tagBDSMHitting the Bottom Ch. 05

Hitting the Bottom Ch. 05


Author's note:

In previous chapters: Dan, a cop, had attempted suicide after assaulting his ex-wife/sub, and then ended up at the hospital where he met Nurse Sandra. Their relationship grew over the weeks following his release when she provided homecare services and they became lovers after Sandra all but jumped Dan at her place. Sandra rather enjoys the occasional glimpses of Dan's true dominant nature, while Dan struggles as he fears succumbing to it would put Sandra at risk.

In this chapter: Dan works to find a new equilibrium with the help of his shrink, Dr. Pappas, Sandra messes it up with some fun ideas of her own.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy it!

PS - Grovel to my co-creator and editor, the one and only Brit! ;-)


Brits' note:

Beer and grovel would be better :-)


I gradually become aware that the sweet-smelling warm nakedness I've been hugging closely to my stirring midsection isn't part of my dream, but rather belongs to a living, breathing, sleeping beauty. With my eyes still closed I spoon myself closer to her curvy backside letting my stiffening dick nestle snugly between her smooth ass cheeks and bury my nose in the hair at her nape, breathing in her scent.

God she smells so good. She feels so good in my arms.


Sandra's sleepy murmur is muffled by the pillow as she wiggles her ass back at me, apparently enjoying my swelling member rubbing along her crack. I wrap my arm more tightly around her waist and palm her breast, cradling its heaviness and kneading it gently while my hips start rocking shallowly back and forth. Sandra stretches, the movement pushing her breast more firmly into my hand while her butt rubs me in slow circles. I hug her even closer to nuzzle her neck, pushing her hair to the side, exposing that sensitive patch of skin which beckons me to kiss and nibble it.


I chuckle at her much-more-excited murmur and the even harder wiggle of her delicious derriere against my semi-hard cock. I kiss down her neck to her shoulder and she responds by turning her cheek into her pillow while leaning her whole body towards me, thus exposing the length of her neck in obvious invitation. Smiling I let my mouth trail back up the side of her slender throat, watching goosebumps flare down towards her chest and her nipples harden, their areolas crinkling and darkening around them.

Taking one hard nubbin and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger I watch it elongate while her whole breast swells under my palm, begging for more. Keeping my touch light and teasing I turn to take her tender earlobe between my lips and suck on it gently, and then graze it with my teeth, and am rewarded with a slight shudder and an open-mouthed gasp.

A moment later her hand sneaks back and slides down between our spooned bodies until she finds and circles my dick, tightening her hold around me as she starts pumping slowly up and down my shaft.


Now it's my turn to gasp and jerk against her hand, my head thrown back to inhale sharply at the sweet pressure quickly building in my loins. After a few sharp draws of air my head clears enough to regain some measure of control over myself.

"So this is how you like to play this baby...? I'm game for that..."

My hand leaves her breast to slide down her hip and along her thigh to just above her knee, where I grab hold and nudge her leg open, thrusting my own thicker, rougher thigh in between her smoothness and planting my foot on the bed, hooking her leg back behind my upturned knee and opening her pretty pussy to my touch in one decisive motion.

Sandra makes a breathy little squeal that sounds much more delighted than protesting and her hand tightens even further around my cock, intensifying her pumping. I lift myself onto my elbow and peek over her shoulder and down her heaving torso to her beautifully spread-open folds and my fingers tingle with their need to plunge right into her hot dampness, but I resist.

Not yet.

Instead I bring them up to her face and glide lightly along her succulent lips. Immediately her tongue sneaks out to lick my fingertips and invite them in. I oblige, letting Sandra dictate the pace as she slowly dips her head and sucks my fingers deep into her mouth, her eyes closed as she savors the taste and texture of my skin as if it were candy, her tongue rubbing deliciously up and down the length of my digits.

She times her sucking to the pumping of her fist around my now-throbbing dick and for a moment I am almost overwhelmed with sensation. Breathing sharply through my nose I pull my glistening fingers from her mouth and bring them down to pinch her nipple with just a tiny more pressure than before. Her eyes fly open and she yelps, and at the same time I can see her nether lips flutter in response and a glimmer of wetness appear at her exposed opening.


"Mmmm... what, baby? Tell me what you want."

She can't seem to respond in words; instead she clenches her ass and pushes her pelvis forward, opening herself even more.

"Please... Please!"

God how I'd love to make her say it.

You can't Dom her, Dan.


With a muttered curse I reach my hand down to her splayed pussy and slide my fingers, wet from her mouth, along her engorged labia. Sandra releases my cock completely and rolls fully onto her back, arching up, pressing herself into my fingers, forgetting anything and everything as all of her senses focus on the pleasure building between her legs. I feel a surge of satisfaction rise and sweep through me at her abandoned submission to my control over her body, over the pace and direction of our lovemaking.

That's it babygirl. Give yourself to me.

I stroke up and down, long and full, letting my calloused fingers graze her clit in every passage. The little nubbin swells under my touch, and when my fingertips reach her tight opening they are sucked in by the squeezing pulses of her inner muscles, gathering her cream and smearing it back up her slit on their return trip.

"Oh God yes, please... yes..."

Sandra bucks her hips in time to my strokes as I keep sliding my fingers along her slit letting her pussy suck them in deeper and deeper, indulging myself in the unbelievable softness. God I've missed the feeling of hot, wet, super-soft woman under my fingers. Her vaginal walls tighten with every plunge trying to lock my fingers inside her and with every squeeze she lets out a small whimper, lifting her ass even higher, screwing herself onto my hand. I curl my fingers to start rubbing her g-spot and her hips buck sharply at the contact, a small gush of girl juice soaking my fingers at the same time.

"Oooh-oooh-oooh... ohmygod...!"

Sandra's voice raises a half-octave to make small mewling sounds while I focus my touch on that sweet spot inside of her. Her hand which was stroking my cock earlier is now trapped under the small of her back, the other one still buried under her pillow. Her whole body is stretched open before me, writhing and quivering, every supple curve glistening with sheen of sweat.

So fucking beautiful. I feel my breath catch in the back of my throat as my eyes roam up and down her body. Fuck. So perfect. Sandra's small gasps and moans become higher, breathier, more desperate, her belly flexing, her thighs shaking with her effort as she strives to reach for her climax.

"That's it baby... there you go... you wanna cum baby?"

"Fffffuck yeah.. yes please, please, please...!"

She's almost incoherent and I just barely keep myself from blowing my load all over her bucking hips. Fuck but I love hearing her beg for me to make her cum.

I keep rubbing that same spot just inside her tight, soaked tunnel, fast and hard now, my fingers making loud wet noises and my palm bumping into her labia, adding small spanks to her protruding, dark-red clit in tandem with the relentless inner massage.

"You're such a good girl baby... go ahead, cum for me baby... that's it, cum for me babygirl..."

Sandra's whole body starts to jerk a little harder, a little less coordinated, her muscles shaking slightly with her effort and I feel her bear down and swell inside until with a loud cry she starts cumming, her pussy spasming hard enough to hurt around my fingers and flooding with hot, creamy girl cum that coats my whole hand and then drips down to her ass crack and further down to soak into the bed sheet below.

I keep stroking inside her drenched folds, slowing my movements when I feel her shudders subside and become soft and sporadic. Finally I let my fingers slip out of her clenching insides and instead go back to rubbing gently up and down her glistening slit, cushioning her descent.

The tension has mostly left her body and she lies back lethargically except for her still-heavy breathing and the light tremors passing through her body. Her legs are splayed wide open with her knee still hooked behind mine, one hand trapped under her hips and between our bodies, the other under her pillow. An abundance of hot feminine flesh generously offered to my hungry eyes.

God she's so fucking beautiful like that. All sweet, sweaty, satiated woman. Damn!

Now that my focus is no longer on pleasuring her I become aware of just how burning my own need had become. My dick is throbbing, pressing hard into her soft hip seeking some kind of relief and drooling precum all over.

I need to fuck her, NOW.

I shift back to untangle our legs and then move over to settle between Sandra's thighs, pulling her hands out and placing them around my neck before leaning down into a slow, deep kiss. The slide of her tongue against mine almost pushes me over the edge and I break our kiss and throw my head back, inhaling sharply. I just barely manage to stop myself from exploding.


When I open my eyes and look down at her I catch her smile - equal parts temptation and pure womanly smugness, just begging to be challenged and shown her match.

"Oh baby... you don't know what you're doing looking at me like that."

Sliding my aching, pulsing cock along her slit I split her creamy folds open, feeling them kiss and cling to my sensitive underside like an enthusiastically sucking mouth. I lower my forehead to rest against hers as we both look down, watching my dark-red, gleaming cockhead, its small slit oozing clear pre-cum, disappearing and reappearing between our bodies, sliding along her swollen pussy. I press down even harder as I continue to torture us both, rubbing up and down over Sandra's hyper-sensitive clit with my painfully erect dick, relishing the spike of pleasure that shoots straight into my heavy balls with each passage.

Sandra's body - which only moments ago was laying soft and spent against the bedding - tenses up again, her arms holding onto my neck and shoulders as she starts rocking her pelvis against mine, beginning her ascent towards another peak. I hold myself still and let her work for it, work for me, suck my rigid shaft with her nether lips until I can feel my cum starting to boil again in my balls and I break her hold to kneel back, putting some space between our bodies and letting the cool air swirl around my bobbing cock and chill me for just a moment.

"Noooo... come back to me!"

Her arms reach up to me and her voice sounds desperate, needy. Just the way I like it. I feel a smile tug at the corner of my mouth. Catching her hands before they make contact with my throbbing cock, ignoring my own burning need for just another moment, I bring them up to place a soft kiss on their knuckles. She bucks and sways her hips seductively; I ignore the blatant invitation.

"What do you want baby?"

"You, please... please I want you!"

"You have me right here baby."

My smile widens and so do her eyes when she catches onto my little game. Her throat convulses when she swallows hard, closing her eyes, but then she opens them and they shine bright blue light at me, meeting my challenge with fierce determination.

"Please Dan, I need you to fuck me so bad... Please, please, please fuck me hard, please...!"

My smile turns feral. Fuck yeah. Holding onto my sanity by a thread I keep still and answer in a low, almost-steady voice:

"That's my good girl... you beg so beautifully baby. It will be my absolute pleasure to fuck you as hard as you want; Now reach over and grab me a condom will you?"

With an enthusiastic nod she half-rolls towards her nightstand and stretches as far as she can to reach the small cardboard box in the drawer, and with trembling fingers she fumbles for the condom while I draw deep pleasure both from the view of her generous curves and from her apparent lack of control over her finer movements.


Sandra pushes the slippery rubber into my hand, barely coherent, desire smoldering in her eyes.

"Thank you baby. You may play with yourself while I get this fucking thing on..."

Sandra doesn't need to be told twice; her hands move up to knead and pinch at her breasts, tweaking and pulling at her nipples harder than I'd have thought she'd like, and then her right hand slides down over her belly to find her clit and start circling it with the flat of her fingers. Every few moments she slides her slender digits further down to fuck herself as deep as she can reach, getting them coated in thick, clear honey before sliding back up to rub her red, protruding clit again. It distracts me so badly I almost tear the condom trying to put it on.

Finally I get that damned protection properly seated. I guess I should be thankful for the necessary pause; it would give me a chance to hold on long enough.

I take my covered dick in my hand and place it at her glistening opening. Her fingers increase their pace over her clit until all I can see is a blur of movement, her back arching and small gasps and mewls escape her open mouth.

I sink into her slowly, savoring the incredibly wet slickness parting and wrapping itself around my throbbing cock. Her body draws me into her heat. I stretch out over her putting my weight on my forearms under her shoulders and feel her legs come up to wrap around my hips and her arms reach up to tighten at my neck pulling me down onto her, into her. I follow her lead and sink deeper still until I'm fully sheathed inside her and her pliant, warm body cushions mine from chest to hips.

I hold her head in my hands, our faces mere inches apart and our shallow gasps blending together as I start to rock slowly against her. The feel of her tunnel squeezing and milking my dick is phenomenal, but it is the full-body skin-to-skin sensation that makes my breath catch in my throat. It feels like every inch of my body is hugged in welcome, wholeheartedly accepted.

It feels right.

Our eyes lock together as my hips start moving harder, backing up only to thrust in stronger, fuller strokes. She responds honestly, openly, uninhibited in her need, arching up and angling herself to take me wholly into her body, her thighs locking me to her, her hips rising to meet mine, her mouth open and panting with her rising passion.

"Ohmygod Dan it feels so good, please fuck me harder, please, please fuck me harder!"

Damn but her begging gets to me. I feel my balls tingling and my cock throbbing to the beat of my heart.

"Fuck yeah baby. Hold on tight."

I grab her shoulders and brace my knees against the bed and start fucking her for real, my whole body moving, driving my cock harder and faster into her. Sandra holds me tighter still, throwing her head back and crying out every time my pistoning cock plunges into her hot cunt -

"Oh - oh - oh - oh - ooooooh!!"

That last one comes out as a high-pitched squeal as her tunnel spasms and squeezes my cock rhythmically, sending me flying into my own impending climax. The cum that had been boiling in my balls rushes up my shaft and shoots out in thick spurts, filling the condom up to capacity as pleasure explodes and sweeps through me, leaving my skin burning, flushed and sweaty.

Her sweet pussy keeps milking me and I jerk in response, almost too sensitive now but unable to refuse her anything, grinding myself against her, watching her flushed face thrown back in abandon, her expression somewhere between exuberance and agony as she presses herself up into me and tightens her inner walls one last time before she lets go and releases me to lie back spent and heaving on the rumpled, damp sheets.

I become aware of the slight trembling in the muscles of my arms and shoulders and roll over to my side before collapsing, too, huffing and puffing as if I'd just run a mile.

The room spins slowly around me while I wait for my breathing to return to normal but I can't bring myself to mind about the dizziness when everything else feels so damn good. Once it passes I open my eyes and look at Sandra, finding her eyes smiling contentedly at me.

"That sure beat my alarm clock. I may wanna keep you around."

I feel the smile spread on my own face as I cup her shoulder and lean down to playfully bite and then kiss that intriguing spot where her breast disappears into her armpit, getting a breathy giggle in response. Raising my head I look over her to the night stand.

"Got time for a quick dinner before your night shift starts?

Her smile widens. "Absolutely. Shower first?"




After eating at a cozy cafe seated at an outside table on the sidewalk and watching the people walking up and down the street, we stroll our way to the hospital. We say our goodbyes with a hug and a kiss that turn almost inappropriate for the public setting and then part with a small laugh when a colleague of Sandra's sounds a wolf's whistle loud enough to break into the lustful haze clouding our brains.

"Have a good night shift, baby. Talk tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'll probably sleep the morning off but will give you a call when I get up. You got any plans for your Sunday afternoon?"

"Nothing major. Probably going to see Jon at some point but haven't firmed up yet."

"Okay, we'll talk tomorrow then. Have a good night, too."

Sandra reaches up and gives me another soft kiss before turning on her heel and walking into the hospital building, the automatic sliding doors opening and closing behind her back. I watch through the glass panels until she turns the corner at the end of the wide corridor and disappears from my view.


I feel like a schoolboy completely taken with his first crush, and it's not entirely a bad feeling.




We find ourselves following a routine similar to the one we had the week before, when Sandra was still my home care nurse. Working around her busy schedule between her shifts and her school we find time to be together every day. But now we mostly meet at Sandra's place as it minimizes her commute time, and I enjoy the walks to and from my own apartment earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isn't blazing and there's a bit of breeze in the humid air.

I find it easier to think as I walk. The monotony of my paces seems to clear my mind and calm my emotions, making everything seem so much simpler: I really like Sandra. She seems to like me, too. As long as I don't let my dominant side run amok we should be fine.

Or so I hope.

Damn. Not good enough.

I need to talk with Dr. Pappas.




"So, Dan, what have you been up to in the last few days?"

It is my Friday appointment, my fourth shrink session overall. On Tuesday we pretty much picked up from where we left off last week and talked mainly about the problems Naomi and I had trying to get pregnant; the problems which eventually lead to our divorce.

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