuck you."

Annie hesitated and Hector just kept his cock still the the entrance to her pussy.

"Yes." whispered Annie honestly but pretending she just wanted it to be over.

And Hector immediately started easing his fat cock into her Annie instinctively tried to clamber away as his fat cock invaded her. At first it was just stretching her pussy but with each stroke he went deeper and he was soon into unexplored depths. When he was half way in Annie was taking great gasps of air with each thrust. And each successive expulsion of air from her lungs sounded more and more like the moans of a woman who was enjoying being fucked.

When Hector's big balls were finally slapping into Annie on each stroke of his powerful cock she started to get numb in her extremities. First her knees gave way, but Hector's powerful hands held her up like a rag doll. Then her arms started to go soft and tingly and she couldn't control the way her upper body bounced around on the trunk of his car while he pounded her. She knew she must look trashy and she knew Cynthia and William could see her. But she was powerless to stop it now. He was too big and strong.....and she wasn't so sure she wanted him to stop.

Then she felt the sexual electricity starting deep in her stomach and transmitting down the length of his huge dick to her swollen labia. And when her pussy was engulfed in tingling numbness she felt her pelvis buck, heard Hector's dick pop out of her stuffed pussy and felt a torrent of her juices pour down her legs.

Hector squat behind her again and licked the flood of fuck juice from her sloppy cunt. He devoured her like an animal....the way no boy had ever done for her before. And when he had his fill he stood up and eased his fat dick back into her tender pussylike he owned it.

Two more times Hector brought Annie to a squirting orgasm. And when he was finally ready to cum he put her on her knees and put his cock in front of her face. Without hesitation Annie took him into her mouth. A moment later she tasted cum for the first time in her life and gobbled down every drop.

Annie didn't need to be told to clean his dick off. She did it naturally and that made Hector smile.

When they were done Hector picked her up and put her in the passenger seat of his car. Then he picked her clothes up off of the ground and set them next to her.

Cynthia and William had more or less stood and watched while Hector took Annie's sex.

Hector, Cynthia and William got their stuff and put it in his trunk and headed on their way.

Few words were said. It was a warm night so Annie could sit there naked in comfort. William thought she was traumatized. Cynthia knew better. Cynthia knew Annie had enjoyed getting fucked like that. And they were both trying to process it.

As they came in to the town Annie put her clothes back on. Hector dropped them off at a small motel and they confirmed with the owner that the auto shop was a few blocks away.

Hector set out to leave and Annie stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

"I still have time to catch up with that hot little honey I was planning on visiting."

"Oh, are you coming back this way?"

"Ya, I will probably be driving back through here sometime tomorrow afternoon."

"I'm guessing we will still be here. Will you come check on us here or at the auto shop. I have a feeling we will be needing your help again."

Hector paused. "I am sure you will get where you are going. But if you and red over there..." He looked over at Cynthia "...wanna share that pussy I might be able to help you out. See you tomorrow. Maybe."

The next morning they went to talk to the mechanic.

"Well from what you described it doesn't sound to good. Just getting down there and bring back the car will cost $250. Best case is a broken linkage. But they way the transmission deteriorated doesn't sound like - a broken linkage would have a sudden change. Sounds like a clutch replacement or worse."

"What will that cost."

"Hard to know. But with the tow I am guessing $1,000 - $2,000. If you get real lucky maybe $600."

The car was worth about $8. Even if the cost was $600 it was questionable whether it was worth fixing it, knowing it would probably breakdown again. They were better off to take the bus.

When they went back to the hotel Annie went for a walk with Cynthia. William was pestering to come along.

"Hey I am in this too."

"Fuck off William." said Annie "You are in this but you are not much help. This is our trip. Why don't you go check the bus situation. And plan on two tickets to Washington and one back to Maine for yourself."

Cynthia said nothing. And the two girls walked away.

"That was kind of harsh."

"Yes I know. I am sorry. There was nothing he could have done up until now. I am just irritated with him tagging along. And now our travel arrangements have changed. Listen, I don't think it makes sense to fix the car and I don't want to ride in another jalopy. So we can take the bus or we can try to talk Hector into a ride."

"Annie he isn't taking us any further, not without sex."

"Yes I know."

They both walked in silence for a while.

"Cynthia, it isn't just me he wants."

Cynthia was only partly surprised but her body shuddered at Annie's words.

"You liked it didn't you Annie."

"Well I guess it was ok. I mean he is no gentleman. But ultimately he didn't force me. I chose to do it....er I mean let him do it."

"I don't know Annie."

"I know Cynthia. But I am going to keep my eye out for Hector. And I am going to offer myself to him in return for the ride and hope it takes me up on the offer...er I mean gives us a ride. Either way I want to part ways with William. He is a nice guy, but its enough already Cynthia."

"I know. I know. Sorry for letting him come along..........um"


"Well from where I was standing, it looked like Hector had a huge cock. Is it true."

Annie was suddenly struck by the realization that Cynthia and William had watched her get fucked on the trunk of Hector's car.

"Yes it was huge."

"Did it hurt."

"Not really he took his time until I got used to it."

"I could tell you liked it."


"Annie you moaned the whole time. He must have fucked you for 20 minutes and you left a puddle by the trunk of Hector's car. I didn't know it was possible to squirt like that."

Annie didn't respond. She felt as exposed as if she were naked on a bed with her legs open. Annie had been struggling to come to grips with what had happened the night before. And now it turned out her body had betrayed her. Two people she was taking high school exams with not long ago just saw her get ravaged by a strange man. And they knew of her enjoyment before she had even accepted it herself.

They went back to the motel. Waited for news of bus options. Waited for Hector. Waited for clarity.

Standing in the doorway looking for a 69 GTO to drive by Annie was finally rewarded. Hector pulled in and smiled at Annie. And Annie offered to let Hector have her pussy in exchange for a ride to Washington State.

"Babe I was planning on heading more south. Washington State is a long way to go. If I am going to go that far out of my way I want more than just your pussy Annie.....as fine as that pussy is babe. Naw if I am gonna do all that I want both you girls. And you are gonna give me whatever I want."

Cynthia came out of the motel room. "Hector.....um.....could we try it out here first."

"Try what out red?"


"Well damn babe now we are talking."

Hector got out of his car and walked past Annie towards Cynthia. She turned around to walk ahead of him into the room. He caught up with her and slapped her ass....like he owned her already....as they walked through the door.

Annie wasn't sure what to do. She slid in behind them, closed the door and sat in a chair in the corner. Cynthia wanted to tell her to leave, but remembered how she had stood there open mouthed but riveted when Hector had fucked her.

"Take off your clothes Cynthia."

"Can we just start with a blow job."

"Sure babe you can start by sucking my dick....but do it with your clothes off slut."

Cynthia self-consciously stripped herself down answering for the first time to being called "slut". Watching her, Annie noticed how awkward her movements were and realized hers had been the same. She would remember to be sexier.

By the time Cynthia was naked, Hector had undressed and been standing there nude with the biggest cock she had ever seen. His dick was hard and straight and pointed right at her. Cynthia got on her knees and tentatively reached for his cock.

Hector stepped a few inches closer and forced his big purple cock head to her lips.

"This ain't no hand job slut. Suck that cock honey."

Cynthia opened her mouth, answering to the name slut for a second time. Initially she had been worried about him putting it to deep, but now it even seemed like the girth was too big to fit in her mouth. She opened her mouth wider to accept his cock.

Hector didn't want to gag her but he was getting impatient. He slid himself part way into her mouth. And she still had both hands on his dick for fear of him pounding her throat.

"Easy babe. I ain't gonna come in at ramming speed. But you gotta relax or this ain't gonna be no fun for either of us."

He pulled her hands off of his cock and gently rocked back and forth. He grabbed a handful of her hair. But when he felt his cock stroke the back of her throat he eased back. Fucking her mouth he knew just how far he could go without hurting her.

"That's it babe. Once you get used to it you will be able open your throat and take all of this big cock. But I ain't gonna make that happen all at once. That'll be somewhere around Montana, but I think Little Annie over there is gonna master it by the Dakotas."

Hector smiled at Annie, while Cynthia relaxed into sucking his fat cock. She was just hitting her stride when William came in.

Without thinking William lunged across the room at Hector. As he got there he was met with the back of Hector's hand. The slap was so hard that William reeled across the room and ended up in a heap on the floor.

Cynthia never broke her stride. She was now devouring his cock with gusto.

Hector looked at William with irritation. "Listen Billy, this slut is busy right now. You can talk to her when she is done. In the meantime why don't you just sit there and watch me fuck your girlfriend."

For a young woman who was so tentative a minute ago Cynthia was doing a wonderful job. The absence of choice had freed her to do as she was told and enjoy it.

Ready to fuck, Hector pulled her to her feet and put her face down on the bed. Then he slapped her ass and told her to lift it so he could fuck her.

"Mmmmm, that is nice. Now arch you back honey. Good girl. Now spread your legs slut."

For the third time Cynthia responded to being called slut and spread her legs at his command. Hector pushed his big hand between her legs, cupped her pussy and gave it just a slight squeeze before he slipped two fingers into her. Cynthia was wet and his fingers slid in easily. Hector pulled them back out and licked them.

He treated her the way no boy would ever get away with and she took it. She didn't just lay there and take it. She obeyed his every command without hesitation.

"Mmmmm. Ya I would say you are just about ready for some dick in that pussy. Ain't that right Cynthia?"

Like he had done with Annie he placed his big hard cock head against her wet pussy lips. Both his hands were on her hips holding her in place as he ran the length of his dick along the outside of her pussy. Cynthia felt her lips part and wrap around the curve of his cock - they were hungry for his cock to come inside. She realized he was waiting for her answer.


"Yes, what babe."

"Yes my pussy is ready to be fucked."

She gasped with surprise at how wide he opened her just to get his cock head past her pussy lips. And he was barely inside her when she felt the fullness of his cock press against her g-spot.

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