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I met Frances Bueno, (Siss) at the St Joseph's learn-to-dance at about the time I was getting too old to continue dancing there. At 18 I was one of the older ones and was beginning to dance elsewhere as well. There were 2 occasions during my time with Frances that I could have made more progress in my social life. Once she told me she was at home 'all on my lonesome'. In a round-about way, I was invited to visit her at home with her parents absent. I was vaguely aware of her invitation, but unaware how to respond.

The other one was during one of our necking sessions, I accidentally rubbed her tit. I apologised profusely, and she said 'That's OK'. Years later, I read that to mean 'You can do that again if you like'.

Siss and I went to Willetts, a dance hall in Prahran. We would go back to her place in Gardenvale and I'd take 30 or 40 minutes pashing to say good night at her front gate.

I used to hitch-hike home from her place every week, about 10 miles total, (16 kilometres) along Hawthorn Road and Glenferrie Road to White Horse Road, then east to Union Road, Balwyn.

I was picked up, and given a lift by the same driver more than once.

I always enjoyed the different cars and talked to the drivers about their cars all the time. There were mostly English and American cars around at that time in the early 60s. There were Austins and Morrises, Hillmans and once, an English Ford Pilot V8, stopped. Also Valiants, Ford Falcons, Volkswagens, Holdens, Chevs, a Buick once whose driver told me it had a straight 8 motor, a Ford Mercury and Chryslers. I loved the American cars for their power and ostentation. My favourites were the Ford V8s.

Drivers of other European cars rarely stopped and gave me a ride.

I didn't resent drivers ignoring me. I was grateful to be given a free ride at any time, as transport was free by courtesy of others' generosity.

A man in a Wolseley stopped for me and I asked him about his car. I forget the details but I don't think he knew very much about it. He had a deep voice and seemed to speak smoothly as a confident person would.

He asked me about my clothes. I wondered about his interest in fabric as he felt the material of my trousers.

He dropped me off about half way home and I hitched another ride home.

A few weeks later a Wolseley stopped again and the usual greetings and comparisons of destinations were worked out as I climbed in and he drove on. There was something familiar about him and I asked had he picked me up before. He said he hadn't but I was sure he had. I told him his voice sounded similar to another Wolseley driver and that I thought it was him.

When he asked about my clothes, I was almost certain. He began feeling my pants again. That confirmed it.

I said, 'Last time I was in a Wolseley, the man asked about my pants too.' I think he was self conscious and a bit embarrassed about having the same conversation 2 times.

He admitted, 'I remember now. You're right. I have picked you up before.'

I started to wonder why he was interested in my pants. At age 18, I was very naïve and just accepted it as something I didn't know about grown-ups.

He offered to drive me further than usual and we turned into the road leading to my suburb about 6 miles away. After driving for a few miles I kept asking him if he was going too far out of his way and he said he didn't mind.

He asked about the fabric in my pants again and I answered, 'I don't know much about it.'

I think he mentioned something about Gaberdine as he reached over and felt my leg. I thought his hand was too close to the top of my leg. He kept his hand there and even moved it higher while he was driving. Then his little finger was touching one of my balls. It seemed her was more interested in touching me than the fabric of my clothes.

I thought he was being far too familiar. I was shocked and embarrassed, but he was generously giving me a ride and probably going out of his way. He kept his hand on the top of my leg until he needed to change gears.

I moved away as far as I could and jammed my legs together, and after sitting like that for a while I began to feel ridiculous, so I relaxed and resumed a more normal position on the passenger seat.

After another mile, he reached for me again and was touching my fly buttons. I was unable to find the right thing to say to stop him. He wasn't being rough, but he was insistent. He tried to get his hand on me so I moved my leg to give him space for his hand so he wouldn't touch my dick.

He kept asking me where to drive and I started to think he wanted to do things to me. I didn't want anyone to know what was happening, so I directed him up to the end of the wrong street. He stopped the car when he had driven as far as he could.

I said 'Thanks for the ride. I can walk home from here.'

He said 'Where do you live?'

I said, 'I just walk down the lane to my place.'

He said, 'Let me feel that fabric. I want to see how it was weaved.' He sounded very friendly and interested.

He had driven me almost all the way home and I didn't know how I could say 'NO' to him when he went out of his way for me, but I felt very uncomfortable.

He felt my leg again and he started touching my dick really softly. Even though I liked girls I was getting aroused. I felt very ashamed of myself. I was very embarrassed to be getting aroused when a man was touching me. I could feel my penis starting to swell up.

'Let me undo your pants for a minute.'

I wished I could think of something to say to stop him. When he undid my fly buttons, he put his hand inside my pants and started feeling for my penis. I wondered how unusual it must be for someone who you don't even know to put their hand inside someone else's clothes and get a hold of their dick.

'That can't be very comfortable caught in there', he said. 'You need much more space when your penis is that big.'

He stretched the waist band of my underpants and with his other hand, he groped for my penis. I hoped he wouldn't find it but at the same time I knew he would.

His insistent fingers located my stiffy and released it from my underpants.

Now my dick was out and he could see it and feel it. I was too scared to even touch it myself. He was able to do whatever he wanted with me. He told me it was much bigger than his. He seemed to be impressed with what he saw. Why was it so big when I didn't even want it to get stiff?

He asked me, 'How long has it been since you had an orgasm?'

'Not too long,' I said.

Why did he want to know about me having a pull? I wished it would go back down but it just seemed to get bigger and bigger while he was touching it so softly.

I was hoping he would let it go so I could go home, but he said, 'I'll just taste it for a minute. Do you mind?'

I couldn't say no because I did mind, and I couldn't say yes because I didn't know how to stop him after he drove me home and everything. I wanted him to stop holding my stiffy with his hand, so the thought of it touching his face was even worse.

I think he was about thirty-five years old, so what interest could he possibly have for someone as young as me? Somehow me being that much younger didn't worry him too much.

He bent down and put my stiffy right in his mouth and was licking it. It was the best feeling I had ever had, but it only made me feel guiltier and guiltier. I looked down at the back of his head while he was licking my dick hoping he would stop in a minute. I was thinking how horrible it would feel to have someone's dick in your mouth. But he kept licking it and sucking it.

Then it felt like his tongue was licking up around the top of my dick. I couldn't believe how stiff and hard it made my cock get. It only made me more excited and I started to think I was going to squirt my semen in his mouth. I tried really hard to stop building up, but he just kept sucking me off and sucking me off. I wanted him to stop doing all these things to me, but he just kept on sucking and licking me over and over.

My face flushed and the uncontrollable arousal in my throbbing dick and my balls got worse and worse. Then I felt the intense feelings stiffening me up even further.

I told him, 'You're going to make me come if you don't stop.'

He just kept licking me very softly and I couldn't stop the muscles in my cock and at the top of my legs started twitching and twitching. I couldn't make them stop and they made me climax. This caused all my semen to squirt out. He kept it in his mouth while I just kept squirting it and squirting it in.

He swallowed it and I was struck dumb. What had just happened to me? I had done something I never even imagined anyone could do.

I got out of the car and found my legs were wobbly.

He had taken advantage of me and I felt powerless to stop him. He didn't even say 'See you later.' He just started the car up and drove away. I was alone. I stood on the road in the middle of the night with the guiltiest conscience and the hardest erection. I just wanted everything to go away and be different, or maybe if I could just disappear forever I could stop feeling the way I did.

My dick was still throbbing and would not soften for some time. I tried to push my cock sideways so it would fit back in my pants but it was too painful. Luckily for me, no one came along at that time of night. I waited for about another ten minutes for it to get soft again so I could bend it and put it away and go home.


I kept hitch hiking until I got my own transport. It was flattering when someone tried to play with my private parts. Sometimes I let them think I might let them.

One driver asked me a few questions until he discovered I stuttered a bit. Then he asked me if I had been circumcised. I told him I had, and asked what difference that made.

He said, 'Sometimes if it's not done properly, it can cause all kinds of problems later in life.'

'How can you tell if it's been done properly?' I asked.

'Let me stop in this car park and you can show me. I can tell you if it would cause any problems,' he said.

When he parked the car in an empty car park he was beckoning with his hand, indicating he wanted me to take my penis out of my pants. I took it out and he held it in his hand for a few seconds twisting it to examine it closely. He spread the eye of my cock open and looked at it for a few seconds.

Then he licked his fingers and ran his wet fingertips around the head causing the beginning of an erection.

'Take your pants down and let me get it up so I can make a better examination of it. I need to test its response. By the way, my name is Jameson.'

I was pleased to let him examine my penis. I was impressed with his knowledge, but I couldn't understand how it would have any connection to stuttering. I was enjoying the attention he was giving me in his big flash car though. It was an Oldsmobile. There weren't many of them around at that time.

He lightly twisted the head a few times, then he held it half way along the shaft and waved it left and right.. He continued this and gradually increased the tempo shaking it faster but still very gently. This caused my cock to stiffen and harden very quickly.

'Wow! I wasn't expecting it to grow to that size. It's very straight penis and a very hard erection. They are good signs. You are very lucky to have such a large penis.'

I was very pleased with myself when he said this.

He appeared very interested in the details of my erection. He examined the head of it gently bending it in all directions. He held the skin and very slowly slid it backward and forward, the same way I do when I'm pleasuring myself.

'If you don't mind, I would like to see your semen. There's good information in all of this and it will confirm your general state of health. I can get a sample in no time with a hard penis like yours.'

'How do you get a sample?' I asked naively

'There are dozens of ways. I think I know the best method for you'

He reached into a bag he had in the back seat and removed a white tube that had 'PERSONAL LUBRICANT written on it in pink.

'Let me apply some of this.'

I watched as he squeezed lubrication from his tube over the head of my swollen cock and spread it with his finger and thumb.

'Tell me does your semen squirt far when you come or maybe just a few inches?'

'Not too far' I replied

He said 'This lubrication will help you to induce quite a strong climax. If you can relax you'll find it very pleasurable.'

He made a loose fist of his left hand and smeared the lubrication over my cock swivelled it very lightly. This got me very excited.

He gently grasped the base of my cock with the thumb and index finger of his right hand. Then he held the head of my penis in his left fist without moving for a few seconds, and lightly squeezed it and released, squeezed and released, and then stopped moving again. I wondered if this was what a cunt would feel like, if it was wet inside.

It reminded me of the feeling I had when the Wolseley driver put it in his mouth the first time a man touched me down there.

He began to swivel his hand around the head of my throbbing cock again advancing my response very close to making me reach my climax.

Then he took his hands off my cock and said to me, 'While there is no-one within miles, you should feel free to make as much noise you like when you're ready to squirt your semen. You'll find it helps you to empty your load which is important.'

My cock was close to orgasm and throbbing in the air. He watched it for a few seconds, then slowly returned his hands back, touching it very lightly.

He repeated his squeeze and stop, squeeze and stop technique again and this time I could feel an intense build up and I knew I was going to come. After waiting a few seconds, he changed hands, releasing the base and holding it just below the end. He must have been able to feel it coursing through my cock where he was holding it at the base.

His voice began shaking as he said 'MMMMmmmm, Here it comes. Give me as much semen as you can.'

I was moaning with a long, loud, high-pitched whimper, as I was building up to a feverish orgasm.

I called out very loudly 'I'm going to come Mr Jameson. I can't stop it. . . I'M COMIIIIINNNGG.'

My orgasm was making me feel dizzy and I swooned. I thought I was going to faint.

In his right hand, he caught all my semen. I must have squirted quite a lot, as he seemed to be having trouble keeping it in his hand.

He rubbed his finger in the semen in his hand, and licked his finger.

He declared, 'Your cum is very thick. That's a very good sign. It means you are generally very healthy. It's taste is a little salty. That's normal. Here taste some. Just the tip of your finger.'

I dipped my finger in my own cum in his hand and tasted it. I didn't really like it, but some people seem to. Maybe I'll taste it again when I masturbate some other time.

He said, 'Let me get the last few drops and empty you out.'

He put his mouth over my cock and with his right hand he pumped my perineum gaining some more cum. It felt wonderful as I released the last of it to his mouth. He swallowed some of my semen.

He said 'Thanks for letting me examine you. You appear to be in very good health. You have nothing to worry about. I must go now. Have a good day.'

'Thanks Mr. Jameson,' I answered, getting out of his car as he started his Oldsmobile and drove away.

I was thinking, -What a great way to come. I hope I can do that again sometime.

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