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Hits vs. Voting and Public Comments


I have been busy writing since I joined Literotica on January 1, 2007. I have written 63 stories and 47 poems with a half dozen more stories pending and other stories in the works. It is fun. I am having a good time.

I already have a fan club of sorts, a few dozen people who read everything that I write. My 63 stories have accumulated more than one million hits, a high percentage of those hits are attributed to my incest stories. Had all of my stories been incest stories, I easily would have more than ten million hits. My better stories, the more literary stories disappear practically unnoticed.

Conversely, I have accumulated less than 4,000 votes for the one million hits on my 63 stories, that's 4 tenths of 1 percent of the people who read my stories voted for them. That is a sad commentary. Moreover, less then 400 people of those one million hits that I received on my 63 stories took the time to make a public comment. That, to me, is shocking.

We writers write because we must but, also, we write for your enjoyment. Literotica does not charge you to read the stories nor does Literotica pay us to write them. It is a common courtesy when reading one of our stories to vote and/or comment. That is the only payment via feedback we writers hope to receive that tells us if you enjoyed the story or did not enjoy the story. Think of it as applause. Would you go to a live performance and not applaud? It is no different with this. When you read a story, please vote and/or leave a comment.

Now, if I held the door for you when you were coming in behind me, would you not say thank you? If I allowed you to turn your car ahead of me, would you not wave me thank you? If I invited you in my home gave you something to eat and/or drink would you not say thank you when leaving?

Is this, writing a story for you different than if we were face to face? Am I not worthy of a thank you, a vote or a comment?

I understand that by writing this essay that I will gain the attention of the bashers, "Yeah, thanks for nothing. Your story sucked."

Still, any comment is, after all, better than no comment.

What is worse is when the story leaves the main board and languishes in the archives. The story still receives many hits but rarely a vote and never a comment. Do you think that because a story is archived that the writer does not need, want, appreciate or look forward to your feedback or vote of confidence?

Surely, you took the time to read it. Surely, you must have been curious about the story to open it. Surely, you either enjoyed it or did not enjoy it. Why not take a second to cast your vote or to write your comment? You can still remain anonymous if you want.

Personally, when I am writing, I never read. It ruins my writing when I read someone else's work. I stop writing once I start reading. Conversely, when I am reading, I never write. I cannot write when I am reading the work of others. Further, when I read a story that I enjoyed, I vote and make a comment. On the other hand, if I read a story that I did not enjoy, usually, I will not vote or make a comment. I never bash the writer. How rude is that? I dare say that if I was standing before you, you would not bash me to my face. I am kind of a big person.

Yet, over and again, I have read comments from bashers who think that it is funny to bash my stories or the stories of others. Curiously though, most of these bashers cannot write even one grammatically correct sentence. Their illiteracy backfires more powerfully than their bash. Yet, they have the audacity to bash a 3,000 word story. They only show everyone what fools they are.

So, if you take the time to read the story, please take the time to vote and/or to comment on the story after you have read it. After a while, we writers throw up our hands in frustration and say, "What's the use? No one liked my story. No one voted for it or commented on it. I give up. My writing must suck."

Now, what if all the writers suddenly felt that way and stopped writing their stories because you did not take the time to vote and/or to comment? That's right; there would be no more stories.

As a show of good faith, I want everyone and I mean everyone who hits on this story to not only vote for this story but, also, to make a comment. For once, I want to see the hit total equal the vote and comment total.

I thank you in advance for your vote and/or comment.

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by Anonymous

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by Starcrest03/05/18

Late for work again

Enjoy your script immensely, more than once been late for work more than once because of your stories. Well planned and exicuted usually with a twist. As you noted in one of your stories "where do Imore...

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